Woke Language and Safe Spaces

New Cambridge University students were getting pictures taken by an older photographer who, at the end of the session, said that if the “ladies” couldn’t get down from the platform, perhaps some “gentlemen would be willing to help”.

This led to a letter of complaint from the students asking that the photographer (who is not university staff) give a formal due to him creating a “targeted atmosphere of inequality” where students were “made to feel unsafe”. It’s recommended that he is not put “in proximity to students” again.

Equating language, even civil language like this, to violence is quite obviously an absolute cunt. I won’t go into what I think it will end up creating, but it’s definitely not good.

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Nominated by: Cunt Dreamboat

(Presumably therefore, there will be no more “Women and children first” when a disaster strikes!? – Day Admin)

50 thoughts on “Woke Language and Safe Spaces

  1. When the students are schooling the universities, it’s time to close them.
    Enjoy your future shitheads, glad I’ll be gone when you lot get the keys to the kingdom.

    • Absolutely GJ

      The thought of the likes of these bed wetting, perpetually offended cunts running the country in the not too distant future is horrendous.

      • Who are the fuckwits going to get to do their dirty work when no-one listens to them?
        Surely not the fascist police force.

  2. ‘Students were made to feel unsafe’.
    You honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry at these pathetic crybaby cunts.

  3. A gentleman would not need reminding to help a lady.

    It’s what we do.

    Holding the door open for them.
    Giving up your seat on public transport.
    Moving their seat when they sit at a table.
    Opening the car door to allow them to get in first (and hopefully getting an ‘up skirt’ glimpse).
    Walking on the traffic side of the pavement.

    Women that don’t appreciate that sort of attention can fuck right off.

    Soy boy, cry babies who don’t understand common courtesy, mistaking it for micro aggression, can fuck right off too.

    • You forgot:

      Washing your cock, before insisting they head south.

      Wiping your post coital cock on their bed linen, never, repeat, never on their best curtains.


    • I held the door open for a woman at work the other day and she actually shouted at me for doing it, telling me to fuck off because she was trying to take a shit.

      Ungrateful cow.

  4. With these little bedwetters its best to start off on the right foot.

    To germans -“alright Adolf?”
    To muslims- “alright sinbad?”
    To indians- “alright Gunga din?”
    To blacks- “alright lips?”
    To trannies -“alright pal?”
    To gaylords- “wheres yer wife?”
    Vegans- “alright chicken dinner?”

    They appreciate honesty and youve won them over.
    Its about capturing hearts and minds.

    * How to make friends and alienate people
    RRP £9.99p

  5. Good point Day Admin, grovel, grovel (and what about my pending noms)? I notice that the reports of the latest drowning disaster stress the number of women (and children) before male victims. Nobody on ISAC cares about the men in this particular case anyway but it´s an example of how wimmin want to get everything their own way.

  6. Admin:

    The problem with “Women & children” first, is the number of cunts who identify as the first and act like the latter.

  7. I agree with Gutstick. Close the Uni’s, stop unemoyment benefit for anyone under 25 and send all these fuckers out to work and see how long this attitude lasts.
    The university of hard knocks will give them the education of a lifetime.

    • If I was an employer I wouldn’t dream of offering employment to anybody who graduated in the last 5, or even 10, years. I would want somebody who would work not complain that the coffee colour is racist and the water in the cooler isn’t organic. These stupid fuckers are taking themselves out of the job market, I just wish they’d go a step further and qualify for a Darwin Award.

  8. “Wimminz and adult children first”!
    To complain, about everything, always.
    Half of me wants to beat these wet whiny bastards until their bones are jelly, half of me wants to look into the future to watch and laugh as they nervously avoid the morality police walking from their eco shacks to their unpaid “work” whimpering “why didn’t the gwown ups warn us”? 😢
    We get what we do not prevent.
    On other news I am strongly minded to buy some warm socks, but may wait until summer as logic dictates there will be a sale!

    • I’m curious white Black Friday hasn’t been deemed racist or is the definition changing so that blacks can officially loot on this day, so it can be acceptable.

    • “why didn’t the gwown ups warn us”? 😢

      I was thinking the same. Some of them think it’s a fucking game. When the paler hued amongst their ranks discover that their expensive university education is worth fuck all because their face doesn’t fit, literally, then we’ll be hearing that refrain much more often.

      Same goes for climate alamism, when they are freezing, can’t travel anywhere, starving on a thin gruel while the sea level and weather are exactly the same as they are now.

      Emaciated Snowflake: “Why didn’t someone warn us?”

      Last surviving ISACer: “we did, you cunts cancelled us, You made your bed now lie in it.”.

      As for ‘wimminz and adult children first.’. If I was a ship’s captain I’d call that over the tannoy in a perfectly seaworthy vessel Mid-Atlantic.

      Me: ” person the lifeboats!”

      Wimminz, snowflakes “is the ship in peril, we didn’t see any icebergs?”

      Me: ” get the in the fucking boat”.

      • BH@ – “Men and wimminz get to the back – there’s 99 other genders in front of you in the queue to the lifeboat, and I’m fkin 1 of them! Gangway”!
        Want to see the wokeflakes fall apart?
        “Fix your own fucking car – get on YouTube mate” 🤣🤣🤣🤡
        On other news gardening has been cancelled until tomorrow due to Yorkshire being transported into the ice age over the weekend, and it looks like the snow is just about to reappear.

  9. These posh wankers live in a pretend world isolated from reality. I wonder if the Bullingdon club still exists?……a load of Hoorays smash up a restaurant and then their daddies pay for all the damage?
    I doubt it……sounds terribly rough and a little more than micro aggression don’t you know? No more jolly japes for future Prime Ministers, just a bunch of 18 year olds already ground down by their weak and stultifying conformity. Who’d be a kid these days eh?
    Not this cunt that’s for sure.

  10. LOL … got the chance to show some younger cunts what I think of them this morning. Over night about 12 heras fencing panels that were bolted together and draped with sheet plastic advertising blew over making the entrance to a lane impassable. Two cars full of student types and some walkers were stood staring at it wondering how to pick it up … I turned up in my truck … they flagged me down and said they couldn’t move it and would I help them. Nope! Fuck off … and I just drove across the whole fuckin’ lot. Wasn’t a problem for my lifted pick up … the panels looked pretty secondhand after. Made their task twice as difficult. Cunts.

  11. This woke nonsense only emanates from the top universities, particularly Oxbridge. You don’t get kindergarten tantrums over nothing from students at Teesvale University (formerly West Hartlepool College of Bricklaying).

  12. When Russia invades Ukraine and China invades Taiwan at the same time knocking out communication these wankers are going to shit their pants. They wont be able to cope.

  13. It would have been better if he had said ‘if some of the snowflakes have a problem getting down maybe some of the ladies could help’

    Woman stuck at the side of a road with a flat tyre, not enough strength to undo the wheel nuts…. Who ya gonna call 😂

  14. Sitting here on the laptop and the wife is wondering why I’m smirking. Can’t afford to tell her that I spent a couple of hours in one of the student’s bedrooms at Newnham a few years ago and the woman whose room it was certainly did not need any help.

  15. Uni in the mid 70’s, wine, women and song and occasional brawl. You could call a cunt a cunt in those daze.
    Went back a few years ago, couldn’t believe it, fucking bar where all the action was, was empty and the “barman” was playing with a laptop.
    Useless softy wasters.

  16. If in debate with a snowflake of either sex, its best to keep going till theyre sobbing and/or swallow their tongue.

    To do that you need to help them slightly, goading I think its called?
    Some handy hints

    Do you talk like this to your husband?

    Why you letting your bird talk like this?

    You sound a right little puff

    Hey come on, play the white man

    Is this fat bird with you?

    All raise the temperature.👍
    But you need a finisher.
    Your main thrust.

    I think they should all be sterilised

    Just because theyre mentally ill

    A new more user-friendly holocaust

    Do you have daddy issues.

    Try and gather any tears in a small bottle they sell on the black web and fetch a handsome price!£££😁👍

    • I leave them to their misery. Not interested in dealing with their many psychological problems, the sad fucks.

      I’d rather they simply went away and died quietly.

  17. I think universities have always been “safe spaces”.
    I have had dealings with people who went from school-to University-to teaching, with no real life experiences.

    They have, with few exceptions, been the wettest, mo sense of humour, easy offended cunts, I have known👎

  18. Spasticated pathetic mutherfuckers! Students are cunts full stop. Know all know fuck alls the lot of them! Left wing/lib flakes, self important and sanctimonious cunts.
    Hopefully one is reading this and is now crying their little eyes out.

  19. Woman and children first, indeed.
    Certainly doesn’t apply to the dinghy fraternity, who are almost always young men, and it didn’t apply to the rich cunts on the Titanic, who dressed in woman’s clothing to get on the lifeboats first.

  20. more wokery in some uk art university, a teacher of fashion design got sacked for calling a dress design red hot mama…WTF??? the art students said it sexualized clothing which made them feel “Uncomfortable”
    jesus christ on a bike…i can’t wait for the SHTF to show these little cunts what real discomfort is all about

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