Kim Kardashian (4)

A cunting please for nonentity lard-arse Kim Kardashian please, for paying some airline to dump an entire Afghan women’s football team and their numerous relatives (totalling 130 cunts) on the UK.

If this Yank is so keen to take these unfortunates out of Afghanistan why not arrange to have them delivered to the U.S. where she could visit them on a daily basis to see how they’re faring? Presumably cos America would have told them to fuck right off, even with Creepy Joe in charge.

Not Blighty though, uncontrolled open door immigration is the name of the game here.

Fat fucking virtue signalling billionaire slutbitch.

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Nominated by: Ruff Tuff Creampuff

And seconded by: Geordie Twatt

I’d like to second Ruff Tuff’s nomination, but also suggest a beneficial outcome to the issue.

How about getting the entire team to sign for Newcastle United? With all their new-found riches, the Toon could easily afford to house, feed and clothe the 130 Afghan hangers-on. And I’d expect the team to show a marked improvement over the useless bunch of girls playing for them at the moment. So surely a win-win solution.

PS Kim Kardashian gives filthy, lardarsed whores a bad name.

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    • Night, night JP. Tomorrow will be another pile of steaming cunt, most likely!

  1. I see now the filthy animal is going out with the junkie Peter davidson.Hope she gets aids and dies.

  2. If the stupid fuckwits cares so much, she should have had them delivered to her house, that’s also full of immigrant wierdo, s, as usual with this fuck monkey it’s just a way for her to get publicity, after all it can’t just be her Kenny Everett arse, pretend robberies and being married to that clown she, s famous for….. Release the dogs

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