Kim Kardashian (4)

A cunting please for nonentity lard-arse Kim Kardashian please, for paying some airline to dump an entire Afghan women’s football team and their numerous relatives (totalling 130 cunts) on the UK.

If this Yank is so keen to take these unfortunates out of Afghanistan why not arrange to have them delivered to the U.S. where she could visit them on a daily basis to see how they’re faring? Presumably cos America would have told them to fuck right off, even with Creepy Joe in charge.

Not Blighty though, uncontrolled open door immigration is the name of the game here.

Fat fucking virtue signalling billionaire slutbitch.

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Nominated by: Ruff Tuff Creampuff

And seconded by: Geordie Twatt

I’d like to second Ruff Tuff’s nomination, but also suggest a beneficial outcome to the issue.

How about getting the entire team to sign for Newcastle United? With all their new-found riches, the Toon could easily afford to house, feed and clothe the 130 Afghan hangers-on. And I’d expect the team to show a marked improvement over the useless bunch of girls playing for them at the moment. So surely a win-win solution.

PS Kim Kardashian gives filthy, lardarsed whores a bad name.

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  1. How on earth can such a thing be allowed to happen? The U.K. must have some degree of control over who comes in via a non dingy route.
    Is this Kim Kardashian going to pay for their benefits whilst they are in this country and pay compensation to any U.K. citizen robbed ,raped ,assaulted etc by these uninvited persons?

  2. Boris and Priti would likely view this as great publicity for them, being the plutonium grade cunts they are.

    • Some dirtbox on her hasnt she?
      An some fuckin nerve too!
      Cheeky cunt.
      She was married to that puddled ni9nog and had him put in a straightjacket,
      But its ok for the UK to have thousands of the smelly cunts?
      You like em so much you take em in.
      An her dads a freaky cunt as well.
      Give the Munsters a run for their money the creepy kooky fuckers.

    • Therein lies the problem, Jellyfish and Useless see it as good publicity, the ordinary voter can foresee the problems.
      The next general election will see spoilt ballot papers ‘win’.

      • Not to look after traitors, it certainly won’t happen with Adonis leading the helm. Our lord our saviour. What has that cunt actually done?

    • We’re going to go to hell.
      Make sure you take some carpet riding cunt with you.

    • We should have stuck with our own indigenous pagan religion instead of culturally appropriating Christianity, a foreign religion from the Middle East. It was always bound to end in tears.

  3. What if some really rich billionaire like Bill Gates had the same idea and he spent a billion dollars shipping a million immos into the UK and no one said jack shit!?

    Dangerous precedents have been set thanks to this fat uppity cunt

    • He’s too busy injecting nanobots into us via the vaccine. True, I saw it on Youtube. Watch it!

  4. 130? That’s a hell of a football team. How big is their bench for fucks sake? Unsurprisingly this is the first i’ve heard of this. How the fucking fuck can you justify this nonsense?
    130 young letterboxes pumping out mini bombers, that’s all we need. Perhaps they brought them here in the hope that the male Peacefuls won’t rape so many white schoolgirls.
    Good luck with that Jellyfish you useless fucking cunt.

    • It’s the team and their immediate family. 20 lasses, plus the coach, fitness trainer, phisio, the trainee who picks up the dirty kit and towels, the ex member who cuts the half-time oranges, Uncle Tom Cobley…
      It all adds up, fuck me sideways, I can barely manage 13 relatives, as their all dead.

  5. She’s like s country bumpkin who suddenly became wealthy. No class, no brains, no skills, and youre not entirely sure what it is. Is that dirt, fake tan, or is she of African ancestry?

    She should house these Afghan whores herself, even if it’s to help wipe her enormous arse after whatever the fuck these Hollywood wingnuts eat.

  6. Big arse Hollywood slut dumps yet more parasites on UK, big arse UK Home Secretary wonders what the 8th course is.. “We gunna get dead ‘ard on dese ‘ere moigrants, init” Patel snorts in between mouthfuls of free slop.
    Conehead the “Health Secretary” announces the little people have to wear masks – yet a FUCKING gain – on public transport and in shops from Tuesday and all UK visitors must take a useless and completely inaccurate PCR test, but dinghy raiders, visiting politicians and dignitaries and those with a private jet are exempt – a nasty new virus has been fabricated on the back of Boris’ Peppa Pig drawings.. – and the sheeple will just blindly obey, yet again.
    They will continue this insanity until we are destroyed or in a civil war.

    • People will start trundling to Londinium to protest and say enough is enough Doris.The SAGE and Onion party Commies are now in charge.What they wanted all along.Twats.Twats.Twats.

  7. With a name like Kardashian I would have thought she would have more concern for Christians being persecuted by Moslems in the Middle East and Asia just as her Armenian ancestors were when they were massacred by the Ottoman Turks and their Kurdish lackeys a century ago.

  8. She has a sex tape out there the whore. He and her plastic sisters all seem to relish being coal burning mud sharks for some reason. Every black cunt they settle on cheats and leaves them single mothers. My point is money doesn’t buy class. All white trash cunts along with their mother Chris and other mother Bruce/Kaitlyn (candidate for California Governor 🤣).

  9. I’m not surprised at all.
    We are the shithouse of the world and every filthy cunt appears to be welcome.
    Naturally if I were Home Secretary I would have arranged for the flight that brought this muck to be shot down over the middle of Paris.

    Oh and reinforce the scaffold for that thick dooshka whore.

    • I think this can only happen to countries that have lost touch of or become ashamed of their history.

      Britions have been browbeat and brainwashed and made apologetuc about our history for decades. Even though much of it is enviable we can thank lefty schoolteachers and the BBC for most of this.

      I’m always struck when I go to other European countries how they revere their own history and are defiant about the less savoury parts.

  10. I cannot believe this story. No mention of it in the MSM. Surely someone is baiting us to take the piss?

  11. I’ve never got the fuss about this tart.

    Popular with the dusky types. Maybe they like massive arses? She’s basically a disgusting dark key shagg er.

    My reaction on seeing her was ‘plastic, duckfaced, goggle eyed, trout-pouted massive arsed thick cunt’.

    But who’s the cunt? She’s worth millions.

    But yes, the big question is when did Kardashian get the right to import DREGS to my country?

    Oh, I’m sorry I forgot.

    Old talk tough but do nothing fat arsed Patel is at the helm, so she probably joined KK in sucking them all off as they climbed off the dinghies.

    Fucking send them to live in her mansion with her freak of a ‘dad’ or whatever the fuck it is.

    She can then make another reality show, in which she’s ‘enriched’ to the point that her massive arse is broken by the dinghy riders in her mansion.

  12. I don’t get how come the UK Border Control gave the OK for them to come here, I really don’t.
    I get that women have a rough time under the Taliban, I really do & I sympathise to some extent, but why the UK. What’s up with Denmark, New Zealand, Jamaica, why us, ffs?

  13. Why doesn’t HMG save money by purchasing the mansion next to hers and move the whole lot of them in. It is a sound plan , wimminz soccer is big in the USA and I’m sure that Joe would welcome them .

  14. Good nom Ruff.

    I was quite unaware of this story to be honest and shocking as it is, I can’t say I’m surprised by any it.

    I’m a fella who generally appreciates the more curvaceous woman but this Kim Kardashian tart is just an unattractive, surgically enhanced, Z-list monstrosity.

    This is what her arse really looks like.

    6 minute video (photos etc at the 4 min mark approx)

    • Oh, my Lord. This is worth watching to the end. Just how out of control of yourself can you be?
      Some of it makes me nauseated.

      • There’s quite a few of these “diaper” arses (as the yanks call them) knocking about these days.
        They look horrible.

        No good having a big massive arse if the legs are completely out of proportion with it as Joe Rogan observed.

        These millionaire slebs are obviously mentalists with fuck all better to squander their unearned wealth on than injecting 2 ton of lard into their arse cheeks.

    • Evening Herman👍

      Gross isn’t it?
      Like you I like a shapely lass,
      But thats just odd?
      Im puzzled as to the influence of the Kardashians.
      All seem a bit slow, a lot vacant,
      And dysfunctional.
      The modern look of the female ideal
      Orange skin
      Goldfish lips
      Big black caterpillar eyebrows
      Big fat inflatable arses
      Big placcy tits

      I find a bit weird and mostly to do with the influence of morons like the Kardashians.

      That old spunkbucket Carol Voldemort has had a big plastic arse fitted.
      Shes a disgrace.
      She was my granny?

      Id smother her with a pillow.

      • Evening Mis

        Yeah our Carol was quite rightly referred to as the “thinking mans” crumpet back in the day.

        Rumour has it now that she’s terrified of any sharp or pointy objects and won’t have them in the house.

  15. We’ll get back control of our borders they told us. Well we did and then Jellyfish and his mob used that control to invite even more of the shite in to live the high life at our expense.
    Go to the back of the queue whitey.

  16. Repeated comment.
    They won’t be able to play football here because every time they get a corner they’ll open a fucking shop.

  17. These wimminz footballers were in Pakistan for a month-a Muslim country, with Taliban everywhere. Just like Afghanistan.
    The month long visa expired and the p.aki’s refused an extension.

    England-the new centre of the Mudslime world.

    • I really cannot wait. I mean the local corner shop has really gone uphill in recent months. We have everything from brookers and have a massive mark up, they have a brand new range rover albeit bought by stupid prices and now they still charge 50p to use their card machine. It’s great, diversity is our strength. Let’s turn this into a slightly better Bangalore with no green countryside, let’s have the gangies in the river it’s already happening. We can even rent their shitty houses.

      • Take the rough with the smooth though they do know how to plug in a light bulb according to the BBC interval.

      • Clown, get them reported, it’s actually illegal to charge for use of an atm, try hmrc, as the police are absolutely fucking useless, can’t get their thick heads around the difference between fraud and extortion.

      • They don’t listen, I’ve reported bent shit time and time again. They don’t listen. It’s pointless, so I keep it in my personal diary. Photocopy it and bury it.

  18. Kim Lard-ass-ian?
    To use an appropriate Americanism.
    Wasn’t one of their nauseating family the lawyer who got OJ Simpson off the hook?

  19. Great cunting RTC.

    This country has become a fucking khazi. The whole world comes here to take a shit. The stench of political corruption and moral putrefaction is almost unbearable. The BBC, Civil Service, Police, NHS, academics, mainstream political parties, Unions, all riddled with self-serving Common Purpose filth.

    Good evening, everyone.

  20. You’d also think considering she is Armenian heritage that she wouldn’t like the muzzers too much, but obviously the money and her lawyer training has proved dividends.

    I’m sure she could use a few pakis as practice to pay for her new arse implants. Let’s hope it don’t end up with a dildo hanging out her arsehole on the internet she might break it.

    • Well some good news finally.
      Theyre showing the Benny Hill show again at Christmas!
      Expect the hospitals to be overrun with triggered snowflakes having seizures of outrage.

      DCI Gene
      Your leave is cancelled 😁😁

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