Private and Public

‘Be kind’ was the slogan on Ellen.

Turns out she wasn’t very kind. In fact she was downright unkind according to employees.

I actually thought the show had been cancelled because of these revelations. Seems not. Or Maybe this was a one off.

Anyway, who does she have on? Someone she would recognise certainly. I mean recognise in the type of person she is.

Yes Ellen has sat down for a cosy little chat with her ‘friend’ Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

Ellen as I’ve said has been exposed as a not very nice person. And her guest (if you believe her father and other close relatives) is not a very nice person either. So two well known people known to be not very nice in private are in the public arena trying to be nice.

But its what happens next that says it all. Yes its ‘prank’ time. With an earpiece in (by which Ellen can give instructions) Meghan goes outside onto the street. There are what look like fairly poor looking Latino vendors.

Meghan is told to mew like a cat at one of them which she does. The vendor looks bemused. Then Ellen tells Meghan to squat down for no apparent reason. This Meghan does. Then she tells her to drink from what looks like a baby’s bottle (maybe Lilibet’s). Then asks her to nibble something like a chipmunk. Then to perform like a kitten. The vendors looked bewildered. In fact all the vendors seem perplexed. No one was laughing.

Ellen joined her on the street to tell everybody it was just a prank.
It has been described as ‘toe curling’ stuff, of crushing ‘cringeworthiness’.

Ellen and Meghan. How very deserving of each other.

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Nominated by: Miles Plastic

45 thoughts on “Private and Public

  1. You don’t have to believe her father and other close relatives to know that MeAgain is not a very nice person.

    Morning Miles, morning all.

  2. Did the good people of Sussex ever get a vote on this pair of arseholes seizing the name of historic county of the South Saxons?

  3. They made Sparkletits look like an absolute fucking cunt, which is fair enough because that’s what she is. I don’t suppose she was bothered anyway, as long as there’s a camera on her she’s happy. Fucking whore.

  4. So some massively overpaid yet talentless media whores fuck about in a very poor imitation of a college review?

    Come back Greta all is forgiven.

    Once the Climate Commies are in charge such frivolous wastes of energy will be banned.
    I simply can’t wait.

    The vacuous cunts.

    • These yank A list ‘stars with a public image so sugary sweet it gives you diabetes.

      Mickey Jackson
      Bill Cosby

      All turn out to be monsters,
      Cannibalism, interference with minors,
      Scat parties, drinking blood,
      They all turn out to be fuckin degenerates.

      Well ive news for both these cunts.
      Ellen….youll never be a real boy.
      Meg…..youll never be a real princess.

      Lemme taste your tears
      Yer filthy animals!

  5. It would have been much better if they had on the Ginger Halfwit instead and got his old Nazi uniform out of storage and did a bit goose stepping. His media flunkies could have passed it off as ‘British eccentricity’.

  6. ‘The Duchess of Sussex fearlessly went for it’. Fucking hell, so that’s being ‘fearless’, is it?
    This pointless luvvie whore will probably be President in 20 years time.
    The Western World is fucked.

  7. That Ellen woman screams dyke at you without opening her mouth – the short hair, the butch pose, just as the Markle woman screams hoe at you from the way she looks like a cheap hooker.

  8. Two terrible people.

    One glance at Ellen Degenerate’s eyes is enough to tell you she is an unhinged evil narcissist.

    One glance at Markle is enough to tell you she’s just a cunt.

    Good Morning

      • By that rationale, a certain Brighton Born slapper, with a “Brown Honey-Monster” offspring, could be knows as “catering pack” or “Family Assortment”.

  9. What a pile of shit. Ellen Degenerate is doing an Ant and Dec prank with as much enthusiasm as a dead badger while Markel is giving an acting performance of her life and really showing off her acting skills. Better than her role in Suits.
    Bung both of these two in Terry’s oven.

  10. Danny Kaye lookalike and Miss Sparkle acting like cunts in the USA, we have our own cunts.

    As long as poor little Meg stays in the USA she can carry on being a cunt 😂

  11. America has butchered the English Language as such, but at least they invented a word that is soooo appropriate these days. Trailer Trash.

  12. It’s amazing who gets their own show on US TV, almost all cunts. I’ve loathed DeGenerate since I first clapped eyes on it, and she hasn’t disappointed me since. I was hoping the revelations of her extraordinary cuntitude would have been the end of her, but sadly not.
    It’s no wonder that these women found each other.

  13. It doesn’t matter how much they fluff up their hair, paint their visage, or smile like specîal needs on a day excursion, lezbo todger-dodgers loathe men. All men. This ever-grinning Fauntleroy is no exception. She must’ve had multiple ogasms when the Marklecunt accepted the payment to be on the show. Degenerate could bash the royals, the British, anybody right of Dozy Biden, and probably still squeeze in a few anti-male jibes.

    A nasty, smirking gash-guzzller, butchbag cunt.

      • Twat-fiddlers pretending to be calm, giggly, easy-going, and all-loving make me sick. It’s akin to a Muzzlîm pretending to be friendly, rational, objective, or British.

        Whether they’re an old lezbo boiler like Degenerate or a bomb-loving Muzlim, they both pucker up for the carpet.

        Afternoon General.

  14. I saw the duchess acting and I can only say she has a great future – on Emmerdale Farm as a part time barmaid. Margaret Lockwood she isn’t in taste, ability or beauty.

  15. Looks like they removed the prank-task where Mughan yanked her skirt up and bent over spreading her cheeks to reveal her hairy growler and fingering her arse.

  16. The header picture has inspired me to product a ‘Cunts Dominoes ‘ set with ghastly creatures instead of numbers- Blair, Dick, Jellyfish, Manglebum etc.
    I just hope that I can get it into the shops for Christmas.

    • It’s a freak show. One bird pretending to be black and another one pretending to be a bloke.

      But wokies seem to like that sort of thing.

  17. I wonder if Ellen Degenerate will be having Ghislaine Maxwell and Harvey Weinstein as guests?
    DeGeneres has been dogged by rumours of appalling behaviour for a long time but her rottweiler PR and legal team have so far made sure they went no further.
    She seems typical of the “friend” Markle would choose.

  18. Degenerate and sparkle, couldn’t have got a better pair of cunts if they tried. Worse thing about it, is that cunts watched it……

  19. Not very often you can get 2 of the biggest cunts on the planet sitting right next to each other and making out all is rosy .Where is your typical yank physco killer when you need him most.

  20. ‘Be kind’ is just the sort of virtuous bollocks dead-eyed thralls of these narcissistic cunts post on their social media pages. as they rip people off from their white collar cubicles.

    Fucking pod people.

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