The UK Government

I would like to nominate our current Conservative Government as perpetual cunts.

This cabal of cunts were elected on the primary promise of “getting Brexit done”. Other headline policies included “controlling immigration” and “not raising National Insurance”.

They have done none of these things. We have an awful BRINO deal with the EU, illegal immigration levels on the South Coast have reached staggering record levels, and National Insurance is being hiked next year.

Then there are the details that nobody voted for [a lot of which have recently been comprehensively nominated separately on this site]:

* Petrol and diesel cars to be banned with no practical or affordable alternatives available;

* Houses with less than an EPC C rating to be banned from being sold, rented or mortgaged (80% of UK housing stock);

* Gas and oil boilers to be banned;

* Heat pumps, expensive systems incapable of being a primary heat source for 80% of UK housing stock, to be pushed as alternatives;

* Northern Ireland abandoned to the ECJ and the whims of the EU;

* The State Pension Triple Lock has been discarded despite the UK State Pension being the meanest in the developed world and the SPTL being designed to address this in circumstances such as now (and, yet another, reneged manifesto promise);

* Council Tax has been set up for yet another big increase next year;

* Then there’s “sleaze” – MPs taking second jobs, that they possibly wouldn’t get without their influence as an MP, for up to ten times an MP’s already generous £80k salary;

* Forgive me for singling out Sir Geoffrey Cox here – £800k earned while being absent from Parliament giving legal advice to the British Virgin Islands Government on (guess what?!) a corruption enquiry;

* Continuing to pay the EU €475 billion – for what exactly????;

* And, saving the best for last, the UK’s commitment to “Net Zero” is estimated to cost (the plebeians) an eye watering £3.2 trillion!

I could go on (and on, and on) but I probably need to go and lie down in a darkened room having thought about all of this!

Nominated by: Mikdys


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As if anything needed to be added, Jeezum Priest does the business with this:

First of all there was Donald Trump, a mad haired lunatic, but we weren’t jealous because we had a mad haired lunatic all of our very own.
Now there’s Joe Biden, rambling senile cunt, and guess what folks, we apparently have one of our own as well, in the form of the one, the only Boris Johnson.
For your entertainment and not to be taken seriously, because who the fuck can any more?

Boris is a twat – link!

78 thoughts on “The UK Government

  1. I totally agree the government’s record has so far been abysmal, but I can never forget – and I urge you, in all humility to remember there is only one alternative: STarmers Charmers which includes lezzas, q ueers, BLMs with chips on their shoulders and a load of woke pansies. skanks like Rayner and old Mandy.

    None of the smaller parties stand a chance, except to split the vote. labour or Conservative – choose your poison, gentlemen,

      • All these wankers who go vote these to keep these out and then they vote for Monster Raving Loony Party when the person who said it in fact voted labour. They are the real wankers in the world. I voted Reform even in the last election so I can sleep at night because I knew boris would be ushered in as a funny bloke and then the cunts around him would push this bullshit.

    • Nah that’s herd-minded voting out of fear. A vote for other parties takes the vote away from the labour/con bullshit party. Vote for either and you’ll still get the woke authoritarian bullshit you deserve.

      • besides, the saying about ‘doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results being the definition of madness’, applies to the fools who keep voting for the big two and expecting them not to be selfish, greedy, complacent, corrupt, war-mongering, crony-kissing authoritarian, PC, short-termist, virtue signalling cunts.

        I wont vote for my Tory MP; she’s a useless cunt who votes against the will of her constituents, so why would it matter if Labour or lib dem took her seat?.

      • Im with you CP!👍

        Like choosing between syphilis or clymidia.
        Id never vote for that treacherous fuckin Turk again.
        Im despoiling my ballot until the new Hitler shows his face.

    • Wouldn’t make a jot of difference these cunts are all paid off and singing from the same hymn sheet.

  2. Covered it all in the nom Mikdys 👍

    Still waiting for a reply from my MP, I think his mailbox must be overflowing 🤨

    Write to your MP, give him/her a fucking rocket.

  3. Great nom.
    If my memory serves me correctly, they were also going to decriminalise non-payment of the tv licence tax, and look at moving to a subscription payment model.
    Needless to say, they’ve done sweet fa about that either.
    The awful dilemma is that in spite of all this, I’d probably still vote for them, on the basis that any of the alternatives are even worse.
    I could always spoil my ballot paper, but in the end, that achieves the square root of fuck all.
    What a pile of cunt.

    Morning all.

    • This is the “awful dilemma” these politicians have probably planned all along. In other words all the main parties more or less become one, but under different party identities. The problem is that their policies are now almost all the same across the board, and therefore you’re left trying to identify the lesser of three evils.

      Boris and his bunch of clowns have taken the party to the Left, with a bit of Green thrown in for good measure. How the 1922 Committee have allowed that to happen I really have no idea, but because there’s still 3 more years before the next election I suspect no one will give a shit until probably 6 months before one is called.

      Boris won’t be around by then of course. He is the instigator of the Conservative purge of its traditional values, along with Maybot before him. The person who takes his place will be left to pick up all the pieces in order to win the next election knowing that the traditional Tory voters will fall into line because they would rather vote Tory than either vote for anyone else, or despoil voting slips and split the vote wide open.

      All parties follow the same policies because they’ve been told to by the likes of the United Nations, The WTO, the WHO and a bunch of other international busy-bodies who are the architects behind Build Back Better.

      The British government, regardless of colour, is now nothing more than a local council puppet on bunch of self-serving strings, held by the above mentioned cunts, and including the EU still.

      • It all just makes me want to go back to bed and pull the cover over my head, surfacing occasionally for a gulp of Glenfiddich.

        ‘Don’t vote; the government will get in’.
        A bit of graffiti written in jest, but in its way, very true.

      • I have decided not to even bother voting at the next election because it’s become clear that even millions of votes makes absolutely no difference to the bunch of cunts in power. Either way I’m supposed to drop my pants and bend over, so I’ll save my energy for that.

    • Completely agree…..
      abstain or tactical vote and it could all go tits up , and seriously who would you like to see running the country?

      The greens, or how about the (so called) liberals , not your cup of tea?
      Ah put you mark next to Labour? Thought not
      Bumbling Boris and his sleazy conservatives are cunts but unfortunately I can’t see anything else viable………

  4. Johnson should be removed and replaced with a conservative who isnt led by a half baked tart.

    • Bloody right Cuntstable.

      Conservative being the operative word….

      Unless the Tories get their fucking shit together it’s Reform UK for me, or in the absence of a candidate “All cunts” scrawled on the ballot paper.

      I hear what other cunters are saying about splitting the vote but in all conscience I cannot bring myself to vote for this clown and his shower of shit.

  5. The Tories MUST ditch the jellyfish ASAP, he is one fucking liability.
    Just do NOT understand how they elected him as party leader in the first place. Total bloody mystery to me.

  6. Doesn’t matter who you vote for – the government always gets in.

    Red, Blue, Yellow, Green or whatever else.
    All cheeks of the same rotten arse.

    Look no further than the uncontrolled mass immigration policies of the last 25 years under red and blue governments (and still getting worse by the day) as evidence that these cunts don’t care one iota about the people or the country they are supposed to serve.

    Filling their bank accounts and climbing the corruption ladder are the main priority of any modern day politician.


  7. I honestly don’t think all the net zero bollocks will happen. Any party that tries to impoverish Joe Public just to assuage the eco-mental luvvie hypocrites will be committing electoral suicide.
    Remember the 2000 fuel protests? Sparked by annual rises in fuel tax, the Govt hasn’t dared to reinstate them since. If people stand up to them, they’ll capitulate. The spineless cunts always do.
    It’ll be interesting to see how much mask-wearing compliance there’s going to be from tomorrow.

    • Fuel has gone from £1 a litre to £1.5 in a year they were going to shoot us over the fuel protests, fuck their masks and fuck them all, cunts

      • This is to do with Furlough. The working people are going to recapltalise their companies. How did Rishi Sukak get away with it? He isn’t conservative. He is a joker with the keys.

    • You have it dead right Geordie. I can’t recall now which president had a sign on his desk; “It’s the economy, stupid!” as a reminder. We buy stuff off the chinkies although we despise them because they are cheap. Old cunts like me can remember when the chattering classes in the sixties thought that there were too many cars on the road and talked openly of pricing them off the road. Consider how far they got with that plan. Ban gas boilers, ban motor cars, prevent you selling your house? They may not realise it, but they are talking bollocks!

      • Evening Arfur.

        “It’s the economy, stupid” was coined by James Carville in 1992, when he was advisor to Bill Clinton. The phrase became the predominant slogan in Clinton’s successful run for the White House.

  8. Agree with all the above.
    I think we must mention the clusterfuck that has been their covid-19 handling, culminating in another stupid mask mandate for a variant described as having mild symptoms by the people who discovered it.
    Either spoil the ballot paper or vote for one of the smaller parties who may actually give a fuck.

    • Masks for 3 fucking people in a pop of 70 million, oh the climate shit show has left town time to ramp up contrick 1984, about time we fucked these cunts up

      • I said precisely that to my wife and her friend this morning. Wait till the number reaches 10, it’ll be instant lockdown. But not for the rich and elite, they’ll be flying off somewhere nice for the Christmas they will be denying us plebs.

    • I gave them the benefit of the doubt on that one – as they didn’t actually plan for it to happen and the chinks never let them in on the secret. They had to do something with Covid, fuck it all up or otherwise. They didn’t have a choice not to have Covid.

      All this other shit they did though😡

  9. Build Back a Global Marxist state (with the aid of Big Pharma) = Official Tory policy. Getting rid of the shambolic Clown Cunt will make fuck all difference. Comrade Raab or Comrade Javid will lead us to impoverished slavery, just more efficiently.

    Fuck off.

  10. No point beating a dead horse. Politicians are there to give you the illusion of choice – we have no choice, we have owners.

    The game is rigged. Fuck them all.

    • Im telling you now, basically we have free speech in this country. When you vote you should have a receipt in terms of this country in comes in medals (which my forefathers have fought against). I don’t like that, what I don’t like is lying against an elected government without proof. You should be able to vote and prove your own values. If someone stood on a stage and said they hated jews, I wouldn’t vote for them, if someone was pro german. I wouldn’t vote for them, what on earth did people ask for democracy for? If I wanted to buy a German car I might buy one. That’s trade. Democracy is about fairness not about lies. And evidence obtains through torture is illegal. I will only ever swear under oath . Which goes back to Crusaders being burned at the stake being stitched up, once again it’s happening.

      People who live on others back is disgusting. I’ve seen it. People chat shit.

  11. Knowing what a complete cunt Johnson is, the last general election was the first time I have not used my vote, since I became eligible.

    Would I vote for Farage or Richard Tice?
    I am not sure.
    I see B. Liar is sniffing around the Liebor leadership-he is a shark that can smell blood👎

  12. I hope they do all of it and much much more.
    Eventually even the most docile cunts will be forced to take direct action.
    The whole rotten structure needs demolishing.
    I always try to imagine what the servicemen of World War 2 would make of the country they fought so hard to preserve for so long.
    I let that be my guide.

    The government is a fucking self serving shambles,the dirty cunts.

  13. There’s a by election on Thursday, Sidcup and Bexley, a very safe Tory seat. I expect they will get a kicking but a governing party in mid term usually does so it can easily be dismissed.
    Tory HQ and the constituency parties must be flooded with complaints about the Jellyfish traitor but I suspect the fat cats in Westminster are right behind him, with a few honourable exceptions.
    The electoral system is fucked. First past the post is designed to keep the Establishment in power. Aside from revolution in the streets, which the British have never been good at, I don’t know the answer.

    • It should be for any local people who build trust and then when they end up voting for the opposite you can kick in out and then never reelect them.

  14. As a lifelong field sports enthusiast, I can inform my fellow UK based IsAC’ers, that the word on the street, is that Plod are actively encouraging legitimate shooters to surrender their licenses/guns.

    They are seizing shotguns from law abiding shooters.

    They are not issuing new licenses to applicants and many authorities are not responding to requests for information or updates about applications.

    This is how it starts.

    • This is troubling indeed if true. When Dunblane happened and there was a clamour to disarm handguns, Blair was only too happy to oblige. At the time I went along with it. The only people I’d ever met with legally owned handguns probably shouldn’t have been allowed them.

      Fast forward to now and I see it in hindsight very differently. This government in particular should fear the people.

    • I surrendered my guns and licence a couple of mouths ago, I just couldn’t be arsed with all the hoops and costs, their last wease was having to get the cunt Dr to fill a form in to say you weren’t Micheal Ryan, good luck with that. Now where did I miss place the 410.

      • Same here a while back – it was becoming all too difficult.

        Here’s the thing though you rarely see an unmodified shotgun used in one of these atrocities and sawn off shotguns are as illegal as working pistols or rifles. How the fuck do these muppets think clamping down on legally held shotguns is going to improve matters?!

    • Both Thomas Hamilton and Michael Ryan had their firearm certificates “rubber stamped” by their local Plod, despite having a local reputation for being known weirdos…

      • Hamilton-the Jimmy Saville of the shooting world.
        And the Jeffrey Epstein.
        Police officers, politicians, landed gentry-all part of his “club”.

        One of only two cases to have a 100yr gagging order slapped on them. The other, I believe, was about British war crimes.

        Total fucking cunt!(s)

      • You need to bear in mind this is the same police force that offers cups of tea to Insulate Britain protesters blocking the M25!

        Ask yourself the question: would you employ them?

      • Hamilton was good friends with George Robertson shunted to head of NATO because his pedo ways were going to be outed.

  15. If it wasn’t before, it should be obvious by now that the uncontrolled mass immigt is policy. It’s part of the great replacement. A real leader could stop it overnight.

    It’s part of the great replacement. The only way the UN agenda 2030 can be achieved is the destruction of nation states. This is a prelude to that. They need to dilute and displace people, destroy national identity and history.

    This is why you hear hand wringing platitudes but see no action

    • And the EPC rating to be able to buy or sell a house in the green utopia of net zero is a prelude to the abolition if property rights and the seizure of what for most people is their largest asset.

      Remember “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”.

      ‘Happy’ by order of Klaus Schwab presumably (has he had a counting yet?)

  16. Every time there is a new Tory leader, we all say they are by far the worst ever to date.

    Well, QuasiMaydo was utterly fucking useless, but she was Margaret Thatcher to Sunny Jim Callaghan as far as Boris’ performance in the hot chair is concerned.

    The only Tory I would see as leader would be Penny Mordaunt. Great if it happened, but uncertain whether we would then see a proper Tory Party return.

    I was going to vote Farage last time, but ended up voting Tory just so Magic Grandpa didn’t become PM. If Boris is still in power come the next election, I will give serious reconsideration to Reform UK.

    • I am aware that FPTP will make any vote for Reform UK pretty futile, so until we either get PR or sufficient people become sufficiently disenfranchised with the Tories to put their pawprint elsewhere, we will continue to be dry bumfucked.

  17. I seem to remember that the bubble headed traitor said he was aware that a lot of people had “lent” him their votes. Well, he’s proven to be a fucking shit debtor and that’s for sure.
    Now Corbyn is out of the picture there must be a lot of people who are thinking …….could Starmzy be any worse? Well, the next cunt can always be worse but you couldn’t blame them for going that way. If the Tory grandees can’t see he is losing votes hand over fist then they will all lose their access to the trough.
    People don’t vote Tory to get a soft as shit, immo loving green rabble.

  18. The Tories are so far removed from their core values at the moment.
    They have fucked pretty much everything over the last few years. The only thing they have done reasonably well is the vacine roll.out.
    I remember Theresa May saying she would help the just getting by families and Boris was going to level.up Britian.
    Well,looking at that list of links, the UK will be levelled up; we will all be fucked!

  19. I voted Monster Raving Loony Party last time. I’m starting to think they got in. What a shower of shite it all is.

  20. Wow that last link is scary! Your house will be worthless unless the upgrades are done!? That is some BULLSHIT!!
    What a fucking mess. These cunts forcing this on the people need to be dragged through the streets and pelted with dog shit and rocks!
    They can never leave the people alone. They think they know best. All they do is fix things until they are completely broken.

    • Ain’t it just – this shit has been heading down the road at us for some time now and the current Government have nailed their colours to it (rather than kicking it into the bin like a real conservative would).

      I do suspect the Civil Service run this country answerable to? Nobody probably.

      There is some grain of truth in the alternative shitbags being worse. Back in the dying days of the last Labour Government they were planning to bring in a compulsory “home buyers pack”. The Tories then got it and watered it back to an EU EPC. At the time it might have been thought they were doing the plebs a favour and that the nasty EU insisted on the EPC. Think again, like Smart Meters (to throttle the grid to facilitate electric car charging) EPC’s are a small part of the greenwash master plan and we have been too blind to see it.

      The word needs to be spread – people need to be aware of this pernicious plan.

      Awareness, at least, is achievable. For now, at least, an uprising remains a pipe dream but at least don’t buy into these cunt’s bullshit.

    • I don’t think these Tory cunts have thought that last one through properly MC. Most of these tory bastards live in big stately home. How the fuck are they going to get them up to level C?
      Triple glazing in a grade 2 listed castle….I don’t think so.

    • I’ve got time for them but I wish they’d drop the Christian crosses on their marches.

      I feel it adds a slightly sinister tone, and let’s face it, the majority of us are Christian in name only and the ones that take it seriously can be prone to being passive and ‘do-gooders’.

      Would they take to arms in the event of a ‘culture’ war? I doubt it.

  21. My local MP is Jo Churchill, a useless fucker if ever there was one.
    I briefly joined the Tory Party just so I could vote Mavis out. That year I went to the AGM of the local party and asked Churchill – at that point a party whip – what, in general terms, the so called leaving fee we were paying the fourth Reich was for. She waffled on about obligations. I asked her for a couple of examples. She waffled on some more.

    I than asked her how she was supposed, as a whip, to enforce voting for a policy she couldn’t explain herself.

    I was ejected from the meeting. Fucking disgraceful. I told her point blank I would never vote for her again. Unfortunately she could not give a flying fuck as this is a safe seat. People like her give politicians a bad name.

  22. I will continue to vote conservative. I know it is a shit show, but if I don’t, we might end up with a another egotistical warmongering Blair and his bunch of useless dickheads.Politics is so diluted these days there is so lttle to chose from. Pussy bitch or slightly less pussy bitch, and care stammer would be more shit. The Neil Kinnock of the new generation. FFS he only needed to be better than Albert Steptoe and he can’t even do that. We need to get rid of career politicians and get back to politicians who actually believe what they say, whether you agree with them or not

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