Spoiled Brats and Stupid Parents

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£450 for a child’s present is an obscene amount to begin with…£1,000 is fucking ridiculous. I wonder how many of these parents claim free school meals at the same time?…and I’m fucking certain that all of the Cunts will be claiming child-benefit.

They are not “being forced” to pay over the odds..it’s just that they are too weak to say “No”….and it’s their nasty,pasty-faced,weedy brats that will suffer in the long run…the idle little Fuckers should be given a pair of rugby boots and told to go and learn a Man’s game instead of sitting around playing some fucking computer game.

I also noticed in the local paper an article about an “Angel Tree” in the local garage/spar shop….apparently kids whose parents use the local food-bank write down a present that they would like to receive on a cardboard angel…the angel is then hung on the tree and people who use the shop can pick which present to buy for the “deprived” whelp….

It’s a fucking outrage….rural Northumberland is not a hot-bed of poverty and even if it children’s’ parents will be receiving enough taxpayers’ money to feed and care for the Sods without also buying them fucking presents…I bet the wishes aren’t for ” a satsuma and a handful of mixed nuts” either..they’ll be for a fucking £450  computer game or £200 pair of trainers.

I’ve a fucking good mind to take the chipper down and throw the “Angel” tree and it’s begging notes straight in.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

(Probably Brexit’s fault for the PS5 shortage! – Day Admin)

111 thoughts on “Spoiled Brats and Stupid Parents

  1. What is the cut off age for buying xmas shit for your kids?
    If it was up to me I’d say early teens but Mrs Infidel doesn’t see it that way.
    The 2 offspring with my current squeeze are both 30+ and she continues with all the bollox.

    • My experience was sack loads of presents up to aged 8 then the number of presents severely dropped off. By the time I was 12 it was 1 or 2 presents; been like that ever since.

      • Evening Jack.
        I say it sometimes, and some cunt will pipe up with the old pony of ‘well you were a kid once!’ Like I had a fucking choice the twats.

    • You can’t hate kids that’s wrong, you will protect them. What the fuck has children done wrong to you personally?

      • Some way beyond irritating our pair, Ruff. Between them when they were younger they managed to write off four motor cars, two wrapped round trees, one rolled across a field and one driven into the fucking river. They walked away with scratches and bruises in every case and I’m glad to say they’ve kept the cars on the tarmac in recent years.

      • Just don’t like them, especially the skummy lout fuckers. And I would probably dislike them a lot less if their cunt parents didn’t take them to fucking supermarkets and leave the feral twats run rampant.
        Cunt who take bawling babies on planes can get shoved up a vent too.
        And don’t get me started on cunts who take kids to pubs, especially the cunts who moan if they hear swearing.
        It’s 9 o’clock. IN A PUB! How would they like it if we and my mates went to their primary school and got pissed?

  2. Kids are spoiled rotten and for a lot of them it doesn’t stop when they grow up. The neighbours have a daughter, late twenties, got her own place, but constantly has her arse wiped, by her idiot parents. It is a constant source of amazement to me, how they continually jump to do her bidding, good job she isn’t mine, grim reality would set in very quickly.
    I can remember , some years ago, our eldest informing us that she was considering
    ‘ moving back home’, after splitting up with her then boyfriend.
    I firmly explained to her that she was a grown woman and not a fucking homing pigeon, she got the message.
    She has since told me that I’d done the right thing. ‘ Yes, I know ‘ said I.
    Both of ours stand on their own two feet. It’s the only way to survive, plus, they had no other option.
    I have seen people bled dry by their ungrateful offspring, even to the point of having their home repossessed.
    They are utter, foolish cunts.
    On a kind of related note, we were in a nearby town, yesterday, and within the space of a minute, were approached by two beggars, one , a young chavvy bloke, after money …. ‘ No ‘
    The second, a woman, can of cider in hand, after a cig … ‘ Don’t smoke ‘, she wouldn’t have got one if I did.
    Some people have no dignity or self respect.
    They can Get To Fuck.

    • In Londonstabistan you can’t smoke in the street any more. It’s not that Suckdick has banned it ( i’m sure he’d love to, the cunt) but every time you light up you attract half a dozen pieces of foreign trash begging for a fag. You soon learn it ain’t worth the hassle.
      Yet another success for the NHS.

      • Nazis tried doing the same. Oh trust me suckdick is the biggest money laundering cunt going. Good thing about Anglo Saxons, they have all bases covered! Including their own arsehole.

      • Pity you couldn’t find a discarded perfume bottle full of Novichock, Freddie.
        You could dose up thousands of cigs.
        You’d clean London up in an afternoon.

  3. Best Christmas present I got was my Raleigh Chopper bike.
    It was originally the neighbours older sons.
    I loved that bike♥️
    I lowered the handlebars like I was fuckin Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider!
    Id get a box of Airfix soldiers at Christmas too,
    And a selection box with Spangles in.

    God I miss the 70s.

    • I had a Raleigh Grifter, then a Raleigh Spider. That was a ducking brilliant bike-We used to get four kids on it (me standing on pedals, one on handle bars, one on crossbar and one on the seat, going down a mile long “suicide hill” from school to our road.
      9 year old lads are fucking mental👍

      I’m with you Mis-the 70’s ruled👍

    • Spangles! Now there’s a blast from the past. There was a slightly beige one that looked and tasted like vomit. Never figured out what it was supposed to be.

      A Mars bar lasted about a week then too.

    • Airfix Mis, There’s a brand from long ago! When I was in junior school I used to assemble their 1/72 scale kits, mostly WW2 aeroplanes. Yesterday I saw a man buying a 1/72 scale kit of a JU88. I bet it cost him more than two shillings though.

      • Airfix and the useless glue, still managed to put a few together and paint them up. they were affordable to a kid in those times

      • I was more of a Revell kid myself. My finest work was a 1: 72 YF 23 black widow before the US Air Force picked the F-22 raptor.

    • The. 1970s was the decade when Britain needed an IMF bailout, the decade of the 3 day week and the winter of discontent, and yet everyone looks back on it fondly. Says a lot for the shite we’re living through now doesn’t it?

      • Mine was banana yellow DCI and at first to big for me.
        That Christmas morning I took it out and came flying off
        My hands to small to pull the brakes properly.
        My mum had conniptions!😁
        Christmas day covered in mud before family arrived 😀

  4. the best present we got as kids (ya between us all 3 boys) was a niki Lauda polistil racing car set like skaletrics but bigger
    it cost 27 quid and ill never forget the face on my dad ,ha ha handing the money over to my mam so she could buy it for us at christmas.
    still boxed in the attic and working the last time i checked 40 plus years ago apparently worth a few quid in todays money
    Agreed ,mid 70s ruled

  5. I hate the little shits, nearly always boys answering to the name Liam,Callum,Lee,Ryan or Wayne,
    dressed in faux Buggerberry, standing up in the supermarket trolley in their dog-shit encrusted trainers, touching and sniffing every item that they can reach.
    Their pathetic excuse for a parent is inevitably a morbidly obese single mother emblazoned with nasty tattoos and dressed in tight leggings that accentuate their enormous gunts.

  6. I’ve got a daughter and two sons. I have always instilled in them the value of money. If they ever want money for something they can’t afford at the moment, I give it to them, but always as a loan, and they’ve always paid back the money, same as when I was younger.
    They all stand on their own two feet, never expect anything, and value simple things in life. I fucking cringe when talking to mates always bailing their brats out.

  7. A few nights back, there was a loud bang on the front window.
    I went out to look up & down the street, no sign of anyone.
    It was too dark to chech the window properly & thought no more of it till the next day…
    A right mess was strewn on the window and egg shell on the ledge.
    Some cunt had lobbed an egg – for what reason is beyond me, but seeing as they must have scarpered quick, I’m guessing a little scrote.
    Now getting on, and I doubt if I had seen him/her, that I would have been able to catch them…
    ..but If I had, I’d have dragged the little shit by their ankles, up the road face down, leaving a trail of skin and blood. as the tarmac exfoliated their features.

    Just saying…

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