Strictly Come Dancing (4)

Please please allow a Cunting for strictly come woke, right on , tick all the boxes, diverse, tran, gay anti normal dancing.

Currently on holiday in Fuerteventura bit too much sun and way too much beer 🍺 means mrs everyonesacunt and I have retreated back to barracks where she has put this fucking shit fest on the telly. Normally I refuse to watch tv but she would call me a light weight if I fucked off to bed.

What a pile of shit this is. Claudia the fucking fringe. What a twat. The northern bit of Totty with Bernard Mannings accent. Anton I’m important beck. Shirley the face lift. G ay dancers Two fucking blokes holding hands and mincing around the floor. And who what the fuck is the guest judge Cynthia Erivo. I honestly thought she had a bone 🦴 stuck though her nose.

So glad I don’t watch telly at home and pay the tax to fund such a bag of cunt. Ps some fucking child man singer mid way through the pile of shite sounded like winkle tits having her fringe shaved 🪒 off. Mrs everyonesacunt informed me he’d appeared on one of Cowells karaoke shows.

Nominated by: Everyonesacunt

and seconded by: Cuntflu

I have to walk past the idiot lantern on my way to smoke politely outside. I try to avoid even looking at its wonderful glowing colours.

As I wandered past It caught my eye that two men were dancing together. But the thing that irritated me more than anything was the peaky blinders hats.

I’ve accepted that TV is fucking wank and it’s normal for men to dance together. BUT, I instantly know if I see a man wearing that kind of hat, he is straight into the cunt memory box.

Therefore your honour, I second this nomination, and would like to request a separate nomination for those fucking ‘ I’m obviously a cunt hats ‘.

71 thoughts on “Strictly Come Dancing (4)

  1. This reinforces my long held opinion that the only thing I want to see at the BBC is 200 coppers with arrest warrants or a Man setting up a Gatling gun.

  2. Now that the BBC have pushed the boundaries with The Gays flouncing around the dance floor together it is inevitable that they will next have wheelchair dancers, dancers with false limbs and trannies.

    Just wait and see.

    A harmless programme enjoyed by dull housewives and desperate men wanting to see a live ‘nipple slip’ will disappear up its own arse.

      • According to the papers next years SCD is going to focus on disability and Gender fluidity

        Already the line up includes
        An ear on a pillow
        The human stump
        A one legged man on a pojo stick
        Some Cunt who identifies as a lampshade
        Another cunt who’s apparently a chair
        The other

        Can’t wait 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • Your not wrong Artful.
      I can see it now , A camp Dark Key with learning disabilities and a wooden leg
      getting on up on the good stump.

    • One of the lasses on the show is deaf and apparently she has nothing else in the way of a personality, she craps on about it that much.

      I amuse myself by asking my missus in passing if she can translate what the cunt is saying until she tells me to fuck off.

      • Thanks for the tip, anything to get through this dire hell.

        But wait there’s ant and drunk or is it drunk and dec…wait drunk on dec perhaps. That has a nice homophilic ring about it.

  3. Slebs no cunt has ever heard of, poofs, lezzas and assorted sexual deviants. This is entertainment for the masses for the BBC. That’s when they are not filling empty heads with their globalist propaganda.
    I fucking hate them.

  4. A program better served by having hard-line judging panel made up from ISAC readers and Taliban. Shouldn’t take long to whittle down the contestants and presenters for that matter.

  5. Two really full on, right over the top mincers on a shit show for the moronic underclass that watch the indoctrination machine.
    Dancin it ain’t, Mincin it is, and a shit fest of foreign cunts who are over here working undercover for Brussels.
    Unload the BBC and its shit programmes on Jacinda Adern, ( from a fucking height )

    • When I am not annoying the missus about the deaf girl I make a point of telling her that the two mincers are blatantly shagging until she tells me to fuck off.

  6. Sorry to go off-topic so soon. Hope admins won’t mind. But if there’s anyone currently using Windows 10 and they’re being told by Windows that their machine is not compatible with Windows 11 due to below spec CPUs and/or TPM versions, there is a good workaround that I’ve been using on a number of customer machines over the last couple of weeks.

    Tbh though, I wouldn’t rush into upgrading to 11, it is still immensely buggy (you can’t even move the TaskBar from bottom to top of the screen by simply dragging it with the mouse. At preset you have to mess about with the Registry!)

    (Disclaimer – use the link at your own risk blah blah. Do backups before you start. blah blah.)

    Right then I’ll fuck off now before Admin does a Hulk!

    (Hmm, Betty. Don’t make me angry! (that was Frank Spencer in case you’re too young to know. He’d probably be cancelled these days) – Day Admin)

    • Morning Technocunt.
      I’ve gone over to mac , got fed up with Windows and all the problems that come with it. Everything looks like a geek made it in his bedroom.

      • Run linux. Superior OS and the satisfaction of knowing Microsoft and Apple aren’t getting any of your money.(apart from the fact Windoze is preinstalled on just about every machine. The workaround for this is buy a used laptop).

        Sorry DA, techno made me do it.

  7. If they are going to be truly “inclusive” they should get some proper fat bastards on, cunts like Alan Brazil or Harvey Price.
    Maybe some fat Yank slebs no cunt has ever heard of.
    I’m all for that…..fucking fat shaming BBC. Fucking fascists.
    Fat rights for fat cunts I say!!

  8. Up next week, Claire Balding dancing a sexually provocative tango with Miriam Margolyes. That’ll be a treat.

  9. I saw the dark key mincer and his uphill gardening partner on the one show the other day. Real cringe worthy stuff that makes you wonder if woofters of such exaggerated campness are in fact mentally unstable. Now I’m a live and let live, each to their own sort of bloke, but I find these type of gays utterly distasteful. Surely I’m not in a minority.
    Anyway, why the fixation with ballroom dancing? I thought it died out in the fifties. I reckon they should produce Strictly Come Raving, where we can relive the early 90s by getting Z list slebs to pop as many disco biscuits as possible before throwing some shapes on the dance floor. Extra points can be awarded for gurning, eye rolling and telling strangers how much you love them. It’s gotta be a ratings winner.

  10. Point of order: shouldn’t the title of this nom be “Strictly Come Mincing”?

    Morning DA, morning all.

    (We did consider this, but for some reason we kept on thinking about Mince Pie Guy! – Day Admin)

  11. This show is so shitty even the sous won’t watch it, but the procession of q ueers and actors rambles on – it’s clear that the BBC either want the deaf girl or the baking poofter to win this year, as you can see from their website every Monday morning. That much was clear right from week one – both, strangely employed by the BBC itself.

    What with that and the drag show the BBC present you can only imagine the BBC Director General prancing round the office in a gold lame’ pantie girdle and having his makeup done by Julian Clary.

    I only hope next year one of the contestants is old AnalEase Dodds, the whiff of her unwashed knickers might kill off the fucking lot of them, including that ugly cow who introduces it when she is not advertising cheap shampoo. The one who looks like she has just escaped from a lesbian horror film.

    I wonder what Richard Dimbleby and Sylvia Peters would think of their ex employer if they could come back and see what an unadulterated heap of crap, produced by a bunch of faggots is in place today. They must be turning in their graves. Lord Reith has probably put a curse on it.

  12. Total bullshit, it may have had some credibility when it was a bloke and woman dancing, you know traditional, normal fucking (ballroom) dancing.
    If they want to be ‘inclusive’ have a bandit version and a rug muncher version.

    And what is wrong with a bandit dancing with a woman ffs.

    BBC bullshit!

  13. After reading this, strangely enough I might give this a look, at least if I can find any clips on Youtube. It sounds like a fucking hoot!

    Morning you chaps!

  14. Off topic but COTY voting for Sporty cunt appears to be broken for me. Anyone else having this problem.

      • Funny, it showed a voting error message but then showed that my vote had been submitted after refreshing the page. Probably just some sort of glitch.

      • I was just relieved the options were limited and given for me because I’d say 90% of the country qualifies for at least one of them.

  15. Brucie should be brought back to liven things up a bit.

    Good morning, everyone.

  16. I have a couple of gay friends, and even though they welcome the addition of a more diverse bunch of contestants, they both feel the BBC have gone way OTT now to the point of it being nothing more than a tick-box exercise to keep the Alphabet audience happy, when in fact the reverse is probably true.

    I wonder what would happen if the BBC received complaints from hard-line Muslims who really don’t want to see this kind of thing? Will the BBC relent and upset the Alphabets, or will they ignore them and face accusations of racism?

    • That’s a very good point.
      Of course it would all be brushed under the magic carpet.
      The evil cunts.

  17. This would never have happened on the Black & White Minstrel Show. Good, clean, wholesome family entertainments are long gone.

      • about 55 years ago i went to a disney show and sat on rolf harris lap for over an hour during the show in the front row as there was too many kids for the seating, he never touched me, i was about 7 so obviously not his type, he was my hero for decades as i loved art…love the black and white minstrel show too…but saville always made my skin crawl

  18. Fortunately, as a man, I have never watched this cuntfoolery and never will👍

    Light entertainment programmes are supposed to entertain the masses, not normalise deviancy.

    Thank goodness for the “off” button.
    More cunts need to use it😉

    • as a white female i haven’t watched it and never will.
      i got rid of my tv there’s too many camp limp wrists, lefty nutters and black people on tv today and i don’t relate to any of those box tickers

  19. I watched this mindlessly on Saturday, swimb likes it. There’s some tidy boilers on there which is nice. Those two turd burglars look like they’d be indulging in Strictly cum dancing when the camera is off them.

  20. Dwarves
    I want dwarves.
    Doing the Rumba.
    And Tango.
    Warwick Davis in a little clown car, providing half time entertainment.
    Might as well make it a proper freakshow.
    They’re half way there already.
    Get some John Merrick lookalikeys in.
    And bearded women.
    Got to be inclusive.
    Tonight’s highlight ……..
    The quadraplegic shuffle.
    Roll up ! Roll up !
    Get To Fuck.

  21. Let’s face it, professional male ballroom dancers have always been somewhat light-footed in more ways than one. Who was that one from the 80s, Wayne Sleep?

    Clearly batting for the other side but still danced exclusively with females, on camera anyway. The point of ballroom dancing is it’s a ritualized courtship between men and women. But it’s ritualized, you’re not supposed to believe they are actual sexual partners. The chance of that with that Sleep fellow and his female partners was zero. The BBC are in effect saying with this shite that all the couple’s here are sexual partners. The mincing pair are effectively saying ‘look at us, this mincing is all foreplay for some hardcore backstage bumfuckery’.

    Why don’t they just cut to the chase with Strictly come Fucking*, a porn themed format. You could have a panel of used up old pornstars, Ron Jeremy as top judge .

    Each week the couple’s comprised of a professional and an amateur have to perform in a different position.

    ‘This week ladies and gentlemen, reverse cowgirl’.

    Even this would fail though as the Beeb’s diversity quota would make it all about the back ticklers.

    Mrs BH used to be into this shite but it’s even too woke for her now. Personally I’m warming to the taliban stance on this.

    *Should SCF hit primetime, I will enforce my copyright.

    • Fuck me yes, it is him! The other poof must be one of his many gimmigrant “mates” he is always bragging about.

  22. Strictly Bum Mincing?

    A freak show full of diverse types with the aim of rubbing pensioners’ noses in gayblack so they stop being racist and continue to pay the licence fee, as they are the only cunts who still do.

    Never seen more than 5 minutes and never will.

  23. I remember Angela Ripon was very upset when the BBC axed the original Come Dancing because it was too old fashioned. It has now been on Saturday Night BBC Prime Time for the last 17 years. They never even invited her on the show when they brought it back.

    Mrs P likes Strictly Cum Dancing. Sometimes the same-sex couple are women which isn’t bad I suppose. They keep making it more extreme like having a deaf dancer on it. Next year who will be on it? Rosie Jones? And why don’t they do the military two-step anymore?

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