Lawyers (3) Upset by Hurty Allegations

Yes, the cunts keeping criminals and jihadis safe and warm in the UK.

Priti has upset the fuckers.

”Earlier this week Priti Patel claimed the suspect, Emad Al Swealmeen, who lodged an appeal when his asylum claim was rejected after arriving in the UK, had been able to exploit Britain’s “dysfunctional” immigration system by staying in the country.
Lawyers raised concerns about her “blaming the legal services industry” for the suspected hospital bomber still being in the UK.”

Well who do we blame? Fucking vultures with no loyalty or scruples who earn their living off these poor ‘asylum seekers’. The half baked church which doesnt question why it’s services are full of assorted Arabs, Iranians and Somalis, as advised by their lawyers. The church is just fucking gullible. The system is abused by the legal cunts, aided and abetted by woke fucking halfwits who trust the motives of these poor immigrants rather than wondering why everyfucking where they come from is a violent shithole.

So for once, Priti Patel has it right. The lawyers are the scum of the earth and directly responsible for acts of terror, violence, drug dealing and murder carried out by their charges.

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100 thoughts on “Lawyers (3) Upset by Hurty Allegations

  1. If you fail your application for asylum then you should immediately be deported. Not spend seven years on appeal, cozying up to the church and launching seven years of legal aid appeals, especially as you have paid £6-15,000 for your dingy ride. Fuck fight off and fight your appeal from France or wherever……I don’t give a flying fuck, so long as you aren’t here.
    Cunt. Hope you can’t swim.

    • Right off not fuck fight off.
      Fucking predictive text, fucking cunts, see what I mean!
      It has nothing to do with six cans from my Beer 52 delivery or the two brandies either it’s all going to rat shit, I’m going to bed. Night cunts xxx

  2. Bring in ID cards.
    If you haven’t got your ‘papers’ you can’t even go in a church, let alone dupe the gormless god botherers into letting you into their club of time wasting sanctimonious crime hiding logic blind wankers.

    I’d have it so you couldn’t even buy bread without your citizen papers. I used to be anti ID cards but I’m all for them now.

  3. Try to write a petition online you can’t explain because it’s limited by twitter characters.

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