Junk Mail

Fellow cunters will know that I’m not adverse to slipping a fresh dog turd through some cunts letterbox, but I’m being inundated by mail I hate.
Via email, text and even on my media wall ( how the fuck??)

They are:-
PPI, claim the Vat back and
Diesel cars, bought or leased.
Never had PPI, as I’m not stupid.
Don’t drive.

I really don’t know how to fuck them off permanently, I wish I could.
Also, because I’m unbelievably crap at this, I can’t attach links, both from MoneySavingExpert.com, which is not unreadable due to pop up ads.
I’ll keep trying.

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40 thoughts on “Junk Mail

  1. Deleting them is easy except for those cunts that pay Google extra so you are forced to open their email in order to delete it.
    Good cunting.
    In 5 days I have like 100+ junk emails in one account.
    It’s fucking ridiculous.

  2. Each one should have an unsubscribe link at the bottom in the world’s smallest font.

    • And sometimes white on a white background. Or blac… Never mind.
      Anyway, if there is no ‘unsubscribe’ button, try highlighting the bottom of the page.

    • Im sick of it!
      Shite posted through my artisanal carved cream door.
      Pizza shops,
      Charity scavengers
      Sofa sales,
      And little packets of white powder.*

      *Junky mail.😁

    • Admin, you were very kind to allow the link less nom to go ahead. Its appreciated.
      Ruff, that’s again you’ve rescued a nom of mine, thank you.
      And before we get tearful, I’m going to fuck off!

  3. I don’t know what’s worse, the electronic spam or the hard copy delivered by the Royal Fail or some druggy dosser trying to start a fresh….

    Any Plastic charity bags get used as bin liners.

    (I had one cunt knock on my door and say it should be returned, if it’s not going to be used for charitable donations. I offered them two choices, have it back with all the waste shite I put in it, or cease and desist from flytipping their plastic through my letterbox. I don’t get many posted nowadays.

    Had a begging letter from the RNLI this week on the door mat when I got in from work.

    That fucker got frisbied out into the road faster than you could dial 999 and ask for the coastguard to save a gimme-grant in a rubber dinghy.

    They can all get to fuck.

  4. I get at least one plastic bag a week asking for clothing, so that’s 52 unwanted bags per year but if I need a bag at the supermarket I have to pay for it 😂

    I do manage to use some for grass cuttings (doing my bit for the planet)

    • Ahh! Yes.
      The old “clothes scam”- collected by a Romanian cunt in his van, then sold on E-bay/local market stall etc, etc

    • Clothing bags are bin liners for the kitchen. Grass cuttings go in compost.
      You are a fucking disgrace Sickie. I have reported you to Grunta Thunderbird for destroying her future.

      • I know, it’s just my way of rebelling against the green agenda.
        In my defence I don’t have a big enough garden for a compost heap and the local council charge a fee for collecting garden waste, I have decided it isn’t worth it.

        I have started putting the excess bags and other soft plastics in the new CooP initiative for recycling the soft plastics that cannot go into my home recycling bin.

        When the council start recycling garden waste for free (lol, I pay through the nose for council tax and get fuck all for it) I will start recycling my garden waste 😂😂😂

        I am just going to turn my thermostat down now you have made me feel guilty 🥲

  5. They’re a fucking pain JP.
    I think at least some of the ‘old clothes for charity’ collections are a scam; there have been a couple of articles I’ve seen recently warning people to be wary.
    The Royal Mail also shoves a load of junk through the letterbox in the course of a year. It’s a lucrative little earner for them. I collect it all up and when I’ve got a nice big wad, I shove it back in the nearest post box. The cunts can dispose of their own rubbish.

  6. Iceland through the door offering food flavoured treats of dubious origin is weekly. E-mail Spam is deleted.
    However I got the village church newsletter yesterday thanking us for the collection for Afghan refugees. I am fucking incandescent that cunts in my village could stoop so low.
    Thinking of relocating. New Mills has good dogging sites I believe.

  7. I keep a separate email account purely for online ordering – when I want to order something I go into it, select and delete everything, forward the “purchase email” (only this one) to my real email account and then wait for the goods to arrive. If there’s a problem I have the “purchase email” to fall back on.

    Takes up a few seconds of my time – I don’t even look at the subject lines before deleting pages worth of junk👍

    • I have 3 accounts, 1 for ordering, which is the one most bothered.
      One for family, hardly ever any shite.
      One as bait. Caught a couple of large fish, but that’s a story for another day.

  8. … a pet hate of mine is advertising … of any sort. I hate these cunts that are employed to stick flyers through letter boxes … not needed at all … and it’s not a fuckin’ job. The shit the postman delivers … I pick out the actual mail and chuck everything else straight in the recycle bin next to my letter box. It doesn’t even get in the house and not even looked at. Postie got upset when I threatened him and said he was just doing his job … cunt.

    • To be fair Swag, he is doing his job as instructed and would be in trouble if he did not. There exists a sytem of which I do not know the details, where you can order the Royal Mail not to shove junk through your letter box. A little while ago one postie got in trouble for informing a customer that he could do this.

      • Me again Swag. Just reading through the nom again, should have done so earlier. RTC’s link above gives detailed information on how to stop the tide of junk. Good luck!

      • Yes Arfur, its a better link than the ones I tried to attach. At least it’s useful, rather than informative.

  9. There is a serious and disturbing side to this.

    The cunting charities that sell the details of their contributors to other scrounging charities.

    They are fucking ruthless and will bleed you dry.

  10. Cookies don’t help matters despite GDPR and so-called more transparency with regards the management of your private information when visiting a website.

    Although a massive PITA whenever you visit a new website you’re nagged with a pop-up basically saying “we value your privacy”, and then you have to manually go through a whole raft of choice what PI can be made available to 3rd parties or not.

    But it makes no odds because even if you click “No” to everything your info held within resident cookies is still visible to those very same 3rd parties, who then go onto creating a profile on your website visiting and purchasing habits, which then get sold to other 3rd parties.

    And that’s another reason you get specific spam in your inbox or junk through your letter box. Your private information is no longer private, but is sold at a profit and you end up with all the shite.

    • What I don’t understand is how the fuck they get my Facefool info?
      Especially as its all fake, come on, I’m obviously not a 147 year old Portuguese woman, ffs!
      I only set the account up so I could join a neighbourhood forum, sort of like Neighbourhood Watch, but they put info out about dodgy callers, neds on the rob & such.
      Very handy for knowing when to load rock salt in the sawn off.

  11. The unwanted charity clothes business is the biggest scam going. If you think those clothes are ending up with some piss poor Umbongo with his arse hanging out of his strides you are dreaming.
    They end up on street markets in the shitholes of the world with all sorts of cunts taking their cut on the way. I’d rather burn the things rather than give them to the cunts who would love to steal what little i’ve got and slit my fucking throat just for laughs.

    • I know…guilty of taking the rich bird’s bag of clothes in my street and selling the karen millen Boots & dress on ebay, i kept the jacket for myself cos charity begins at home…oops

  12. The fucking Lib Dem mongs have been out in the community again round our way, posting their shit newsletters. Four pages of woolly hatted munters and, beardie bellends spouting crap. Good nom.

    • And this afternoon some shit for Farm Fucking Foods dropped on the mat. Since when have I been interested in chicken dippers shaped like bastard dinosaurs? The photographs of their monkey spew products are an affront to public decency.

  13. I had a No Junk Mail sign stuck above my letter box back when I lived in a London suburb because I hate junk mail. In fact, I had a recycling box outside (under a charming Edwardian porch) so I could just dump the stuff straight into it. One day I noticed some cunt walking into the drive with one those large plastic mail bags. I thought here we go. He ignored the sign and shoved a load of paper cack through the door. I ran downstairs like Usain Bolt, gathered up the cacka, ran out the front door, chased the fucker down and handed it back to him. Some European type that couldn’t read English. He must’ve thought I was mental!

  14. On line block them, snail mail either send them back or recycle bin. Why isn’t Greta dealing with this waste,?

  15. I get a persistent pop-up from “Elizabeth, who lives nearby” saying she wants to take all her clothes off for me. Any suggestions?

  16. Ive solved my junk mail problem, the house opposite has been empty for nearly a year. ALL my junk mail goes in their letter box so it doesn’t fill up my bin

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