Insulate Britain (2)

Insulate Britain activists are cunts, some of these wankers have been jailed which is the least they deserve, i have just listened to some silly bitch spouting of on the news about how unfair it all is.
Now these cunts are going to go on hunger strike outside the courts to free their brothers in arms.
If i lived closer i would wander past every night with a steaming hot bag of chips with loads of vinegar, just so these worthless cunts can smell them.
They are probably Vegans anyway, so fuck em, let them starve.
Zero fucks given from me, good luck tits i hope it goes on for months….cunts

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

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55 thoughts on “Insulate Britain (2)

  1. Yep, hand cut chips fried in beef fat and with a hint of MSG, a shake of salt and splash of vinegar, served in a paper bag.

    Converse with them while savouring every bite then throw the majority in a pond for the ducks.

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