The Great Walkers Crisp Shortage and Starving Children

With all that is happening in the world you could be forgiven for missing this. Forget the recent COP26 eco-jizz fest or the migrant crisis on the Belarus/Poland border, no, the real pressing issue is a national shortage of Walkers crisps – an IT fuck up and not Brexit for a change. And for little Ava, specifically oven baked sea-salt flavour as this is all she eats along with toastie waffles and baby fruit puree.

Naturally she suffers from the latest trendy pseudo eating disorders, ‘avoidant or restrictive food intake disorder’ probably diagnosed via Mumsnet. The parents in this shit show are of course indulging her, scouring stores across Leicestershire trying to track down elusive packets rather than telling her what all our parents told us, “eat what you are given and be grateful for it”. You give in to this sort of shit and you are storing up problems for years to come on little arseholes who never hear the word “no” and know what buttons to push from piss weak parents to get their own way.

Anyway I hope they do find some before they have to do the unthinkable, grow a spine and make her eat some real food. Maybe Bob Geldof could do a Live Aid style appeal for sea-salt crisps? At least the Ethiopian weren’t fussy cunts.

Or maybe St Gary has a spare box or two in his garage that his refugee didn’t eat.

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67 thoughts on “The Great Walkers Crisp Shortage and Starving Children

  1. Just another example of a parent sticking a label on their child rather than facing up to the fact they are a crap parent and really have their kid put into care.

    • Agreed. My kid prefers to eat shit “food” but I force her to eat some real food first. It’s called being a parent. Too many kids are sugar addicts with teeth like Swiss cheese and can’t sit still the little cunts. Some become fat fucking Jabba the Huts. Too many parents are trying to be their kid’s “buddy”. I tell my daughter, “I am not your friend. I am you father. Big difference. My job is to make sure you don’t grow up to be a cunt!”

      • The ‘shortage’ is because the amount of crisps is now 20g per packet instead of 25g (was 28g). I’m surprised greta and insulate and screeching lefty cunts haven’t complained yet as this is all poloooshun. Excessive packaging etc etc, as they scoff their soy which takes 27000miles to get here with their nutella (50% palm oil) and murders orangutans.

  2. We have a fussy as fuck cat. Will turn its nose up at food it normally eats because it feels like eating a particular brand and flavour over everything else.

    And you’ve got to guess this somehow.

    Well fuck that. The Mrs and I let the cheeky madam go without until her next mealtime is due.

    And what happened from this? She hardly ever tries it on now.

    If cats (who can be far fussier than kids) can be taught this, then I’m sure you can teach this to a kid.

    Too fucking soft and enjoying having a special label for their ‘piglet children’ (c) D Fiddler.

    • Oddly, went to pick up a few things from Tossco yesterday pm, one of the tabloids had a front page article saying “Cats really ARE psychos.”

      As for this brat’s behaviour, what a load of SHIT.

  3. I suspect that most cunters in this situation would consider it a shameful indictment of their parenting skills. This narcissistic bitch is wearing it as a badge of honour and reveling in it. Cunt.

    I’m curious to know what Raiders of the lost cunt has to say about this one. Are you out there Raiders?

  4. To be fair the food disorder you describe is actually a real thing, and is something that people with autism especially can have. This cunting honestly comes off as a little uninformed and ‘I’m alright Jack.’

    • I am not a nutritionist but I feel as informed as I need to be about feeding children, having had one myself.

      This seems just like fussy eating in my opinion.
      The child will be in no danger by eating normal food, it just chooses not to.

      Things become real ‘disorders’ only when people accept them as such.

      ADHD is just a naughty child who the parents can’t control. Only occurs in woke western countries.

      Dyslexia…… Stupid child. Find a kid in Japan with this ‘condition’.

      Food allergies and eating disorders.
      Doesn’t occur where food is in short supply.

      There may be a miniscule amount of people with a nut allergy or similar, but for the majority of these kids it is just a desire for their parents to have a child that is ‘special’.

      This child’s parents want to indulge her with a particular flavour of one particular brand of crisps, along with waffles, baby food and sweetened almond milk.

      The child will not devolop properly.
      Her bones and teeth will be brittle.

      But they don’t care.
      The mum has been on the news and she has lots of Facebook sympathy.

    • Believe me Artful, there are parents who have tried hard to get their kids to eat a wider variety of food but without much in the way of success.

  5. ‘avoidant or restrictive food intake disorder’

    I had that but it was called being a ‘fussy little shit’. the best attitude for parents is ‘eat it or leave it’. My mum would get worried sick over me not eating vegetables. I enjoy them now. My dad cooked Fray Bentos pies when my mum worked sundays. I liked the pastry and gravy but not the meat. ‘eat it or leave it’ was my dad’s attitude and my dad would have the meat.

    That’s why i was a skinny kid until i hit 17, worked in a hotel kitchen and learned about food.

  6. What tom foolery is this? She has a eating disorder and can only eat crisps?! Wtf maybe thats why she has a fucking eating disorder to begin with lol

    All potato chips is some potato thrown together with a variety of oils baked together with preservatives and salt. It is literally shit food for you an you are to consume it in moderation

    I’m looking at the nutritional value packet at the back an I have to say its not very nutritional 16 g of fat 29 g of carbs 15% salt intake per 22 chips

    • Indeed. If all she would eat was carrots or cabbage I wouldn’t be so scathing in my condemnation. At that age my kids didn’t even get shown a crisp. I don’t think the kid discovered Walkers by herself

      • Why do people only seem to have “eating disorders” which never include healthy food?
        Oh yes – because they’re MENTAL.

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