Katie Price [10]

Katie Price spends some quality time with…

Check out these pics.

this truly evil photo of her looking fat and bloated. Love the description of her bland outfit!
Time to buy some nice comfy joggers from Primark, love. Go on, you know you want to.
As a matter of interest, there are currently at least four media items about Katie and/or Harvey. Your PR machine deserve medals, you cunt!

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

And this from Fuglyucker

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The law is a cunt as well as the spunk trumpet that is Katey Price.

Katey Price isn’t going to jail for being off her comedy tits on drink and drugs, so now she’s going to buy a house in LA, wasn’t this fuckwit bankrupt.

She is such a cunt, how can this fucker not ever seem to get any karma, the world has been flushed down the toilet in my opinion, cunts like KP get away with fucking murder, others get sent to jail for a tv licence, there is no justice in the world,

i hope her tits explode on the plane or her snatch gets sucked out of the plane when she flushes the loo….

There has to be some justice in the world for this trollop….

44 thoughts on “Katie Price [10]

  1. How fucking white are her Fiance’s teeth. Hopefully they will be hit by a drunk driver and injured in some horrific way. Just saying.

  2. “Going back to work”? What work would that be then? Is renting out your fanny and whoring out your children considered “work” these days?
    Well probably. This is the world we live in now.

  3. “Thaaar she blows!”

    Fucking hell, where to start?
    Is it the Cuprinol shades “Mahogany Finish”?

    Perhaps it is the stunning “leee-sure suit”, much admired and copied by the lower orders.

    Or is it the finely sculpted facial surgery, so remindful of the works of Picasso, during his “off my tits on drugs”, period.

    Katy Price: once voted the most inspirational wimminz, to young chav-ettes. True.

    Admired by the fat cunt, thick as pig-shit, trollops, oft seen outside of fast food establishments, struggling with half a dozen mixed race kids.

    Those wimmimz who think multi tasking is eating a packet of Monster Munch, whilst simultaneously smoking and speaking loudly on a mobile phone. Usually using the word “fackin’” at least twice per sentence.

    Congratulations Katy-you are now, exactly-like-them.

    • And the image… Oh Dog, it’s a horrendous thought, the damage that could be done to vast swathes of England by her snatch being sucked out of the aeroplane bog…
      Truly Daliesque.

  4. This week she announced she had left her cure to go “on the lash one more time”.

    One more time till the next time.

    I bet her gash has been used more often than Old Mother Rayner’s. Probably stinks as much as hers as well.

    • Morning WC👍

      Perhaps the British Army could add Price’s minge to the training for “P” company.
      Any aspiring “Para”, prepared to stick his face in that used and abused “stench-trench”, is more than worthy of that hallowed cap, for bravery alone.

      • Agreed CG – I think nothing less than the George Cross should be awarded complete with a “Service of Thanksgiving” BBC TV love on wet Wednesday afternoons

  5. Katies looking good!!
    As is Harvey!
    He looks flabbergasted to get a visit off mum and what looks to be Midge ure with dayglo teeth?

    Love to see normal families me.
    Not like that fuckin circus sideshow the Windsors.

    • Good point, what is a normal family these days? If you follow the MSM you can’t be normal unless there’s at least one…..
      Non binary

      ……in there somewhere.

  6. If you search for photos of this trollop you will find that they are almost all from the waist up, with varying sizes of tits and different plastic faces.

    I must admit that many years ago, when she was a young Jordan, I thought that she was attractive.

    Until I saw her legs.

    They are fucking awful.

  7. Old sloshpot. Hope she gets banged up when sentenced, it’s what she deserves. How many times can you keep getting away with being a 24 carat cunt ? Now Harvey the Sasquatch is being cared for (probably by the taxpayer) and the rest of her brood have dad’s that bother, maybe this time she can be finally sent down, like any normal chav would have been. She seems to avoid the law like she has avoided contraception. Hopefully while she’s inside they will sterise her.

    • Ive just zoomed in on the header pic,
      And if you look on the table theres a clipboard with documents ,
      Its a loan agreement!
      Theyre getting Harvey to sign as guarantor for a loan!!

      Luckily Harvey has eaten the crayon.

  8. That bloke has tats on his hands, the sure sign of a brainless chav cretin. How long will it be before he’s selling his story to The Sun?
    “My Hell with Potless Pricey!”
    Then he’ll be off chasing some old slag off of “Loose Women.”

  9. They won’t fuck about in America if she drinks and drives straight in the pokey for her.
    Fuck off love just fuck the fuck off

  10. I lifted the following from a Daily Fail article in which Katie is eating pumpkin cheesecake with her equally vacuous friend Cami….

    Alongside an image of the pumpkin pie she made Katie, Cami said: ‘It looks like f***ing dog s*** but it is pumpkin cheesecake, I promise you, you will have an orgasm in your mouth and p***y.’

    Just the kind of classy wimminz you’d want hanging around your kids eh?

  11. If Price is your surname, Harvey is a bad choice of first name.
    It’s sounds like there is 50% off….

  12. A travesty that she got off with a suspended sentence. That’s her last time on the lash then. Until the next time.
    How this cunt keeps getting away with the stunts she pulls is beyond me. What a fucking train wreck.

    Morning all.

  13. How can someone who is bankrupt and supposedly paying of massive debts afford to jet off to the US and waste more money?

    She self destructive, it’s in her nature and this is what happen if you give trash with no breeding money, like lottery winners who build quad bike tracks in the grounds of Elizabethan manor houses…..you can’t polish a turd.

  14. I can, hand on cock, quite honestly say I have never relaxed in a gentleman’s way to this vile cunt of cunts! To my mind the likes of Sam Fox, Maria Whittaker and Linda Lusardi brought a bit of class to the game, but this fucking tramp is just a lower order, cheap fucking cum dump! She represents everything that fucking stinks about life in the UK. And anyone who hero worships her is a fucking bastard!

    • Agree👍
      I would have banged Linda Lusardi, back in her 80,s heyday-and would happily bang her today👍

  15. And the image… Oh Dog, it’s a horrendous thought, the damage that could be done to vast swathes of England by her snatch being sucked out of the aeroplane bog…
    Truly Daliesque.

  16. Can’t stand this fake plastic bint. Pleading poverty one minute, then banging marching powder up her nose and crashing cars another.

    Thinks she a bit special, just a poor me sympathy slag.

    Her flange is probably a right old slop bucket, drive the Eurostar through it – no thanks.

  17. What does Harvey Price and HP sauce have in common?

    Same initials, but the sauce has a cap to stop it dribbling everywhere!

    Anyone seen my Harveybo’s anywhere??

  18. I see he is wearing ear defenders. Is it so he doesn’t have to listen to mother, or is it to stop birds and small furry animals nesting in his brain cavity?

  19. Only a desperate himbo would dare put his piss tube in her rancid clopper, which I bet looks like a slop bucket in a third world prison.
    Template for an army of sluts, I wish she would fuck off permanently.
    All the twats who’ve had kids with it are moaning she’s a shit mother.
    What the fuck did they expect?

  20. She must have a snatch that looks like a butchers bin by now, she is going to need a Y shaped coffin when you finally fall off her mortal coil, talking of coils i but it falls out if its not super glued in….

  21. Hope when this whore goes to live in LA ,she moves in next to the Hewitts. Just save a lot of time for the papparazzi. That would make 4 cunts within 200 meters.

    • Unfortunately, it appears to have been yet another publicity stunt.
      Dog forbid this Barbie look alike should be out of the press for more than 5 minutes.
      Who was looking after your kids while you were in Vegas, Katie, filming some YouFool content?
      I simply cannot find the words to express my contempt for her, who knew you could pile shit that high?

  22. How the fuck is this bint still affording holidays? Proper fucking wanker. The media makes so much money off her to sell papers she has not one ounce of decorum.

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