Azeem Rafiq

Azeem Rafiq is a cunt.

Whilst I have sympathy for anyone who is oppressed, he is fucking loving his few seconds in the limelight and his lickspittle sycophantic wokers are creaming themselves to get their name associated with his plight.

Azeem has been racially abused, and that’s unacceptable, but context, perspective, equivalence and reason have all been omitted from this media shit-storm.

Btw, you’re either British and proud of it – or Pakistani and proud of it. Either is fine by me.

People who call themselves British-Pakistani are cunts.

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And there’s this from Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

I’ll add to this if I may.

Who knew that “Kevin” was a racist name?…..Daily Mail News Link

My Hound…. Gunga-Din,Punka Whalla,Uppity-Curry-Muncher has refused to comment unfortunately.


And here’s another one, this time from Cuntybollocks

Azeem Rafiq

This is the recently retired cricketer who cried ‘wayciss’ (compo chasing?) at Yorkshire Cricket Club, for alleged comments made years ago by team mates. The one he threw under the bus was someone he went on joint family holidays with for years after the ‘abuse’. But never mind . The BBC have him down as a ‘trailblazer’ now on their website.

The Commons set up a committee so they can shake their heads, and give even more to these fuckers .He’s even been banging on now about how the players shouldn’t drink beer when celebrating, as it offends the peacefuls in the team. Wanker.

Yes, everyone is a racist. He’s gone from saying a few comments back in the day were a bit racist, to English cricket in general in institutionally racist.

If it’s not enough that we’ve have the knee bending and the cunts at Sky brow-beating cricket fans with this shit since George of the Holy Banana Sammich Floyd croaked, they’ll now never fucking shut up about this, until the entire sport in England is only played at the top level by dark keys and Joe Dakis presumably?

Well guess what?

Seems old Rafiq forgot about his own ‘institutional racism’. The one within Islam that blames everything on the four be twos. Although the BBC won’t say exactly what these comments are, unlike they were so fucking keen to when honkies were making alleged racist comments against him. They threw Michael Vaughan, their own employee, under the bus without any evidence apart from Rafiq’s say so. And yes, they were keen to ‘quote’ these unproven comments too, for added effect.

Rafiq makes them and they are proved to be true (they were on his Facebook account) and they won’t say what that were.

Well I’m going to assume he must want them all gassing then, BBC.

I’m glad this cunt has been stitched up now though.

Karma is a bitch.

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And here’s one from Dark key cunt

Fucking seconded with cherries on the fucking top.

A dark key conflates his wife’s miscarriage with the fact that he was allegedly called a p@ki and then apologises for having abused y!ds. Fuck off you cunt.

A viking at my school (went to school with a Norwegian) kept calling me paki during my A-level years. I floored him. No abuse after that. Grow a pair and bully the bully. They’re always cunts.

I didn’t hit him in the face. I knuckled him the back. Collapsed like a jenga tower. We have been good friends ever since.

I am the Dark Key Cunt and you can thank me. Apart from Lord Fiddler, whom I thank for my existence, my Lord.

How sporting of Sky News to run the story – NA.

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  1. So let me get this right. This piece of shit apologises and the great and good reckon that he seems contrite and it’s time to move on. Would this same attitude apply if Michael Vaughan admitted what has been alleged and apologised? Like fuck would it. He’d see his broadcasting career as well as anything to do with cricket destroyed, if it isn’t already. Likewise with Alex Hales. And seriously, this unbelievable bullshit about a dog named Kevin. How the fuck can the likes of the BBC report it as a believable story?
    Cunts like this try to destroy peoples reputations with absolutely no proof of their allegations, yet they are instantly believed. Proof should be everything, whether it’s reporting it on the telly, in the newspapers or in front of a parliamentary committee. But nobody seems to care as long as scapegoats and fall guys are found and ‘lessons can be learned’. Well I’m learning a fucking salutary lesson every cunting day in this country of ours. And my conclusion? We’re fucked if we don’t have the balls to collectively call out these scheming, race baiting, vindictive, lying, sub human bastards for what they truly are.

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