EU Bullies

For god’s sake, cant these 26 cunting cunts get their fucking act together? Threat threat bitch. You can’t do that. Isn’t it about time that our erstwhile government gave zero fucks and told the E.U to fuck off?

If the E.U want to play it like that we should say fair enough W.T.O rules and go fuck yourself. I am not going to hold my breath waiting for Boris to say it as I will be the bluest boomer going. Let the stinking E.U pay for policing the border between N.I and Eire. Suspend all E.U boats from fishing in our waters. Oh and if lord Frost wants to boot Macron in the bollocks feel free and give him one from the boys on this august site..

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75 thoughts on “EU Bullies

  1. The EU wanted a border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    Boris should have agreed to it instead of spending years debating.

    Just build the fucking thing, don’t man it and leave the barriers permanently open.


    • Exactly, free movement in NI and not in the UK. Most from NI are scared of the troubles and this is why most voted remain. I don’t believe for one second that the NI wanted to remain in, they wanted to remain free from trouble which the EU has stoked. I can’t go southern Ireland and vote so why should they be allowed here? This is what independence is about. It’s proven by an act of parliament. We shouldn’t have even bailed out Ireland, but we do because we don’t want them to be slaves in their own country to the EU.

    • Just tell the EU iif they’re so fucking keen for a border between the north and south of Ireland to build it and police it themselves, being the spineless EU Cunts we know them to be they would run a mile , and when ( faux) EU hard man maros sefcovic turns up talking tough just tell him to GO FUCK HIMSELF
      I’m afraid it’s not a particularly clever or articulate reply but I’m absolutely sick of Brussels and it’s shills……
      The sooner we get some distance from the EU the better

      • A poison chalice which Boris accepted greedily and added to it with a border down the Irish Sea whilst selling out the fishing industry for good measure.

        He had the opportunity of telling the EU to get real, but bottled it as usual.

    • Copy and pasted from Treason May. I expect Tony has her on speed dial. When he said oven-ready deal I thought what the fuck is he on about? Bad use of language as a leader and secondly it obviously wasn’t ‘oven ready’ or it wouldn’t be a problem now. At least David Cameron said if we vote out we will be on WTO rules. Guess what that didn’t happen. Because retainers pulling strings. At least he admitted the truth, albeit a bent bastard.

  2. Leave all courts, repeal the “human rights” act. Thats a start. They wont so the invasion will go on, bombing and the murder of MPs,mass rape of Kuffar children will go on. Its never going to end until the Tory party is destroyed. If Poland can defend its borders in the eu how come we cant. How come the French can rape our water but we cant repel their invasion. War.

      • Poland is unlikely to be leaving any time soon, being a net recipient of EU funds to the tune of over €12 billion a year. More than any other member state in the EU.

      • I do think Poland will leave the EU, it’s not all about money. They will remain a member of NATO however. This is how diplomacy works.

  3. There are British soldiers at the Polish/Belarussian border now helping prevent illegal immigration while on the beaches of Kent…

    What an irony.

    • This is because of old treaties. We have to and this is a commitment of NATO. We have to put pressure on our own government. It’s not good enough.

      • I also respect Putin, but I don’t admire him. He has loads of Gas to sell the Germans and they want to buy it.

        We don’t, we can rely on Nuclear and Tidal, wind and then sell the electric back to the EU. Instead they piss people off.

  4. Britain is a push over.
    Our leaders are cowards.

    If you want to see a country that stands fast against the EuroNazis plus any other shit flying around look no further than Poland or Hungary.

    Nowhere is perfect but we seem to be staring into the abyss and nobody who has the power to set matters right seems to give a fuck.
    I wonder why?

    • Dont worry Uncle Terry Priti Patel is bringing in a new ‘Nationalty and Borders Bill’ to sort the problem out.

      • Hahaha hahaha

        Indeed Mr Plastic,we can rest easy in our beds with Patel looking after our best interests.

      • And “The Bill is…”
        An estimated £100,000 to fuck off each immo to Albania, for processing.

        Is there no Nitrogen in GB? Are there no ovens?

      • I’m all in favour. The slightest transgression will see them banged up for years. Two weeks in Albania and they’ll all be begging to go home.
        I know I was.

  5. FFS it is the French! Yellow streak a mile wide. The Eyties will be threatening us next!
    Tell the spineless cunts to go fuck themselves…

    Oh, I forgot, we are led by the Clown Cunt, Gove, Patel and Javid. We are truly fucked.

  6. Unknown to most cunts as soon as Boris sacked C*mmings he was hired by Macron as his “election adviser”.

    “Monsieur Dom the French People hate me, they call me Macron l’asticot merde. What is your advice?”

    “Well Monsieur Le President the French hate all the filthy A-rabs and Peaceful trash in your country yes?”

    “Mais Ouis Monsieur, tres bien.”

    “And they hate the English, right?”

    “Vraiment monsieur. This is true.”

    “So you put all that Peaceful trash in little boats and send them over to England. The French people will love you.”

    “But that will mean war Monsieur Dom. The English will go monkey shit, as you say.”

    “Nah, don’t worry, I know Boris. Weak as piss, keeps his bollocks in his wife’s handbag. The cunt will just shit himself.”

    “You are a genius Monsieur Dom! You are, as you say, the bollocks des chien. Would you like to fuck my wife?”

    • Im dying to know the next exciting instalment. did Dom screw Macca’s wife ? Sil voos splat

    • Fucking la femme de M. le President?

      Call Fuller’s Electrical. You know it makes sense.

  7. Still reckon we should be cozying up to Mother Russia instead of pussying about snapping at their heals. As they said a little while ago dealing with the eu is like dealing with some menopausal bitch with thrush … a really irritated old cunt. The UK … just a target.
    We need to get off of their radar and together focus on bringing down the shit construct that is the eu.
    At some point in the not too distant future we are going to have to stamp on the very basis of their principles, policies and procedures … why not do it now. Cunts all of ’em!

    • Trust no other external country. It’s based on trust and once they break it, they break it. We paid France 54 million pounds of our money to do fuck all. Nothing has changed it’s all mouth and no trousers. Crap. I’m glad I don’t have children. They shouldn’t have to sort out this shit show, it’s up to us adults. It’s called Imperial Democracy and Churchill was one of those who realised how important it was.

  8. It’s impossible to find a word out of place in this nom.
    Come back Maggie, and tell the cunts to take a fucking hike.

    • RK@ – “Monsieur Reynard ‘as an unusual negotiating style – ‘as anyone seen my teeth”?
      “Ach! Shizen! Schtop putting ein boot in – ve surrender”!
      I await my call from Boris..

  9. Won two wars, bled to keep Europe free – beaten in peacetime with a pen. a dinghy and a knife in the back from our own.
    We should have left the EU as soon as the vote was confirmed, got a deal that got back ALL our rights and Sovereignty or told them to fuck off and left with no deal – and done within 6 months of the leave vote.
    The Royal Navy intermittently shelling the French then blaming it on the the Hun would also be acceptable – what’s that BO ridded Granny shagging gnome going to do about it?
    NOTHING, that’s what!

    • Cannot disagree. What benefit did We gain?
      Name one.
      If anyone says cheap labour, you will be off my Christmas card list.
      I mean, financially, that was sufficient to offset the amount of money we contributed.

      • I was dating some girl and she said about cheap labour so I binned her straight away. Proper remainer to boot. In the bin straight away.

  10. Threats from europeans are like girls who say NO.
    You know they dont really mean it.
    We are the or were the greatest country on the planet!
    We don’t bow to hysterics from Lisping Luigi or pouting Pierre.
    No squareheaded German scares us!
    No Lipschitz from Luxembourg can tell us the score.
    If that Turk Boris hasn’t the minerals to deal with this ‘euro shite’ lets appoint someone who can?
    Declare war on them all.
    Adolf was right.
    Fuckin batter the cunts.
    Rain fire on the chippy cunts.

    • Funny that radio four have been fixated with the cunt all week, far more interested in this overblown nonsense than an attempted suicide bomber, and genuine questions that need to be answered, by the church in particular, about how converting to their fairy story from the fairy story they came from is all bollocks to stay in the U.K. with help from dumb religious cunts.
      Now the cricket crybaby has been caught out being as racist as those he accused of, radio four aren’t interested.
      Hardly surprising though.

    • No diversity training for him, a grovelling apology will suffice.

      Lessons leaned, diversity is our strength, moving forward etc etc.

      • “Moving forward” always makes me laugh, makes me think of the final chorus in Scott Joplin’s opera “Treemonisha.”
        Actually called “Marching Onwards…”

      • Diversity is our strength is one of the best ones I’ve heard. Absolutely gold that one.

      • Oh yes, and let’s sing “look back in anger” as well, as a fine cunter pointed out in another post.

      • I’ll look forward to the angry remainers then. Seems they are moving the goal posts quicker than Gary Linekars new refugee.

    • Ouch!
      Someone offended by hurty words did do hurty words to someone else.
      Fuck sake, grow up and shut up. It was a different time. Put your fucking hanky away, get your head up from the sobbing table and, mate
      Shut the fuck up.

    • Evening Ruff🙂

      Always a delight, when a cunt is foisted by his own petard 😀👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😀

    • I got so pissed off with look north Leeds banging on about this shit I emailed them a few days ago and said just wait until Rafiq’s s skeletons come tumbling out of the cupboard.

      Hey Presto…. the P*ki cunt 😂

    • Actions speak louder than words don’t they. In his case I’m sorry don’t wash. It’s race baiting cunts like him that does real racism a dishonesty.

    • Wotcha Miles👍

      I see the little baby girl was dressed as a Skunk. Just. like.Momma😉

      Little “Archie” will soon be donning Pappy “H”’s Ss Officer Uniform.

      “Yo Fam, Zeig-heil, innit”

    • For the love of Dog, can’t someone ” cancel” her, before those kiddies are totally brainwashed by this bitch?

  11. Fuck the EU and fuck hypocrite failed cricketers who are racist then cry in the media about racism.

    Had me a little sympathetic when he was speaking about losing his son but I should have known that he would find anti Semitic statements a different thing.

    Today he was on the radio saying his race and religion are not welcome in cricket.

    Dry your eyes cunt.

    The EU is a cunt no further discussion needed.

  12. We should have had proper business leaders negotiating Brexit rather than piss poor civil servants that have never had a proper job in their life.

    • The northern island protocol

      Dear EU, we are not putting a border between north and south and we are not doing any checks between uk and northern island, if you aren’t happy with that then build a border in the south.


      • Wow, what a great idea. If the EU want a border between the remainers and leavers, let them fund it!
        Now that’s blue sky thinking.
        Unfortunately, there’s bound to be a fucking seagull that’ll shit all over it.

      • Exactly – and if the IRA have a problem with that they can go over and bomb Brussels. What’s not to like?

      • Yeah but, no but… we can’t do that cos it might upset SinnFein / IRA, and we’ll all be killed in our beds… 😢

        Appeasement. It’s the only way forward.

  13. Of all the terrorist targets of the past, why won’t the peacefuls do the channel tunnel, totally cut us off from these EU fuckers please, you can still get here by dingy and get paid aswell.

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