Harry & Megan [12]

Harry and Meghan
… for must be about the eighty-third quintillionth time now.

According to this:
Boo hoo hurty feelings link.

People are being paid to write mean things about her online. And who might these shadowy figures be, I wonder. Has Her Maj taken this time off from her regular duties in order to slip brown envelopes stuffed with cash to social media types down dark alleys, or maybe, just maybe, it might Machiavellian Meg herself, in the hope that this might provide her with another excuse to go sobbing to Oprah?

You be the judge!

Nominated by: Chimp Licker

And here’s another regarding Migraine and her “charitable” donations, courtesy of Meat Curtains.

Markle and Paid Leave.

A cunt’s cuntishness is being foisted on us plebs unfortunate enough to not have money trees growing on our sprawling estates.

As a small business owner (7 employees) I can’t afford to pay people who are not working unless I somehow project just how fucked I will be annually (anally) and pass that on to my clients.

Life deals us all blows that take us from our jobs at times and those who dare to take on the daunting task of running a business can’t absorb everyone’s woes FFS.
Hey Me again, along with coffee let them eat cake you deluded CUNT!

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Do your worst cunters! She fucking deserves it.

55 thoughts on “Harry & Megan [12]

  1. My guess is that her and Harry and that little poofter that “helped” to tell her story in book form are doing it themselves. The daft little bitch cunt can’t stand being out of the potlight for more than an hour.

  2. They must be those same racist trolls from the Middle East who called Marcus Rashford and co naughty names. For heavens sake woman, they are mere amateurs, read a few of your own IsAC cuntings for some home truths.

    • Publicity shy couple never off tv or in magazines or writing books.
      Shame she gets upset so easy,
      The worlds a harsh place,
      I was her id end the suffering and take that balding ginger halfwit with her.
      Do it live on Oprah.

      • She has already exploited racism and mental health, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see her teary eyed opposite some fawning cunt like Oprah or Schofield talking about some unspecified suicide attempt from years back.

      • When the split occurs, I’ll be panting to read about how she was revulsed by Half-witts’ peculiar and persistent bedroom demands…
        Get the feminazis on her side, and write a ‘tell all’ book, sell the film rights…

      • You’re not wrong, Ron. When the inevitable split comes she will absolutely destroy that ginger cunt and nothing, NOTHING will be off limits. I would put money on her already keeping a diary that is all about him and his pathetic antics. To be honest, it’s nothing less than the slavering Walt deserves. Sad little cunt will then, like a naughty puppy, sit in a puddle of his own piss and wonder why everyone is shouting at him.

      • The interview is yours Ron!

        “He had me dress a Nazi dominatrix….(sob)…in a Camilla wig…”

  3. She’s getting all this abuse because she’s a self centred, publicity hungry, money grabbing fucking bitch. There’s nothing complicated, or indeed racist, about it. People don’t like cunts, that’s all there is to it.

  4. Sick of these cunts turning op on here. Totally forgot they existed, as if by magic they appear. Fuck off do not ever mention the pair of shit heads again.

    • My thoughts exactly. I can’t stand the fucking sight of them, and avoid and ignore anything to do with the cunts.
      Give them their own thread.

  5. I wonder if she takes it up the arse, Harry certainly does 😂

    Total cunts, US is the best place for them, maybe we could post them St Marcus of Rashford, I am sure they could use a house boy.

  6. I think this constant desire to be in the public eye ( and then moaning about it) must be some form of mental illness.
    I hope she never reads the comments on this site. She’d probably have a massive brain aneurysm and blow the top of her skull off.
    On the other hand does anyone know the Web address for Archwell?

  7. Megain? This human locust has become tiresome now. Just the same old race card pulling and woke ‘Me Me Me’ bollocks from this opportunist slagbag… I can only hope that Her Majesty goes out in a blaze of glory and gives one last order for the good of the nation and the crown, because it would be. Just get shut of the chiggen chewing parasite. How a low rent piece of septic tank gutter trash like Markle even got near the Firm, I shall never know.

    Oh yes I do. Henery Hawk of Hewitt’s knob…..

    • Best last order old Lizard breath could give would be a free uber ride for Smeghan cunt face through a tunnel with a roof rack full of afghanistans

  8. ‘Here’s $25 to make me look good and *air kiss* um-waah um-waah I love you all!’.

    Well the cunts are good for a laugh, if fuck all else.

  9. You cuntoscenti ! You are all being despicable beasts !
    Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is my role model.
    I try different makeup techniques every day, just to try and look a tiny bit like her.
    I think I`m nearly there now.

  10. I wish these cunts were still royals doing shit that royals do somewhere else on the planet. Instead they settle here to live in opulence and complain. I will only listen to her if she talks about her casting couch experiences when she was a struggling actress trying to fuck and suck her way to the small screen.
    Worthless cunt!

  11. Apparently “Some tweets used coded racist language”. Like what? Perhaps those well known racist slurs such as ‘gold digger’ ‘neurotic’ ‘poisonous’ ‘bitch’ and ‘publicity seeking’ were used. We’ll never know because, as usual, no proof is offered. Mind you, Meghan says it happened and the Grauniad printed it, so it must be true.

    • ‘Coded racism’? That sounds about right. Bear in mind that Megain once whinged about how she was ‘looked at’ in a ‘racist’ way. The cunt is obsessed, and she pulls the race card out of thin air. It’s a well known trick of her’s.

      • Do you think she’d twig that I’d be ‘looking’ at her with murderous intent ? the whingeing, self absorbed, victim card playing psychopath !

  12. Who gives a fuck. I am convinced the queen is on her way out and as soon as sparkles gets the chance she will be noshing Andrew to get back in with them while Charlie gives her the back door boogie, bringing up the rear.

    I’m sure Ginger Ninja would his dad Hewitt have sloppy seconds.

  13. Why don’t they come over & glue themselves to the M25….cue an ‘out of control’ 15 tonne lorry….. ’nuff said !

  14. Meghan love… Nobody likes you.
    Meghan love… Do you know why?
    Well Meghan love… It’s because you’re a fucking cunt!

    Harry… You’re a treacherous fucking shithouse whose isn’t even proper royalty.
    Do one son because your woke crusade is boring and sorry to break it to you but your race card waving wife is about as black as Agnetha Faltskog from Abba.

    File away under : Cunts

  15. Funny that this nom is between fireworks and air source heat pumps (aka hot air)…
    It’s about time they encountered a new breed of firework. I’d call it “Paris Tunnel.”
    I hope the shit bag loses its case in the courts. With any luck some transatlantic loony will do a mob special on the time, space, and oxygen-thieving cunts.

  16. Yeah, yeah, yeah, fuck off you lying pair of parasites.

    Nobody writing nasty things about you has to be paid, they do it for free, and with pleasure. The public’s got your number now, you’ve been well and truly rumbled. Trying to fool us into believing it’s all a tiny minority of paid trolls who are writing what cunts you are is fucking pathetic.

    No one is falling for your shabby manipulative nonsense any more. Even the most fanatical of your dim sycophants must be having their doubts now.

  17. It seems that even naïve, gullible Septics are finally starting to cotton on to the hypocrisy, irrelevance and outright lies of this pair of ocean-going cunts, and about fucking time too.

    I give it another 2 years, tops, before it all goes completely tits-up and the ginger whinger finally realises he’s been taken for a complete cunt and tries to come skulking back again.

    • He’d be well advised not to, otherwise he’ll discover he’s as popular here as a vegetarian’s fart in a crowded lift.

  18. Word in the corridors of the Demonrat party, stateside:

    Me-again wants to stand for POTUS in the 2024 election.
    She will have to lose the royal titles first though.

    Ever felt like you have been played, young master Hewitt😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      • but is his nob as big michael obongo’s nob, you need a huge nob to be first lady in the united shitholes of merica, anyway brucey jenner wants to be first lady next time

  19. An actress I’d never heard of marries a prince that I don’t give a fuck about. Would it not be wonderful if they really wanted privacy? Sick too the back teeth of them and all the other wankers who if as amazing as they think they are could sort out a few of the Worlds problems. Takes more than an auto tune extravaganza or a book deal useless fucking cunts. Wind n solar that’s the answer, my arse.

  20. All my comments about her in the Daily Mail are free and true.

    And according to ‘Tarot by Janine’ Megalodon was never pregnant lol.

    • instagram is full of staff comments from the markles time in canada, no child in that house at all, no one saw kids cot, clothes, milk bottles, nuffin…plenty of photos of some other woman’s kid that is identical to archibald on insta…merkles have no kids they borrow them for photoshoots thats why the baby boy in africa tour hated merkle and cried when she forced him to sit with her…he wanted his real mum

  21. Did any of you see the video on SpankBang where I buggered the whore to within an inch of her life and made the thicko ginger haired cuckold watch before pulling out of her ravaged ringpiece and getting him to lick the shit off my helmet ?

  22. People getting paid to write nasty stuff about her? Fuck, I’ll do it for free, and I’ll throw in anecdotes about that fucking ginger cunt as a bonus! If you’re reading this Capt Windsor, if you had a single honorable cell in your body, you’ll go out into the woods and ‘fall on your sword’. The truth is out there, and that clock is ticking!

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