I Hate Fireworks (3)

I’d like to Nominate fireworks.

Why on earth do people celebrate fireworks night by buying expensive fireworks to celebrate a traitor, which are also manufactured in China and scares my dog shitless.

I mean it does bare some resemblance to what is currently occurring with what is going on in the U.K. however I wouldn’t been seen buying fireworks celebrating fascism or even better still buying off the bat flu wankers.

Just stick the lot up your arse you cunts.

Nominated by: Clown Clown the Cunty Man

and seconded by: KiwiCunt

Second the above nom.

Disturbing the peace is a crime the rest of the year round, or at least will get you a bollocking from Noise Control.

Why then is it OK to let loose with weapons grade detonations with a pathetically weak light show, in the name of “family fun”, and the authorities ignore it? Fireworks have been amped to the Nth degree for noise and yet the supposed “visual spectacle” they produce is shit, at best.

Being woken up at midnight, 1am or later by cunts setting light to fireworks is beyond the pale, either as a shift worker, a pet owner or a parent of a young child.

Fuck fireworks, but more so the inconsiderate cunts that think making endless noise is fun.

78 thoughts on “I Hate Fireworks (3)

  1. When I was a kid my old man used to nick a few thunderflashes from the CFC armoury to liven things upstairs the local bonfire party.
    I love loud bangs, loud cars,loud motorbikes loud ships’ horns and extremely low flying military jets.
    Am going to fit an American train horn to my feeble-looking car.
    No point disagreeing with me because I can’t hear you!

    • Thunder flashes! Fucking awesome. I used to bring boxes of the fuckers home from exercise back in the day, along with parachute flares! Open the end cap of the flare, take out the parachute and stick a TF in there, fuse side down. It’s like a mini RPG! Fired one at a RN Lynx helicopter during an exercise at HMS Osprey once because we were told it was certain cunt called Andrew flying it. What do you mean, that’s irresponsible?? I was only following orders FFS!

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