Emad Al Swealmeen

Name above just released by Cozzers as alleged suspect for the Liverpool Remembrance Day Atrocity. Must be careful here – his human rights ect ect – but he is currently unavailable for interview by the Cozzers due the fragmentation of his person by an alleged explosive device he allegedly triggered in a taxi allegedly witnessed by the taxi driver. Others now arrested as part of an alleged conspiracy.

Interesting point of discussion here. All news media including GBN and Cozzers are on the old woke gravy train stating every second sentence that such suspects should not be named because, apart from violating their HRs, to do so only elevates them to the Martyr status that they so crave. Oh also by so doing the viewing public can also work out the suspects ethnic origins which would never do for reasons above.

Also who has noticed that the alleged Liverpool Remembrance Day Atrocity is never so named despite occurring on that very Day and almost bang on the Sacred Hour. Funny that.

For those irritated by my use of the term Cozzer it merely harks back to the classic Liverpooool based crime series Z Cars with Brian Blessed as Fancy Smith. Old Fancy could not speak woke and would have soon sorted out the villains irrespective of ethnicity. Cozzers then did not know the meaning of the word. Cue theme tune and explosions with proper hurtling crime cars squealing on cross ply tyres and real emergency bells.

Another Twilight Zone coincidence. Each time I write “Emad” the spool chicken changes it to “Mad”.

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Nominated by:Sir Limply Stoke

68 thoughts on “Emad Al Swealmeen

  1. Muslim asylum seeker, rejected, liked to carry a knife, got upset and was stuck in a nut house, rescued by the do gooders from the Catholic Church, a quick conversion and say no more, he is cured, seen the light, can’t be deported now because he would be in danger as a Christian convert. Well that’s it nothing to see for 5 years until he builds a bomb (badly) and sets off to try to kill as many fellow Christians as possible.
    Looking back to 2014, asylum claim rejected, straight to the airport and back to whichever shithole he came from, would have saved an awful lot of trouble.


    • @Sicky

      Top comment.

      By pretending to be a Christian, Al Swealmeen was practicing the “taqiya”
      Unfortunately it would appear that way too many do gooders are willingly blind to this age old deception and think that peacefuls such as good old Emad here, are generally just the same type of folk as say the old couple Mr and Mrs Jones from next door.

      They aren’t.

      This cunt deserves to rot in hell the absolute cunt.

      • I am not a religious man, but I have never stumbled across this taqiya phenomenom with other religions. Is this an exclusively Mudslime invention?

      • They are indeed encouraged to lie to deceive the non believer, best practice is to assume that every word that comes out of a Muslim mouth is a fucking lie.
        You can bet his local Imam gave him the green light to ‘convert’

      • I’ve heard a lot of the Muzlim prisoners even pretend to be H0mos to prevent bring deported.
        “A thousand apologies but if returned to Iran I vill be decapitated for being a schlong-slurper. Please be keeping me here on full benefits and free housing and free education and free laptops and free travel even though I am hating dis country.”

    • Fuck me don’t get me started on that abomination called the Catholic Church. Here in the US they sponsor the cunts from the southern border and get paid for their involvement. Money hungry tools of destruction and evil those loathsome cunts.

  2. Come now Sir Limply, this chap was simply a Christian, foreign national on his way to the remembrance Sunday service, near his church.
    The fact that he was wearing a suicide belt, is merely incidental and besides, the explosives didn’t ignite, which proves he had no intention of harming anybody.

    Those other p.aki Christians they rounded up, are victims of a racist society and should be compensated for their inconvenience: I suggest a fishing trip in the Channel, curtesy of Abdul’s tours 👍

  3. Typical – an asylum seeker fails in his bid to get asylum, is allowed to hang around in the country for SEVEN YEARS and then one Sunday morning goes doo-lally and decides to teach us a lesson by attempting to blow us up. Rather less typically, he blows himself up instead.

    Failed appeal should men immediate deportatin.

    • If the cunt had managed to kill or injure anyone their relatives should take HMG to court for damages. When is it going to dawn on the Jellyfish and Useless that any government has the duty to take care of its citizens? Letting failed asylum seekers hang around for years is not acceptable.

      • The first duty of government is the defence of the realm so that Her Majesty’s subjects can sleep safely in their beds. That is both external defence, for which you have the armed services and internal defence, for which you have the police and the security services.
        It is not a subject that is a vote winner, never mentioned as a priority at election time, but it will lose you votes if you fail. To me the police are a failing organisation who have lost the confidence of the public.

  4. How many times will we have the same thing, yet do nothing? Every few months it seems that a Muslim/failed asylum seeker (usually they are the same) drags this country further down into the spiral of hell. Children killed at a kiddy-pop concert, white girls passed around for sex, MPs stabbed, gays stabbed in parks, etc., etc., the list keeps growing. Yet we do nothing apart from offer platitudes and the politicians wring their hands. Unless we start to really cal out this problem for what it is, it will continue – I’m not holding my breath.

    • “and the politicians wring their hands”

      They don’t seem to be even doing much hand wringing anymore.

      Just a quick isincere scripted statement and business as usual.

      They may as well just come out and say what they think, which is

      “Its just a part of living in a multi culti hell hole. Deal with it and move on.”

      • Nice to see a return to lucidity from Sir Limpley after ” thanks for having me”.

        This nom too much of a piss boiler for me so sitting the rest of it out for fear if ruining my Thanksgiving day off. The nimbus obviously an eternal collosal count though.

      • ‘Nimbus ‘ ffs.

        Should read ‘nom is’

        Little green count again, sorry folks!

    • LC@ – We have to tolerate this for as long as we have the current 650 politicians “in charge” – they are all the same (cunts) so we have the choice to get rid and get people in who WILL do something – if we don’t take it we will never have another chance.
      And if the allan snackbars want to see REAL oppression I am always available and will work for cost 😃👍☠

  5. Does Allaah punish stupidity? He tried to kill loads of soldiers and ended up decorating the taxi with his brains. Good.

    Hoo-ee, what a cunt.

    • “Ere, guess who I had in the back of me cab!”

      Johnny, I hope they took photos of the decoration. We could make them into an Advent Calendar.

      1st December: The rear window.

      • I wonder what the last thing that went through his mind was? The window handle or the taxi meter?

        Evening Ron.

  6. It may be a bit off topic but I asked the black (and lovely) Mrs Cunter why she thinks that these Muslim terrorists never target black people.

    She said that black people are not soft cunts.
    There would be no peaceful gatherings outside churches.
    There would be no singing of ‘Give Peace a Chance’.

    There would be violent and deadly retaliations, and the Muslims know that.

    She said that in the Caribbean, even in the most developed islands, any Muslim cunt who decided to as much as mouth off about racism would be chopped up in the street.

    Just something to think about……

      • Teenage white girls attending a pop concert are not oppressors either.

        Muslims are cowards, they target the weakest opposition where they know that there will be no retaliation.

        Your average black person fucking hates Muslims.
        The Muslims know that.
        But they would not dare to attack a reggae concert in South London.

        There is no black person that I know of who is happy with the title of BAME.

      • Muslims Oppressed in the UK????


        The only people oppressed in this country are the ordinary decent ones.

        Not fucking peacefuls

    • How does explain the almost universally violent, racist and intolerant of Muslims, black converts.

  7. Might as well get rid of the asylum system panto.
    What’s the point of a decision that’s not enforced?
    As for this evil cunt I’m quite certain the MSN would love us not to talk about him and his chums ever again.

    Anyhow I hope he’s presently being boiled in pig fat by Satan.

  8. The weakling gives his dinner money to the school bully in the hope he will go away and leave him alone. The next day he comes back for more because it’s easy pickings.
    We are the weakling and the bullies can’t wait to get here and push us around. They can smell our weakness and can’t wait to take our money and rub our noses in it.
    I gob on these politicians, fucking cowards every single one of them.

  9. I like the guy … he’s exactly what I want to see from his kind. Lying, cheating, conniving, self absorbed, duplicitous, scheming, irresponsible, lacking of morality, weak willed, weak minded …. worthless. Did I mention lying and cheating? Oh yeah. He is an ambassador of and for their type … none … not a single fuckin’ one can be trusted. He is a supreme cunt and must be acknowledged as one. Thankfully the crematorium didn’t need to charge the local council for the disposal cost cos he took care of that himself … 👍

    • …and I am of similar mind John. Project that thought forward to the present and do we think this mass invasion clusterfuck would ever have had the slightest chance to eventuate? Nodda fuckin’ chance. The Gestapo didn’t fuck about.

    • So was my uncle, John.
      Heard him say many a time how he resented having to do it to liberate ‘those garlic munching fuckers’.
      A bas les cunts!

  10. Shame he didn’t just blow his limbs and cock off, along with destroying all the senses Allah gave him and then he could just lay in a hospital bed for the next 40 years with only his idiotic faith for company.

      • Indeed, UT. In the way that there are prostitutes who are jolly good sports and make a business from having sex with unfortunately disabled people, perhaps his living torso could be used as a receptacle for violently horny rasberries, such as Harvey Price.
        At least it would stop him from trying to fuck his appalling whore of a mother.

    • It’s unusual for a Peaceful to be fucked in the back of a taxi. It’s usually an underage girl with the Peaceful doing the fucking.

    • It’s a bloody shame, that taxi had a brand new set of tyres on.
      The car they came off is still on bricks, at the back of Rodney St.
      Get To Fuck.

  11. Apropos “Conversion” I was there at the last Rugby match at Cardiff Arms Park with my uncle (Welsh Wales Fan). The Bishop gave a truly wonderful, uplifting Sermon and at the end this Muslim chap stood up shouting “I want to be converted! I want to be converted!” and two Welsh Prop Forwards grabbed him and kicked him over the crossbar…
    Odd how these bods all suffer from premature detonation or at least spontaneous explosion.

    • Smack on Jack, so appropriate. 1968 and I remember it well. Jesus Christ, I’m fucking old!

    • EW@ – I think he beat you and Unkle Terry to it! 😃
      If your “religion” tells you to kill people – start with yourself.

  12. Still the main bomb didn’t go off, the detonator fired off and hopefully roasted the cunt nice and slow.

  13. Yet another.
    Yet again – their latest wheeze is pretending to convert to Christianity as a ruse to commit more mayhem – we are dealing with truly evil people who will use any subversion and connivance to advance the domination of their vile cult, and I think our politicians are either naive or uncaring with regard to the lengths these savages will go to – as lardarse and Peppa Pig boy invite them in and throw money and favour at them. 🤬🤬
    Knowing that evil murderous bastard fried before he could hurt anyone made my day.
    High time for another crusade I say!

    • No need to waste the good stuff, HBH when the little shitbag did the job for us.

      What fo you call a Muzlim and a detonated device: a Stink Bomb

  14. A peaceful in a taxi who wasn’t balls deep in a underage white girl is the real story.

  15. The media continue to refuse using the word ‘illegal’ when referring to these people.
    I’ve often thought it odd that these people have thousands of Euros at their disposal to pay the criminals!
    Because of their own selfish needs they deem it acceptable to pay and fuel the whole miserable process.
    It’s NOT our problem, beyond our ridiculous willingness to accept them when they arrive and allow them to stay.
    Until the French do more, this won’t stop. Now we can watch the media milk-it for all its worth…

    • Exactly.STOP THEM RIDING ACROSS THE CHANNEL.Bloody disgrace.Boris and Fatty Patel need to pull their porky fingers out and send the blighters back.Boris needs to watch out for Sir Nigel.The Jellyfish is running out of time.

  16. The taxi driver should have driven to Dianne abbot’s arse, the ensuing explosion could have been contained between her huge arse cheeks,

  17. Bury the remnants of the car with him in it in the pig shit bunker of a pig farm, yet anther fucking immigrant I see,….. Total cunt, like alot of them…

  18. Lol suspects shouldn’t be named but it’s OK to name cricket “racists” without any proof whatsoever and destroy their careers right?

  19. ALL the newspapers claimed the cabbie locked the bomber in the car and called him a hero….video shows the opposite with the cabbie running off and the doors open…how is a bloke a hero for legging it?….not buying this story, no one in that car except the cabbie who is really MI5

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