David Fuller – A Dead Loss

Cunters may wish to amend their nominations for British Cunt of the Year when they catch up with this beauty.

A deviant electrician of Tunbridge Wells is an exponent of corpse fiddling on a grand scale. It seems that nowadays women can’t even avoid the attentions of sex pests when they are dead.

David Fuller has a taste for murder and dead bodies. Otherwise, he was perfectly normal, at least according to a nurse who he plied with cocktails and airshow tickets.

Presumably finding cadavers were cheaper to entertain than nurses, he accessed the morgues of two hospitals so that he could have his way with at least 78 deceased women.

Read more about this world class cunt here:

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Nominated by: Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea

59 thoughts on “David Fuller – A Dead Loss

  1. Can’t understand why this bloke’s getting so much stick. Diversity is the recognition, respecting and valuing of each other’s sexual orientation.

  2. So here’s the best example of having a stiffy, shame it was a dead fuck, I know! I couldn’t resist.

  3. With liking dead things, do you think he stuffs the turkey at christmas, his family must of always wondered what his special touch was.

  4. This chap is certainly a perverted criminal….some of the corpses were females under the age of consent.

  5. Hells bells there could well be members of the puddle jumping community who fancy a bit of “cold” now and again. Well bad when your not safe when you snuff it. I believe that during one historical period in ancient Egypt it was the norm to leave a good looking woman for at least three days before handing the body over to the mummification team expressly to avoid such shenanigans.
    This type of behaviour is occurring amongst some of our diverse citizens. One broke into a funeral parlour and indulged in necrophilia filthy cunt.
    I feel very very sad for this nutters wife, suppose he wanted a blow job after a long day at “work” the mind boggles.

  6. A twisted sick deviant cunt.

    Drowning in a bucket would be far too lenient an ending.

  7. To be fair as a fellow spark ⚡️ this cadaver rogering cunt never forgot the fundamentals of being an electrician I clearly remember being told to never work on anything live

    I see what you did there. Well played – NA.

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