David Fuller – A Dead Loss

Cunters may wish to amend their nominations for British Cunt of the Year when they catch up with this beauty.

A deviant electrician of Tunbridge Wells is an exponent of corpse fiddling on a grand scale. It seems that nowadays women can’t even avoid the attentions of sex pests when they are dead.

David Fuller has a taste for murder and dead bodies. Otherwise, he was perfectly normal, at least according to a nurse who he plied with cocktails and airshow tickets.

Presumably finding cadavers were cheaper to entertain than nurses, he accessed the morgues of two hospitals so that he could have his way with at least 78 deceased women.

Read more about this world class cunt here:

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Nominated by: Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea

59 thoughts on “David Fuller – A Dead Loss

  1. This guy is full on serial killer, Silent Hill, Evil Within and Resident Evil all rolled into one.

    Bless him.

  2. The Grim Sleeper

    I’ll bet he’ll be found dead in his cell within the first week, with large objects inserted in every hole.

  3. If you shag a corpse and it had a venereal disease in life, do you contract it too?
    Asking for a friend.

  4. Is it me but it always seems to be the ‘quiet ones’ who do disgusting shit like this and never a ‘over excited extrovert on speed’.

  5. Something happened in the past where his sexuality was linked with death.
    The psychologists say that it is ‘infused’ with death.
    They cannot get sexual satisfaction or reach a climax in any other way.

  6. I’ve shagged a couple of birds in my time who may as well had been dead. No enthusiasm or begging for it up the arse. I just don’t see the attraction myself.

  7. I bet even this old perv would never interfere with the cadaver of AnalEase Dodds – the embalming fluid mixed with the smell of urine soaked knickers would put even him off.

    Perhaps he needs aversion therapy? – 200 hours of unpaid work at Campbell Mandelson Ltd., undertakers to Labour wimminz would make him see the errors of his ways.

  8. A very strange and morbid individual indeed.
    I’ve been pondering my choices for CotY, and you’ve convinced me TTC. He’s my straight in choice for British Cunt.

  9. Technically a victimless crime. Cadavers are like single use sex dolls. So would you fuck a corpse or Analiese Dodds? A very uncomfortable question I know.

    • It depends, if they are underage white girls then immediate congratulatory slap on the back and an extra large portion of curry for tea.

  10. If you saw the cunt in the street you would instantly make him for a deviant, or worse. Like Dennis Nilsen. Take a look around you next time you are out and about. The eyes give it away, they scream ‘creepy killer cunt’ right at you. There are several I see in Tesco (usually by the fresh meat counter) that insist on calling out ‘Hello’. If I am lucky I see them before they see me and I hide behind the breakfast cereals.

    They are everywhere, biding their time, waiting for the main chance. Scary shit. Best stay in. Order online. Get food delivered. Listen for information on police channels…..

    • ” If I am lucky I see them before they see me and I hide behind the breakfast cereals.”

      You shouldn’t do that – he might be a “serial killer”

      I’ll get my coat

  11. I’ve had strobe lights fitted to make it look like the missus is moving but this fucker goes beyond the pale.

  12. He killed two women too (I bet there could be more).

    When I read about this story, I realised that this is another reason I could never be a fucking copper. This sick twat filmed himself having his way with corpses. He had it away with over 70 on those tapes.

    Imagine having to sit through that lot?

    The stuff of nightmares.

  13. Some of his “pulls” were 100-year old women, and also kids. Where will this cunt be in the prison ranks? Right at the bottom. This cunt will need a wing for himself, but I don’t see that saving him. What an absolute disgusting CUNT. I don’t think I could punish this cunt. I wouldn’t want to go near or touch the filthy cunt. British cunt of the year for me now.

  14. I had one of those moments a few months ago that you hear about and hope never happens to you.
    I hadn’t seen our elderly neighbour Edna for a while and had noticed an unpleasant smell coming from the house. My missus said she’d also caught a whiff of something nasty and said I should investigate.
    I went to her door and peeked through the letter box, at which point the smell became overpowering.
    I could see down the hallway and into the kitchen and there, sitting at the table was the paki that Edna had sold her house to….

  15. A great British eccentric, they should make a film about him. Steve Coogan would be perfect for the lead role.

  16. Oh bless! … or whatever that puke rendering expression is.

    At last … proper case of mental health issues.
    Do we need to understand this fucker? … No.
    Do we need to try to help this POS … absofuckinlutely not.
    Do we need to waste time and money on any kind of rehab at all … no fuckin’ way.

    This cunt needs to be dealt with on the basis of which size hammer should we use to deliver the death blow.

  17. Imagine being a family member, of one of his victims, being informed by the police.
    truly devastating.
    Tie the cunt up and throw him in a trough of old engine oil, petrol and diesel.
    Sell lottery tickets to light the match…..

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