Arrogant Cyclists (11)

Found this story and found it quite amusing, I wasn’t sure about putting it in as a nom but as it involves one of ISAC’s pet hates I thought it worthwhile.

It involves a Lycra clad cunt on a bike who was riding along a path in Belgium last Christmas and managed to knock a little girl on her arse, the cunt should have stopped when he saw the gap was a bit tight but he carried on and with a wobble and a knee in back she went over.

The father was filming his wife and sprog and decided to put the video online and inform the police. No fine or penalty was given and now the Lycra clad cunt is suing the father for deformation by posting the clip online.

Now most people would have sympathy with the family but the fathers name is Mpasa, I will leave you to guess his origins but ironic that it’s usually the dark types trying to get compo form whitey 😂😂😂

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Nominated by: Sick of It

61 thoughts on “Arrogant Cyclists (11)

  1. Reminds me of the time the Hunt sabs. ran over the fox as they were speeding along a single track lane to get in front of the pack….sometimes even total Wankers can make you laugh.

    • I hope the stupid cunts tried to give the fox mouth to mouth resuscitation, only for the viscous cunt to bite them on the nose and escape from their “compassionate clutches”!

    • I DID think the cyclist was a cunt until you mentioned the name! Shame he didn’t have a couple of blades on his wheels Boudicca style.

      • If it was a Spotty then the cyclist was perfectly within his rights to flatten it. It shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

  2. If I had seen the lycra wearing cunt push over the little girl over then I would have punched the fucker clean off his bike.

    Nationalities and colour do not come into it.
    The man is a cunt.

    He obviously isn’t too bothered about the video being seen online as he has now escalated the incident.

  3. Cyclists – the most arrogant, self-righteous cunts known to mankind and supported, ne encouraged in their cuntery by governments and local councils. Traffic Laws? Suggestions to these dumb fucks. In nearly thirty years, I’ve only been to ONE job involving one of these motherfuckers in which they were totally innocent. The rest were acting the cunt in someway to lead to their downfall. If karma is a thing, then there’s a special place in Hell where they have to wait at red lights reserved for these lycra-clad fuckers.

    • DCI@ Bravo Sir – I do lots of cycling, usually early on a morning to avoid the “still in bed” chav locals who infest the area riding illegally on (usually stolen) death traps – my Specialized cost me good money and more cash spent on good lights and general maintenance – 10 kilos of aluminium is never gonna beat two tonnes of car so safety and consideration are simple common sense to me.
      A bicycle is a ROAD vehicle – ride legal, ride safe and show some consideration – how fkin hard is it?
      Compulsory cycling lessons before riding, any scroat or Turd De France clone breaking road traffic law has the bike seized, sold at auction and the money raised to fund local cycle proficiency training courses (Look kids – these are called “LIGHTS, and the law and common sense says USE THEM after dark! 🤬).
      Lockdown brought out herds of the sweaty Jeremy Kyle Show wheezers – I used to piss myself when I passed the whole (lardbag) Family and found Mummy and Daddy at the front, fag in mouth, on mobile, wobbling all over the road – where’s a left turning HGV when you need one?
      Any any moron stupid enough to ride a race bike on an icy track and hitting a kid deserves a special “chat” with some angry Fathers – typical behaviour of a shifty no good Belgian!
      I am still buying a Trek mountain bike for Christmas though! 😃👍☠

      • “ride legal, ride safe and show some consideration”

        Should be the mantra of every cyclist.

  4. Umbongo name. Should have stayed in their own country.
    Fuck the lot of them.
    Fuck the Belgian cunt too.

    • I’m with you on the Belgians, every one of them I’ve ever met has been a smug cunt in need of a slap, more so than every French cunt I’ve ever met.

  5. It is the overweening sense of righteousness that singles out these lycra-clad gonads as supreme cunts. That is, in the mould of Linekunt or Blaircunt.

    Jeremy Vinecunt is a fine example. My only surprise is that he is able to find a helmet large enough to accommodate his fucking fat head.

    • It’s because of wankers like this, plus my lack of faith in humanity, that makes me look both ways when crossing a one-way street.

      • Every time.

        If it’s not a cyclist coming at you the wrong way then it will be one of those cunts on an electric scooter.

        I have even had cars coming towards me on roundabouts on major roads.
        British cunts who forget that we drive on the other side of the road to them.

        You need eyes up your arse.

      • Morning, Jack. I’ve had, unbelievably, one of these pricks go straight through a red light straight into the side of my ambo! Blue lights on, I have the green light as it changed as we got to it, he went straight through and ‘Bang’! No injuries, unfortnunately bar grazed elbows and knees. I didn’t have to berate him, the crowd waiting to cross the road did a far better job of that!

      • I saw one go into a blackthorn bush and another into a traffic light post, both on their phones.
        Happy days. 😀

      • Not v long ago, I nearly got mown down by one of these cunts, whilst crossing on a green man. All cars stopped, bikecunt when wheeling through.
        I’d barely stepped onto the pavement, when I was nearly hit by one that was barrelling along, barely conscious of pedestrians,.
        Dog, I DESPISE these total knobheads. And Jeremy Vine.

  6. On a lovely summer’s day, when I’ve been held up on my journey home from work by one of these pricks, I like to floor my dirty diesel as I finally roar past, leaving them in clouds of carcingenic smoke and beeping my horn to hopefully cause them to cycle into the verge or, preferably, into the path of a lorry.

    • I watched the link and he definitely uses his knee on the kid.
      Why didnt the dad pull the gormless kid to one side?

      ‘mtembe stand to one side a bike is coming’

      I hate cyclists
      I hate dawdlers
      I hate umbongos
      Not sure whos to blame?

      Court adjourned!!

      • The twat filming should turn in his man card…if that were you or I and some cunt had knocked over my kid, I’d knock the cunt flying regardless.
        Just a natural instinct for a man/father.

      • He would argue that he was just making sure the kid didn’t step back and get caught on his back wheel, the knee in the back was just a buffer to protect her. 😉

  7. Cunts of the highest order.
    They seem to have a problem with applying the brakes when there is an obstruction in their path, such as a pedestrian on the footpath where they shouldn’t be riding anyway. They appear to be on some sort of challenge to get from A to B without their feet touching the floor.
    Then there are the ones that shout they’re saving the planet. Fuck em.

  8. I don’t see how it defames his character. It’s there, he did it so what’s his problem?
    If some cunt has film of me shitting in the street does it defame my character? Probably (unless i’m a pikey or a Parking Stanley) but unless i’m claiming it’s some bastard pretending to be me then it’s what I deserve innit?
    Of course i’m no snide fucking Blair- like lawyer cunt so I don’t know what i’m talking about really do I ?

  9. In a world full of cunts one has to decide who is the biggest cunt at times.

    The arrogant and aggressive half French bike rider or the black father who continued to shoot a video, hopeful of getting future likes on social media?

    One thing is for certain. The little girl was at no way at fault.
    She is the victim.

    The father should have shoved the cunt off his bike and then tested the strength of his ridiculous helmet by repeatedly stamping on his head.

    But no, he decided to continue with his video regardless and go for Facebook sympathy instead.

  10. Years ago I heard a story about Lord Louis Mountbatten. He thought nothing of driving headlong towards the fuzzy wuzzies if they got in the way on his colonial travels. Quite a few near misses occurred as a result, accompanied by vociferous insults from Louis himself. I wonder if our Belgian friend is perhaps somehow related. A cross between Mountbatten and Eddie Merckx in full white suprematist mode. Perhaps he should swap the Lycra for a safari suit or full admirals uniform.

  11. What the fuck is he doing anyway, out cycling on a slippery icy path on Christmas Day! He should be at home getting pissed and stuffing his face the wanker.
    I bet he’s one of those vegan, tree hugging type cunts.
    The dad didn’t give him a kicking because he’s an illegal immo and he probably nicked the video camera anyway.
    Cunts all round if you ask me.

  12. If that had been my daughter he would have swapped his pushbike for a fucking wheelchair.

  13. Also back in the summer, I was riding my motorbike and was stuck behind a lorry going 12mph, couldn’t overtake because of oncoming traffic so had to wait. The lorry finally got past the bike rider so when I went past, I lifted my visor, whipped in the clutch, got about 18 inches from the cyclist and shouted “CUNT!” as loudly as I could as I went past, flipping him the bird.
    Very enjoyable!

    • The bit that galls me TtCE is when there is a brand new cycle path been built for the cunts right along side the road that’s cost fucking millions to construct, if there’s a cycle path next to the road there cycling on, fine them its the only way to stop these cunts, your not in the tour de France you cunt your on the A40 to Fishguard you stupid cunt!!!

      • Cunts that do that should be fucking shot and their bodies hung a gibbet as a warning to other cyclists to curtail their folly.

  14. Fucking cyclist cunts, if that was my kid he would need surgery to have the sledge and his push bike pulled out of his arse the same way they went in, fucking sideways.
    Glasgow kiss for the fucker, cyclists need a fucking reality check, this cunt is suing the father, fucking unreal, i hope he is getting the shit storm he well and truly deserves…..cunt

  15. And yet you know have to look at these cunts in a funny way, or drive just a little too close/too fast past them, and they’re up in arms!

    They’ll then pursue you until you get to some traffic lights on red, pull alongside, bang on your window and give you a mouthful of abuse for being and inconsiderate driver. And if you have a go back they’ll point to the camera perched on their head warning you that “everything is being recorded, and it will be on my social media page when I get home if you try anything!”

    It’s okay for them to ride like cunts disobeying most of the Highway Code, but quite a different story if you fuck them up!

    That said, I guess there’s the odd pervert among us who would take great delight sniffing the well-worn bicycle seat of a Flabbott, Thornberry or Jess Phillips

  16. They guy is Belgian.

    He does not need a video to defame him.

    He was born a cunt. Only god can sort that one out.

  17. I cycle every day to work because i was diagnosed with a vascular problem some years ago and was told to keep fit and on the move.
    I chose cycling because i found the Gym to be the most boring activity on the planet.
    Anyway, I agree whole heartedly with Sick of it’s nom. I see these self righteous lycra clad cunts about most days with there “ I own the road mentality “ I find if you are courteous to motorists in most cases they are to me. Well, some of the time anyway.

  18. Lots going on here.

    It’s cold out … why be outside … cunts.
    Icy track on a bike! … cunt.
    Filming ya family … cunt.
    Kid is a natural diver … cunt.
    Belgians … cunts.
    Put family pics on social media … serious cunt.
    Compensation seeking cyclist … complete cunt.
    Weak father … should’ve ripped the bloke off his bike and smashed his fuckin’ head in … cunt.

    Foreigners all … no one gives a shit. Cunts!

    • I agree: the best outcome for humanity, would have been a fight to the death, resulting in the demise of all concerned.
      Then wild pigs, to clear the remains👍

  19. Fucking Belgium. Flat, featureless and smells of cow shit wherever you go. They put mayo on their chips and play host to the bastard EU freeloading Parliament.
    How many fine British soldiers died for fucking Belgium? What a fucking waste, should have left the cunts to it.

    • I wondered what other people thought of Belgium ? I have driven through it a couple of times , I thought it was only me that decided it’s the most awful depressing place in Europe.

      • 2019 … driving in Belgium … fuck me now that’s an experience I do not care to repeat. We took our bikes (of the high capacity motor types) through Belgium. Nightmare … their highway code is bizarre, driving skills are shocking, the signage is even worse that then French. Never again.

      • Not v long ago, I nearly got mown down by one of these cunts, whilst crossing on a green man. All cars stopped, bikecunt when wheeling through.
        I’d barely stepped onto the pavement, when I was nearly hit by one that was barrelling along, barely conscious of pedestrians,.
        Dog, I DESPISE these total knobheads. And Jeremy Vine.

    • I have spent far too much time working in Belgium and I can say without a shadow of doubt that you have it spot on Freddie. They are cunts to a man. When
      I first read the nom I was a little surprised. Obviously being a lycra cunt you expect some cuntitude but I thought this one was a bit extreme, until I read on and found out he was a Belgian cunt which explained everything. The arrogant cuntitude of this lycra cunt is the norm there. Their country is little more than a featureless field. Their contribution to the world is chocolate and paedophiles. Their beer is not all it’s cracked up to be, that leffe tastes like stella with some golden syrup and meths added. It’s not even a proper country. It has two halves, Flanders and Wallonia and they fucking hate each other. Come to think of it Belgium us nothing more than the demilitarized zone between France and Netherlands.

      Yet they are the most arrogant cunts you could ever expect to meet . I could go on but I realize I’m going off topic and my piss is starting to boil thinking about the cunts. Makes me wonder if Belgium has had it’s own cunting already? I think it deserves its own page along with the BBC.

  20. Even worse are these cunts who roar around on these electrical scooter… fucking nasty Chinese things.

    I bet they last all of a week before they fall apart and the people who ride them look and act like total fucking shit stains.

    If you ride on of these dangerously on the road, I treat you with the same respect as the shit stains in my drawers right now.

  21. I think that every time I go out, I see at least a couple of cunts on bikes who show total disregard for the Highway Code, and total contempt for other road users and pedestrians.
    If I saw an incident where a driver was 100% in the wrong, I’d swear it was the cyclist’s fault, so much do I despise cunts on two wheels. That goes double for the ‘you’ll be on Youtube tonight’ self-righteous arseholes.

    Great nom Sick.
    Morning all!

  22. Haha. I’ve said it before… cycling and scooters are the future so you cunts better get used to it.

    It what Carrie and Doris want…..

    Off out now in my 2.0litre diesel.

    Fuck the lot of ya, and good morning.

    • I make you right. Bikes and scooters for the peasants while the posh tree huggers swan around in electric cars that we can’t afford. It’s all for our own good of course, saving the Polar bears and all that.
      You know it makes sense.

  23. The worst cunts are the dark keys who cycle around at night with no lights on, dressed in black and invariably on the wrong side of the fucking road.
    “Sorry officer, I didn’t see the cunt because he wasn’t smiling”.

  24. I nearly had a cunt of a cyclist on a roundabout years ago. Dark no lights dressed all in black. Stopped the van on a sixpence and gave change. Mouthful of abuse, my reply was lets ring the law see who they thinks in the wrong. That was not a good idea to the cyclist and fucked off smartish.

  25. This is excellent. Assuming said path can be used by both pedestrians and cyclists, how fucking arrogant of that fucking family to be taking up the whole width of the path for their pathetic family video. How dare they?

    For all we know, that cyclist was on a timed circuit and needed to keep pace. He hasn’t got time for mongs getting in the way. The knee shove was a nice touch. Could only have been bettered by doing one of those bunny hop manoeuvres you see da yoof do on their spazzy bikes, coming down on the kid’s head for extra effect.

    There’s a teachable moment here. If ethnic third world trash were in their own fucking country, this simply wouldn’t have happened. The solution is staring us in the face.

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