Sir Keir “Desperate Dan” Starmer (8)

Let’s hear it again for this paunchy,pleased with himself motherfucker, who, on the basis of a “sexual assault” claim going back 18 years, wants a police investigation into doddering old Stanley Johnson, who just happens to be Boris’s dad:

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It’s mot just what he says but how he says it, with his gestures and his world weary voice.

You just know the old cunt is at political point scoring when as DPP he failed to prosecute Jimmy Savile and refused to prosecute MPs (often Labour ones) for fraud in the 2009 expenses scandal. All old Stan did was touch a couple of wimminz arses and tell them how nice they were – Savile abused countless children of both sexes, often when they were ill or disabled in hospital.

Starmer should seek advice from his poofter friend Chris Bryant about how to become a vicar – I am sure Bryant would look just as lovely as Bryant loiunging round in his YFronts looking for rough trade.

Nominated by: W.C. Boggs

53 thoughts on “Sir Keir “Desperate Dan” Starmer (8)

  1. Fk all to say about the wholescale r*pe, sexual abuse and child sex trafficking engaged in by muslims from the first moment a filthy sandal stepped onto hallowed British soil Keir Twanky?
    Not a peep about deciding, despite massive evidence to the contrary, that there was “no case to answer” when allegedly investigating Jimmy Saville?
    Thought not.
    Shut the fuck up daft lad
    Has Sir Keir Rodney Starmer, KCB, QC, Order of the Bath, privately educated multi millionaire landowner whose Daddy owned a business, London based metropolitan champagne socialist who is unable to definitively answer whether Men have a cervix or not worked out yet why “the filthy little working claaars” types hate him?
    A joke, quite literally at our expense.

    • Wot a cunt.

      But only half the cunt mr fat head with small face features desparately tryin’ to get Alan (I’ve won nothing in snooker ever) McManus’ job.

      Wot a gripey old cunt, face it Murphy you’re shit always get through on luck and a ‘better player’ beat you. If you think you should have won 6-0 why didn’t you. Did everyone bitch about Hendry beating them, no they upped their game and tried to beat him. He was a zitty unbeatable youngster. Try playing snooker instead of EATING all of your pay checks.

      Cunt….Boycott his matches.

    • This cunt is doomed. He jumps on any trendy bandwagon in a desperate attempt to get votes.
      He and his gang of lefty ,Marxist woke, blm ,1slam loving fuckwits are unelectable. He couldn’t get anymore anti white, anti British if he tried.
      Let the cunts destroy themselves, they’re doing a first rate job.

    • The problem with this charisma less turd is he doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut , for the last few months bungling fop bojo has been making titanic sized fuck ups ( nothing new I hear you say) but these fuck ups are coming one after another, the English Channel fiasco is an embarrassment of the ages and his pledge of “ taking back control of our borders” has been made utterly redundant by the tsunami of human shit flowing over from Calais , obviously the frogs are complicit in this but still What a fucking cock up!! , followed by more sleeze than you could wave a stick at, and in a misjudgment of staggering proportions bojo calls for a vote in Parliament? Daft cunt should have nipped that in the bud.

      With Johnson’s ratings falling faster than a Tijuana whores knickers , add on the H2 saga and all old charmless has to do is keep quiet , after what many observers said was a decent speech at the CBI he was back to his vote losing best , he single handedly stabilised Johnson’s polling figures……..

      Unbelievably after all of Johnson’s fuck ups starmer should be out of site but they remain close in the polls and that’s says far more about Keir starmer than it does bumbling Boris…

    • Yeah, claims daddy was a humble toolmaker. Fuck off cunt! He owned the fucking factory! Working class my fetid arsehole!

  2. Good to see he’s on the ball again with the really important issues.
    Not so bothered with illegal immigration, covid apartheid, nhs inefficiencies.
    Let’s go to town on some old geezer allegedly feeling a couple of arses 18 years ago.

  3. … this bloke is a fuckin’ disgrace. He is supposed to be the leader of the opposition and in that role his mandate is to challenge, inform and make constructive representations in order to keep the government focussed. He does nothing of worth … just bitching, backbiting, connivance, propagating deviant practices, point scoring (but not succeeding) … an out and out fucktard. Typifies the shit that is the left … alternative (fucked up) realities. Cunt.

  4. Well Starmzy can’t go after the Tory policies because they’re exactly the same as his own so he is reduced to this. As for this posh bird she wasn’t some 17 year old little girl like Airmiles Andy goes after, she was 31 years old at the time. If a grown woman can’t handle some frisky fingered old cunt then she’s no business being an M.P. in the first place. If the Dame thinks he can stitch up Boris with this shit he must be fucking desperate.
    Much as I hate the Jellyfish it’s got fuck all to do with him what his old man was doing 18 fucking years ago. It may be embarrassing but nowhere near as embarrassing as punching his wife in the face, appearing on “I’m a Celebrity” being a remoaner and a tree hugging silly old bastard.

  5. Keir is a cunt, of that there is no doubt.
    Stanley Johnson is an even bigger cunt
    Carry on👍

    • Absolutely spot on. Couldn’t say it better myself. Stanley is yet another of those entitled Etonian toffs who shag around and generally mistreat women in particular. Hasn’t he got form for beating up Jelly’s mother? Completely unacceptable that, even though his worst crimes are inflicting Boris, Jo and Rachel on us all!

      • I think Sir Keir would make a wonderful prime minister. If we can’t persuade Tony Blair to take the helm and put this country back on track, he’s our next best option.

    • Yep. All he needs is a pencil moustache to look like a right oily, spiv cunt. “Wanna buy some silk stockings do ya, darlin’?”

    • Thank fuck for that. I’ve been trying for months to think who/what he reminded me of and you nailed it.

  6. I would like to have little feel at Ailbhe Rea, like a cunt little bunny 😉

    Starmer, cunt, looks like a slimy lawyer, talks like a slimy lawyer, took the knee, didn’t condemn the toppling of the Bristol statue (he did but said it shouldn’t have been there in the first place), tried to stop Brexit.

    No time for the wanker!

    • The problem is this country is full of cunts who really aren’t in their right minds and would vote for a freshly delivered turd if it had a red rosette pinned to it.

  7. I don’t think that he is desperate at all.

    If this cunt doesn’t have enough ammunition to fire at the shambolic Turk by now then he never will have.

    There is no need to bring the father’s actions into it to strengthen his case.

    I just think that he really doesn’t want the job of Prime Minister.
    Too much responsibility and not a lot more wages.
    Perhaps he just wants to keep his snout in the trough without too much hassle.

    • TAC@ – Absolutely correct – Champagne socialist Dame Keir doesn’t want to be in power because the behaviour of the anti Semites, communists, racists and criminals in that sack of shite he laughably refers to as the “Labour” (what a fkin laugh – like any of these freeloading traitor parasites have ever done a days labour) Party would be even more under the spotlight than it already is.
      Much easier to make promises he knows he will never have to keep and policies he will never have to implement as he stands up for more nasal whining and finger pointing.
      What a fucking clown Starmer is – and remarkably quiet about Claudia Webbe, former Labour MP, still taking wages and expenses as an “independent” MP being convicted for threatening to throw acid in a Womans face, then pulling the much used race card to avoid jail – I wonder which chippy ethnic will be “voted in” at the Leicester by election this time?

    • I’ve never really understood the ‘snouts in the trough’ argument for cunts like Kweer since, in his case, he can probably make double practicing law for half the amount of time and far less grief. Same for Cameron, Gideon and the jellyfish. All indepently wealthy multimillionaires. Even Corbyn comes from a wealthy family. Of course for some of the cunts like Flabbot, the commons provides opportunity well beyond their capabilities so the troughing argument holds, but for the posh Bullingdon boys you need to look beyond the troughing argument.

      I think they have a pathological need to rule the unwashed masses. They’re all psychopaths, and cunts.

      • It’s the brown envelopes they receive, for awarding contracts and championing private enterprises.
        A very rich, rewarding trough🤔

      • Yes, if you think about it they’re actually taking a pay cut to fuck up Britain, or Peppa Pig land as it’s now known*.

        I guess the Soros brand Brown envelopes are compensation for that.

        *. Incidentally for a nanosecond I did wonder if the jellyfish’s recent rebranding of UK as Peppa Pig land was intended to deter the dinghy jockies because weve already got enough engineers and architects. Then I woke up.

      • Of course as a yooman rights lawyer Kweer could still keep his about in the public trough.

  8. That greasy make-up Dame Keir wears I am sure is worn in case he meets a “friend” on Clapham Common who forgot to bring his KY Jelly, I am sure Mandy would be very happy to rub his dick all over the slimy ones face.

    • What was the name of that Welsh cunt who got caught doing literally that on Clapham Common years ago?

      ( I’m not planning to look up the filthy deviant I hasten to add).

      • That was Ron Davies, the filthy bastard. Went looking for black cock on the Common and got himself mugged. What a wanker.
        Of course, these days he’d get the full Schofield treatment……all the wokies crying about his “bravery” and “courage” blah blah, woof woof.
        He’d be Home Secretary before you could say “ bum me to death big boy.”

      • Bernard Manning said about him “he was innocently walking on Clapham Common and some cunt jumped out of a bush and sucked him off. Wasn’t he a lucky cunt”.

  9. This greasy quiffed spunkbubble just can’t stop playing party politics in his attempt to score points against the Tories. It smells strongly of desperation.

    This cunt is no leader; I’m surprised he lead himself out of his mum’s cunt.

    He needs to keep that gobby, floppy-titted, ginger slattern on a leash instead.

  10. I was about to lay into Kweer for being a hypocrite, but he is ‘leader’ of Labour, so that would be tautologous. Instead I would like to know how it was that he was so quiet about the coke snorting washing machine salesman and his Romainian rent boys?

    Good afternoon, everyone.

  11. Bojo’s stupid cunt of a Dad is lucky he never tried it on with Betty Boothroyd. She didn’t take any shit from anyone, did Betty. I shudder to think what damage a kick in the nuts from a Tiller Girl could inflict.

      • (allegedly) to my previous hand job post. I actually thought she had croaked some years ago.

      • Tighter than Mandelson, now approaching 70, most old gents his age go in for hip or knee replacement. Anthony’s bum boy will probably go in for an anus replacement, the old one worn out years ago.

    • Highly likely, WC. There must be a medical limit on how many rectal prolapse repairs can be done, and ‘Hello Sailor’ Pete must have had a few of those by now.

  12. Nobody likes the cunt. His own party, particularly the rabid left hates him. And even though he opposes a bumbling half wit, the uncommitted dont like him as he is totally ineffective. Being a lawyer marks him as a cunt in my book.
    PM material.

  13. Yeah, the lefties hate the cunt and long for the days of Jezza Corbyn. They still go on about how close he came in 2017 forgetting that he was up against the useless Mavis. They have convinced themselves that if it wasn’t for the Jellyfish’s outrageous lies and the stupidity of the British Public old Steptoe would be sitting in Downing St now.
    I don’t know how Starmtrooper is going to get round that particular elephant in the room.

  14. If it sounds like a cunt, looks like a cunt and behaves like a cunt it probably is a cunt!

    • This posh teddyboy wants to look into Stanley Johnson?
      Well, the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,
      Boris is a bit dodgy bet his dads worse?
      Stanley probably has pierced nipples and a butt plug.
      I found his balaclava in some hedges and Kier can have it!
      Exhibit A.

  15. This cunt isn’t fit to Wank off stray dogs.! Old man Johnson should counter with a similar claim on behalf of everyone that Saville touched, the mans incompetence over the Saville issue should mean that he holds a position no higher than the man who removes used Johnny’s from the sewers.!

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