Wimminz As Victims

An all girls together cunting please for all the poor victimized wimminz who have crawled out of the woodwork since P.C. Couzins was sentenced last week. It started out with lots of them saying how scared they were of male police officers, how they would either run or scream if one of them dare say hello, hello, hello to her/them.

Then we had the old trick like when a dog bites a child, we read for days after how the family Chihuahua dangerously savaged somebody else’s brat or the postman, that every copper who has ever sinned gets his name dragged through the press.

No woman has ever suffered like the current snowflakes though – women as vile and ugly as AnalEase Dodds all claim that they have been assaulted or insulted each tome they put their hooters outside the door – now we have a victim of bottom slapping. Enough already:

Link to bottom slapping story. Go on – click.

Anybody can be a victim if they choose to be. How much easier it would be for the wimminz if all the men were Philip Schofield or Gaylord Mandelson.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

And on a similar note, here’s another from W.C. Boggs

“DAME” (As in Pantomime) LOUISE CASEY:

Listen up all you rapist coppers – your time is up. All those poor quaking old wimminz like Dame Keir and AnalEase Dodds who fear get taken into the bushes at no notice in broad daylight, and have your knickers pulled down, while a P.C. pushes his truncheon into your quim, and then having racist, homophobic and transphobic sweet nothings whispered in your ear – Louise is on the case.

News Link

Boris has done a Blair and employed “Dame” Louise Casey to look into the police, after the rape and murder to investigate their alleged misogyny. That is the young woman (in her twenties at the time), who between cream buns and many missed visits to WeightWatchers investigated, first homelessness (“Blair’s homelessness zsar”), then she investigated “manners” – “Blair’s Respect Zsar”(and upset senior police officers by getting drunk at a dinner and swearing at them) – I am sure she will go down well. It annoys me that every government has these tame yes men and women (Matthew Taylor, probable quare, is another old favourite) who they call on to hold forth about things they know fuck all about.

I imagine the only contact Casey has had with the police is when they have arrested her. There used to be a Wireless 4 series called Frank Muir Goes Into…… “and investigates the humour of the subject with the help of Alfred Marks” , I am just surprise they don’t do something similar with A Case For Casey. It would probably be just as funny. She will be giving Radio 4s Today programme many pompous lady interviews in the months ahead.

Old fatarse has been given so many commissions at fantastic rates of pay, which she always waddles away from months later – her overweening “can-do” attitude yet again defeated – homelessness zsar – there are still numerous homeless people, often army veterans overlooked in favour of homes for the rubber boat invaders. The “Respect” zsar gig – there are still pig ignorant yobs and their tattooed tarts roaming the streets. So it goes on. Cant-do more like, but Khan will be creaming his Tenaladies

No doubt this time next year, after a few high profile meetings – police chiefs to barrage balloon, she will be off again having trousered another large cheque for doing fuck all, apart from looking “important” to celebrate with yet more jelly and cakes and whipped cream by the bucketful.

I doubt she will start her “high profile” enquiry till a couple of really hard-hitting interviews from the Guardian and the Lesbian Labour Ladies Action Committee, so AnalEase, Jess Phillips and Angie Rayner, this might be your last opportunity to get out into London’s parks and commons and get lucky, that one of the Met’s very, very few sex pests might have a go at you, and give you a mouthful – amongst other things. A girl can dream……

45 thoughts on “Wimminz As Victims

  1. I would be surprised if many fatso coppers could be arsed to leave their sandwiches alone for long enough to be a sex pest.

    • One rogue copper, theyre all in the frame!
      I doubt many coppers are a danger to women?
      Most coppers are busy at Pride events,
      Learning to rollerblade or ice skate,
      Trawling online for misuse of pronouns and other far right terrorist acts.
      No, its taxi drivers women need to be careful of..
      Stanley ones in particular.
      Like a bit of rape action while the meters running.
      But wont hear about that its not on the agenda.
      Besides, most of these screaming in terror are no stranger to a black helmet..

      • Morning MNC, avoiding proper crime is hungry work. It takes real dedication making sure those chocolate bars and crisps do not go uneaten.

      • Morning 20👍
        But to be fair they burn off those calories at the met pride roller derby!!
        12 hrs of classic disco hits.

    • Yeah, shame they didn’t get off their arses and save the cunt in cardiac arrest, the other week and just watched him die, before we got there. Oh, they did, actually, defib and CPR. Saved his fucking life. Perhaps someone wants to get off their fat fucking arse, stop eating pious sandwiches and put their fucking money where their mouth, (or foot) is.

  2. Wimminz have shot themselves right in the foot over shit like this. Thanks to feminism, treating men like crap and getting all huffy if a man shows any signs of chivalry, any man who helps a wimminz is open to accusations of all sorts of misdemeanours.
    I’d never help a modern bird with anything, no matter how trivial.
    On the contrary, if she was having trouble accomplishing anything physical, lifting a box onto a shelf for example, I’d make a point of not helping and smirking at her failure.
    Wouldn’t dream of patronising her by offering to help…
    Feminism is fucking great! It absolves the man, frees him of any sense of duty or protection for these tediously self-important witches.

    • Heehee 😀
      Gallant! Thomas.
      Put bricks in the boxes before she clocks in then when she throws her back out you can film it on your phone!😁👍
      The disabled can be touchy fuckers too.
      Hold a door open or offer to help?

      ‘Im not helpless!!
      Miserable cunts.

      I remember this in winter as I pour buckets of water over wheelchair ramps and once frozen becomes a real test of if theyre helpless.

      “You need chains on them tyres luv!”

      • I wonder if you can get very narrow snow chains for rasberry chariots?
        My rather mean-spirited (actually happened) example aside, I’ll happily help the Polish birds lift stuff at work, cos in exchange for my labour, they’ll make me coffee and toast…a fair and equitable exchange of resources.

      • Sounds fair enough!

        I on the other hand am a perfect little gentleman.
        After you my dear,
        Opening doors
        Rushing to help carry anything heavy.
        Obviously if its Sunita carrying a heavy box on the stairs or Marigold the big black cleaner,
        Then its more likely a sly shove or crafty trip.
        But you get the picture 😁

    • Never offer a chair or bar stool to a woman in Brighton.
      They go fucking mental to the point of getting thrown out.

  3. You misunderstand the message. You need to understand that men, all men are animals. No man can be trusted, all men must be tagged and on a 9pm curfew.

  4. Next time a cruise liner hits an iceberg, I recommend the captain doesn’t say “Wimminz and children first” because:-

    a) it would offend the transformers
    b) it would offend the feministas and Karens
    c) it would offend the BAMEs

    The wimminz want equality, independence and empowerment, let them have it!

    Therefore the captain should just say “Fuck off you cunts, I’m in my lifeboat. Go fuck yourselves!”

  5. My favourite thing about wimminz is that they used to be united with the gays, the trannies and all of the other minority groups in ‘ bring down the (non existent) patriarchy.

    Too late did they realise that by given trans people the keys to the kingdom that it opened the door to having cocks in ladies bathrooms and other ‘safe spaces’ and when they had the temerity to complain, they were ruthlessly moved to the other side of the equation by the trannies and labelled TERFs.

    Should have seen it coming.

    • Ho ho, yes…pretty funny isn’t it?
      Daft bints.
      I’d say let ’em stew in their own juice, but surely it’s only a matter of time before one of these degenerates, posing as a wimminz in a female changing room, sexually assaults an innocent little girl.

    • As a white, straight, self-employed Englishman, I laugh at the feminists and their squabbling with the transweirdos. This is the utopia they all wanted.

      Fuck ’em.

  6. Just chucking it out there that 2000 Police officers have been investigated for rape and sexual assault across the country last year. Most under Cressia Suck Dick.
    That bitch needs to go.

    • If she steals a box of Jaffa cakes without paying the full amount, she might end up being sacked (just like PC Chris Dwyer did quite recently. But then he was a bloke so what do you expect. He is sacked for a £1 crime, and Dickless keeps her job despite all the murders, rapes etc on her watch)

      • Apparently he did pay for them but just 20p in the honesty box instead of £1.
        Flogg him, hang, draw and quarter him.
        Crimes like this can lead to bigger things like rape.

    • How many convictions, though? We have male paramedics that won’t respond solo for that very reason.

  7. I think part of the problem is the lionising of women in popular culture downplays how vulnerable the overwhelming majority of women are.
    Forget the superhero films, it’s the ones where you have women assassins, tough cops, women seeking vengeance and achieving it through violence are a big part of film and TV, video games and literature, so much so that you could be forgiven for believing that it was perfectly natural for females to behave this way.
    But it isn’t. Instead of empowering, it gives women a role model that is virtually impossible to emulate, and possibly a false sense of security.

    • Top comment. The usual suspects, MSM, politicians, social activists… are also doing women no favours peddling their fantasies.

    • Netfucks is currently recommending me the following;

      ‘Kate’ – a ruthless wimminz assasin has less than 24 hrs to get her revenge.
      ‘Another Life’ – wimminz Niko Breckinridge leads a team of other wimminz on an interstellar mission
      ‘Ava’ – an elite wimminz assasin wrestling with her doubts about her work
      ‘The Old Guard’ – four undying wimminz warriors become targeted for their mysterious powerz
      ‘Sucker Punch’ – wimminz and explosions in slow-motion
      ‘Colombiana’ – a wimminz turned ruthless assasin tracks down her parents killers
      ‘Sentinelle’ – a wimminz soldier uses her lethal skillz to hunt the man who hurt her sister

      It is taking the piss at this point, how much disbelief do they think we have to suspend?

      • My brother always informs me of the latest woke offerings from Cuckflix in a similarly dersiory manner.

        They’re known for their bait and switch tactics- you’ll get a a good first few episodes and then it turns into ‘white man bad, gayblack good, and wimmin are without faults and above criticism, even if the character is an obnoxious cunt.
        ‘that’s just her feisty attitude!’

        Same with Amazon TV.

        I have others watch this bollocks so I don’t have to.

  8. Interestingly I heard on the radio a few weeks ago that the “Gay Police Federation” membership is going up incrementaly – could it be that straight policemen are given themselves an alibi in case they are accused of molesting women, or might it be that th new macho black short sleeved and tatoo look policemen now wear – a sort of night club bouncer look, combined with beards, is what is floating the homosexualists boat?

    The old time senior officers would turn in their graves to see that once smart body of men reduced to the look of New York, frather than the smarrt tunics whiteor blue shirt and tie

    What will moaning women do if it becomes compulsory for all policemen to be homosexual?

    • WCB, I recently saw one of those “fluid” coppers with green hair called Skye saying have a great Pride Parade on Twatter.
      It was obviouse that it was bait to arrest anyone who made any negative comment about IT’S sexuality.

    • It’s the gay police horses that are taking the lead. Well done to them. Nag Pride!

  9. The whole narrative pisses be off, your father, brothers and sons are predators. I read an article once where some feminist was mulling over the idea in the right circumstances her sons could become predators.

    Either she is a shit mother or she hates all men including her sons.

  10. I have said this before on IsAC but will say it again:

    I am so grateful to be of the age group I am-from an era where everything was so much more straightforward.
    Women were allowed to celebrate their femininity and beauty and lads were allowed to be strong and protective.

    I really do not envy heterosexual young lads, today-having to negotiate the “assault course” of modern sexual identity.

    As for wimminz as victims, mixed feelings really. Obviously not all men are a danger to women-but we (society) seem to be enabling an ever increasing list of sexual deviants👎

  11. Most claims of sexual harassment are nothing more than wishful thinking from big,fat Munters.

  12. The chances of Angela ‘Horse-Head’ Rayner getting mounted in a London park are astronomical.
    But credit where due, Horse-Head doesn’t have a bad pair of legs.
    Then again, I do have exceptionally low standards.

  13. I have a Valentine’s card that never fails.
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I’ve got a knife
    Now get in that van

  14. One copper kills a woman = all coppers must do better
    One man kills a woman = all men everywhere must do better
    One peacful kills an arena full of children = whoa, whoa, whoa, hashtag not all, not all, not in my name etc. etc.

  15. I love it when my daughter (11 yrs old) needs my help. It’s usually to fix something or open a container. I like to ask, “Oh so your girl power wasn’t enough?”

  16. Breaking news – in Spain, three men have jointly won a prize for a book they wrote.
    The authors’ “official” name?
    Carmen Mola!! Well done, los hombres!

    Am awaiting squeals of self-righteous indignation from the usual quarters.
    As if women NEVER wrote under a man’s name…

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