Keyboard Warriors who only have Keyboard Courage

Over the past year, I have seen a massive increase in keyboard warriors who only have keyboard courage.

Snivelling wee cretins with no balls, no courage, no moxie. Forums, YouTube comments sections, Twitter, Facebook. I don’t use the last two, but I’ve seen the spaz-cuntery that goes on there.

It’s just staggering how our culture has changed in the last five years wherein we now have these gimps who will engage with you via the written word, but then fall apart within seconds when they encounter a cunt like myself or guys like you as they have never been stood up and had proper language thrown at them in the face of their weasel words and general inadequate life skills like how to have a discussion that doesn’t turn into a pearl-clutching, pants-wetting playground scuffle that the teachers (website admin) have to break up, even bad you, even if if was the cretinous wee gimp who started it and you just hit him back harder and he knocked over his bust of Captain Kirk onto the sticky playroom carpet and it woke his mum up from her red wine blackout.

We don’t get those type of cunts here at ISAC, thank fuck. But go on pretty much any of the big forums today that used to be fairly free-for-all and you encounter massive, massive, easily-offended, snivelling wee shit-bags who are aged 35-55.

Young people I cut some slack, but these age-group can be the worst. It’s shocking how easily shocked some of these cunts are. I’d love to these specimens in real life. I’m actually thinking about asking them to do a Zoom or YouTube Live chat. Nothing nasty, just sit there are say, “so what’s you story, brother? What’s happening? What’s on your mind? It’s better without the keyboard, is it? Man to man,” and let them lead the conversation.

They won’t, as they have no balls, no moxie, no humour. Just jumped-up cunts at a keyboard who think they know it all, despite never having been out in the world, never been through the fire.

Not a great cunting, but it could slipped in on a quiet day. Cheers.

Nominated by: Cunty Gordon

67 thoughts on “Keyboard Warriors who only have Keyboard Courage

      • I noticed the smarmy bastard Lineker tweeted his virtue and sorrow the other day at the “horrific” as he put it – murder of the MP David Amess.

        If anybody has witnessed the level of luvvie based internet trolling this wanker engages in via his Twatter account then you’d think if, he had a shred of decency or self awareness then he’d just shut the fuck up for once.
        Except he can’t can he because he’s such a nice guy.

        Yes the murder was certainly horrific Gary but considering for example that you’re the first to post clapping hand emoji’s to the RNLI news feed on Twatter for the treacherous bastards providing a taxi service for illegal Somalians and the likes, across the English channel – it just makes you look an even bigger cunt than you already are.

  1. As a general rule of thumb, based on my own life experiences, those that bluster and make a lot of noise are fucking harmless man-baby’s.

    It’s the quiet one’s you have to watch out for.


    • It used to be like that, but now that woke cunts can cancel someone is a nanosecond for speaking hard truths, the shoe is on the other foot and a lot of cretins are wielding massive power on the internet, which has became more of a reality than the actual REAL WORLD to billions of people.

  2. The anonymity of the Internet bestows even the most craven of mutherfuckers with the bravery of a Crusader Knight.

    • Indeed. Most of the “debunkers” of the massive deceptions being exposed on YouTube who make monetised videos and act righteous in the comments sections won’t come on live streams to say what they say live man to man. “You’ll shout at me!” No, we just want to see if you can handle a emotion-free, straw-man free discussion and laugh at the deceptions of the world in 2021. “I… I… I’m not coming on… it’s not a level playing field.” Fuck me.

  3. Vegan cunts are the worst, closely followed by egg and spoons/camel jockeys and not forgetting of course the omnipotent “tin foil brigade”, the fact they use their real photos and places of work/personal details are beyond fucking rètárded, at least set up a fake account if you’re going trolling!!!

    That’s one good thing about ISAC, we could all be sat in the same room and you wouldn’t know, and also we can disagree with each other without resorting to childish behaviour (normally)

    • It’s the monetized YouTube “debunkers” of “conspiracy theories” that are the real cunts, in my long experience on the web. Yes, the tinfoil people are annoying, the alarmist, doom-and-gloom types, but not every regular person who exposes deceptions is like that. And that’s who the keyboard warriors and monetized “debunkers” fear.

    • “we could all be sat in the same room and you wouldn’t know”

      Rubbish, If there’s one waving his cock about we’d all know it was MNC, regardless of height and beard. I some bloke turned up with 25 hounds, it’d be Dick. You seem unaware of the traits of the people on here.

  4. In a similar vein:

    Road rage(r’s).

    Years ago we had a Discovery 2, which I gave to er’ indoors, when we got married-I bought myself a Defender👍
    She loved that car and I loved her chauffeuring me around in it.
    One Friday evening, she picked me up from dropping a car off at a garage, I was slumped down in the front seat, emailing on a blackberry.

    Some aggressive cunt in a van was tailgating her, flashing her-she was doing 30 in a 30 limit. I told her to ignore the cunt.

    As she was turning right, waiting for a gap in traffic, the prick went up the inside and knocked the wing mirror.
    I told her to chase the bastard, thus ensued a high speed (60 mph) chase, with her flashing him to stop.
    He skewed into a lay-by, opposite a row of shops, with a bus stop full of commuters.
    She pulled in 20 yds behind him.

    The chav prick ( skinny cunt covered in tattoos) leapt from the van and came storming towards her swearing and shouting. Until I got out of the passenger side-the prick thought it was a women driver in her own.
    The change in his persona was a sight to behold-he physically shrank, the cunt😂

    I didn’t lose my temper, I calmly wrote down his number plate and took the details from the side of his van-a well known carpet and flooring chain.

    That cunt lost his job as a result of his cuntishness👍

    • A far more satisfying result than giving the prick a slap, which would have undoubtedly got your collar felt.
      Well played.

      • You can get a Range Rover Westminster (£100k plus when new), for £16-18k now.
        Just make sure the air suspension has been done. Brilliant cars.

        All Land Rover products get slated for reliability issues-to be honest, even the newer Toyota Landcruisers have issues.

        Modern cars are boring.

      • Hahaha! You don’t see those burly “carpets under the arms posture” guys anymore! They must be living underground in the North Wale waiting for the revolution!

    • Saw exactly that in a pub back in the 80’s………..guy just walked up to him and nutted him right in the nose, blood everywhere, people pissing themselves, never saw the ‘hard’ guy again. Apparently this twat (6’4″(?), wide, full of muscles) was a regular arsewipe that had never been challenged and thought he was a god.

  5. I think most of us would agree that nearly all these keyboard warriors would never dream of being so confrontational in person. It’s the invisible shield of anonymity that bolsters their courage.
    It might be worth mentioning this to Priti Useless who was on Andrew Marrs show this morning banging on about the online abuse that MP’s have to contend with. Fair enough, but she made her comments sound like this issue had snowballed into the David Amess stabbing. We abuse MP’s on here on an almost daily basis, but that doesn’t mean we will all go out stabbing one. A religiously brainwashed immigrant Somalian who has been on prevents radar is pretty nailed on to do so though isn’t he Fati?
    My point is that, as mentioned above, it’s the quiet ones we need to worry about.

    • I’m anti-violence, but pro-kidnapping of politicians and media liars! It would be great to kidnap Tony Blair, for example. Make him talk the truth on a live stream.

      • A dream of mine to CG ,particularly the greedy, conniving bear face liars
        I would put them in a lead lined cellar ( there all chipped you knowi ) in the dark for a week without food nor water and no lavatory to set the scene
        Then I would lower down a crate of fresh water to them but they don’t know it has been spiked with the most powerful LSD batch known to man
        It is a that point I would turn on the lights and say action

        One can only dream

    • I think Priti should worry a little less about what some cunts saying on twitter and a little more about the 20,000 knife wielding maniacs on the terrorist watch list that we insanely continue to host.

      I’m convinced half of the U.K’s problems could be solved in a week or two if the Conservatives actually had the balls and good sense to act.

  6. Top cunting, Gordon. The comments section of the Grauniad website is infamous for this sort of thing. Nobody on there can have a normal or rational debate without it turning ugly. It always ends up with cunts getting personal and slinging childish and vicious insults.🤔

    Youtube isn’t far behind. Where demented apologist fanboys go apeshit if their sacred cows are criticised. When they explode and write in CAPS, it’s well funny. Daniel Craig and Star Wars fanboys are particularly hilarious. Also, modern Doctor Whoke freaks who dish out death threats when their precious Jodie Whittakunt is called shit… Pure comedy.🤣

    • For all my crazy turns of phrase on ISAC, I’m actually a quiet person in social and public situations. I’ve learned the hard way that confronting the TRULY CRAZY cunts that shuffle about the streets isn’t a good strategy. There’s a way of getting your fact-based point across with warmth and humour and understanding. If the other person is hysterical, never mind WRONG, then that’s their problem, not mine.

      I hate arguments, debates, fights. I like DISCUSSIONS and there is a massive difference, is there? In a friendly discussion, you can come to a mutual understanding and have a laugh and walk away for days, weeks, months and later resume the discussion in the same vibe.

      But on the internet, when Person A “debates” Person B, it usually turns into a shit-show dumpster-fire and you get nowhere and it creates division with the communities that both people represent and fuels a web war for years. I’ve walked away from those fake debates and am forming a new strategy for 2022 via a YouTube podcast that won’t be like the other podcasts. I’ve learned enough over the past 10 years from podcasters and their mistakes and the negative types they attract to know how it SHOULD be done. It’s not brain surgery, you just have a NORMAL discussion with honest people and get top-quality microphones!

      • Daniel Craig fans are particularly fragile when confronted with logic, reason and a growing realization that their hero has sold his soul to derivative, unimaginative writing and the LGBT screeching club 😆

      • I’m reluctant to watch the new Bond. It sounds like it has amazing sequences, but also some lame-as-fuck elements to it, like Bond now being a father. Whose idea was THAT? Bond would never cum inside a woman, no way, no matter how pissed on vodka he was. Spies don’t have kids, it’s a liability.

      • Ha ha!
        The thought of Sean Connery redecorating Pussy Galore’s top bollocks with baby batter or Roger Moore giving Grace Jones a “dirty-Sanchez”, is infinitely more appealing than this new woke bond👍

      • Phoebe Waller ( all men are bastards) Rugmuncher was a co screen writer for the film. Nuff said. Won’t be watching it ( until it’s free ). Know the ending now anyway and fuck me how right I was a year ago when I said that would happen. I hate being right all the time.

      • Anything to do with that smug self satisfied titless mouth almighty man hating tuppence flicking sack of shit, Phoebe Waller Cunt will be cinematic excrement and nothing less than shite.

        I don’t like her. Have you noticed that yet?😉

    • I thought CiF had been shutdown because everybody took the piss?

      As for youtube, I never see replies to any of comments unless from the uploader. I got bored of arguing online through Facebook and Twitter.

  7. To have any chance of winning the normal people need to stand up in their own name. I realise this is hard if you are employed by the state but it is the responsibility if you are self employed to do so. You wont lose any customers as the woke are just cunts on twatter. “Get fired, get in trouble,be brave, and never stop fighting”

    • I’m bored of the woke. They just trot out the same lies and slurs. Most can’t grasp statistics. Block or report you as soon as you use colourful language.

      Boring bedwetting cunts.

  8. Rational debate is dead in this country. This actually creates keyboard warriors as any notion of common sense, non woke discussion is stamped out by the left. Racism will increase with BLM, black power salutes and Saint Marcus of Rashford and his god complex. The constant browbeating is something that is both non sensical and actually scary in its way. Then they wonder when frustrated, ignored and mostly decent people say ‘rude’ words or call people ‘bad’ names on MSM. The only comparison I can give is 1984. Seriously, I think it’s now getting to that level. Frightening.

    • I only go on ISAC and even on here I get bullied.
      Because im shy.
      And good looking.
      And have a nice figure.

      Gods judgement on you all.

      • Fuckin wordpress!
        The prissy little cunt.😡

        Admin I ever get my hands on WordPress ill snap its fuckin neck…..

        Yep. It’s a law unto itself. We don’t like having to keep a constant eye on the mod queue either. It’s a pain all round. Still, carry on. – NA

      • Cheers admin,
        Ive taken my anger medicine.
        Thing is I know all the bloody modded words and still do it.😕

  9. When I mention that I do not have, or in fact, have never had a Facecunt, Twatter or any other social media account EVER, the reaction from people is one of incredulity.
    Which I think speaks volumes about society…..

    • I stopped using Facebook in 2015 and I never really “used” it the way other people “use it”, ie. to self-aggrandise themselves and be a megalomaniac muppet three times a day for the next few decades.

      We need a new culture this decade. The past two decades have been a sack of cunt.

    • I stopped using Twitter and Facebook in 2018. I went back to Facebook out of morbid curiosity and boredom during the first lockdown but it was even more boring as everyone has their profile set to private and I couldn’t be arsed to add any friends, so I fucked off again.

      Facebook and mumsnet really need to merge to form KarenSpace.

      Twitter needs to die.

  10. When I mention that I do not have, or in fact, have never had a Facecunt, Twatter or any other social media account EVER, the reaction from people is one of incredulity.
    Which I think speaks volumes about society…..

    • Same here CG. Never had any kind of social media account. The looks I get and the pricks that say with astonishment ‘You’re not on Facebook?!’😉

      I am well aware that there are those who have the need to put every second of their lives on social media and plaster their loved ones all over it, but only cunts and total mongs do that. I mean what sort of bellend posts pictures of their Christmas dinner? For fuck’s sake…🤣

      • The same bellends that point the finger and say something like “ no no you shouldn’t it not environmentally, think of the children’s future “

      • When nothing is private, then nothing has value. It’s people who post pictures of their kids all the time that puzzle me. Why do you want Creepy Colin from work looking at your kid’s first bubble bath? I think that they forget that the added Creepy Colin from work to their Facebook. And then there’s the clowns who have every bird they ever shagged on their Facebook. Jesus H. Christ on a Popsicle-stick, the problems that can bring you down the line.

        I read a psychology article about how the human mind can only contain and manage the significant personal details of 150 people they care about on average. When we were in tribes, the tribe was about 70-80 people maximum, I believe, so I guess we could handle another 70-80 of members of other tribes swimming around in our minds like plastic bags in the wind. So, these people with thousands of “friends” are not being honest with themselves and others.

      • Jesus-if I had a Facebook account and posted photo’s of ALL the birds I have shagged, the fucking site would crash again.
        Not enough bandwidth….😁

  11. Keyboard warriors are worse than child molesters. Oh, sorry, they are not, they are less bad than child molesters but most definitely worse than serial killers as they upset far more people. Not as much, obviously, serial killers are murderers and keyboard warriors are not. Fuck it, keyboard warriors are not as bad as serial killers or child molesters, they are just mildly irritating cunts. Like those cunts who ask you for fucking change.

    • Warriors my hole , keyboard Wally’s more like
      No offense to anyone by the name of Wally by the way
      I have a friend with the nickname Sod , I never fuck with him about that

    • I think that Karen goes to the forest and shits out a brood of them every Halloween, Ed.

  12. To be fair, I think that the specimen portrayed in the Nom pic looks as scary as buggery.
    Imagine being stuck in a broken down lift with the cunt trying to stop it tearing your face off.

    • I think he’d already be dehydrated at that stage cuntator
      You see he’d ave pissed himself with fear from being close to someone human and possibly having to converse

      Happens em all when exposed

  13. Facebook is for Karens and Twitter for Soyboy labour activists and blue-haired feminazi landwhales, all of whom argue from feelings, not facts. Their favourite fallacies are the Ad hominem and strawman.

    No longer worth my time, especially as I kept getting reported and suspended.

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