Michael “bob-a-job” Gove (10)

Michael Gove MP and Useless Fuckwit

I don’t know if this twat has been nominated before on here, but I’d be surprised if he hasn’t. (This is his 10th cunting. Definite Wall material – Day Admin)

But this bloke is fucking useless as a minister, you only have to look at his tenure as a ministerial secretary of state to realise he hasn’t got a Scooby Doo before being “promoted” or pushed sideways into some other ministerial job. Repeat and Rinse.

Fuck know what he has actually achieved that has benefited the country as a whole during any of those tenures, but clearly being shuffled around in various non-jobs suggests he either has something on cunts like Boris and Maybot; or that he is just been passed around like a game of pass the parcel just for the giggles.

Either way, the bloke is a very lucky cunt for being totally ineffectual

Briefly, he became am MP in 2005

Shadow Minister for Housing 2005-2007
Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families 2007-2010

Secretary of State for Education 2010-2014
Chief Whip Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury 2014-2015
Secretary of State for Justice Lord High Chancellor 2015-2016
Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 2017-2019
Minister for the Cabinet Office 2020-2021
Minister for Intergovernmental Relations September 2021
Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities September 2021

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34 thoughts on “Michael “bob-a-job” Gove (10)

  1. In addition to being as much use as a left-handed wank, the cunt also looks like a foetus in a jam jar.

  2. Afternoon Day Admin.

    Sir Kweer Starmer has had at least 14 cuntings – is he not definite Wall material?

  3. He did pretty well at “education” but due to the woke “education” establishment and the civil service he was fucked before he began. Same with immigration and Patel. The Tory party isnt conservative. If they were they would be doing what Blair did and appointing Conservative voices to all part of governance they control. Utter useless cunts the lot of em.

  4. A nauseating creepy little nerd who I wouldn’t turn my back on for 5 seconds. The sort of cunt you expect to be taking upskirt photos on the Underground. His wife is a right fucking moose but she deserves better than this sack of shit. I believe they are getting divorced or are divorced so Gove will be out on the prowl round the bars and restaurants of Westminster. Watch out ladies!

    • Ladies? I think he bats for the other side, which could be the reason for the divorce.

    • I’ll bet he’s played a few rounds of soggy biscuits and had the odd spitroast at No. 10.

  5. Boris moving him about from non-job to bullshit non-job is the political equivalent of being sent for a tub of elbow grease or some tartan paint. After the Govester stabbed him in the back over the Conservative leadership contest back in 2016, he doesn’t need him in a proper job, he already has a cabinet full of useless bell ends.

    • Eeeee, hes a funny little fella isnt he?
      Were his parents circus folk?
      I wouldn’t trust it around children!
      Asking for trouble.
      I saw one of these slithering around in my garden?
      Id drown it in a bucket and hang it on the fence (country cream) to dissuade others of its kind.
      Middle earth mutherfucker.

  6. Seems like a lifetime ago he gave a highly notable speech, sticking it to Vince Cable with the Vicky Pollard speech: https://tinyurl.com/SpeechOfSpeeches

    I thought Gove’s performance in that speech was brilliant and a refreshing contrast to the Maybot, but then he was an actor, forever enshrined in the film ‘A Feast at Midnight’.

    I had no reason to dislike Gove until he came out with his vaccine and vaccine passport stance. Now he isn’t fit to clean Chris Graylings shoes.

  7. He models himself on Michael Douglas’s “D’fens” character from “Falling Down”.

    Unfortunately for Michael, only the Christian name is the same.
    With his bad haircut, comedy glasses, dodgy voice and poor-mans “Alan Whicker” facial expression, he actually looks more “Falling Downes-Syndrome”.

    As for his dance moves….
    Surprised he has ever had a girlfriend, let alone married.

  8. Gove is without doubt a fucking duplicitous Cunt. That said regarding all things Westminster and British politics in general he is a very smart shrewd operator.

  9. JC, I misread the header as “blow-job”, but I was thinking of Penny Mordaunt at the time.
    Twas brillig, and the slithy Gove…
    FLK, for the medically-trained counters.

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