The University of Kunt

Check your white privilege at the door, a ‘recommended’ module called Expect Respect has been thrown together to ensure any white student knows their fucking place.

The University claim it covers more than just white privilege but even a thick fucking student should be able to work out the underlying message.

This is great stuff, make all the white students feel guilty and all the less white resent the white students, what a shit show.

University of Kent, you are a cunt!

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43 thoughts on “The University of Kunt

  1. Kind of linked to this ‘whitey’ baiting again LOL, saw this on Ali Baba Beebie today, tickled my fancy a little

    Tory MP James Gray has been asked to step back from activities with a charity, after reports he mixed up two ethnic minority ministers at an event, saying “they all look the same to me”.

    Thing is, they fucking do!

    Us honky tonks all look the same too (apart from the traveller types and 6 kids, can’t keep your legs shut council estate mum’s types, or the fat cunts that can’t stop eating pies).

    Anyway, point made.

    • I would have thought wearing second hand clothes would mark you out as being poor and oppressed instead of being privileged.
      Upside down world.

      • “Tramp chic”.
        Like all those white kids following the crustie scene in the early 90’s-middle class twats🤔

      • I do tramp chic.
        Or hobo couteur as I prefer.
        Sets me apart from the nI9no9s.

      • We upper-middle classes invariably wear secondhand clothes. Shabby genteel some call it.

        Except for socks, T-shirts and undercrackers – Lady C insists on getting me them for Christmas.

        Same with our furniture, mostly inherited or from the British Heart Foundation shop.

      • I wear stuff I find on beaches or washing lines.
        I wouldn’t be caught dead at Oxfam.
        Thats for faux beatniks.
        Im proper middle class!
        Occasionally ill buy a hat off a tramp but mostly its stuff off landfill.

      • Exactly Miles. What does it say about our deak key brothers wearing £500 trainers and driving around in a Merc or Ranger Rover?

  2. How about fuck off you mange riddled cunts. When you pay the piper you call the tune. So if I were a student I’d want my investment spent on the subject I was studying not brainwashing.

    • No Guilt.
      No Guilt for being White.
      Nothing but pride.
      The quents from Kent can suck my manky bellend🖕
      Nowt wrong with being white.
      The fuckin marxists, flipperlips and various mudslithererers dont like it?

      Fuck you.MasterRace.

      An I give em a little salute an goose step to bring colour to their prissy cheeks.

    • Labour’s only constituency in the whole if Kent is in Canterbury which coincidentally is where this university is. Forget the historic buildings and cathedral, Cunterbery is full of Lefties, crusties, and jugglers, and you cannot walk ten yards without hearing the inevitable Dooshka-Dooshka, Korrrva-Korrrva from Iron Curtains. There are more Polish cunts there than in Gdansk.


  3. Go to Kent……end up bent.

    So you get a gold star if you get all the answers right? Do you get to wear it on your Oxfam jumper with wokie pride?
    What is wrong with young cunts today? Brainless fucking sheep, dull faces, dull minds, no bollocks. I despair.

  4. Respect is earned, unfortunately most silvery moons don’t deserve respect, of course the Larkins have shown us that Kunt has always been a black county!!!

  5. The cunts being brainwashed and then shat out of universities like this will, in 30-years’ time, be running the country and all of the institutions. You think it’s bad now? It’s just the beginning. God help the future.

  6. This is the university that gave that crooked solicitor Phil Shiner an honorary degree so this latest action is par for the course with them.

  7. Universities are re education camps for cultural marxism.
    Want to study in your chosen Field to become a professional?
    Not unless you take a knee and acknowledge your guilt.

    Stage 2 is coming!
    If he floats hes a witch.

    • Dick has a lot of experience as Northumbria’s chief Witchfinder General and even has his own Fiddler ducking stool.

  8. Another breeding ground for malcontents and potential communists.
    I’d recommend razing the place to the ground but would find it more amusing if it were filled with 400 of those very excellent Afghan or Eritrean “migrants”.
    Watch the posh cunts run.

    • That’s an idea, fill the university halls of residence with channel surfers, the female students will be happy to welcome them 😂

      • That is the mindset of the middle-class liberal girl.

        Gets raped by a brown man in the brown.

        Blames the white man for causing it.

      • It might be shite but it’s better than the North. At least the Dooshka wankers can speak English properly.

      • @Mis, yes I know, it shows that I have been in the south, I have ancestral roots to Kent, I am in tune with southern ways, I class myself as a posh northerner 😂

  9. The question any student with half a brain cell should be asking ‘how the fuck do you know if an article of clothing is second hand’ 😂

    The module was developed with our students, yep the fucking woke variety.

      • They tried and tried to get the right answer, the remoaners ballot paper ‘Do you want to stay in the EU’ answer yes or yes.
        I hope voters will remember the Labour architect of a wanting a second go, Sir Kweer Kunt.

      • Precisely LL. This is why the remoaners want another referendum….and another and so on, until they get the answer they want and then it’s written in stone for eternity.

      • And it’s why Wee Jimmy will go on demanding further referendums until she gets the ‘right’ answer. That, of course, will be the last vote ever taken on whether Scotland should or shouldn’t be in the UK.

  10. This caught my eye:

    “….supporting everyone to ensure all members of our community are treated with kindness and respect.”

    These weasel words are almost identical to those recently adopted by the university I worked for for 14 years. To these perhaps could be added “deploring the microwaving of kittens” and “being nice to cuddly bunnies”.

    Fact is, even before the current paroxysm of woke, the students were treated with kid gloves, as were teaching staff who fitted in. And I am prepared to bet that the Japanese lecturer* who was given the cold shoulder by her colleagues, the frequently buggered-about cleaning staff, and victims of the catering department’s management, have seen no change in their conditions at all, regardless of colour, creed, invented gender or preference for moules marinieres.

    * A really lovely lady, who was given a farewell do of unparalleled insincerity. In retaliation, she gave them a good half-hour speech of intentionally exaggerated gratitude for being permitted to exist. Had them all writhing with embarrassment, and I couldn’t keep a straight face.

    I’m proud to say she later asked me, “Was I too hard on them?”, to which I replied, “Not hard enough!”, and that was the right answer…

  11. I knew a young man from Kent.
    Whose c*ck was so long that it bent.
    So to save him the trouble,
    he put it in double and instead
    of coming, he went.

    I’m here all week.

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