Don’t Panic!

Panicking Brits

Once we were a nation renowned for our stoical endurance and resolute cheerfulness in the face of doom. We spat in the face of adversity and cheerfully carried on.

Neither the Second World War or the Blitz knocked us of our stride. Our grandparents took everything Hitler could throw at them and then simply put the kettle on and made a cup of tea. Panic was not in the British DNA.

But something happened. I’m not sure what but it surfaced at the time of Princess Diana’s death when many of the grown men and women of this country suffered a kind of nervous breakdown, the full force of which was directed at the Queen.

Since then it’s got worse. The government merely has to say ‘there may be a temporary shortage of toilet rolls but don’t panic’ for Brits to rush out and storm the supermarkets buying hundreds of toilet rolls. We’ve seen it again this week with the petrol supply issue. Knuckleheads at petrol stations assaulting each other and walking away with plastic buckets full of petrol in addition to the half dozen Jerry cans they have just filled up and the petrol in the Land Rover.

It’s a total loss of moral fibre and proportionality. It’s selfish and irresponsible.

Keep calm and make a cup of tea no longer applies to the British. Now it’s keep panicking and horde 280 boxes of PG Tips before anyone else gets them.

What a nation of panicking cunts we’ve become.

Nominated by: MMCM

64 thoughts on “Don’t Panic!

  1. Scumfuck media and government, and a docile retařded public who roll over on command.

    There’s plenty to panic about, such as our energy infrastructure and colossal debt, but the time for panic was over a decade ago when we could have done something. Now we should just put on a blindfold and light our final smoke.

    Stupid fucks.

  2. Simple answer:

    Since 1944, this country has been infested with immigrants, a slow trickle to start with, now a fucking flood.

    Combine that with a touchy-feely approach to all aspects off life and the removal and castigation of strong, male role models in society.

    Do remember however, there are still plenty of Brits that’s DO keep calm & carry on.

    Now, it’s after Midday, Pit the kettle on M👍

  3. A few days ago a number of social media sites went offline for a number of hours across the world. And OMG there was mass hysteria by millions of people unable to logon to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and one or two others.

    The media went into meltdown, as did Twitter with people posting about how they couldn’t cope without Facebook, and what are they meant to do? And why isn’t Facebook working hard to get the servers back, and “I’ll never use Facebook again. This is a disgrace!”

    But to be fair to Facebook, they don’t have many outages, and all those cunts who complain about the site, and refuse to ever return, most certainly will because we all know how fickle and drama-queenish they are!

    Even I got inundated with emails from customers saying they couldn’t access Fb. But it ain’t my problem, fuck off!

    The hysteria in the media would make your eyes water, especially from young people reared on nothing else for most of their lives. Some of whom were in tears and heavily distraught at not being able to use Fb or WA for a few hours.

  4. Cunts lose their phones these days and they wet themselves.
    And everybody knows only narcissists, nutters, snowflakes, chavs, and fiddlers use Facebook and Twatter.

  5. Us British ? We ( British ) ( I refer to the indigenous of these Isles ) are much fewer in number today, and our replacement NOO Brish, have brought with them to our shores , the much watered down nation we see today.

    You import rubbish, then be prepared to live with rubbish.

  6. Greedy fucking supermarkets and petrol stations have to share some of the blame.

    Just putting up a sign saying ‘one packet of bog rolls per person’ and ‘minimum fuel purchase £30’ would stop panic buying.

  7. Mobile phones.
    Media lies fear porn and hyperbole.
    Vacuous general culture born on the back of staring 24-7 at the idiot lantern with the brain rot it pumps out.
    Falling and continuing to fall IQ of the population.

    There’s a few ingredients in the recipe of panicking cunt Brits.

    Good nom

    • I’d always sooner use the energy to be productive and find a way out of the problem.

      I just don’t understand people who panic.

  8. I was lucky in the fact I filled up with petrol the day before all that shit started.
    Kept calm, reduced unnecessary journeys and only had to fill up yesterday with no problems. I bet all the people queuing up for fuel a couple of weeks ago still had the spare room full of bog rolls from last year.

    • Snap. Topped up on Sunday, not another soul on the forecourt. No doubt this cuntery will start again when the twats have emptied their jerrycans and binliners. The real cunt here is that people with a genuine need for reliable fuel are forced to behave like the cunts with no need at all.

      The govt’s response was pathetic, incidentally.

      • The government’s response was precisely what anybody with an IQ over 25 would have expected from this bunch of self serving wankers.

  9. A complete lack of backbone.
    Par for the course.
    Fast path to nation of snivelling wrecks and conniving foreign muck.
    Pass the sherry.

  10. There are quite a few empty spaces in my local supermarket’s shelves. Which still leaves around ten times the choice of available items that you could get in the sixties and about 100 times that available in a Highland village store in the seventies.

    Of all the products you can do without, toilet paper has to be high on the list –

    Cunting joyfully endorsed.

  11. On BBC radio they were actually discussing “things you can do” while all those social media websites were down.

    It made me weep to hear some of the people on that phone in…sad state we have become.

    • At least when the shit really hits the fan (next year, presumably), us honky men over the age of 45 will be best-placed to cope without social media.
      I only ever post here and on a classic car site, fuck social media; what a load of pathetic bollocks.

      • Fuck me pink, TTCE, you must be my long lost brother.

        That is precisely how I think and act.

        That said I am very hairy, but have not grown a luxurious Glenn Hughes (Village People) ‘tache.

  12. Hey everyone; Today I am identifying as a cis gender electric radiator who is panicking on behalf of transgender’s panicking over Brexit (booooo!!!) induced shortages.
    Thank you for your kind understanding….

    • I despise panickers.
      They should be shot.
      Its not our way.
      Shoulders back
      Stand proud lad
      Stare them in the eye
      And grin.
      Panicking is for ducky types,
      Johnny foreigners
      And those that still breastfeed.
      Panicked for baked beans
      Panicked for bog rolls
      Panicked for petrol.
      What a disgrace.
      Round them up×pistol whip=Gas Chamber.

    • This post is plainly radiator-ist to people who identify as a static heat radiating device and I find it offensive.

      Today I am identifying as a parrot so squark off and get fucked.

      • You’re quite right; Indeed I am finding myself both ashamed of my radiator prejudice and offended on behalf of your offence. Clearly I am displaying electric radiator privilege and I shall now self flagellate in penance for my sins…. 😜

      • Self flagellation in penance? Is that Penance near Lewis? Or did you mean Penzance?

  13. Good cunting. I haven’t seen a single empty shelf except for those old photos online taken whilst cleaning the shelves and used as propaganda by shrill Remoaner fuckwits as “evidence” to perpetuate their everyday whingeing. There’s the odd gap but then there always is.

    • Like the ones when they pose one tin of baked beans and then use a tight AP shot to make the other shelves look empty…I could do that now in my local Morrisons with just my camera phone and they are stocked to the gills with everything.


    • Cap mag:
      My local Wankbury’s, during the 1st lockdown-no canned alcohol, almost no wine or spirits, except stuff nobody drinks anymore, no pasta, eggs, tinned goods, crisps and biscuits.

      Based on this, people stuck at home, working their way through this lot-is it any wonder we are facing a health pandemic 🤔

  14. The only time a chap should panic, is when the condom splits or his last utters those words that freeze the blood: “I’m late!”


  15. This week i’ve been in 3 supermarkets and 2/3 P*ki shops and there are no empty shelves and no shortage of anything. It’s all bollocks created by the globalist remoaner media. They’ve been trotting out the no Turkeys at Christmas story for 5 fucking years now. Remember that cunt Cable, the Lib Dumb shithouse? He was a master at predicting shortages of all sorts of bollocks. No shortage of lying bullshit from that fucking cunt unfortunately.
    The whole Petrol thing was a pure creation of the media. They shouldn’t be calling themselves journalists these days, they are propagandists pure and simple.

    • No doubt old Vince, the LimpDumps’ resident sock elf, will be pulling himself if he loses access to Faceache and Twatter.

  16. No panic at the moment, but just wait, it is coming …..

    Christmas, already rumblings in the media, what no Turkey pluckers, no toys, what a pile of crap.

    Only another 4 weeks and COP26 will have decreed that you can only have the lights on for 3 days a week and your gas will be even more expensive with a green levy.

    We will be beyond the Panic stage and into revolution.

    • Winter is coming… The fuck can’t come soon enough what a fucking horribly depressing shite summer

      Fauci says Christmas is most likely cancelled no big family gatherings even tho despite reduced cases. Of course the greasy lying wop bastard says this and politicians can reward themselves thousands for a job well done and their own special rules the twats

  17. Watch our government cave in, as fourteen EU states prepare to release a joint statement which threatens to bully Britain to bend to EU
    It’s all to do with the NI fiasco and fishing, apparently, we should be responsible for supplying foreign fishing communities with a living.
    The Blonde Gutbucket will surrender and present it as a stunning victory for British diplomacy.
    The fucking wanker.
    Get To Fuck.

  18. All of that “survivalist” stuff has to be the most comical shite there is. Cunts in camouflage in the middle of nowhere in Yankland with 5 years supply of dried food in their basement and an arsenal of weapons that could take on a small country, but they fail to factor in the scariest aspect: being locked indoors with your family and avoid going mental and killing each other!

    Here’s a hilarious cunt from the colonies selling you his survival slop in buckets…

    (6-minute video)

    A candidate for the funniest video on YT. It still feels like satire to me after many, many viewings. But no, it’s REAL.

    • Jesus fucking Christ!! The Bernie Grant Centre? The cunt was a thief and a criminal. I wonder how much of our money Suckdick pissed away on this virtue signalling bullshit?

    • My personal favourite Barons Court is renamed William Brown, the name used by the first Black woman to serve in the Royal Navy, who disguised herself as a man.

      Jesus Christ, you thought gender bender surgery was recent. Or maybe she just looked like a bloke anyway.

  19. Reality is a cunt.

    Social media = everyone who regularly posts is a ‘caring sharing person.’

    Reality = The very same people are the ones fighting over bog rolls and filling up cans with petrol and only thinking about ‘me, me, me.’

    I’m a cunt, but the levels of cuntitude shown by many in the country over the last couple of years, is a fucking embarrassment.

    It’s the pretence of these cunts being all lovey dovey and caring sharing in their words, but their actions are the exact opposite.


  20. Been having a great deal of innocent fun lately starting rumours. Use your local community website or FaceBook Page (I am banned) to start them. Bog roll shortage, unrationed petrol for the first twenty customers at … always a good one. Heard about the looming shortage of sugar so buy now. Have fun choosing – tinned sardines/tampax/nappies/underpants etc etc. Have a word while queuing at the till. Start a stampede now. You know it makes sense,

      • Who needs whoopee cushions tho when eat some nice steamed cabbage and beans… be farting more then a grazing cow on a hot summer day

      • You could say that kimodo I’m a survivalist of sorts… I got plenty cans of sauerkraut to outlast me during the great cabbage famine of 2021 if I run out

        I mean the irish fuckers weren’t so smart during the potato famine were they?! If you can’t eat potatoes then simply eat sweet potatos or yams or jicama or whatever the fuck else surprised they couldn’t figure that one out

  21. Anyone Panic buying are cunts but the mask sheriff cunts and pro max vaxxers are the real cunts prolonging this corona flu hoax to unbelievable and unnecessary extremes are the real 5 star studded cunts in this whole affair

    Fauci and president at WHO Tendros Adhnam what ever his cunty name is should be hanged drawn and quatered maybe that bit too harsh at the very least imprisoned for their cuntish holier then thou douchebag attitudes to this

  22. The Dumb cunts fell for this one hook line and sinker, during lock down nobody used their cars and vans in a normal way so fuel sales were at an all time low, what can we do to move all this excess fuel.??? Up step the stupid Public and remove every drop of the stuff. Suckers.!!

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