Benjamin Butterworth (3)

Benjamin Butterworth is a cunt.

Not the venerable Republican US Senator of the 19th century.

This BB is a woke, pansified, lefty, pro-wimmin, anti-men (unless they are gay) remoaner.

He often appears in the left corner on Jeremy Vine’s TV show opposing the likes of the redoubtable Carol Malone, and siting Brexit for everything which goes wrong but never anything which goes right.

He is an utter toss-pot of the highest order and I mean that most sincerely friends.

With his foppish hair and round spectacles he makes Owen Jones seem macho.

In the face-slapping stakes I would put him just behind Ronaldo. Mind you, he would probably enjoy that (ooh).

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Nominated by: Sir Greeb Streebling

78 thoughts on “Benjamin Butterworth (3)

  1. I watched this woke bellend Gaylord cunt on telly last night, I had GB news on and was watching the Dan Wootton show and Benjamin Butterkist was there spouting his lefty pathetic woke bile at every opportunity, he always got quite excited when The gays or the trannies were mentioned and when the new bi superman was mentioned he got so excited that his mongy specs started to steam up, if he was all alone he would have been pulling his minuscule pud, I had to listen to this camp as fuck gobshite for 3 hours just because I was ogling at the delightful Esther Krakue, the things I put myself through just for a quick perv.

  2. This cunt is 29 years old.

    In 1831, by the age of 26, Alexander Burns had travelled the length of the Indus River through Kabul to Bukhara to prepare an intelligence report and survey for the British. He did this in disguise, having taught himself fluent Urdu and Persian.

    Will Britain ever produce such men again?

  3. I cunted him a while ago but the nom didnt make it. He is a personification of the wokie media and authoritarian left. An absolute cunt, and a hypocrite.

  4. He’s good at LGBQT+ views and he’s entitled to his opinion on anything else until he starts spouting incitement to violence or mistreatment of others.

    Given that he is a lockdown lover and lockdowns have clearly mistreated millions (NHS backlog, children missing education, mental health affected, economic impact/borrowing/businesses shut), I can only say the media are to blame for promoting this person with views that kill/ people in difficulty.

    Back in the day we used to have what I call A+ interviews, nowadays its like the E grade getting together to swap opinions or shock jocks appealing to E graders. Fed up with all of it.

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