Personal Independence Payments (PIPs)

The ever helpful Daily Supress, along with other outdoor toilet paper suppliers, has published this useful guide on how to supplement existing workshy cunt benefits.

I’m quite certain that sufferers of ” Long Covid” will be falling over each other to be first in the fucking queue.

Count yourselves lucky, shysters, that I’m not in charge of deciding who gets it, because unless you’re like Kate Garroways husband, all you’d get from me would be a beating with a baseball bat.

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45 thoughts on “Personal Independence Payments (PIPs)

  1. According to the Pity City Echo (Pity City, the epicentre of bennies), you do not need a formal long covid diagnosis to claim.

    Also if long covid is exacerbating existing conditions then enhanced payouts could apply

    Kerrrchingg. On the face of it, this looks like a scrounger’s charter. I simply give up with the socialist incumbent at no.10 and his red cohorts.

  2. It’s good to know that not only will I have to work an extra few years in order to pick up my full state pension; as well as having to work longer hours in order to earn more in order to keep on top of an ever rising cost of living thanks to inflation, fuel prices, food prices, energy prices etc. Add to that the increase in National Insurance Contributions and Council Tax next year!

    All of that in order to keep lazy cunts with some made-up bollocks crying wolf and demanding more benefits so that they can stay at home all day, feed their fucking faces, scratch their fucking arses, and post shite on social media about how tough their lives are and blah blah blah.

    Yes, a sweeping generalisation, but yet again those that are in desperate need of genuine support are dumped at the bottom of the priority pile in favour of cunts who have spent the last 18 months WfH, have loved every minute, but don’t want to go back to the office, and will now say “But I’ve got Long Covid!”

    Not even 6:30am and already am pissed off!

  3. I can’t decide who are the bigger cunts: People who work in cash-only jobs contributing fuck-all tax or bludgers who never work a single day pretending to be ill. Lazy scrotes sat at home playing computer games or spending fourteen waking hours on YouTube. What a shitty system.

    • At least the cunts paying no tax are contributing
      VAT plus injections of cash into the local community but fuck I’m naive they are probably getting benefits on top and a half a free abode with fuel allowance

      Can’t. Winning is for losers

  4. Yes Techno ,6.50 am and I don’t feel like one bit of it,(work) if I were to think about
    it .
    I soldier on and I wonder why at moments of rest
    Fucking first thing I’d do in this cuntoligist world would be fuck you , if you are able bodied you lazy cunt is gettin Nottin from my new state
    Cunts they are ( polytechnics )that encourage this fecklessness behavior

  5. There was a advert on the radio yesterday telling me that “disabled ” people dont always show any signs of being disabled. In other words people with no sign of being disabled want to tell everyone how disabled they are. Douglas Bader must be rolling his eyes.

      • It’s about how do you define a disability, isn’t it.
        Are you disabled, or just handicapped?
        Oh wait, are they not the same thing?
        Surely a disability is being unable to do something other people can do, like walk, & a handicap is something that prevents you from doing something other people can do without effort.
        My lovely brother in law lost his left leg and enough of his left arm to render it useless never missed a day’s work, raised funds for amputees and died far too young at 60.
        He never considered himself disabled or handicapped.
        Force of Nature doesn’t begin to describe him.

    • I applied for one of these so called PIP’s and was denied as I didn’t score enough on their points scale. I will admit that I did try and jump on the handouts merry go round, but I do have trouble with balance, standing and walking any distance due to the cunt that is Multiple Sclerosis. However, I do my fucking best to look normal and therefore could be classed as one of these who don’t look disabled.

  6. I feel sorry for the real disabled amongst us. There are generations of lazy fuckers out there who know the system better than the government. These cunts should be made to drive trucks they’re sitting on their arses anyway.

  7. Long Covid cunts will be all over this.

    They can add it to their WFH salary if needed. I’ve sen a few cunts who say they’re WFH ‘to protect others and themselves against C19’, but are then taking pics of themselves on Arsebook, getting wankered in packed pubs with no masks on!

    I don’t begrudge the needy getting help, particularly if they’ve paid in and just fallen on hard times, but there are far too many piss taking cunts and far too many politicians who appease them for votes.

    I’m starting to think I’ll never actually get a state pension payment, due to having to support all the piss taking scrounging cunts.

  8. You can see why every piss poor cunt in the world is scrambling to get here (891 arrived on the Dunkirk water taxi last Saturday) despite the fact that this is the most raaaaaaaaaaay-sist country in the world. (see Flabbott, Lammy, Butler. Ali Baba Fuckface, Suckdick etc)
    Then the Frogs are complaining that we haven’t paid them the £54 mill for sitting on their arses. Then, that pussy whipped Jellyfish apologises and lobs the piss taking bastards our money.
    Fuck a duck.

  9. The Cunts in charge of this Country make Viv Nicholson look like a model of financial prudence.. perhaps she had the right idea…might as well spend it before it’s taken off you and given to someone more deserving….energy companies,banks,Pub landlords who hastily set up PPE companies, civil servants to WFH,foreign aid,Branson/Philip Green type Leaders of Industry,illegal immigrants,the workshy,etc.,etc..etc.

    The cost of PIP is a fart in a thunderstorm.

    • There’s a name from the past… Spend, spend, spend, wasn’t it?

      Pleas, Sir!! Can I have a PISS payment for every time I need ro get up for a leak between 2 and 5 in the morning??!

  10. Through my wife’s job we knew of multiple disabled people who had fuck all wrong with then except when they were assessed. – benefits, mobility cars and all for taking the piss.
    By no means all, but there are significant numbers doing it.

    • Going back a few years there was some cunt filmed running a marathon when he was claiming incapacity benefit for a bad back 😂

  11. Coming soon

    Diversity Allowance

    A payment to cover the extra costs for BAME individuals in finding work due to the horrific systemic racism in Britain. Payments of £500 to £1,000 a month, tax free.

    Reparations allowance

    All dark keys to be given slavery reparations payments every month of up to £2,000 a month.

    Gayness Credits/Bummers’ Allowance

    Need £20 for a new gerbil? Got a sore ringpiece after one of Dame Reg’s parties? Laddered those tights again? Fear not, my limp wristed friends, the bottomless (ahem) money pit beckons! Yes, you too can claim for these unfair expenses.

    This country is finished.

    • Don’t forget the trannie clothing allowance so the cocksuckers can feel faaaaaaabulous! Then there’s the treehuggers who want their houses insulated and a free electric car so they can save the fucking planet.
      There’s no end to the money we can give away to every freeloading cunt in the world.

    • Twenty quid for a gerbil??!
      Take a holiday in Naaarge, allegedly they have rats the size of cats getting into people’s homes via the sewers.
      Is Uncle Elsan bum enough to take the challenge?

  12. South Wales-home of the disability living allowance.

    I knew of 1 fucker who hadn’t worked in 20 years. Reason? Weak ankle! Benefits, free car, constantly on holidays (uk and abroad).
    How pleased I was to learn of his benefits being withdrawn and him returning to the workforce-scrounging twat!-

    Meanwhile, genuinely ill people have to drag themselves to work every day👎

    Who are the fucking mugs?

  13. South Wales-home of the disability living allowance.

    I knew of 1 fucker who hadn’t worked in 20 years. Reason? Weak ankle! Benefits, free car, constantly on holidays (uk and abroad).
    How pleased I was to learn of his benefits being withdrawn and him returning to the workforce-scrounging twat!-

    Meanwhile, genuinely ill people have to drag themselves to work every day👎

    Who are the fucking mugs?

  14. Scrounging cunts round our way call their disability allowance their ‘pay’. Some seem to have free passes that mean they do not need to work for years on end. They only use their walking sticks to go to the fucking assessments. My mate Rick reckons that if half the cunts in the UK were to be killed off with a virus or something……

  15. Benefits should be available to those who have worked and have paid their due in taxes.
    The other cunts who refuse to work can get a job clogging up the oven.
    What a shithole.

  16. I have a cousin and her daughter that have been on benefits for fucking years with fibromyalgia and autism. All the ailments that you can’t see and easy to con your doctor with. Doesn’t take long on the Internet these days to look up a new, benefit enhancing disability.
    Their house is like an Aladdins Cave, full of laptops, dvd’s, drum kits all paid for by us.
    The local authority I work for is now getting disabled badge applications from people with autism. Being “disabled” is a fucking career choice now days and a path to a cushy life. Cunts.

    • Autism can be like that depending on the severity. For example, my brother – who has a more severe form of it – will never be able to work and as such will need PIPs, but other people in my family with the more mild Aspergers – myself included – are able to do so perfectly fine.

  17. One suspects that not even this benefit will be sufficient for some people.
    Labour and LibDem MPs will probably say it doesn’t get people out of poverty, and the government should provide more!

    In fact I recall a comment in the Guardian regarding the temporary increase in Universal Credit during the pandemic. She suggested that income tax should be increased by 1 or 2% in order to ringfence better Universal Credit payments for claimants.

    We’ve already been told that NICs will increase by 1.2% next for “social care”. Imagine if the basic rate of income tax was increased to 22% and/or personal allowance was frozen for 3 years in order to reallocate those extra tax payments towards benefit claimants!

    Deep joy.

  18. If you want to see piss taking cunts. Look up the TripAdvisor reviews for the Grand Hotel in Scarborough.

    The owners have taken as much as coin as possible to house loads of immos , who predictably are fucking laying waste to the place

    When the usual guests complain , they are being called….yes you guessed it …..racists.

  19. Obviously, I see a lot of disabled people, and not all disabilities are visible, lung disease, bone diseases, and, amputees with artificial limbs etc, but, there are some fucking chancers. Claim they can’t walk out to the truck and “You’ll need the stretcher to get them out”, but, being the cunt that I am, ask them how they get to the toilet when they’re downstairs and the fact that I saw them walking as we pulled up.

    Up, and jeldi fucking jeldi.

  20. One of the major flaws with DLA was the lack of follow up and regular checks to ascertain the condition of the claimant, thus you had people refereeing football matches, running marathons and so on as the conditions they were claiming for had got better but they did not bother to notify DWP or they bribed a bent doctor to supply false info. The change to PIP saw thousands on DLA not bother to claim PIP so that indicates something. PIP is harder to qualify for and many cases went to tribunal. The answer to a lot of this conning of the system and tarring all with the same brush is more staff on investigations and just because the name is of ethnic origin do not put it at the bottom of the enormous pile

  21. Any system for assisting people who are up against it due to temporary unemployment, illness, bereavement, disability etc., will be the target of that section of the population who have no problem living off other peoples honest labour. It is essential that we put in the resources to find these wasters not least because they tend to put genuine claimants under suspicion, perfect example; “You don’t look disabled to me.” These fraudsters are engaged in deliberate planned dishonesty and when caught they should be prosecuted and their names and photographs published. Having got that off my chest I would suggest we take note of DCI’s posts; he is best placed amongst us to inform this debate.

  22. A bit like my cousins daughter who has fibromyalgia, and apparently can’t bear a sleeve touching her skin but then gets a tattoo. I’ve got some real malingering cunts in my family and the benefit agencies can’t be bothered to look into it.

  23. Reminds me of the time the tube drivers threatened to strike because the powers that be had the temerity to sack a bloke who was off sick with a ‘serious’ ankle injury who they caught playing fucking squash!!

  24. I used to work for an enormous communications company. We had all kinds of people there who were in wheelchairs, partially sighted, hands like flippers due to thalidomide knock on, & not one of them moaned as much as the fuggly cunt who’d been a in an RTC of her own making. She had to have a special chair, keyboard, mouse, wrist rest, foot stool, monitor, and on and on. The bloke with flipper hands, a pen with a weighted end to tap on the keyboard.
    Point is, genuine folk wants to be treated as normal as possible, chances try it on.

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