Deontay Wilder – Crybaby Boxer

A toys out of the pram cunting for the sore-losing heavyweight boxer, Deontay Wilder, whom admittedly put in a brave performance in one of the best heavyweight fights in years against Tyson Fury.

This is almost a reluctant cunting due to the bravery he showed, but fuck it. What a big baby he made himself look at the end.

For those who missed it, the slightly mad, but oddly likeable Tyson Fury knocked the shit out of him in the third fight between the pair. Fury was down twice himself, but after the third knockdown for Wilder, there was no coming back in this ‘Rocky-esque’ epic.

There has been a lot of bad blood between the pair. Some believe it is down to Fury’s criticism of BLM while Wilder is a big BLM supporter. Who knows? They just don’t get on. However, once fights are over, fighters usually at least show respect for each other. Especially after a titanic battle like this one.

Fury offered commiserations and a welcoming hand, but Wilder’s (alleged) response was, “I don’t want to show any sportsmanship or respect’.” He then fucked off down the tunnel.

For fuck’s sake. He’d just been involved in one of the great fights and had survived it. Sure, he’s going to be pissed off, but what a sore losing cunt.

And if Anthony Joshua actually believes he should fight Fury, somebody needs to stop him for his own good, because I think Fury just might put him in a spacca chariot for life by the time he’d finish with him.

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75 thoughts on “Deontay Wilder – Crybaby Boxer

  1. Truly a great fight.
    Wilder is a warrior but also a sulker,his lack of sportsmanship after the fight was a complete disgrace.
    Tyson “im going to smash your fucking face in” Fury is a ray of sunshine in the dreadfully dull world of corporate sport.
    I sincerely hope he knocks Joshua daft.

  2. Deontay beleives all his own hype.
    A massively powerful right hand and a good boxer but his camp tell him hes a ‘king’ and talk about his ‘legacy’.
    Fill his head with shite.
    He had messiah syndrome.
    A lot of black boxers are prone to this, fall in love with themselves.
    Its a recent thing, never used to?
    Joshua and that mong David Haye im especially thinking of.
    Wilders camp should of grounded him for fighting Fury,
    Told him how strong Fury is,
    They did him a disservice.
    But what a fight!!!!👍
    Tyson Fury is a deserving champion and a role model of triumphing against insurmountable odds.
    Wasnt that long ago he was written off, drinking, overweight,
    A true champion.

    • A lot of modern boxing is the trash talking and hype which is sometimes more entertaining than the actual fight especially for U.S audiences. Floyd Mayweather is brash but can at least back up his mouth. Remember Prince Naseem? Now that was a cocky cunt who didn’t really live up to his full potential.

  3. Wilder accused Fury of cheating after the second fight, he gets battered a second time and can’t accept he’s second best. The guy has a big heart but he’s not accepted being a loser.

    Around 2:06 to see him fucked.

  4. The problem is, Deontay Wilder has been the pin up boy of the black, race grifting, social media twats for years.
    There are lots of YouTube creators, with huge followings, who make a living out of following Wilder-after the second fight, they were determined to make this one all about race.
    He has started to believe this shit himself-that he is unbeatable and was robbed by racist Honkies.

    He lost the first fight-but we all know that the only way to beat a fighter in their own back yard is to knock them the fuck out.
    In the second fight, if Wilder’s corner had not thrown in the towel, Fury could have seriously damaged him. Same thing in the third fight.

    I recently heard a great quote about Fury and Wilder:

    A boxer needs to have lots of tools in his box-Fury has em all, whilst Wilder just has a hammer.

    I reckon Dylian Whyte could push Wilder-probably beat him.

    Don’t forget, Fury had a 20 month lay-off between fights, had covid this summer and had the stress of almost losing his new baby, a couple of months back.
    A great victory for the sport of boxing.

    I still doubt that these modern fighters could handle a prime Mike Tyson, Holyfield or Lewis.

    • Fury is very accurate. Never a dud. He almost always connects. Crucially when the fight reaches the ‘swinging’ toe to to stuff he still doesn’t miss. Even when he is seemingly not in the right position, knocked off balance himself, he finds the head.

    • I have a soft spot for Dillian Whyte who, like Fury, has no corporate filter on whatever shite comes out of his mouth.

      • Dilian Whyte is an ungracious winner and an ungracious loser on the occasions he’s been knocked out.

        A truly unsporting chip on the shoulder cunt and a bang average heavyweight.

  5. Professional sport needs people like Tyson Fury. He’s mad as a box of frogs but honest and incredibly entertaining with a genuinely inspirational story. If Joshua were to fight him I wouldn’t give it more than seven rounds.

  6. Loved the pre-fight argy bargy-where Fury bellowed:

    “No man born from his mothers CUNT can beat me!”

    What a tremendous ambassador for the Gypsies😉

    • Fury is obviously well-read then as he is quoting none other than the great bard Shakespeare himself (see Macbeth, page 45)

  7. That’s the modern sportsman for you. Most of them are cry-babies, or wet, woke, unsporting wimps.

    WG Grace – now there was a sportsman. They don’t make cricketers like that any more – with big, black beards. Except in the Pakistan cricket squad.

  8. I reckon now there should be a losers fight between Deontay Wilder and Cuntony Joshua maybe to give AJ a chance it would be better if Gene Wilder fought him
    My money is on Gene to spack him up

  9. I had twenty quid on a lighting rig collapsing and crushing them both to death. ( 3,000 to 1 )
    It would seem that I am destined to a life of continuing poverty.
    Magnificent fight, but a pair of cunts.
    Good evening.

  10. Cracking fight I loved his interview afterwards where he sang his song then at the end kept singing Lancashire Lancashire Lancashire Lancashire proper top northerner!!!

  11. I loved Wilder sending a pre fight video message to Fury. A professional production I believe with fancy graphics and dramatic music.

    Fury’s response?

    Filmed on a low resolution phone by the looks of it. It was short and just had Fury’s face saying, “I’m gonna smash yer fuckin’ face in yer fuckin’ prick, how’s that for a message?”

    The BBC will fix it that he can’t win SPOTY because he’s anti gayness, anti BLM and generally very non PC.

    • Agree.
      White working class Christian who doesn’t bend the knee?!!!
      Not a chance

    • BBC Sports personality of the year?

      The very existence of Tyson Fury and his success is enough to trigger a meltdown at the beeb.


      Fucking brilliant.

      • SPOTY is nailed on for Emma Raducanu. That arse crawling twat Lineker is already swooning at the thought of all the progressive diversity

      • And anybody knows that if Fury was anything but white then he’d be 100 percent nailed on.

        It’s actually an embarrassment that he almost certainly won’t win the thing.

        A winner with personality.

        Sorry mate – wrong complexion.

    • Turkish and English flags sown together is not something I ever want to see again.

  12. A truly brilliant fight.
    I got up early to watch, and was not disappointed.
    Wilder has underestimated Fury time and again and has left the world without a doubt he is a whinging sore loser.
    I’m looking forward to watching Fury launch Joshua into the third row of seats.

  13. Wilder showed unbelievable courage in the last 2 fights against Fury and he deserves a lot of credit for it.
    An utterly one dimensional boxer though, who couldn’t lace the gloves of most champions before him but with an incredibly powerful punch when it lands.
    The unbelievable lack of sportsmanship shown by Wilder – especially after that latest fight has tainted what legacy he had.

    Beaten fair and square by the better man on 3 occasions (including the dubious draw)

    Fucking deal with it you deluded cunt.

    To be fair to him, after the comprehensive battering he received in the last 2 fights with the relentless clubbing head shots from Fury making his ears piss blood on both occasions and his behaviour before and afterwards – I’d question the fellas mental faculties.

    Taking heavy shots to the head repeatedly like he did is something any man can do without.
    Ali and Frazier were proof of that later on in their lives.

    • Fraser always laughed when he saw Ali as that ravaged wreck on TV, commenting I did that. He hated him for calling him Uncle Tom when the reverse was true. Smoking Joe died above the Gym he had run for decades in the same Philly rough neighbourhood he was born into.

  14. I suppose at least he wasn’t as sore a loser as that useless boxing cunt from the Olympics, obviously Wilder is still a cunt but pails into insignificance compared to the Olympic cunt.
    You an imagine the managers conversation, now we can salvage some dignity here and not look like cunts…. To late, still there’s always David Haye, compared to him and the Olympic chimp Wilder is golden…

  15. Fucking hell I forgot about Nazim Hamed, next to him they all look good, he was the king of cunts, even worse than Eubanks, hang on I see a pattern forming here, boxing and cunts go hand in hand… Connor fucking McGregor…. I rest my case… Mostly cunts in boxing….

  16. White British Heavyweight boxing champion of the world, well done Tyson Fury. Joshua won’t beat Usyk in their rematch therefore won’t get a chance to be battered by Fury. Eddie Hearn is probably shitting his pants about how much Gay Jay has cost him. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer pair of cunts. Bit of an irony if a Pikey cleans up boxing.

  17. Mike Tyson was and still is my favourite boxer. No frills entry into ring wearing a ripped up sheet, oozing menace, stalking the ring before the fight. But he backed it up, great technical boxer, strong and a student of fighters before him. The hangers on including that shit breath ‘Crocodile’ ruined Mike. Losing Cus D’Amato and Bill Jacobs early in his career, two blokes who tried to keep him on the right track.

    • Mike Tyson’s destruction of Larry Holmes was particularly impressive and probably an underestimated performance.
      Probably at his absolute pomp at that point.
      Fair enough at 38 Holmes was well past his best but he was still a legend and a seriously intelligent boxer.
      Tyson was just unstoppable.

      • Good evening Gordon.

        At this exact point in time Iron Mike was a wrecking machine.
        Holmes was an expert boxer with a great chin.

        Personally I wouldn’t put Tyson up there with Ali but for a while in the late 80s the fella was a superstar.
        His personal life obviously fucked him up big time.

      • Herman@

        I watched Mike in interview saying with Larry Holmes it was personal and he wanted to punish Larry for what he did to a past his best Ali .

      • Ali went on far too long Miserable. It was so sad to see. I’m sure I read that he had to carry on because of that crook Don King, I maybe wrong. I know for a fact though that King ripped off Tyson.
        I hate seeing boxers go on past their best, I can understand it but it pains me to watch some of them .

      • Same Bob.
        True story,
        Ali sat home watching tv,
        News report about a bloke threatening to jump from a tall building.
        Ali gets in the car and drives down there.
        Police let him go up,
        He talks the guy off the ledge.
        Big heart and my hero as a kid.
        RIP champ

      • The media’s version of Tyson’s life is not congruent with his own actuality of the events and motivations of his actions. He was no saint in his younger years, but he was not the monster he is still painted as. The rape allegation is comical when you look into the facts. He wasn’t treated fairly by the media and court. He blew 300 million dollars, but he’s happier with 3 million now, he says! Ali was no saint, either. He said and did some crazy shit, he was a womaniser and could be an asshole to his kids at times. But I’d rather have flawed heroes like that than many of the squeaky clean cyborgs that pass for sports heroes today.

        Tyson’s funniest moments on his podcast:

      • The craziest fucking story about Don King is that he killed a guy in 1954 who was robbing his gambling joint and in 1967 he stomped an employee to death. Yet somehow this motherfucker got a boxing license, all kinds of licenses and cut throw a zillion miles of red tape. Damn. He must have incredible, Satanic connections!

      • Mis, that sounds like the best unreleased Jim’ll Fix It episode ever! “Dear, Mr Thhavile, could you fixth it for me to…”

  18. I so don’t care. If I wanted to watch two idiots trying to kill each other, I’d simply stand outside my local at chucking out time.

  19. Good on Tyson Fury for beating up this B.L.M loving Bum.! A white man knocked you the fuck out so knuckle drag back to your Changing room, there’s some Fried chicken going cold.!

  20. Wilder should keep his mouth shut. In a few years the history book will show how he thrashed Mr Fury.

  21. Being a mouthy cunt in boxing, any martial art, gets you whooped. Only Ali and Tyson backed up their talk with walk and KOs. Most of the other boxers who are mouthy cunts end up on the canvas with no mouth-guard. This cunt Wilder is a classic example of that. And he’s worse – now he’s whining like Apollo Creed at the start of Rocky II? Zip it, bubba.

    • “This train has been delayed because of body parts on the line”.

      Bloody French, they were probably a couple of future Booker Prize winners.

      Evening Jack.

    • That’s cheered me up. They must have nicked some wine from a supermarket. Peacefuls aren’t used to alcohol.
      That’s three p*nces we won’t be seeing over here. Candlelight vigil anyone?

      • We have a revised Underground map for Black History Month.
        The French decorate their railway with black body parts …….
        Now that’s what I call style.
        Get To Fuck.

      • Evening Jack,
        This is the age of the train!
        If more choo choo’s did their bit itd be a better world.
        Thomas the tank engine killed 3 morrocans,
        And Ivor the engine 5 sudanese!
        But the Railway children need counseling!
        Daddy! My Daddy!

      • A proper film.
        When the world was normal.
        And Great Britain could hold its head up high.

      • I saw a suicidal peaceful lying on the train tracks.
        I said to him, “Are you sure you want to lay on those tracks and wait for a train to kill you.?”
        He said, “Why the fuck not.?”
        I said, “It’s a branch line, they don’t run on Sunday’s.”….

      • Any suicidal gimmigrants would be wasting their time over here with our shitty unreliable trains. Better off jumping in front of the replacement bus service.

      • Jack: Jenny Agutter naked in “Walkabout”-a proper English rose’s “Bush”👍

      • Hit by a train dumb cunts They fall asleep on the tracks?! Peacefuls definitely aren’t used to alcohol they become rapists when they drink it, then again they are rapists when they don’t drink…

        If they see exposed leg or arms Islam allows for you to rape for their whorish indecent exposure hence the hijab

  22. Wilder is a one-trick pony and in my opinion would lose to Anthony Joshua, Dillian Whyte and Joseph Parker. He probably won’t want to take any of them on after losing three times to Fury. Totally ungracious in defeat, and not the only American who has found fame as a sore loser. Who’s that other one? I can’t just think of his name.

  23. I do respect Fury for his pugilist skills but the fact remains he is a pikey cunt, along with his whole family. The reason his old man didn’t go to the States to watch his son is because he has a criminal record for blinding a man – tried to gouge his eye out over a 10 year feud involving a bottle of beer. Tells you all you need to know. Fuck the lot of ’em. Cunts.

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