David Lammy (12)

Fat, racist cunt David Lammy loves to play the victim card. But he’s pissed off a group that, historically, has often been deprived of equal rights…

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Apparently, biological women (AKA, women) who don’t want to get undressed in front of Quagmire’s Dad or have some hairy-arsed, five ‘o’ clock shadowed cunt with an Adam’s Apple the size of a golf ball using the same toilets as their underaged daughters are “dinosaurs” who “hoard rights.”

Fuck off, Lammy, you stupid thick wanker. Seems to me, women should be entitled to single sex spaces and neither you nor the Christopher Biggins lookalike who allegedly leads your party should be able to dictate to women about female issues. Oh, and fuck you.

Never thought I’d have sympathy for old school feminists but it is very noticeable that it is always men trying to force their way into female sports, toilets, changing rooms rather than vice versa. Funny that.

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  1. The delicious contradiction, of course, is that there is a tremendous taboo against the gayness and trannyism in black culture. If you eat da poo poo in Africa for example you are likely to end up with a very hot and smelly tire round your neck.
    Even in the relatively sophisticated environs of David’s Tottenham it’s a dangerous business being a black batty boy. Of course the feminazi/trannie dichotomy is dangerous ground for any cunt playing the identity politics game. Good luck to the fat boy and his posh white wife. He had a friend who died in Grenfell you know? Fucking tragedy.

    • Lammy is Idi Amin without the medals.
      Full on mental, always chucking a fit, and talks bollocks.
      Of course trans people have rights.
      They have the right to fuck off.
      What does this fruit bowl burglar know about it?
      Jack shit.

      “Lammy!! Get down from there!”

  2. Imbecilic cunts like him just make prejudice and racism worse, constantly seeing it where none exists. Hungary fans, and a fair few England ones, I’d wager, last night, expressing their displeasure with banners and jeering at the ‘Taking The Knee’ farce is just the tip of the iceberg. Ironically, BLM has increased racism. Quelle surprise.


  3. I’m with Mr.Lammy….I’d feel far safer taking a shit in a Public toilet if I was sure that all The Gays,Trannies and other Mentals were safely corralled in the women’s toilet…see how keen the ‘equal-rights- for -all’ Wimminz are when they’ve got Christopher Biggins struggling to insert his tampon in the next door stall.

    # Up The Sisterhood.

    • Morning Mr F…surely you wouldn’t lower yourself to entering a public toilet?
      I’d try and muscle that turd back up until I got home.
      Do public toilets still have that weird, waxy 70’s/80’s school-esque bog roll that doesn’t absorb and simply smarms the shit around?

      • You try living on a diet of Bushmills,tinned pie,pigeon and Guinness….a fucking public toilet is a luxury…I bet that family in Selkirk still wonder just what kind of wild animal defiled their Wendy House in such a “dirty protest” manner…particularly one that added insult to injury by leaving it’s soggy boxer-shorts over “Big Ted”‘s head….I really didn’t like the way that he was staring at me..judging me…the hairy Cunt.


  4. Never mind the sisterhood even the gays ain’t happy about the trannies hogging all the victimhood and wokie sympathy.
    Bitch fight! Bitch fight!

  5. I am sure Hammy Lammy is that Femi Whatshisname from Adonis’s “Rejoin The EU Fascist Twat Campaign” in a fat suit – certainly they share that same ambition. Lammy/Femi has the querulous high-pitched rather Black Nancy voice – it is supposed to demote passion, but merely sounds as if he has his butt plug wedged too high up his outsize rectum.

    Lammy, Butler, Lewis and Abbott must between them have set race relations back 60 years. Incidentally, on The World At One on Wireless 4 yesterday afternoon, they discussed the “serious shortcomings” on the Covid situation last year, first up of the aggreived relatives was a lady, whose father “of the Windrush generation”, who came here in 1956, had, sadly, perished last March at the terribly early age of – 98. He wouldn’t have died, she said, had it not been for our terrible government. Use listen again on the BBC website if you don’t believe me. The bereaved lady spoke at approx 1309.

    Then Lammy has the fucking cheek to say that black people don’t have a voice. On the BBC they sure do.

    Lammy is a pile of steaming horse shit, and should be laughed out of Parliament.

    • The kissing of groidal arse is now a required component of pretty much every…as in EVERY… piece of W4’s output. Every news item, every drama, every continuity piece, even the fucking Shipping Forecast is now rumbled out by some pound-shop Robeson-a-like who delivers it as though he’s simultaneously rolling a chunk of paw-paw round its maw!

  6. I wonder how he’d react if he had a ten year old daughter who came screaming and running out of the changing rooms, after a ‘lady’ had a big boner and was staring at her as she got undressed?

    Good luck in court trying to say it’s illegal for a ‘woman’s penis’ to be erect in a changing room! Where’s that fucking law?

    Well done feminists! You earned this, but I pity the many women against this madness. It’s up to them to speak out.

    Never hear of ‘female to male’ trannies fighting for their rights to be around naked men and boys. Weird isn’t it?

    Oh, I’d execute the (male) cunts demanding to be around naked girls because they ‘identify’ as women.

    Fuck off you fucking per v erts!

    • Rosie Duffield, one of the very few sane Labour women MPs did speak out and the poor love received not only abuse, but hate mail and threats, which prevented her from going to their Conference in Brighton – mind you with the crap they tak there, she was well out of it.

  7. All this nonsense will lead to some interesting confrontations. ……
    ” There’s trouble at t ‘ naked yoga class ”
    Good morning.

    • Uncle,I was going to express the same sentiment but you put it far more succinctly than I could manage.

  8. This cunt has a book out. I saw it in the library. And not a colouring book either. I bet it’s a rattling good read.

  9. What a shining example of the toxic detritus, polluting parliament.

    Between mouthfuls of Kaffa, apologies, Jaffa Cakes? Lammy never fails to misjudge majority opinion and thinking.👍

    Sweaty, wobbling ape in a suit
    You never shut up about race
    I wish a transgenders size 12
    Would stomp shit onto your face

    Most folk wouldn’t give 2 fucks
    Mention the way that you smell
    It wouldn’t even alter your looks
    I am certain nobody could tell

    Now it’s time to stop shambling
    Now it’s time to change the tune
    We’re bored with the rambling
    You stupid, embarrassing c.oon

  10. One point that stood out for me, from Lammy’s long ramble in the link:

    He thinks positive discrimination is a GOOD thing-if it gets more BLACK men into Westminster.
    Ergo: David Lammy is saying that BLACK men are not capable of getting on in life, without positive discrimination-admitting that his ilk are purely token gestures…..
    The stupid, stupid bastard🤔

  11. Unfortunately General, this is the case now days. The Met police dumbed down the application for our darker brethren to try and get more of them into the force a few years ago. I think it had fuck all success. Too much money to be made in the private sector selling medicinals and ladies of the night.

  12. Hahaha. Lammy is a prick. Not fit for public life let alone office. Black people must be ashamed of him claiming to speak for them all the time.

    I do have sympathy for women who are being subjected to the leering of the truckers in pigtails and dresses, but not the second or third wave feminists.

    They brought this nightmare on themselves.

  13. The bloke is just a dunce.

    Each time he in TV you never see him debate, he just gets angry all the time – wanna watch the blood pressure me ol china!

  14. A jolly jingle for his tailor…
    Chessington Zoo, Chessington Zoo, Chessington Chessington Chessington Zoo.

    A bloody waste of fifty yards of good cloth.
    The thing needs hanging by the ball sack for cultural misappropriation.

  15. The one and only time I admired Lammy was when he took the piss out of that other cunt George pussy cat Galloway.

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