Conceited Independent Guardian Cunts and Yahoo Drivel

Turns out not only did the decrepit old slapper whose newspaper failed and is only available on line these days bought out Yahoo News. So it is filled with utter cuntitude. MSNBC, Huffington Post and all other glaringly narrowminded left cuntpinions. They’re utterly laughable titles and nothing but a slag off to any rational minded normal.

Try this classic

Yahoo News Link

Seethe much lately? Moany Libo London Blinkered Cunt?

Turns out that not only was it such a waste of time writing comments to Yahoo (basically 80% was public opinion) with 20% screeching lefties losing the argument; the sulk meter went off the charts. Eg police were wrong to shoot terrorist who stabbed 17 in Streatham; and other assorted blanket lefty whining cunts.

The end result of all this; ‘we at Yahoo have decided’ that comments are not reflective of the countries views and have banned comments. So i) their jannies removed any rational minded persons comments, ii) they over liked or thumbed up screeching lefty opinion, iii) deleted any comments that were normal leaning if they got over so many thumbs up. Now we are left with this drivel.

Amazingly, I still get the opportunity on some boards to always remind screeching lefties that the Guardian is founded by a famous black slaver. The immediate lefty response is hilarious, it’s comedy gold. Just try it, they hate facts. If anyone wants to share their views on dealing with total lefty brain fucktards please send em in the replies. Me and boys need a fucking good laugh. Lastly, there’s hope for us all, the poor old criminal stomach shooter has been defaced again (blub blub)

George Floyd Memorial

anyone swallowing what the media’s shovelling?

Yahoo News Link 2

ah fuck those cunts. but at least France is collapsing watching that petulant frog and his geriatric bitch being voted in on the rigged EU Toady vote. Happy Days

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40 thoughts on “Conceited Independent Guardian Cunts and Yahoo Drivel

  1. Yes, cancelling comments and ‘dislikes’ seems to be becoming a thing. I hear YouTube are talking about going this way now.

    Pathetic cunts who can’t handle their opinions being unpopular, but it is quite sinister.

    Like it or lump it, most people (who are idiots by the way) get their opinions from social media or social media ‘news’ sites nowadays.

    This means the young ones will grow up never seeing an opposing view, apart from the one the social media giants put out there.

    Needs to be stopped. These cunts are getting way too much power.

    I’d simply make it law that comments are open on every online news article with likes and dislikes. And a blanket media law, so the fucking Guardian or BBC can’t delete any comment that isn’t pro Commie/pro BLM etc.

    Journalism has changed to the point it’s becoming activism. Regulate these cunts now to take into account modern times (internet).

    • You know that cunt, Dr Fauci over in that America? He had out some jive-ass documentary and dig this, you and I or any other schnook isn’t allowed to review his film on Rotten Tomatoes and explain why it’s a bag of shite and how Fauci is a snivelling wee dwarf who has lied to America and the world for ages.

      Comical world we are in now. But I can see the house of cards/cunts falling soon. It just isn’t feasible to sustain this level of deception and censorship.

      (1-minute video)

      What a cunt.

  2. June 23rd 2016…..a day that will live in infamy! A tremendous shock to the system. They’ve never got over it and never will. The working classes not doing as they are told by their betters.
    The world turned upside down.

    • Their upper middle class betters, Rees-Mogg, Johnson, Gove, Farage, Tice etc, told them to vote Leave…. and they did! The world turned downside up. 😃

  3. Go woke, go broke
    Chickens home to roost for lots of these fuckers.

    6 years on and still unable to accept and respect the wishes of the majority of British people.

    Make no mistake, ethnics, non indigenous and raving lefties made up a good proportion of remoaners!

    Brexit was a punch in the face, a reality check, that the majority of decent, working folk, do NOT want to see our heritage destroyed.
    Time these cunts moved on👎

  4. Andrea Mammone. I bet this one has gone through life with a sore arsehole just because he was given a girl’s name.

    Looks like a slit-eyed, greasy eyetie.


  5. The Guardian was not only founded by a slaver but it supported the Confederacy in the American Civil War. Point this out to a Grauniadista and they will cancel you immediately.

    Hypocrites and cunts.

    • The civil war was not JUST about slavery. It is more nuanced than that.
      The uk bank-rolled the confederacy👍 Armed them. Supplied them boats and helped crew their navy👍

    • Whilst I agree that the American Civil War was not just about slavery the average libturd thinks that it was and consequently it is easy to wind them up by using this information.
      When they go apeshit mention that the Democratic Party supported slavery whilst the Republican Party was formed as an anti slavery movement.

      • The Democratic Party STILL supportsdlavery: it uses blacks to “grift” votes, yet cares fuck all about blacks, in reality-see the net result of defunding non federal law enforcement 🤔

      • The Democratic Party STILL supportsdlavery: it uses blacks to “grift” votes, yet cares fuck all about blacks, in reality-see the net result of defunding non federal law enforcement 🤔

    • Irony is the republicans stopped slavery. The first guy kicked almost to death by democrats for doing so. First grand wizard of kkk was a democrat, eugenics founder (democrat) Republicans campaigned for BLM to have guns to defend against democrat kkk.

      They control the media so tell everyone what to thing damn the facts and keep on lying.

      Why are lefties blinkered retardophiles?

  6. I believe free speech is a fundamental right in a free society, as long as it doesn’t incite violence, unfortunately only leftists and Grauniad types can incite violence and get off Scot free, if you’re to the right of Mao and hold any opinion, it’s the gulag for you or re-education to evaluate your privilege!

  7. First the pretend Tory Government banned any non approved comments regarding its lefty agenda behind their Covids over response – including deploying the military to police the ban. Now the marxist controlled sewer that is social meeja has enthusiastically taken up the policy and banned any criticism of anything relating to the lefty agenda for everything. No surprise there, then. Fuck them, fuck it, fuck off. The country brimful of scum. Totally fucked. Fact.

    Good morning, everyone.

  8. Must be something in the makeup/brain of lefties. They squeal, cry, shout and protest loudly when they don’t get their own way – almost like manchildren/womenchildren.

    Aside from that silly fucking sow Soubrey (who was a lefty plant), how many Conservative MPs behave in this way? Very few.

    Labour and Libtard MPs on the other hand… Just like a creche full of ooking and eeking primates fighting over the last banana. Cunts.

  9. What a rant from Mammone (who)

    The Berlin Wall, what the fuck has that got to do with Brexit and the poor EU citizens in the uk who can’t get jobs, what 1.1 million vacancies.

    He is ok, off to a job in the EU, with a stint in the US, so he hasn’t lost his job, he is choosing a career move but blaming Brexit.


  10. The way he described “multi-cultural” London😂
    Like describing George Floyd as a communidee leader😂

    • Maybe a map full of names of the black stabby types, victims on the left perpetrators on the right, I doubt there will be enough stations 😂
      I am sure Suckdick would approve.

    • I believe Birmingham is planning a similar promotion to celebrate noted smelly påkis who abuse underage white girls and blow themselves up at pop concerts.

    • The Luftwaffe did more to shape modern Britain than any POC.
      Are they being honoured too?

      • Think they’re due a return match. Added bonus, the Square Mile’s architectural pissing contest in flames and rubble.

      • No, it’s very real. I think it’s only for a month though (like they originally said the taking the knee was just for 8 games).

        The names will stay I reckon. Same thing as with the knee taking shit. Too many cowards too scared to be the one to stop first (in this case, pull down the station names first, when some chippy BLM types turn up demanding the names stay).

        What a fucking waste of money anyway. They’ve ‘honoured’ some (alleged) high ranking Roman official dark key from Roman times who just existed for a short time on these isles.

        Being black and simply existing for a few weeks in England, is now a fucking reason to have a train station named after you it seems. And I doubt the cunt was black anyway, probably just a swarthy darker skinned Eye-tie/Greek.

        Yes, these name changes are for ‘black history month’ but I think they might stay for good.

  11. The truth is available to any who want it. Unfortunately most don’t want it. You have to make a conscious effort to: 1) Think (use your fucking brain) 2) Seek & find truth 3) Stand by what you know to be true.
    Too many lazy cowardly cunts can’t be bothered.

  12. Not only do these cunts dislike your opinion they oppose your right to have one.
    Stifle any dissent.
    Black people havent shaped the Uk.
    Theyve done fuck all far as I can see?
    Accept drive up crime levels.
    Moan like fuck.
    This fantasy the left has of the Windrush sailing over bringing culture to us?!!!!
    Apparently we didnt have colour, music, we lived in a grey world, ate grey food, wore grey clothes, till winston, Leroy and jemima turned up then it became fuckin year zero.
    They came to earn a living, they was invited, and most got on with it.
    No medals needed.
    Suddenly theyre fuckin sea going missionaries of culture?
    I don’t think so.

  13. I wonder if the are going to rename Tottenham Hale after Mark Duggan?
    This is just more evidence of what Suck Dick Khan thinks of White Londoners. Utter contempt.

  14. An article that opens with, ‘I never imagined witnessing food shortages or the absence of fuel in petrol stations in a western industrialised nation’ can be dismissed as bollocks.

    There was no real shortage of food.

    There was a fuel shortage in the early noughties. I was taking my driving lessons at the time.

    Shut up you stupid, lying bint.

    • Oh, Andrea is a bloke. Still a cunt, as are most historians who specialize in grievance studies. An ‘expert’ on the history of the fr-right and xenophobia.

      Takes one to know one.

    • I love this shit! it’s like Brexit all over again, seeing lefty cunts screeching and wailing. Hope we get proper fucking shortages, I would happily have a potnoodle for Christmas lunch then settle down to watch the BBC news while singing rule Britania and drinking some of my hoarded beer. Gina Miller and that cunt Campbell will be crying over Brexit and seething with hatred towards leavers, then a story about a poor transgender child who didn’t get his fairy costume because of delivery delays.
      Have applied for tickets to last night of the proms next year, You’ll recognise me by my little union jack, and because I am punching every cunt with a gay EU hat hard between the eyes. It’s the only language they understand.

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