The Labour Party [22]

The Labour Party Conference AKA The Labour Party needs a major league cunting

In a nutshell:

“Blah blah blah trans rights” *applause*
“Blah blah homophobia, hate crimes everywhere blah blah” *applause*
“I as an LGBTQA +, BAME, disabled, genderqueer, non-binary blah blah” *applause*
Blah blah comrades we must unite” * applause*etc

The Labour Party is now an absolute shitshow of slogan-spouting circus freaks. The absolute state of it. You cannot believe your eyes looking at them. It’s a cult of jobless, talentless, Marxist cunts.

At one point at the party conference, a BAME speaker asked white members of the conference to refrain from over-representing themselves by raising a hand during questions. Beggars belief. Apartheid by any other name.

It’s utterly embarrassing watching these clowns stammer through their buzz phrase-laden speeches, milking applause by name dropping a victim group. Shows just how far down the crapper Labour have fallen. I think it’s one more flush from exiting the u-bend at this point. And hasn’t it taken a lot of toilet paper?

After the pure entertainment of ‘Cervix Gate’ it’s clear that Labour is a fractious rabble of confused, anxious and bemused ideologues each trying to out-victim eachother but not knowing which victim to plump for. So much so it might implode under the weight of its own contradictions.

‘To trans or not to trans? That is the question’ And it’s one even Queer Stammer cannot answer without galloping over his words like a startled horse.

The fact that they use the word ‘comrade’ to refer to each other makes my piss boil on its own. Don’t they know we can see and hear them? To me, being an out and proud Commie in a public forum is as morally and socially repugnant as goose-stepping around Tottenham in an SS uniform. It should be shamed and shunned for what it is: sponsoring genocide

Yet, Communism’s genocide against its own people somehow doesn’t retain the same stigma as the holocaust at a Labour Conference. Oh no.

Remember: gulags = necessary. Concentration camps = bad

They should be ashamed of themselves for being the unelectable, out of touch, petty, delusional, hate-filled and racist set of cunts they are.

The Tories are such cunts. But, they don’t hold a candle to the modern Labour Party. There is now no legitimate opposition to the Tories and therefore our democracy is all the worse for it … which underlines what a catastrophe Labour cause every day they don’t get their fucking act together.

Labour, here is a small list of things that would make you instant electoral gold

1. Stop spouting bollocks about trans people and BLM. Start talking about native workers rights, the compression of wages, creating jobs ie caring about working-class people aka not alienating the red wall etc.
2. Stop waving rainbow flags and start waving the British flag
3. Stop pitting everyone against each other as members of oppressed groups and start talking about everyone just being British like in the 90’s (remember cool Britannia?)
4. Stop going on about hate crime bills and hate speech and start arguing for the protection of free speech. Also, start policing knife crime instead of arresting people for offensive fucking tweets.
5. Stop being a thinly-veiled front for a Communist dictatorship in waiting, you bloody fucking cunts.

I could go on…

Here’s a compilation of the car crash that was day 4 of the conference

Nominated by: Cunty McCunterson

66 thoughts on “The Labour Party [22]

  1. Watched the clip. What a bloody joke, you couldn’t make this crap up.

    Stronger… Future… Together. Is it 2-ply or 3-ply? It seems to absorb all sorts of rancid old jizz, piss and shit

  2. As Ronald Reagan once said ‘the weirdest collection of misfits and looney tunes’.

    What about those daft cows banging on about trans rights, whilst wearing their Palestinian flag lanyards. Try protesting for trans rights in gaza love, you’ll end up either thrown in a prison cell, or off the top of a tall building.

  3. Any one here lived in socialism?

    I have, it was not so good, one in five worked for the security services, and there were shit loads of them.
    I will dwell on that part later.
    So me, Lord Benny, living amongst the poor, the oppressed, the down trodden…
    Why? ( best ask my ex about that one)
    So my experience, every one is a fucking victim, a bit like me and my Ex, however they are also entitled, some cunt in a lease car is parked in the MRS’s disabled space because they are fucking entitled, not sure why but entering into a credit agreement makes you some one.
    Labour, well the hint is in the fucking name, people who work and who do they care for? people who do not work, well that’s handy !
    In my block well of 10 flats 5 people work !
    Two of those people are my MRS and me!
    But its Labour fucking Labour, but they do not work! they leach, take only cant work cunts.
    Life in socialism? I dwelt on that earlier, cant work, will work and if you don’t then you go to prison.
    Prison will care for you, you will receive food shelter and medical attention,
    Thought not to the scale that labour promises.

    • Please expand on that Lord Benny. One in five employed as state spies? I’m taking a guess at the GDR but I’ll stand correction. Don’t know of any socialist regime which didn’t go down the shitter eventually, e.g. USSR, Venezuela etc. Genuinely interested, please tell us more!

    • The best lenses – Carl Zeiss, and hearing aids were E German.
      I wonder why?
      Apparently, the guard dogs were soft as grease (!), and sadly many were culled.

    – Anticapitalistic decolonization
    – Trans women are women
    – Growing threat of….Incels
    – “We’Re AlL DeScendaNts of ImmIGraNts”
    – George Floyd, BLM
    – Comrade, Comrade, Comrade

    I think that sums up everything the conference covered, clearly a finger on the pulse of the UKs electorate. The Tories should use that video in their next election campaign, job done.

  5. I was considering a cunting in this very subject. Pleased I didn’t as this is a far more rounded and intelligent nomination. All I’ll add is this bunch of self important cunts should be offering a decent opposition to Boris. That is what they are supposed to be isn’t it, an opposition? Thanks largely to them Boris has and will plough on virtually unopposed. I’m no fan of Labour, never have been. It amused me when they backed Corbyn and disappeared from being an electable alternative. Now at the time we need a valid opposition we have this bunch of cunts squabbling over identity politics. They’re trying to work out how to win back the working mans vote? Doesn’t take a genius to understand any policy that talks about pronouns and trans rights for example has as much change of winning back the working mans vote as Maggie Thatcher introducing a 90% tax on anybody earning less than £20k. Twats.

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