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If anyone still believes that the BBC is unbiased, take a listen to last Friday’s Wireless 4’s News Quiz (18.30 1/10/21 repeated 1227 2/10/21). It’s on Listen Again on their website, but before that take a look at one of the main stories on the BBC News website today (4rg October):

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An old scandal rehearsed by the BBC and a certain Gavin Millar QC, an 80 something old fool who just happens to be the sister of Fiona Millar, who just happens to be married to Alistair Campbell, poor cow., Blair’s press secretary and a course a firm friend of Peter Mandelson,.

Is it a coincidence that this old story surfaces today.? Perhaps – or perhaps not. I know Dame Kweer is desperate, but his anxiety is clearly getting through to the BBC. This is hardly Watergate, but no word from the unbiased BBC about Anthony and Cherie and their very large tax savings, just annunced, just as there was no word on the News Quiz about cervixes or scum. One of the old garts on the panel even said how much she likes Starmer. Imagine if Boris or Trump had made the cervix remark: they would have pissed themselves over it – Starmer: a respectful silence.

I thought Tim Davie was going to clean out the BBC stables, but the shit appears to still be there.

I know there is a BBC thread but this seemed too egregious to be buried there

Nominated by: W.C. Boggs

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77 thoughts on “BBC Bias (52)

  1. What do you expect from the Bashir Bullshit Corporation? The BBC exists only for Islington Luvvies who love Nagging Hatchetty and her Union Jack jokes.

  2. A poisonous mob of Quislings.
    We are taxed to pay for outright propaganda.
    At the very minimum the tax should go so that they immediately go bankrupt as very few would willingly pay for their poison.
    It would do not a jot of harm to try every last man jack of them for treason and have them shot.
    Complete fucking vermin.

  3. Full of lefty, Marxist, p€ados.
    Can’t stand watching or listening to anything they produce at the moment.

  4. You’d imagine that some possibly powerful people would be an alternative to PC and wokery
    They could easily set up tv, radio and MSM as a base
    There output should be popular with audiences I would imagine and money (advertising) would follow the numbers.

    But it is eerily quiet on the alternative front ,even the great iconoclasts are a thing of the past.

    So the internet is about the only place for different views , takes , on where we are heading and
    “I don’t know where we’re going but I know where we’ve been”

    • There was GB News of course but has fallen apart faster than one of Michael Jacksons nose jobs.

      • I do drop into GB News every now and again and it does cover some good subjects and does look un biased with people from both side of the argument.

      • Fox News on YT is my guilty pleasure, Mercuntry. Very partisan and pro Trump but one of the only networks to hold Biden to account whilst CNN talks about the White House cat or some other shit.

        Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire is well worth a listen to as well.

  5. I thought that cunt Bojo was going to sort them out, or so he said. But he is a liar on so many things, and now the BBC toes the line on so much government policy (especially the green shit), that I guess he has left them alone.

  6. Defund the cunts. Anybody who chooses to pay for their Metrobubble Guardianista can then do so.

    • What was an appropriate system of financing in 1921 is not appropriate in 2021. One hundred years ago you had one broadcaster, competition in TV came with ITV about 60 years ago now there are hundreds of competing broadcasters including Amazon and Netflix.
      Move the BBC to a subscription channel or sell it to the highest bidder.

  7. I agree, stop the Licence Fee.
    The BBC have become outdated and irrelevant.
    Make them fund their biased reporting through donations from whatever cunt is stupid enough to pay them. They are toadying up to whoever they think won’t make them give free service to pensioners, at the moment they’re bashing anti EU supporters.
    Please remember, BBC, that the scorpion stung and killed the frog anyway, because back stabbing is in its nature.

    • You should have issued a warning about the picture Ruff.
      Fucking hell, that’d keep the kids away from the fireplace.

  8. I interrupt this Nom with an inportant announcement. Star Trek was fiction. They’re saying on the news that Captain Kirk has just gone into space FOR THE FIRST TIME!!
    But what about when he was in space on the Starship Enterprise in the Seventies? With Dr Spock, Scottie and Lieutenant Uhura? And all the horrible nasty aliens like the Klingons?
    And ‘it life but not as we know it Jim’.
    I thought it was all true.
    Star Trek mustnt have been real then like the moon landings.

    • I apologise profusely for calling the Klingons horrible and nasty. Demi Lavato says we shouldn’t call them nasty names like that. Not even ‘aliens’.
      I’m sorry Demi. From now on I will refer to any alien in film or reity as soft and cuddly.
      I am learning.

      • Just refer to them as ET and you’ll be sound, according to the Demi Lovato manifesto.

      • Miles@
        Not only am I prejudiced against all races of this planet,
        But against races of all planets.
        A Hollyweird airhead like Lovato can appeal all she wants but those boggle eyed little green cunts should go back where they came from.

        Saucer scum.

      • Agreed👍

        Now hopelessly woke Ruff:

        -main character a Dark Key Wimminz called Michael. Fucking MICHAEL!
        -ships doctor & engineer a gay couple
        -Asian grandmother as the most senior earthling
        -troglypuff’s galore
        -eco warrior storylines.

        Not a viewer – just read about it online👎

      • And Spocks a Vegan.
        Logical captain.
        Get a burger down yer
        No wonder yer ears are fucked up.

      • General, I started watching Star Trek when it started whilst sitting in my pram and every variation since but JJ Abraham has totally fucked it since he got involved and I can’t stand to watch any of his new shite. That also includes Picard. Utter shite.

      • Miserable you say you are prejudiced against all possible races in the universe. That makes you a Super-Racist.

      • Miles@
        So it does!
        And they said I’d never achieve anything at school!

        ET go home!!😀

      • I saw the moon landing live and it was dead boring.

        Even the partial soundtrack provided by Pink Floyd couldn’t save it.

      • Ive never watched it but my dad knows one of the blokes who did the special effects.

      • For the benefit of all you trainspotters out there, Shatner is also the 18th Jewish person to have gone into space. 😌

      • Aah fuck it RTC
        I didn’t mind Shatner at all at tall when I was a kid and even when older
        Always found him whacky and he never took himself to seriously
        A ham that was nice

      • Are you saying you mind him now, McCuntry?

        I’ve always liked him and still do. That said, I couldn’t be bothered to watch this latest stunt, but good for him if it floats his 90 year old boat.

      • No RTC ,I still like him and probably worded incorrectly

        It’s just when you included him in the 18 list , i felt all might not be what it seems

        I think the stat is irrelevant
        I’ve never known the amount of Catholics or alcoholics that were in space at some point a greater number possibly but that’s an irrelevant stat also

      • I did make clear it was for the benefit of trainspotters. They like those sort of stats.

        You’re probably not a trainspotter, so irrelevant to you.

        Btw, do you perchance have the stats for Catholics and alcoholics?

  9. What makes me chortle the loudest, is when the Lefty lunatics accuse the BBC of being BIASED towards the RIGHT😂😂😂
    What those crazy Marxists mean, is they want only ONE viewpoint aired: THEIRS!

    Cunts ALL👎

    • The BBC regularly claim this as proof that they are unbiased, i.e. they are attacked from both right and left.

  10. Biased they are! Cunts the lot of ’em.

    … that beeb shite is banned in our household. We cancelled everything they stand for many years ago. What’s really scary is that if they were defunded they’d have to generate income with advertising …. holy shit … just imagine that scale of fuckin’ misery! No end to the debauched and degenerate content scenarios that could conjure up. SKY and all the other service providers are overtly woke with their wretched ‘on message’ trendy ads … which again are all banned in my place … everything recorded and ads removed.

    • If they defunded the BBC they would have to get money from the TUC and Labour party just imagine the wireless 4 schedule:

      6.00 am Today with Alistair Campbell and Peter Mandelson
      9 a.m. Melodies For You with Emily Thornberry
      10 a.m. Wimminz Hour with Emily Thornberry and Jess Phillips
      11 a.m. Music While You Work: The David Lammy Banjo Boys
      11.30 The Len McLuskie Interview
      12.00 You & Yours: Hilary Benn and AnalEase Dodds consumer show
      1.00 The World At One with Keir Starmer
      1.45 Alan Johnson’s Misery Memoirs
      2.00 Calling Israel: Jeremy Corbyn’s phone in
      4.00 Trannie Hour Presented by Eddie Izzard

      There you are, your weekday schedule during working hours, the whole lot repeated in the evening. Especially Trannie Hour

  11. The BBC are telling us there is a shortage of everything, goods and workers, sadly it doesn’t seem to apply to them, it would nice to see the cunts blacked out because of shortages of left wing cunts.

    But Don’t Panic.

    • Funny enough i have just been reading about the same panic stories circulating in the US media. Container ships held up at ports, shortage of truck drivers, ickle wickle little kids not going to get their Halloween costumes and their Xmas prezzies. No turkeys for Thanksgiving. It’s all sounds very familiar. As far as I am aware the USA isn’t affected by the wicked Brexit so there must be something else going on.
      I think it’s called social control through fear……bullshit in other words.

    • It was toys tonight. Dont panic. I will be stripping the shelves of barbies tomorrow after I have queued to get another 58 ml of petrol into my car.

  12. Arr, Captain.
    I got my rum, vodka, gin etc from Lidl, too.
    And a frozen turkey breast joint.
    So everyone else can follow my example, or fuck off but don’t moan.
    I’ve even got frozen diesel.

    • There’s always a queue in lidl even in normal times when quite and his brothers shop as well JP .
      They like it that way the Germans
      Reminds them of them of something they can’t quite understand
      The past mabye .

  13. The BBC does advertise.

    It owns the channels Dave (What a fucking arrogant name for a TV channel…. Call it Dave, fuck ’em), and Yesterday. Probably several more if I can be bothered to search.

    They get a heap of money from advertising as well as their enforced taxation.

    The cunts.

  14. Just stop paying them and don’t contact rhr cunts in any way. Since I cancelled my telly licence direct debit, all they’ve done is send me letters adressed to “The Householder”.
    I hope that a licence ‘inspector’ comes round my house so I can abuse them and point out that they’ll be out of a job once Crapita loses their contract.
    Now that I’m not paying for it, I’ve even started enjoying Strictly…those two prancing p00fs are just delightful.

      • Lucky your finger didn’t slip onto the ‘y’ key when typing in ‘gag’…

      • Isn’t homosexualism compulsory in the ghastly north?

        Full of hirsute flashers, transplanted sheepshaggers and sociopathic gentleman farmers who are all up for some, shall we say, unconventional sexual shenanigans.

        I hope this comment didn’t give anyone the horn.

      • It did me.
        But I took it out on the dog.
        No sword swallowers here!
        We built a border at Watford Gap.

      • I hope puffer still refers to cigarette smokers .
        I heard it mentioned behind my back as I was leaving 😤

      • Poofter is hilarious. Probably more suited to the more old fashioned turd burglar, theatre luvvies like Derek Jacobi or Ian McKellen.

  15. Fuck um, don’t pay your licence fee. The same cunts are in charge of military recruitment. Absolutely has Lefty Tony Blair wank wrote all over it.

    • Whys Richard Hammond started talking like prince Charles?
      Or did he always talk that way and hid the fact?
      Insincere and self conscious?

      • Who knows, i don’t fondle myself over Richard Hammond. He might fondle himself over Prince Charles? Least the Brusells Sprouts will be happy.

      • He used to be a Dick Strapped Jockey
        So many talents , was a racing car stunt double as well
        He played himself in that episode and after forever until the rolls dried up

  16. Defund the cunts, shut them down, burn all their premises to the ground, anybody escapes machine gun them.

    Anyone survives, machine gun them some more.


  17. I am surprised they’re still doing News Quiz. Or maybe they are, and the bunch of African/Caribbean/Subcontinental wimminz wiv ishoos, who are always jabbering if I switch it on, IS News Quiz.

    “2.00 Calling Israel: Jeremy Corbyn’s phone in”

    I’ve never heard that one or anything like it, Boggs. The Basically Buggered Corporation has never failed to give the RSP community its fair share of favourable attention, especially when it comes to slagging the real Left* for being antisemitic – cynics like me drawing the conclusion that the liberal woke establishment fears a genuinely egalitarian society more than any (heavy quotes) “far-right extremist” cunter here.

    I’ll leave the comment to someone who knows better what he’s talking about than I do:

    Now I do know that Jews are allowed to make anti-Jewish jokes. (They have a special dispensation from the Pope.) But these people on the programme weren’t even Jewish. At least they didn’t look Jewish (though of course you can never tell). There’s also an excellent book called That’s Funny You Don’t Look Antisemitic. And they didn’t. But you never can tell.

    But anyhow if they aren’t Jewish (or even if they are), I’m curious why they should think it is just fine to tell me (a Jew) what I am allowed to have experienced?

    *As 100% opposed to New Labour

    • Mrs. Cohen meets Mrs. Levy in Golders Green High Street. Mrs. Cohen can barely contain her excitement and says “Mrs. Levy I have to tell somebody -I’m having an affair!

      No, says Mrs Levy – tell me who’s doing the catering?

  18. I notice that Jimmy Savile – who the BBC have tried to wipe from history, by banning all references and appearances of him – have suddenly made out he existed again by doing a ‘drama’ about the cigar sucking albino necro cunt, starring that insufferable luvvie cokefiend shit Steve Coogan.

    So, the ‘Corporation’ like to make out their pet kiddie fiddling ghoul never existed, unless there’s a chance of ratings, sensationalism and a BAFTA or two, of course….

    The BBC truly are the scum of the earth.

  19. Faizell Islam is having a meltdown on BBC because he understands he is a lucky prick to over here. Word of advise Faisel, take the paycheck and fuck off from the BBC because your nothing but a muppet.

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