Brexit in a Nutshell

Fellow Cunters, for your Cuntsideration:

Grifters blaming Brexit for all societal problems.

Don’t blame it on sunshine
Don’t blame it on moonlight
Don’t blame it on the good times
Blame it on BREXIT

Cunting for the various politicians, journalists, screaming marxists and other assorted arseholes, who still refuse to accept the democratic will of the people of the United Kingdom.

See here: exactly how we voted-an excellent interactive site, which I have shown to various “associates” since the referendum. It disavows some off the myths surrounding the referendum results.
The number of people who blamed Brexit on “thick northerners”, “racists”, “xenophobes”, “misogynists”, “homophobes” & of course “gammons”, was laughable.

Fuel Crisis-Brexit.
Pandemic handling-Brexit.
Food shortages-Brexit.
Dark-Keys rampaging-Brexit.
Rivers flooding-Brexit.
Global Warming-Brexit.
England losing-Brexit.

They just cannot face the reality. Most people do not live in a metropolitan bubble, they live in the real world that has seen 40 years of poorly or uncontrolled immigration, impact their lives adversely.

They were pissed off with the ruling classes sneering at them.
What did they fucking expect would happen, when the country were given a clear choice?

How many members of parliament voted “Leave”, I wonder🤔

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59 thoughts on “Brexit in a Nutshell

    • Just for comparison.

      Operation Jericho showed the size of the balls of those pilots and navigators.

      Operation Hate UK showed the size and immensity of the faggy balls of the woke.

      Thank fuck the prior ‘sorted out the EU’ in 39-45 rather than the latter.

      • Or operation chariot, the St Nazaire raid, which should have been called Operation Certain death, requiring testes like space hoppers, not like the cunts of today, who are like eunuchs skinny dipping in the arctic.

  1. Speaking for the thick racist northerner community id vote to leave no matter how many referendums they had.
    Best thing we ever did.
    I voted to leave not because of any deepseated understanding of the machinations of the workings of the EU.
    Simply if the cunts wanted me to vote remain so badly it probably wasn’t in my best interests.
    Fuck the EU

  2. A very BIG reason, why many of the metropoles were incandescent, was the thought of losing cheap cleaners, gardeners, nannies and other assorted domestics help.

    • This is the crux of it! An excellent cunting.

      These people are living a life beyond what they can afford, and expect everyone else to pay for it. It’s like the cane beetle problem in Australia. They brought in the Cane Toad to eat the cane beetle, but said Toad promptly decided it didn’t want to eat beetle and settled for a new voracious diet that and became another separate problem. We were relying on Eastern Europeans to do all the shit jobs and paying the indigenous ever increasing handouts to sit on their fat arses, making it less likely they would ever work due to the fact the migrants will work for less.

    • As per so ified by the QT audience member whoa sked “But who’s going to serve us in Pwet?”
      Stupid mumsy munster.

    • Aren’t these very same cunts against slavery and human trafficking?

      Aren’t these same vegan tofu munching nutella munching cunts against non existent climate change? (Tofu footprint50x worse than pork lb/lb) (Palm oil for Nutella 50% responsible for clearing rainforest where Orang u tans live!!!)

      Bigoted retarded cunts I say are not Brexiteers, but Woke lefty know nothing cunts.

  3. I was watching Farage talking to that liberal cunt that was fucking one of the “Cheeky Girls” ( lucky Bastard ) Can’t think of his name “Limp Biscuit or something like that.
    Anyway. He voted remain but has since changed his mind because of the appalling way the Cunts in Brussels have behaved.
    I wonder now how many more have switched sides to leave ?

    • Don’t be ridiculous. Everybody knows that 98% of Leavers would now vote Remain, the BBC tell us so, so it must be true, innit.

    • “…that liberal cunt that was fucking one of the “Cheeky Girls””

      Lembit/sip Opik?

      • How very dare you: the Estonian surname Opik is as British as Chicken tikka masala, Kentucky fried chicken & Abbott, Lammy and Khan.

    • The Cheeky Girls weren’t the best lookers, but had fantastic arses.

      ‘Touch my bum’, they sang. Touch it? I’d fucking destroy it, you gypo tarts.

  4. Can’t we just go back to Brexit? Covid hysteria and creeping global authoritarianism is starting to really grate my nuts now.

    • Ha ha ha👍

      That’s the point: the cunts are STILL trying to overturn/reverse the referendum result.

      • Just give those little shits Hilary Benn, Sugartits Cooper and Lord Gayboy Adonis thirty minutes in power and they would force whey faced Starmer to force a second referendum, which would have even more Remainer stories dreamtr up by Campbell and Mandelson. Cunts.

  5. They had every political party and nearly the whole of the media (especially the BBC) on their side yet they still fucking lost. And all because of one slogan on the side of a single bus.That must have been one shit campaign they ran there if us dummies were so easily duped.

    • Subsequent to the referendum someone, I can’t remember who, did some research into voting preferences in various bodies. He found that amongst the BBC’s Newsight team there was not a single person who supported Brexit. John Humphrys related how in Broadcasting House on the day following the referendum the management appeared to be stunned into disbelief at the result. Tells you a lot about the BBC I think.

  6. I am a thick Welsh cunt. After consideration I voted Leave. Fuck all to do with immigration and everyfucking thing to do with creeping, undemocratic centralisation.
    The antics of the Remainers have turned me into a rabid brexiteer and intensified my disgust at metropolitan cunts.
    I accept that there will be problems but blaming Brexit for global problems just shows who the thick cunts actually are.

    • I click on videos of farage berating the eu. Cheers me up. And I went back to the Irish referendum this time. And there was farage saying to them you are ignoring the democratic will. And Barosso is it? Martin Shultz all the rest basically saying we didnt really explain to the Irish people. If we had explained better they would have voted the right way. Just as you heard the Remainers say if we had only explained better the UK would have voted to Remain.
      Its that ‘mindset’. We are in the right there is no conceivable position except ours.
      Like you CC it was the deepening centralisation stranglehold that angered me the most and why I voted to Leave. Especially around ‘European Law’.
      And is angering me still. When von der lyon stands up and demands that EU law supersedes Polish law. And threatens to withhold funding.
      Once again that mindset. Which is impossible to shift. ‘We are the legitimate European government’ they are saying. Not countries.

      • The crazy thing is, it all came from a trading block.

        The EU government just materialised as an evil 4th Reich. Hitler in a skirt thinks she knows best. It never was this, yet it is. And why fly 1400 miles between brussels and that shit hole in france to make decisions.


    • Even The Groaniad found ACunt Grayling too absurd. Described the floppy-haired twat as a “would-be philosopher king.”

  7. We’re going to have to be prepared to put up with this crap for quite a while I’m afraid.

    The globalist MSM, politicians, and employers that took advantage of, and became accustomed to, paying lower wages will make sure of that.

    I live in hope that our decision to leave has triggered the house of cards to collapse, and that France will elect a more sensible leader next year that will finish the job off.

    • My money is on Italy. They’ve got a shitty vax pass too which is sure to run their already facked economy into the ground, especially if the port workers keep striking.

  8. Fuck the Fourth Reich! The EU is an absolutely shower of shit as are all the cowardly, unpatriotic dogs who support this insidious institution.
    Fuck them and the ailing, cadaverous and fucking toothless nag they rode in on!
    Bunch of cunts!!!

  9. Look at that results map and the bloody state of Scotland! “We want to be free to join a strangling, unfree political union”.

    is Nicola Sturgeon a powerful witch and the Blackford bot a wizzard? Perhaps they spend their spare time toiling over an industrial sized cauldron, casting spells over the Scottish. Its the only logical explanation as to why the Scots keep voting for the SNP, all of whom seem to have graduated from the Abbott School of Economics & Mathematics.

    • I can only imagine it is a rabid hatred of the English, Cuntologist.
      That, or they are putting something in the haggis, Irn Bru and deep fried Mars bars🤔

    • Liebore really need to understand why they got wiped out in Scotland.
      A clue? It’s a long, long way from Islingtonia…

  10. Poland are finding out what it means to be European, after being occupied by Germany and then trapped behind the Iron Curtain, they are now living in the freedom that is the European Union

    ‘Do as you are fucking told or else’

    EU fucking waste of space, what ever happened to just being a trading block.

  11. There were plenty of reasons to flee the Reicjh but let’s face it, massive immigration, half of which came from The Freedom of Movement of Criminals, was the main point. We can’t change the ruined face of British towns that are clogged with East Euro rats, though we can aim to pull up the drawbridge. Until there’s a proper immigration policy based on skills, language, and experience, it simply isn’t Brexit.

  12. I couldn’t vote, but as an observer the whole referendum was a complete fuck up.

    As a national referendum the results should never have been split into different regions.
    It’s ridiculous that one region of the country should be able to claim that they actually voted to remain and another region can say that they voted to leave.

    Disclosing how various parts of the country voted was always going to create division.

    It was a NATIONAL referendum for fuck’s sake.

    That cunt Cameron was voted into power to represent the wishes of the electorate.
    He was not there to follow his personal agenda.
    Even though a leave vote was not what he personally wanted, he had a duty to see through Britain’s exit.
    He didn’t, he simply fucked off.

    The day after the referendum Britain should have stopped all payments to the EU.
    The leaders of the remaining countries should have been invited to the UK to talk on Britain’s terms.
    Instead there was 4 years of humiliating arse licking from Britain in Brussels.

    Anyone with any sense would have seen that Britain had to leave the EU.
    There are millions of immigrants spread over all the remaining countries.
    Once they are given citizenship in those countries they will have the legal right to move and live in any other EU country of their choice.

    Britain would be overrun with legal as well as illegal immigrants.

    • Fuck me that 4 years was a colossal pile of wank. As you so rightly stated the money should have stopped the day after the result.. Oh no let’s have four more years of pissing money away, four more years of building up mega pensions etc. etc. Bunch of absolute cunts one and all.

      • At the next general election, whatever the result, the current government should carry on for 4 more years whilst the opposition try to overturn the result. I’d say that 4 years should be more than enough to fuck everybody in the country up the arse. Oh, except the rich.

    • This was the argument above all others that swung it for me, the timebomb awaiting us. Considering that the tory policy was to support entry of Turkey into the ‘community’ voting leave was the only way to avoid a Europe wide caliphate, for a few more years anyway. The whole continent would be like Edgeware Road with Sharia law by now. It still will be but Leave may have slowed the advance a bit.

      I don’t recollect any real debate on this but then I live in the US. I guess it got shut down as ray cyst.

      Incidentally there was quite a push by the remain establishment to persuade expats to register to vote on the assumption we’re all rabid remainers. Stupid cunts. I’d like the opportunity of a non sharia bolt hole when the SHTF here.

  13. As the referendum drew nearer and nearer, the desperation of these EU loving cunts became more sickening.

    Once the luvvie musicians and thespian types started oozing out of the rotting EU woodwork offering up their worthless opinions such as “a vote to leave an undemocratic organisation is fascist” (irony) or “Nigel Farage is the second coming of Hitler” for example, then my mind was made up to vote leave without much doubt at all.

    I seem to remember ex Smiths cunt Johnny Marr spouting a load of woke lefty bollocks about leave and Farage being racist blah blah in an NME interview on the eve of the vote which just reaffirmed my stance that the remain element were mainly out of touch cunts and virtue signalling wankers.

    The only thing which made me doubt anything was the fact that that wholly untrustworthy albino walrus inept rotund ball of cuntitude Johnson had thrown his not insubstantial weight behind the leave campaign.
    For entirely self serving purposes only.

    The smell of cheap aftershave masking the smell of shit emanating from his flabby sweaty arse on that NHS bus must have been nearly as overpowering as the bullshit rolling off his tongue.

  14. During the Referendum Farage was interviewing Donald Tusk ..
    He said to Tusk… You we’re controlled by the Nazi’s, you were controlled by the Soviets, now your controlled by Brussels.
    Have you no sense of national identity Mr Tusk ????
    Tusk just sat there with his gob open.

  15. I live in London and still glad I voted for Brexit. Mainly because I campaigned for it for 20 years and secondary to that because it makes bedwetting lefty cunts cwy and cwy and cwy.

    My dear old Mum (genuine eastender) put my sister (Dulwich dinner party set) firmly in her place when told that she didn’t know what she was voting for.

    At this point my Mum’s accent slipped and the blitz spirit came shining forth.

    “listen girl, an’ you listen well! I wiped yer arse, cleaned up yer puke and taught yer to tie yer laces. Don’t you dare tell me what I do or don’t know about Ted Heath, Europe and the EEC. You weren’t even born when this started, so keep yer opinions on what I do or don’t know to yerself in this ‘ahse'”.

    Fucking formidable when riled, my Mum.

    The only downside to Brexit is that I can’t flit back and forth buying cheap ciggies in their thousands any more.

    Should probably give up anyway.

    • People in Brussels are threatening to take von der Liar to court if she doesn’t do what they want…
      I hope the guillotine blade is nice and sharp.

    • Poland ain’t going to leave. Those fuckers are suckling on the EU teet. They’ll probably be given more money.

      • Quite so. Poland is a net beneficiary of EU funds, receiving around €11 billion a year from the EU. Unlikely to be going anywhere soon.

  16. I don’t listen to the (whining) remainers now. Brexit is done so deal with it.
    You tried stopping it, you failed.
    Go and live in the EU, you petty, spiteful little cunts.

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