MSM (13) & Back-Stabbing Civil Servants

I’m trying to work out who is in the wrong. All I know is that the only person vaguely in the right is Kwasi Kwerteng. ‘Kwarteng had suggested that struggling companies would not get much more support from the Treasury.’ Fair enough. And this from him directly, “I’ve not asked for billions. We’ve got existing schemes. I’m working very closely with Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, to get us through this situation,” he said. “I’ve been very clear we’re not going to bail out failing energy suppliers.”

Yet the Groaniad are saying this, ‘In a highly unusual slapdown, which occurred during a round of broadcast interviews with Kwarteng, sources close to the chancellor cautioned the business secretary against making any promises to companies and said there had been no approach to the Treasury. With an apparent quote,’“Kwasi was mistaken. The facts are that, to date, the Treasury and the chancellor have not been involved in any talks on this topic,” one source said.

Do I believe Kwarteng, a Groaniad off the record source or a civil servant who is UNwilling to be quoted without being named.

Bizarrely, I’m with Kwarteng. He is a dark key, after all.


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28 thoughts on “MSM (13) & Back-Stabbing Civil Servants

  1. I am surprised racism wasnt brought in to it. Or Brexit. Or some phobia or other.
    The Guardian hates Britain as only middle class socialists can. Any negative slant is grasped and attenuated.

  2. I, too am with KK (almost perfectly initialled…) : I suspect he will be sacrificed…

    • Seconded, I don’t trust Rishi Ballsack on much full stop. He is only 5ft 6in too not that his height is a correlation to his uselessness, nice suits though.

  3. They’re all liars and weasels.
    I dont believe any of them.
    Kwazi kwarteng ( translated from Nigerian “shitehouse, trap two”)
    Or greasy Rishi suntan, all just Westminster rats to me.
    Let them debate it in Terry’s oven.

      • You wha?!!!
        Bloody made of money you Ruff.
        Not had any groundfrost yet!
        Hope mrs miserable doesn’t see your irresponsible post!
        Told her.
        Think of the planet!
        Do some star jumps.

      • I’ve already got two thick jumpers on, plus a gilet*.

        * A thing the wife bought to make me look even puffier.

      • Nesh you southerners.
        Im still in my string vest and shorts.
        Jumper weather starts mid December.

      • Don’t you lads worry. Got my £200 Winter fuel allowance this week, I’m alright Jack. 😊

      • Just cracked open a can of Kronenbourgh* me.

        * Drink puffs drink.

        PS: The wife is ecstatic about the heating being on. I’ll have it turned off tomorrow. Treat them mean, keep ’em keen!

      • Mrs MNC is no stranger to frostbite Ruff.
        Any woman who come spring has all her fingers and toes is spoilt.

      • Got the heating on, sitting in t shirt and shorts, using up my cheap gas before the price goes up 😂

      • It will seem cheap when my fixed runs out at the end of Jan and I go onto the Cap 🤨

        I reckon I will be paying around 50% more for gas and leccy than I am now, can’t wait for the next rise in April, still the £200 notes from the government will come in handy.

      • My fixed runs out at the end of this month. According to British Gas my bill will rise by approx 15% from November. Be a lot more if it weren’t for the current price cap.

        Have no doubt prices will be up by at least 50% next year.

  4. What a set of windbag cunts.
    They can spout off about everything and anything then pop off for an immense banquet paid for by us.
    Then Fuck off to their mansion laughing that we paid for that and everything else they own.
    A sack of shit is always a sack of shit.
    Rank vermin all.
    Oven,at once.

  5. Can I be Frank on this?

    “RIKKKEEE! We avn’t got any fackin’ muneee!”

    (said in my next Mike Reid voice)

    Deciding between Sunak, Kwarteng or a Groniad journo, is like making a choosing a starter, from the choice of dog shit, Fox shit or cat shit.

    Nuff said.

  6. If I was stuck in a hot-air balloon basket with a Soap-dodger,a Sooty and a homosexual Guardian journalist, I wouldn’t have to decide which one to chuck out first….I’d dive straight out myself before I was robbed,stabbed and bummed.

  7. I’m not quite sure what to say about this, apart from maybe Rishi is worried that Kwasi is angling for his job.
    I’m totally not shocked by this. Backstabbing is an art form that most MPs are superb at. It’s the only art they’ve ever mastered.

  8. Civil servant is a misnomer anyway. Two faced lying grasping waste of money sack of shit is a more accurate description.
    With a great pension.
    All cunts.

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