Andy Murray (16) and his Missing Ring Piece

How fucking stupid is this Scots Cunt? I mean you’ve only got to look at his idiot brother to realise his lift doesn’t reach the top floor. As for his hideous mother, you must suspect there has been a history of in-breeding in the family, allegedly

So ‘shit for brains’ Andy takes his trainers off with his wedding ring tied to the laces and throws them under the team car. He’s then shocked to find they’ve gone missing, wedding ring and all.

If I left a rusty spanner under my car, I’d expect it to grow legs and walk – let alone expensive trainers with free jewellery attached. What was wrong with chucking them IN the car, fuckwit ?

The trainers were apparently ‘Stinking’, hence why he left them outside. Ever heard of a carrier bag? or maybe a fucking millionaire who gets given most of his gear free by sports manufacturers could afford to wear a pair of trainers once and then donate them to some sports charity or the like – but I forgot, he’s a Scot tight arse and hasn’t got Shit for brains.

He can still make himself an even bigger twat by publicising his tale of woe to all the papers and tv channels.

What a gormless CUNT.

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Nominated by: Lord of the Rings

47 thoughts on “Andy Murray (16) and his Missing Ring Piece

  1. Good nom L.O.T.R There are insoles you can put in shoes. As for tying your wedding ring to your stinking trainers and throwing them under the car? Jesus how thick is this cunt?

  2. Doesn’t make sense,does it ?….I reckon that he’s been fingering that Emma Raducanu and lost the ring up there…probably lost the trainers while he was foot-fucking Sue Barker.

    The filthy Cunt.

    • Morning Mr F…do you reckon that Cliff Richard ever stopped fiddling young lads for a moment and actually did something normal like slipping Sue Barker a length back in the late 60’s?

      • I’d like to think that he did,Mr.Cunt-Engine…he probably fancied the change after a Summer Holiday bumming his boyfriends in that botting-bus.

        Do you enjoy travelling in double-decker red buses,Mr.Cunt-Engine ?….happy memories of times gone by,perhaps?

      • Not particularly happy memories…Cliff is surprisingly large and doesn’t like to use any lubricant.
        At least Pip Schofield was more gentle backstage of “Going Live” back in 1987.

      • I once heard a rumour that whilst playing tennis with Sue Barker, Cliff had asked for new balls.
        To which she replied What for? You haven’t used the ones you’ve got yet.

  3. Why doesn’t the porridge w0g simply give his ring to his wife to look after?
    Down with the Scots! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  4. The last thing I’d want to do is publicise my idiocy.
    But then again I’m not a celebrity.
    And my shoes don’t stink.
    What a cunt.

    • Like Andy I have vast amounts of jewellery from when Ratners went under.
      I wear 15 ‘near-gold’ neckchains in honour of BA Baracus and to show the dark keys that white men can beat them at their own game.

      Im not sure why Andys always taking off his wedding ring but why not give it to his mummy to look after?
      Because she never leaves his side!

    • Bob Monkhouse once hit me with the gold chain around his neck. Not a lot of people know that.

      🕺 Morning Miserable, morning all.

      • Morning Ruff!
        What had you done to incur the ire of normally mild mannered mr Monkhouse?
        Didn’t catch you shitting in his shoes did he?
        He hated that!

    • It’s not near gold but ‘goldy looking’ Mis. A bit of Welsh culture for you, isnt it.

  5. I don’t follow tennis anymore because its all bollocks, and Murray is on the top of the bollock pile!
    That said when this cunt finally hangs up his racket who else from Britain do we have who can compete in the top flight?

    Doesn’t matter how much money the LTA supposedly throw at “grass roots tennis” we still don’t have any indigenous young players coming through. Instead we have to rely on imports or proxy Brits of convenience such as that Emma Ratatouille bird.

    Murray is all we have, which is a pretty pisspoor state of affairs. He is like an itch you can’t quite scratch, and therefore we have to put up with him and his jingoistic “I hate England” diatribe for more years to come!

    As for this latest example of his stupidity. Well his fans and the arse-licking media will just pass it off as a bit of mild self-deprecating humour rather than calling him for what he really is – a stupid, unhygienic cunt

    • I don’t think that I could ever become enamoured with a tennis player. Tennis just doesn’t have the elements I look for in sport to impress me enough to feel ecstatic when a player wins. Over the decades, the players have just come across as boring or cunts, like John McEnroe who people call a legend now, but in the 80s, he was known as a loudmouthed Yank cunt and Boris Becker is a philandering creepazoid. It’s just not a sport that would ever attract a George Best, Cruyff, Maradona, etc maverick genius. All tennis players move and play in the same style in my eyes, every serve, backhand, volley, clip, etc looks the same to me. And all those ball boys/girls, line watchers, umpires and the computer analysis seem like overkill. It’s a very… posh-cunt activity. I’ve tried playing tennis and it’s fun, sweaty sweaty fun, but not something I could get obsessed with. And even less chance of that with planks of wood like Andy Murray being the great white hope.

  6. That’s on a par with Steptoe and Son losing the wedding ring in a big pile of horse shit.🤣

    Murray is a fucking clown. A sour face mummy’s boy and a total cunt.

  7. “Hideous mother” is right. She’s a poisonous, old witch. The very worst in the family of whining turds.

  8. Lazy and sloppy journalism. In professional tennis wearing a ring on your laces means that you are up for a bit of bum action in the changing rooms. That’s a FACT.
    On the ladies side any bird carrying a tennis racquet is a lezza. That’s another FACT.
    I suspect the OP, who calls himself Lord of the Rings, knows this only too well.

    • Ah! Now I understand Freddie. Makes sense of that “Ball Boy” on the court . He must be the “specialist” in going in Knackers deep!

  9. Another example of a shit news story about a fucking miserable has been who most folk have no interest in whatsoever .
    This is why we have to get our news from isac or you tube as the main news feed is total pointless crap.
    Yet another example of attention seeking from a cunt who was lucky to win a game or two of tennis .
    Any chance we can close those tax avoiding immigrant encouraging cunts Amazon who bloke up the roads with rented vans carrying Chinese shit that nobody needs driving my illegals

  10. I always thought that Murray has exactly the same, unemotional, sour demeanour as that parent if the year, “Kate Mcann”.
    To be fair though, he ha only only lost a pair of rancid trainers and a ring, through rank stupidity…….

    Morning all👍

  11. Oh, and leaving your trainers under your car means you are up for a bummers orgy in your hotel room. There’s loads of photos of Fat Reg peering under cars in hotel car parks.
    I think, like Sir Lenny, he favours Premier Inn. Watch out!

    • LOL! Yes, that sounds like a symbolic sex signal like those different coloured handerchiefs that the gays used to wear in their back pockets in the heyday of cruising. Apparently… *cough, cough*.

  12. Two cunts hitting ball around for mega money, couldn’t give a fuck what happens to its “stars” and I would turn all tennis courts into giant shithouses.

  13. Whenever I see or hear Judy and Andy, the only thought I have is Wanker and son of Wanker, faces like slapped arses with moaning fucking gobs.
    Other than that they are OK 😂

  14. Andy Murray has always come across as a right thick cunt to me. If all you’ve ever done in your life is hit a yellow ball across a net and sit in a bath of ice, then you’re mind is going to be on par with Peter Sellers in Being There.

  15. Such a gormless cunt. I’d quickly remove that stupid look off his face by giving his wife some sexy time.

    • Bearing in mind how this country works nowadays, his wife probably has a bigger cock than he does.

  16. Never struck me as particularly bright. Good at whacking a ball but has trouble speaking.
    Lanky Caledonian halfwit.

  17. Fuck you, you stupid cunt, for slagging off the Scots. Were all in this stupid woke shit together. Your the fucking problem mate – divide and rule.

  18. And he’s going bald the twat. Nothing wrong with that but I get the impression he’s in denial about it,growing it long. He’ll be like that Gregor Fisher character with the comb over soon. Buy a razor to tight Scotch cunt and shave it all off.

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