Liam Norton – Insulate Britain Hypocrite

Liam Norton is a ringleader for Insulate Britain

If you thought for a single moment that these cunts had a point, I hope this will disabuse you. I’d like to see these idiots flogged, and I’m quite serious.

Until and unless criminals( And they are criminals) get a punishment in excess of their crimes, they will never stop.

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Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

(At time of processing this nom, this news was reported in most news outlets apart from The Guardian, BBC or Sky News – Day Admin)

64 thoughts on “Liam Norton – Insulate Britain Hypocrite

  1. Yay verily! I doth proclaim this man to be a cunt of some magnitude!
    Run all these cunts over. Then reverse just to make sure the job is done 👍

  2. These people need something to do which doesn’t involve stopping decent law-abiding folk going about their business.

    The complete inaction just shows the powers that be are are either unable or unwilling to do anything about these cunts.

    I would put them all in jail.

  3. The cunts are in a cult. A cult of cunts. When everything is exactly the same in ten years they will just make another date for armageddon, just like every other cult.

  4. They need to put up somebody with an intelligence slightly higher than Cro Magnon Man.
    The cunt Madeley completed outcunted the cunt there. God knows what Paxo or Brillo would have done with him.

  5. What is the purpose of this man other than being a petulant, attention seeking moron?

    The cunt should be prosecuted.

  6. Was it this cunt who said insulate britain were going to unleash hell on motorists? In your fucking dreams you inarticulate cawksucker. A priest and some pensioners would be no match for me and the dog, never mind a load of irate truckers or amateur rugby team on way to a game. He looks typical socialist workers party type, wonder what a bit of research into his past would turn up?

    • This quaint idea that having a priest, vicar or some other sort of witch-doctor on your team garners credibility serves to show how deluded they are. They obviously haven’t heard that a large majority no longer subscribe to the sky fairy cult. And be sure christianity is a cult. Remember the definition: a cult is a religion of which you do not approve.

      • @Arfurbrain. Yeah…thats right ..I recall a certain Monsignor Kent being a cunt on marches in the 50,s&60’s

  7. This cunt needs to be rounded, put in the stocks and placed on the central reservation of the M25 for a whole week, night and day.

    I’d queue up to slap this cunt.

  8. More useful idiots: Boris & co will find it far easier to implement their “Green” tax punishments and energy rations, thanks to the rantings of Greta, XR & other assorted climate wacko’s, keeping the Armageddon narrative alive and well….

    • Greta says that we are very naughty, now she is a celebrity her researchers are more professional, she is quoting stuff like the UK is investing in new oil projects.

    • The green taxes will reduce the U.K.’s international competitiveness so more goods and services will be produced in China and India to be produced and transported in environmentally unsanitary conditions.
      Yes, the cunts have really thought things through.

      • and the developed world using less hydrocarbons means cheaper hydrocarbons for……yes, you’ve guessed it, the chinks!

  9. Have you noticed that these pathetic cunts are all white? The least diverse organisation in the cuntry, time they were dealt with. Still our ethnic brothers sem to have more sense than to sit in the middle of the road.

  10. He has the voice of a shirt lifter, definitely a leader of the gullible.

    The cunt needs his loft insulated.

    • Voice of a shirtlifter? Perhaps he is some relation of that other wurst jockey, Graham Norton?

  11. A face made to be punched repeatedly.
    Hopefully some of these cunts will get a proper kicking soon, before their police protection arrives…

  12. This is what happens when spoilt children who have been indulged, all their lives, get older but do not grow up👎

  13. Cunt wants throwing off a bridge, closely followed by his fellow demonstrators.
    There was some some silly bint in the news last week about her going on hunger strike until XR demands are met by the government. She turns up at these demos and strips off as her protest. Any excuse to flash a pair of tits to get attention.

  14. I note these wankers keep conflating their apocalyptic tree hugging bullshit with fuel poverty. I heard some posh bitch on the radio screaming about 8000 pensioners dying this winter. They do this because they know this will get public sympathy whereas blocking the fucking road won’t.
    So why don’t they start with getting pensioners homes insulated first? That would get public support and attract virtue signallers like St Marcus and various Labour slags and cocksuckers.
    No the truth is they are infested with religious fervour, they are the saviours of the world and every cunt needs to appreciate their selfless heroism. It sounds to me that they want to go to prison. I suspect they will then go on hunger strike. I have often heard these knobs compare themselves with the suffragettes. That may be why the Establishment are so reluctant to bang the fuckers up.
    That and the fact that they are doing their propaganda work for them.

    • So the dopey cunts want HMG to cough up the money required to insulate U.K. homes. To achieve this end the protesters prevent ordinary taxpayers going about their lawful business and contributing to government revenues which could be used to pay for insulation. In addition, more taxpayer money is used to fund overtime for Plod to stand by and watch the law being broken.

  15. I hope he has an RTA, but the ambulance can’t reach him due to a demo by the very same cunts he supports!

    And if any of them say “Hurry up, this is an emergency. He may die”, the ambulance drivers will just say “Sorry, but a few weeks ago you told us to fuck off and wait despite people in need of medical attention. So now its your turn to wait until we’re good and ready!”

    Moreover, just wait until this cunt becomes an old cunt in his 60s and 70s and in need of help from social services and supermarket home deliveries. They all have his name on a blacklist, so they can all put the cunt on the bottom of their priority list.

    What goes around comes around.

    • “He may die”, the ambulance drivers will just say “Sorry, but a few weeks ago you told us to fuck off and wait despite people in need of medical attention. So now its your turn to wait until we’re good and ready!”

      You know me too well, Techno.

  16. How much money has the govt pissed away on going to court for injunctions that are promptly ignored?
    These loony cunts need tidying away properly.
    Warn them once at their sit in then mow the fuckers down.

      • I’d like to think I’m wrong, but all the adverts I’ve seen recently for the armed forces seem to be pushing wimmin, ethnics and pooftahs.

    • On their next sit in just get a laden tipper truck to mow the cunts down to look like a road based Jackson Pollock

  17. It is clear to me that these wankers are not interested in genuinely promoting what would otherwise be a very worthwhile agenda. This rabble comprises narcissists, the mentally ill, dried up old women who probably haven’t seen a cock for years and yearn for something more and the terminally bored wishing big time social unrest and subversion on the already fucked-off UK working public.

    If these wankers were genuine in their cause, protested peacefully and without disruption to everyday folk, I daresay many would be firmly behind them. If their tagline was ‘don’t waste taxpayers money on overseas aid, but use the cash to provide affordable insulation to all in the UK’, I don’t think many people would be against their cause.

    But as things stands, they are simply massive cunts.

  18. A severe shoeing administered by several enraged hgv drivers, filmed for the entertainment of the long-suffering public, is definitely in order.

    Morning all.

  19. Made me laugh to see somewhere that after six weeks of nationwide campaigning, these twats had only managed to collect 6,000 signatures for their pathetic campaign. Total losers.

    Good morning, everyone.

    • Liar Norton, you are a cunt of the first order?
      Go and munch on one of your elderly demented supporter’s rancid jamrag.

  20. On the subject of hypocrite’s the Queen (who I admit has been through a lot of shite this year) also deserves a cunting or sorts, saw this on Skunt:

    Now, if I was born with a silver spoon up my butt and never had to worry about where my next meal was coming from or what car was going to drive me to the next event or who was going to wipe my arse when I get old I am sure I’d be a bit loose and free with my words but she need to shut the fuck up in matters that don’t affect her.

    If you wanna do something useful send your son Andrew to the States to man up and appear in a court of law to defend himself.

    • Hear hear, CM.

      Perhaps this was old Brenda’s reason for piping up, as a distraction to take the focus off her favourite son’s stinky finger shenanigans?

      • Maximus @
        Ill not be lectured to by that scabby old cunt .
        What the fuck does she know about anything?
        Never even tied her own shoelaces!!

  21. Insulate Britain – Stale and pale, if not all male.

    Tired old hippies and sociology lecturers, scrotes and students with wispy beards and glasses.

    I’m waiting for the caravan of Irish travellers to get blocked, then we’ll see bloodshed.

  22. I’ve seen Liam Norton on the TV being Interviewed several times and he has the intelligence of a bit of pipe lagging.
    The cunt is the typical lefty who doesn’t want a discussion he just wants to shout at everyone stating what he wants.
    Well we don’t need his and so he should be boiled in piss and chucked in Terry’s oven.

  23. Change the rules so the useless hippie cunts can just be run over, dont even bother slowing down, they will move, super glued hand or not, these wankers deserve this with bells on, a worthy 4 while drive cunting for these pricks who just like causing disruption, plod should just start tazzoring these soap dodging fuckmonkeez…

  24. If they glue themselves to the road, just tie a rope around them and attach it to a lorry and drive off quickly.

    Or just run the cunts over with a tank. Fucking glueing yourself to the road. Fucking pricks!

    Another idea would be to let the gays and some rapists do what they want to them, without fear of charge.

  25. Whilst they are glued in place, tie some footy scarves on them, or add an anti lockdown banner, then watch the plod steam in!

  26. The British always insulated their homes. Better built in olden times that today’s cardboard box crap houses. Can’t beat thatch, and mud and cow piss walls 2 feet thick ! Open range log fireplaces and not a fucking radiator in sight. You want Insulation? then fucking buy a fucking decent house!

  27. This boy’s IQ couldn’t drop any lower if he was kicked repeatedly in the head until dead.

  28. I heard this interview live on the radio and he was trying to be sarcastic and ironic to the presenter and other guest saying all this.
    Because the cunts a retard he didn’t realise he had made an own goal and even more stupidly didn’t say he was being sarcastic after saying it.
    Then again he could have been honest about it.
    Either way he’s a full blown member of the cunt club.

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