The NHS (17) and Vaccines for Kids


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The NHS has drawn up plans to vaccinate 12-15yr olds in schools, at term start in just 2 weeks.

There’s so many things wrong with this picture: The timing literally 2 weeks from when they want to start so parents have little time to protest. The fact the children are at no risk from CV19 and are at more risk from vax complications. No long-term health data for the vax.

The best part though. Parental consent ‘not required’ due to Gillick competence. Not old enough by law to engage in various acts that could mess them up, but apparently old enough to take one for the team and trial a pharmaceutical product. No doubt the woke cunt teachers and fat cunt nurses will frighten and emotionally twist them into taking it.

The NHS is supposed to care for its patients. Humans are supposed to have an inherent moral obligation towards the safety of all children. Both of those points apparently count for shit in our morally bankrupt cunt society.

This ‘country’ is officially done.

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84 thoughts on “The NHS (17) and Vaccines for Kids

  1. You’ll get no argument from me.

    In fact I’m still to be convinced that anyone under 50 needs to be vaccinated, unless they suffer from underlying health conditions making them vulnerable to hospitalisation or death.

    And no, I do not count being BAME as an underlying health condition.

    Healthy people under 50, especially children, would be far better off contracting the virus instead, thereby obtaining superior immunity via natural antibodies. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    Covid vaccination for most cunts under 50 is unnecessary and probably counter-productive, although it should be available to all adults on demand.

    Vaccinating children is pointless and a total waste of scarce resources. Teachers and their unions have been pushing for it (including mask wearing in schools). If you’re so fucking frit of your pupils get yourselves vaccinated, you indoctrinating Marxist cunts.

    • I am not sure I fully agree, there are an awful lot of ‘unfit’ under 50’s

      BAME should be a protected species and exempt from anti vaccination 👍

    • I’m over 50 and only had jab as I can see how the new world order is panning out r.e. vaccine passports. I wouldn’t have had it otherwise. I’ve had real ‘flu, and it’s a cunt, but it’s a fact of life.

      • Covid passports are impractical, unworkable and totally unnecessary*.

        Most people have been fully vaccinated now, so don’t give a fuck about those who have chosen not to, apart from the tiny minority who are unable to be jabbed for medical reasons. Unfortunately they will have to continue to self isolate or take their chances.

        No way will I be applying for any Covid fucking passport.

        *Unless you want to visit a country abroad that requires them (like regular passports) for entry.

    • I agree.

      People have been brainwashed by the media to think if you catch a variant then its insta-death; the statistics show otherwise and show the age groups most affected. 7 million + ‘cases’ and a small number of deaths by comparison and that’s just England & Wales. There is no clinical justification for mass vaccination of youngsters. The gov should tell the unions to fuck off and learn how to look at data if that’s what’s got to them.

    • ‘Natural immunity’. It’s almost like the media/gov have forgotten these magic words.

      Probably a clause forbidding it in the Pfizer and AZ contracts.

  2. Imagine the amount of shit that will hit the fan if one of them dies, even more so if the parents had given permission.

      • Ah, little Jonny, ‘what would you like for Christmas’

        ‘Oh a Transformer robot please’

        ‘Fuck off, you are getting Covid 19, and stop crying you little wimp’

  3. ‘The Gillick Competence. ‘
    Oh that must be Victoria Gillick. As vilified Mary Whitehouse.. But she had some spunk in her. (Yes I know 10 children). She took on the establishment.
    Well her name lives on.

  4. Our National insurance is set to rise because of Bungling Doris.Thanks a bunch.The Government are a bunch of cunts

    • To be spent, nay ring-fenced even, on “social care”. What the fuck does that mean? Whose social care? The hoards of illegals (and legals) arriving each day?

  5. Jab the screeching little buggers whether they need it or not…and stop child benefits….and ban them from Pubs.

      • Aye,smoking and a landlord/lady who would just mutter..”children in the garden” at the parents when they walked in.
        Afternoon,Lord C.

    • A very large growling dog also works wonders. A previous landlord of my local kept two dogues de bordeaux, neither of which was child-friendly.

  6. Would the children benefit given the increased risks of complications?


    This could see legions of kids being withdrawn from school.

    • To be fair, complications from contracting Covid well outweigh any complications from the jab. But in both cases they’re so rare as to be of no consequence.

      • The JCVI are not recommending healthy children have the jab because the benefit to them is marginal versus the increased risk of myocarditis or pericarditis as a side effect in children.

  7. Unfortunately, teachers (the ones I know anyway) only care about protecting their salaries and the spineless cunts been a fucking disgrace throughout this whole sorry saga.

    Combine the bollocks children have been subjected to for the last 18 months with the Greta Thunderclap fear mongering world’s about to end claptrap and it would appear that the most innocent in society are being targeted with the most sinister of agendas with little or no protection.

    If a society can’t protect its children from pharmaceutical zealots, then what hope is there for anything else.

    Multiple hangings at Nuremberg for the bastards responsible please.


  8. If I’m being honest, lately I wish a big fuck off asteroid would hit Earth and put us out of our fucking misery. Covid, cunts in government, cunts in dinghys, cunts at work. Stop the ride I want to get off.

  9. Funny innit? You don’t need parental consent to pump a kid full of experimental shit but we will all need government consent to go to the cinema, theatre, sporting event etc.
    Look what’s happening in Frogland right now. Cunts like the Jellyfish and the granny shagger are obeying their orders and we are expected to do the same.
    I’m surprised the NHS has time for all this with all the disease ridden foreign trash rolling in every day.

    • Look at our criminal brothers down under. Australia has gone full on police state.

      There’s some good videos on ‘Aussie Cossak’ youtube, showing just what utter gestapo cunts the NSW police force are. They raided his home on firearms suspicion, just to ruffle his feathers.

  10. I find it sinister.
    Vaccinate children to protect who?
    The unvaccinated?
    Everyone has had the opportunity to take the vaccine.

    Something very rotten and very wrong is happening.
    Anyone paying attention to politicians wants locking in fucking Bedlam.

    • At the very least it is down to financial greed. The worst? Well, I would not be at all surprised if in X years time scientists ‘discover’ a fatal flaw in the spike protein mechanism that unfortunately will have rendered Y% of people sterile or dead, and hey-ho it was a miscalculation during an emergency so on we go!!

      • @BCC

        The sterility angle is the one I’d wager on.

        The sheer desperation to get this thing into young people, who are at a greater risk of dying from a lightning bolt is what’s making me suspicious.

        I sincerely hope I’m proven wrong by the way.

  11. Turkey and Israel now limbering up for a fourth jab, how long before we fall into line? Not long at all is my guess. This is the future should you choose to accept it.

    Kids as young as five being given anti-depressants, so why not the jab?

    Clown Cunt Johnson can fuck right off.

  12. Its not about children suffering Covid 19 or protecting them from the virus, wail the school union. It is about the disruption that Covid 19 is causing in the classroom.

    So there you have it. This is not about protection of children. It is about minimising educational disruption.

    • I wonder what the same teachers union have to say about the hysterical climate alarmists telling these same children that they may only have 12 years to live thanks to humans causing global warming.


  13. No matter what, if some egghead boffin cunt wearing a white coat says anything,
    Boris will take it as gospel.
    No checking into it
    Second opinion
    Alternative route
    Hes led by his boffins when not listening to his missus.

    • All well and good, but what if the “egghead boffin” is wearing a sheepskin coat, MNC, or worse still a Pac-A-Mac™? What then, eh?

      You just haven’t thought it through properly, have you old chap?

      Harold Wilson liked his Gannex™; Boris Johnson likes his lab coats. Simple as that.

      • If hes wearing a sheepskin coat hes a man worth listening to.
        I have a few myself.
        A irvin flying jacket, and a big hooded one ordered from the states.
        No, ive thought it through plenty, CS.
        As I do everything.

        What you having for your tea?
        Not takeaway again I hope?

      • Sweetcorn, Lettuce, tomotaes, cucumber, peppers, Indian beans (cold) , all from the garden and home made cheese & onion pie (cold).

    • The Milgram experiment shows what wearing a white lab coat and carrying clipboards can lead to.

      Use a few actors wearing hi-vis jackets with ‘OFFICIAL’ printed on the back and set them loose on an English market town.

  14. Have the vaccine or don’t, I don’t give a flying fuck, but, if you contract the illness and have refused the vaccine, then I should have the right to fuck you off at high port and drive away if you call us, which you fucking will – I’ve been to enough of you cunts who whine that they didn’t realise they’d feel so rough and dial 999, taking us away from some poor fucker that’s fallen and been on the floor for fucking hours or queuing outside hospitals for hours due to demand. Pissed off? You fucking bet.

    • DCI@
      Ive had both shots of vaccine.
      Im not anti vax or a covid denier.
      I took the vaccine as my own informed choice.
      But kids having it without parental consent?
      Fuck that,
      Im not down with that.

      • I really don’t care one way or the other, but, I’m tired of sorting out other peoples choices. It takes me away from poor cunts who, usually, through no fault of their own, need our help. Cardiac arrest, CPR in progress, no resources available, twice, yesterday. Queuing at ED first time, and, with one of the aforementioned cunts on the second.

    • I know of couple of these cunts. Always quick to use the slogan, ‘my body my choice’.

      I believe paramedics should have a certain amount of authority to say , ‘my ambulance, my choice’. Leave the thick cunts to choke for air.

      Also, deny any twat who assaults a paramedic NHS treatment for at least ten years.

    • You should leave then. Get another job. Sounds like you’d force the vaccine onto people DCI. If it was some pisshead in the gutter (who had the vaccine) you’d take them ? Or not?

  15. Not long ago NHS workers were heroes, saints, allowed to jump the queue at the supermarket and we applauded them on our doorsteps on Thursday nights.
    Now, if they refuse the jab they are murdering bastards who should all be sacked. The politicians and the media, all over the world, seem very very keen on this vaccine.
    Too fucking keen for my liking.

  16. “Not long ago NHS workers were heroes, saints”.

    Not me – I’m a cunt, always have been, always will be. And proud of it!

  17. Most people needing hospital treatment for the Covids nowadays have been double vakzined. Fact. They are called ‘Breakthrough Infections’. Get the third jab and sit back, Super Breakthrough Infections will be along soon enough. What a pile of cunt.

    A link if any disbelieving cunt needs one:

    • This isn’t a big surprise, considering that almost 90% of over sixteens have had one dose and 80% have had both doses.

      A reported 30 to 40 thousand new infections each day but there isn’t a huge rise In hospitalisation.

      • But, but, they are vakzined! They could have got the Covids without the risks involved in being vakzined!

      • True, but having the vaccine gives people a better chance of
        1. Not having a much of an illness
        2. Not requiring hospitalisation
        3. Not requiring Oxygen
        4. Not requiring a ventilator
        5. Dying

      • Twenty thousand cunts. I’m not sure if you realise this, but the flu vaccine isn’t 100% effective either but it still cuts down on hospitalisations.

    • Most hospital admissions are the vaccinated… This doesn’t mean vaccines aren’t working… ho hum.

      • The risks are reduced not eliminated, considering we are now fully open I would say the vaccine is very effective.

        Forget jabbing kids, the old farts need a booster, assuming the drop off in protection is correct, after 6 months it is only a round 70% protection

      • Quite right Herman. On the bright side, at least we don’t have to wait for the UK to reach herd stupidity.

      • Hospitalisation for what though, Herman?

        If you mean Covid that’s a lie; 55% in hospitals being treated are unvaccinated. If you go by under 50’s this is up to 75% unvaccinated.

        Source: Public Health England.

  18. JCVI have said that ‘on medical grounds’ they cannot recommend vaccination of 12 to 15 year olds.

  19. There is debate about this. Whether social factors outweigh health risk/benefit. It is not a done deal.
    It is hardly experimental and routine in USA and Israel at the very least.
    I hadnt realised we had so many devotees of Boko Haram.

    Western education is forbidden.

    • When it comes to 21st century “Western style education” maybe Boko Haram are on to something.

      It’s a cesspool of retardation.

  20. I know a couple whose little girl is starting school. The teachers came round for a home visit, as they do, before the kid starting. Little girl was really loking forward to “big school”. The teachers wouldn’t cross the threshold, and stood on the doorstep for 20 minutes, the bulk of which seemed to be telling the little mite that it’s ok to be scared and worried. After they left, the poor kid was fucking terrified of going to school. Teachers are, mostly, stupid cunts.

    • “The teachers came round for a home visit”?
      Maybe I’m paranoid but that sounds fucking sinister to me.

  21. Fuck me.
    When I went to school it was all conkers, marbles, British bulldog etc.
    Now its masks, forced vaccines, amateur trannys and Bame.
    Everything I was taught now turns out to be either racist or lies.
    If you don’t want your kids vaccinated at school?
    Tell the school to fuck off.

    • British Bulldog in a schoolyard these days Mis??

      Diversity Dalmatian would be less nationalist and more suitable.

      • Afternoon Herman.
        Aye, suppose its a goner British Bulldog?
        Dont suppose the kids that actually speak English could play it?
        Fat little cunts nowadays .
        Probably get referred to a child psychologist for far right activity.
        What a sad state of affairs.

      • I am trying to think of the name of a game we played in secondary school Miserable. It was my favourite. So a boy stood up at one end. The first boy bent double with his head being held by the boy stood up. The next boy bent double and the next and the next…like a long ‘back’. Then the first boy ran up and jumped on and tried to work his way forward while those bent over tried to shake/shoulder him off. And so on until there were a few boys on top. Then those on top had to jump up (as in a saddle) until a boy went down and the ‘back’ was broken
        We used to shout something as well.
        What was that game called do you know?

      • Then those on top had to jump up and down (as in a saddle) until a boy went down and the ‘back’ was broken

      • No idea Miles?
        Not leapfrog is it?
        We had this weird thing in our playground,
        Left over from older kids I suspect.
        Wed all march around in group shouting
        “all join up for the US cavalry”

        But we never played it?!!
        Recruitment drive for yanks😀

  22. Joe Rogan got Covid last week. He is now cured. Ivermectin and a vitamin drip in his bulging bicep. Case closed, Dr Fauci and the other pseudoscience psychopaths.

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