Swedish Gun Crime

Swedish gun crime. Diversity is strength.

I read about this in today’s Times. Quite a shock really. Who’da thought the placid Swedes would indulge in this banditry. So I looked closer. The articles mention neighbourhoods, gangs and youths. The fear of people living in these neighbourhoods and so on.

So I looked closer, and guess what? You wouldn’t know it from the likes of the Guardian et al but the perpetrators seem to be entirely of immigrant stock. Yes, rescued from war and terror or perhaps just looking for a soft touch, these cunts are carrying on just like back home. As they are here and in France.

Islam and Africa do not conform to civilised values. And never will. So the dull cunts in Sweden who welcomed these poor, oppressed folk are reaping the whirlwind. As will the rest of Europe.

Link is to the Spectator, which actually says that 90% of gun crimes are committed by immigrants.

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30 thoughts on “Swedish Gun Crime

  1. They had a multicultural rainbow dream, all dancing in a wildflower meadow ,
    All hugging and smiling!
    Sven loves aktar as a brother
    Aktar beheads Sven,
    Ulrika loves shamima
    Shamima is plotting a bomb attack.
    This is what happens when you voluntarily give your country a human cancer.
    The infection spreads.
    Theyre called swedes because they’re fuckin vegetables.

      • Afternoon 20, I suppose it all depends on which side of the gun your on?
        If its my finger on the trigger?
        Some 3rd world chimps?
        Not so much….

    • Mis:

      Read your little rhyme back, imagine Peter Gabriel singing “Games without Frontiers”.

      It works😀👍

      • Hahahaha 😂
        Fuck me!
        It does as well!!
        Well I never.
        Chanelling Peter Gabriel!😀👍

  2. Just a thought-they have come from ‘failed states’ where law and order is not at a premium and corruption endemic.
    Not excusing them but…you do what you know.
    I suppose the only answer is ‘civic lessons’ when they arrive.

    • Civic lessons would be fine and dandy if this filth could understand our culture. Which they don’t. Looting, burning, murdering and being “gangzstas innit?” is about the limit of their capabilities.

      Create a large pen of Great Whites and then push the cunts into the Gulf of Bothnia below. Chum.

  3. How many immigrants from shitholes is too many.

    Sweden took in thousands when the German fuhrer opened Europe to a million unchecked cunts from, well who knows where.

    The stupid liberal cunts should have had an idea what might happen because they already had a fucking peaceful gang leader causing fucking mayhem. I think the roadblocks mentioned were set up by this twat and his gang, the Ali-Khans.

    The answer to the first line….. 1 is too fucking many!!

  4. Exclusive: I’ve just managed to procure a leak of some the song titles on ABBA’s new album which very much reflect this new and very modern face of Sweden.
    Track 1: ‘Shoot Dem Mutherfuckers!’
    Track 2: ‘Allah Be Praised at the infidels demise!’
    Track 3: ‘Groom dat Swede bitch!’

  5. Indeed the silly liberal Swedes have created their very own multicultural shithole with all the never ending mither and savagery.

    I strongly suspect the next Hitler will spring forth from the Nordic region.

    Once they have been subjected to enough excellent diversity.

    Fuck Off.

    • Well they had Anders Brevik from Norway but the Swedes were woke before woke became mainstream. The government is in full denial and has been for decades.

      • Wasnt there a soft drink called Brevik?
        Anyway, the image of the beautiful blue eyed blonde swede is fucked for the future.
        Poisoned themselves.
        More Jibbajabba than Abba
        Pneumatic lips, hair you could stuff a mattress with,
        And IKEA will stock fuckin tyre swings.

      • I wonder why no-one is campaigning for Breivik’s release?
        After all, the reasons for his imprisonment parallel those of Nelson Mandela.

  6. Sweden – land of the Eloi.

    Is it Sweden that has the feminist government who immediately donned headscarfs so as not to offend male peacefuls a couple of years back?

    Fucking idiots reap what they sow if you ask me.

  7. Multiculturalism: It doesn’t work.
    Contrary to Libtards/leftie cunt’s incessant denial and their myriad of apologetic and quite woeful excuses, their idealistic, heads up their own arse notion of a utopian society where everybody from all lands live in perfect harmony simply can never work based upon the very simple fact that savages simply cannot be civilised.

  8. Saw a documentary about a year ago about the problems Swedish police face in these no-go ghettos and gun crime is the least of their worries. Apparently death by hand grenade is a massive issue.

  9. Admin: Reached these comments by clicking on the Brown/Farage nom – surely some mistake?

    Odd, must be a WP error- DA

  10. Swedes are strange,standoffish and kinda depressing
    Must be the lack of light
    Now they have anxiety and excitement about where the next shot or explosion will happen
    Fucking madness that there can exist no go areas for authorities in their native land
    What about the human rights of the natives of the country and don’t even start that they hold citizenship passport bollocks . They should be hammered by the authorities for creating shitholes in a prosperous country

  11. Next to the U.K. Sweden is the softest touch in the world in terms of free shit and a soft criminal justice system run by libtards. That’s what attracts this low life trash.
    It’s one of the rules of war……find the enemy’s weakest points and apply the pressure.
    At least the Swedes aren’t paying the French to import the shite they want to get rid of and they don’t have a fucking great moat to keep them out.
    I’m too busy watching my own country going down the shitter to have too much sympathy for Sven.

  12. Fuck Sweden.
    Arrogant pricks-I hope they get fucking overrun by the dirty carpet kissers.

    I hope Greta Thunberg and her Mongoloid sister get passed around by Tariq, Mohammed and co.
    Maybe then the west will “wake” up🤔

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