Sadiq Khan (30)

Allah be praised!

Yet another two fingers for that oily little shit-breeches dwarf of a London Mayor, who , with great fanfare, and a big black mask over his big garlic stained mouth, his plans to help Afghan refugees.

After two days, yet after 5 YEARS in “power” in London, the little wank trumpet has one fuck all to help the indigenous homeless:

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Virtue signalling arsehole – he proves – if you needed more proof, all Labourites care about are effnicks.

Nominated by: W.C.Boggs


42 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan (30)

  1. It’s a perk of the job: you can import more suckers who will vote for you out of gratitude. And some of them will even pay you, having grown rich on corruption at home. Gerrymandering cunt, on the scale of Lady (“the cemetery’s yours for 1p” Porter.

    Behead the cunt, publicly.

  2. Thank The Lord I am not a resident in London.London is turning into a third world state.He is sending the capital down the shitter.Send the son of a bus driver to Unkle Terry’s oven

    • “turning”? It has been a third-world shit-hole for many a year. Indigenous Brits are far out-numbered by immigrants.

  3. Fucking irritating little curry muncher, currying (see what I did there) favour with similar mudslime effniks.

    This cunt’s next term as London Cunt is completely and utterly assured, as is Diane Abbott’s as MP for Acne and Stoke Newington.

    I bet his elaborate blue facemask smells like a curryhouse dustbin.

  4. This cunt, the offspring of a Dooshka-Dooshka camel bus driver and a mother who licked the camel’s asses clean for a living, has brought one of the greatest cities on Earth to its knees in the space of 5 years. And yet still the thicko immo’s and left wing loons that infest London vote for him.

    Fancy a drive into London on Xmas Eve to see the lights? No, probably not. But if you do, £15 please!


  5. Well done, WC. The Khan Kunt can never be cunted enough in my book. He is a dangerous imbecile. Metropolitan Mayors are shit the world over, but he takes the fugging biscuit.

  6. Methinks the little cunts hands are tied, we’re the hell will he put x thousand Afghans when all the social housing is full to bursting with illegals? Or being sublet by illegals to other illegals. Last time I checked baroness uddin? ( she of lords expenses fame) was happily ensconced in a social housing property with I think 5 bedrooms. So even the peers of the realm take advantage of social housing so poor old suckdick has little room for manoeuvre in housing real refugees. Come to think of it some of the places in London the poor bastards may end up in even with all the benefits make up town Kabul look pretty decent Taliban excluded of course.

  7. This cunt personifies everything wrong with this country.

    Pure evil lurking in the serpents basket he has for a mind.


  8. This slimy cunt is having his day again isn’t he – helping his raggyheaded brothers.

    I bet if this was some whitey country that was up the shitter he wouldn’t offer to help.

    Blame the cunts who voted for this Kebab king.

    • To the eternal shame of our governments, we never helped white Rhodesians. We let the blacks fuck up the country, and did nothing to help the white farmers. The whites that did come are hard-working and the sort of people we do need in this country. Not a load of free-loading Afghan scum. “I was an interpreter” – yeah, you and all the rest. Fuck off you dirty cunts.

      • Agreed – I have three white saffer mates who I hold in high regard. They work hard, contribute and want to be a part of this country, not take what they can.

        Saw this Geezer on TV last week from Kabul and while it is very sad to watch what the Talicunt are doing (which we all knew was going to happen one the yanks had pulled their cock out of the dirty hole) this guy was like…

        “I am an Uber driver from West London – this is my family, we need to be let back in UK”.

        Now, I did not pay much attention to this, nor know the fella’s plight or circumstance but I was a bit bemused on a few fronts.

        – I did not know you could get an Uber from West London – Kabul
        – If he’s an Uber driver what is he doing in hell on earth
        – If he is / was on some humanitarian mission what the fuck are his children doing there, school started last week!

  9. I don’t want Suckdick, the Paki cunt, in my country let alone in a position of some authority.
    How the hell did he get the power to unilaterally alter right to buy rules to benefit anyone except the British?
    When all the filth washing up on our shores are shoved out the back of a Hercules over the Middle East, this cunt should be at the front of the first stick.

  10. Staggering to think that 55.2% of voters plumped for this sniveling wee cretin. He’s fucking HORRENDOUS, in-your-face egregiously cunty. I reckon this gremlin revels in being a sociological cancer. London was a bit of cunt before he came along, but since his fuckwittery was inflicted on the 2000-year-old economic epicentre, swinging hotspot (ooh-err, missus!) it has turned into a hellscape. Britain in general is becoming a hellscape. It’s ran by psychopaths, from the dithering, jumped-up little Hitlers in the local talking-shop councils of your town/city right up to the technocratic so-called “elite” who want to give us all a micro-managed digital credit score based on your lifestyle.

    That’s what’s coming: cashless society, then no money as we know it, just a social credit score which can be increased/decreased depending on how you spend, behave, express yourself online (us cunts will be fucked!), how fat you are, etc. Conspiracy theory? It used to be, then offical government statements like this came out…

    Guys like Sadiq Khan are just agents of destruction for the coming “Order out of Chaos”. We should never have given up out guns in this country!

    • Thanks for the link. I got as far as the intro by the Whittingdale cunt (2.2 in economics, never had a real job) before feeling like throwing up. Never mind the little people, wot we gotta, y’know* , bless you with, is a soulless monolithic surveillance culture, tuned for maximum profit for my hedge fund. Snivelling arselicking ( had to be, he’s worked for such a diverse array of mutually hostile cunts) toadying placecunt. Needs a cunting of his own.

      *Copyright Bambi Blair Emotions, Inc.

      • Be interesting to see what happens now that bitcoin has become legal tender in El Salvador. Fuck knows what the man/woman/trannie/gender-neutral on the El Salvador omnibus will make of it.

      • BitCoin is probably a psyop to get people used to money not really being a tangible thing. One day it will go from $30,000 to $0.00 as it was in it’s beginning and there will be a meltdown. Sell it NOW if you have it and some people have $100 million of it. One tube lost his password a few months ago and couldn’t access his money, not sure what happened to him.

        The coming year will be mental, I reckon. In the meantime, enjoy Joe Biden’s 9/11 word-salad to end all world-salads on friday/saturday.

    • He will bully local authorities – especially the few Conservative ones, into more massive home building schemes, destroying yet more greenbelt land of the little left in London. He doesn’t give a fuck about white people, and there are so many Asian bleeders living in one home and grandad or dad fills in all the voting forms, that is why he got over 55% of the vote – leaving aside corrupt areas like Tower Hamlets.

      Another term of this arsewipe and London will sink into a sea of shit of this dwarfs making

      • He will bully local authorities – especially the few Conservative ones, into more massive home building schemes, destroying yet more greenbelt land of the little left in London. He doesn’t give a fuck about white people, and there are so many Asian bleeders living in one home and grandad or dad fills in all the voting forms, that is why he got over 55% of the vote – leaving aside corrupt areas like Tower Hamlets.

        Another term of this arsewipe and London will sink into a sea of shit of this cunts making

        (Self edited)

      • It’s an urban myth that dad or grandad fills in all the forms. The blank forms are actually delivered to the mosque where the imam ticks the correct box on every form and then posts them, signed for, in the post box just outside.

  11. Priority will be given to women and girls and religious and other minorities, yes of course it will, you can bet there will be a majority of carpet kissing men 🤨

    Diversity is our strength, as long as it’s Muslim

  12. How dare you!
    Suckdick Khunt is as British as
    Macdonalds burgers, Pataks curry paste or Jerk Chiggun.

    ..and twice as bad for the Indigenous British….

  13. Every virtue signalling council in the country can’t wait to get in as many of these heroes as possible…….at your expense obviously . It’s hardly surprising that good old Suckdick will outspend everybody to be leader of the pack. Another bunch of foreigners will hardly be noticed in Khunt’s Londonstabistan.
    Suckdick is also a leader in the field of treehugging. He is often seen walking his dogs on the green oasis of Tooting Common where he lives. But last week he got bored with that and loaded his dogs into his bulletproof Chelsea Tractor and ,along with two car loads of bodyguards, drove 4 and a half miles to Battersea Park just for a change. Destroying the planet with unnecessary journeys? Fuck off, that’s for you peasants, not for the likes of Suckdick and his mates. No doubt Chelsea Tractors will be standard issue for our Afghan friends and their “above average sized” families.

  14. Meanwhile, while no cunt was looking, a record 800-1000 doctors and nurses arrived by the Dunkirk water taxi yesterday. I saw a video of an RLNI boat arriving on some beach. 3 or 4 geezers in high viz jackets were waiting with a nice little metal ladder so they wouldn’t get their Nike trainers wet. I actually saw a woman among them, or at least somebody wearing a letterbox. Off they trooped to their waiting coach. They all seemed to be on their phones. I wonder who they were phoning?

    • Probably on the phone to Suckdick, making sure there will be a nice little property overlooking Hampstead Heath.

    • Wonder how these poor benighted creatures charge their phones. How come if they are poor refugees they can afford to pay people smugglers thousands of pounds to enter U.K. illegally. All the ones I’ve seen on the idiot box have looked really healthy when disembarking the lifeboat taxi or border farce courier. This is a right load of bollocks no old, hardly any women few well fed kids what the fuck is going on.
      Not one of the cunts I’ve seen looked like they had spent months living rough. This total policy shitfest has proved (to me anyway) that voting has as much effect on the betterment of my existence as throwing apples at piles of bricks

      • We’ve a tory government with a huge majority, if they *wanted* to stop this endless wave of migrants they could – turn the fuckers back in the channel, remove benefits, house them somewhere that isn’t a 5* hotel, you know make France an inviting prospect (hard to imagine) yet day after day it’s more of the same…almost as if its intended.

  15. He’s a bit of an oxymoron moron is our Sadiq.

    A virtue signalling lefty snowflake and a taqiya practising islamist who is also a dog owner.

    And the son of a bus driver.

    • Suckdick is a political chameleon……he can merge into any wokie background and nobody seems to question it. One minute he is at the Durham Miners Gala, then he is kissing the carpet in a mosque and then he is applauding a load of poofs and trannies mincing down the street. He is all things to all men….and all the other genders. The cunt wants power and plenty of it. Next leader of the Labour Party unless Boris fucks up the next election, which looks very likely right now.

  16. This man is the true epitome of cuntdom. A veritably odious, craven and utterly repellent muzzie weasel who will bend over backwards to appease his filthy, devolved, sub human kind whilst simultaneously, desperately trying to garner adulation on social media from all those woke, leftie SJW, progressive/inclusive/spasticated mutherfuckers.
    I am not particularly fond of him….

  17. I hate this Khunt with a passion.
    He reminds me of that gobshite Schofield, just covered with Bisto.
    I wonder if Suckdick has bummed Schofield? Can’t be arsed to look on X-Hamster.

  18. Mind you, given that even Big Ears is (allegedly) on the take from rich towel heads,

    perhaps Khan might be excused for thinking graft is an old British custom?

    Saudi cunt’s donations were not for the relief of poverty, donkey sanctuaries or even clearing landmines. They were for the maintenance of properties owned by Big Ears.

  19. With the amount of population increasing over time, won’t this island sink to the bottom of the ocean at some point?

  20. London is an absolute fucking shit hole with a bloated budget that Khan still manages to overspend, now the cunt wants to import thousands of people with zero skills from a culture almost completely alien to our own. Perhaps the cunt should try and balance the books, get a grip of the already endless crime and learn the basics of his fucking job before once again overstepping his bounds and expanding on London’s list of problems…but of course there is fat chance because he’s a left wing cunt who’s more interested in virtue signaling and running his mouth than he is of actually improving his city.

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