Tax On Pensions (A Rant)

My Mother in law received a tax demand from HMRC just a few days ago suggesting she owes just under £2k in unpaid tax for the current FY. This came as a bit of a bombshell only weeks after losing her husband to cancer.

But on closer detail its all legit because she not only receives a state pension, but also an NHS pension, and her husband’s private pension. Add them all together and it amounts to more than her personal allowance of something like £12500 pa, and therefore is liable for tax at 20%

What she didn’t realise due to how the tax demand letter was set out was that she only owes 20% of that £1900, which still means a demand of about £380. Not as bad but to her mind still quite annoying. (Unfortunately she’s not always rational, and is sometimes hot headed when she sees shit like this when living alone.)

Even though she is 70 and has worked for something like 45 years, paying income tax and of course NICs, she is still hit with tax demands. I realise this affects every retired pensioner with a taxable income, but it really is a kick in the balls to think that paying into pension pot(s) for a comfortable retirement still means being fucked over by the Taxman.

Moreover, what really pissed her off with the news of her sister, who is a year younger, has only worked for about 10 years in her entire life, receives a very small state pension, but is topped up with a number of benefits, which are not liable for tax – benefits that almost equate or perhaps even surpasses what my MiL receives on her state pension alone! (I can’t validate if any of that is actually true though.)

She wasn’t happy about that, but then when she watches the news and learns about how Afghan refugees and dinghy migrants are handsomely treated via the Taxpayer, it just puts her into a vile rage, spouting the usual statements about “I’ve worked for 40 odd years, paid my taxes, and then get stung for a tax demand to fund these bastards!”

And it pisses her off even more at the thought of having to sell her home to pay for residential care purely because she’s a home owner (after 26 years paying a mortgage for  her current home) and has some savings, all of which could take her over the means-tested threshold!

The working classes that live within their means, take responsibility and earn a crust for 30+ years, get fucked over again and again.

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  1. Watch Spiders Web Britains Second Empire.

    Also don’t forget Gordon Brun’s new tax pensions in and out.

    Lastly Mr Top Hatt Moggy made 185 million and paid 0.00p tax.

    Awlwight for some init?

      • Universal basic income is the future. Unless you’re one of the top 10% you’ll be given money by the state to survive and you’ll live in an accommodation unit provided by the state. You’ll rent everything and own nothing. If you drop too many social credit points you’ll lose stuff on a graduated scale.

        First your rented furniture, then your living cell, then your income.

        This is the plan under the great reset. The state is already planning to take a percentage of equity in your home to pay for your care, once this happens the percentage will grow over time.

        Working tax credits had nothing to do with giving low paid workers a living income and everything to do with gradually making working people dependent on the state. The more people that depend on the state for income the less resistance to the communist takeover.

        Call me paranoid tin foul hat wearing cunt if you must.

      • In the old days, a mans son would inherit his title, trade/profession and property. This was at first the norm in the aristocracy but then the working classes adopted it, spawning family businesses, home ownership, financial security etc etc. Now you are taxed till you die, forced to disenherit your family and then they pay even more tax on whatevers left they can inherit.

        So the message to anyone who doesn’t get it is clear – if you own nothing, you are a slave. Maybe not to a master any more but certainly a system.

        The new system will be renting you ‘living pods’ as we have seen in LA. Dont own a car lease one. Or spend loads on ‘public transport’. Lease your phone. Pay a subscription to spotify dont own a cd. Even microsoft is planning to release a subscription based games service – a bit like a netflix of video games. You wont be able to buy your kids a games console and a couple of discs to stick in it anymore.

        A lot of Its capitalism hidden behind ‘green’ initiatives. We’ll be the little plebs forced pay 10 quid for a pack of bacon because of ruinously expensive bio packaging that some billionare makes a killing off supplying. Jeff Bezos bangs on about the environment all the time but who do you think the worlds number one creator of cardboard waste and user of line haul transportation is? Cunt

      • Yup. The ruling class don’t like our increasing autonomy and freedoms, because that threatens their interests, and could lead us to evolving past the point of needing these parasitic cunts.. cunts who do no work, bugger minors, and essentially middle manage humanity.

      • Fine comment Sixdog even if a little dystopian for a Friday afternoon.

        You can bet your bollocks that the main criteria for one to qualify for universal basic income payments is having a constantly up to date vaccination status.

  2. I expect little else from the current crop of snot gobbling polly tishins of the House of Cunts.. Like all taxes, they will inevitable be raised to cover the squandering of billions on chums of a minister and the cunt who pulls his pint.
    It appals me that the 1000 or so each day who wash up on our beaches, are rewarded with more than they can ever imagine.
    I would hope that at some time in the future, someone somewhere carries the flag for the indigenous, and I hope that a fucking good cleansing takes place.

    Tax to pay for sand dancers ? Fuck off.

  3. There are better ways of raising revenue than stealing it from pensioners. How about getting all those tree huggers who like sitting in the road, take all their wealth and make them live in the forest, which is exactly what the cunts want for us peasants.

    • Spot on.
      If the old bill can’t be bothered to haul the tree huggers straight off for a good kicking, then the public should be allowed to effect citizens arrests surely?

  4. I am retired and pay tax. Not a problem and only fair. But I also see feckless cunts getting tax free top ups and fuck knows what else because they didnt plan for retirement.
    But at least I have comfort in the knowledge that I am paying for Ali Baba and the 5000 thieves to stay in hotels. Of a 4 star rating of course.

  5. I’ve already implemented measures to counter the recent announcement for a one and a half percent tax rise, to pay for social care.
    I have no intention of stopping there either. Further countermeasures will be introduced at the appropriate time, to bolster those already in operation.
    I’m a proactive cunt.
    Fuck them.

    • Increase for Social Care,
      Or fund-a -mental as I call it.
      Its bollocks by theives for theives.

  6. End all benefits for the able bodied non pensioner. Throw the claimants in the sea. Never claimed in me life. There’s always some fucking job needs doing.

    Let them die. We’re fucking skint.

  7. Taxation and death – that’s all we have to look forward to in this life (unless you are a “dingy raider”, allegedly).

    Thanks to Doris the fake Conservative and his sidekick, I’m more than alright Jack Rishi Fucking Sunak (AKA “the Millennials’ Santa Claus”), working pensioners will soon be paying NI as well as tax:

    And this will be the thin end of a nasty, pointy, painful wedge to be driven in.

    Short of money? Why not cut back unnecessary costs like HS2 and UK Net Zero (AKA “fuck the plebs over and still don’t save the planet”)? No fucking chance extra taxes are what is going to be prescribed by these cunts.

    Imagine the sort of people who are going to be hit by this (albeit small 1.25% charge to begin with – I guarantee it won’t stay that low for long). Only got a State Pension (paying a measly £9k P.A. and the fake Tory cunts have just stopped a “catch up increase” in that which would have still left it one of the worst amongst developed nations). So, what do you do? Try to work longer, probably until you are too ill to do so, and where you expected not to pay NI any longer save that money because you couldn’t afford to save otherwise. Meanwhile, fat cat Civil Servants who retired early on generous taxpayer funded pensions pay nothing extra. It’s what Doris calls “being fair”!

    Revolution anybody?

    • We should have learned much from the IRA by now. Fight on the streets and ou win….even if you lose

  8. I wonder what happens if you have the hard earned private pension paid into an overseas account?
    Or a trust?

    The tax regime and benefits system in this country is a disgrace.
    The only people who truly benefit are those cunts who never work.

    Oven solution recommended by my accountant.
    Fucking arsewipes.

    • Funny you should ask that Terry.

      As the proud owner of three national insurance numbers and three bank accounts in foreign countries, I can confirm that there are countries in Europe that have a minimal rate of taxation on private pensions, a zero rate on inherited property and a minimal rate on any cash inherited, providing certain criteria are met.

  9. Tax is to pay for useless fuckers and useless fucking Government projects eg Project Gimmie Cunt, Project Universal Credit Cunt and Project VaxJacksie Cunt. As less and less people work there will be more and more raids on the pension pots of those who did by er…the Conservatives.

  10. The creative maths around universal credit thrown around by the Labour Party are comedy gold, not disputing the way the system works but it is almost like they don’t think people should earn money.
    The £20 uplift was a bonus not a fucking right, now they are crying because people will need to work for the money.
    Everyone who earns more than the threshold of £12500 pays tax, sadly the state pension is classed as income along with private pensions so anyone on full state pension with just a meagre private pension will pay tax. It’s a fucking rip off, thank fuck that the levy on NI doesn’t effect retired pensioners.
    I get pissed off with the constant bellyaching by the left about the poor having to carry the burden, no they don’t, they get free fucking everything.

    Make work pay, yes of course it does if you want to live a better life, but the feckless and bone idle don’t so stop crying over the cunts.

    • That London Albino made election promises over not raising taxes.
      The pale twat.
      Im a humble man, not wealthy,
      Don’t piss my money away
      Don’t fritter it away gambling.
      I collect faberge eggs and blood diamonds and scrape by.
      Now they want to cut into that!!
      And I was having a ruby set into my gold tooth,
      The fuckin capitalist robbing cunts.

      • Look on the bright side Mis, when we return to the Stone Age at least there are some nice caves in Derbyshire 👍

      • Yep, ahead of the game there I suppose?
        It’s how I’d imagined my retirement anyway Sicky.
        Drinking from puddles and brambles for tea.

      • The cunt’s justification for it was that “Covid wasn’t in the manifesto”. Neither was spending £billions on Net Zero. My definition of “fair” would be having them both cancel out. That’s a voter’s definition of “fair” though😡

  11. Planning for your retirement, having worked all your life paying taxes, saving, contributing to a pension, owning your own home is rewarded by the state fucking you over with no entitlement to any benefits, being forced to sell your home in the event that you need care in old age. However the idle lazy cunts who have by choice hardly ever worked, pissed all thier benefits up the wall and never saved will get every fuckin benefit going. And you then get the snowflake lefties crying that poor Mr Idle Fat Bastard is only just scraping by on £400 a week benefits and is struggling to afford his fags, sky subscription and monthly mobile phone bill and us retired cunts are so lucky with savings, private pension and a house and should contribute even more to fund the idle fucker. Benefits should only be given to those who have a disability and are incapable of working. Those who are capable should be put to work and taxed like everyone else.

    • Sorted in terms of selling my home. They can’t sell what I don’t own, the twats. Lifetime interest, can’t get me out until I die, but wouldn’t anyway.

    • The thing that makes super strength lager more expensive than it ought to be.
      Good evening.

  12. And don’t forget that if you should have the audacity to move abroad when you retire, then you probably won’t get your state pension upgraded each year, as it depends where you move to. It needs a reciprocal agreement for some reason.
    Money perhaps.
    Your state pension is frozen.
    The European Court, who regularly send down judgements which look mental, followed up by saying the current UK arrangement is fine!

  13. Don’t get me started!
    Suspended the triple lock, because heaven forbid that pensioners on a basic should eat real meat once in a while.
    Boris probably thinks they get less than £10k monthly, and wonders what all the fuss is about!
    Increase NIC, what happened to the £350b, Boris. Oh wait, you used it to fund dodgy PPE contracts & build Nightingale Hospitals. Prior to the Pandemic, that money somehow vanished, like snow in summer.
    Tax pensioners, because they have an income a smidgen over £12500!
    How about taxing pensioners who have an income above £12500.00, and if its under that, leave us the fuck alone!
    I resent funding some feckless tart with 3 kids, Ugg boots & the latest IPhone. I truly do.

  14. Worked hard, been responsible financially and bought a home? Get fucked. You’re funding bone idle fat cunts, freeloading illegal immigrants and equality/diversity lessons in Somalia until the day you die.

    What grates me is that the Conservatives have a massive majority and a mandate to solve half of this shite, if purse strings are tight then maybe start cutting back on the shite before dipping a hand into my pocket yet again.

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