Prince Harry of Fuckwits (11)

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Prince fucking Harry Herbert is a gold plated cunt.

now as I understood it, Harry the arse clown was leaving the royal family and the limelight for privacy.

Now the prick and his whore are never out of press, making cunts of themselves regularly, by their own intentions.

This is not new news I know, but the thing that made me laugh is the ginger cockwomble is genuinely angry about his loss of popularity as he was once the most popular royal to the least, this includes all the shit that randy Andy has going on, his perpetually surprised looking inbred daughters and all the other royal, cling on, arse clinkers including that old cow from I’m a celebrity with the neck like a lizards ball sack, now that saying something.

Amazed the ginger chicken choker is surprised at all, just goes to show, vajaja fever isn’t his only problem. The attention seeking Megan media addict has also had him lobotomised to the point now where he is a real life Spitting image puppet, that’s now just a great piss taking tool. And there is always new news from these arse holes to take the piss out of, almost like the gift that keeps giving…

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He’s also demanding an audience with Her Majesty…

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Good luck with that mate, Madge would need sectioning if she agreed to that, providing you with more fodder to slag off her family in your next ghost-written tome and follow up lie-fest with Oprah.

53 thoughts on “Prince Harry of Fuckwits (11)

  1. Thick as shit. But then he was born stinking rich, never done a days work in his life and everyone he ever met licked his arse. You don’t know much about the world or people when you have that kind of background. Sparkletits saw him coming a mile off the cunt.
    I wish he would start believing all that mental elf bollocks she tells him to say and fucking top himself.
    Utter useless wanker.

  2. If you look at Hewitt jr in any recent photos he looks a bit ‘dead man walking’.
    Like hes in some horrible nightmare he cant wake up from.
    That bald spot on his napper has spread, even for a ginger hes pale, and Smiles less than Posh Spice.
    Hes teetering on the brink.
    Listening to Radiohead,
    He takes my advice he should take the bull by the horns and give Meagain the old chiggun George 9mins of neck kneeling!
    His popularity would soar .

  3. He is fucked, just look at the front page of Vogue. She is in front dressed in white, he is behind her dressed in black, face like a slapped arse.

  4. And who can forget that fancy dress party from years ago when he came dressed with a Nazi armband!

    His brother, Prince William, is a bit of a knob at times, but at least he’s grounded, as well as picking a rather fuckable English Rose in Kate.

    Compare and contrast Twiddledee to Twiddledum, and Harry really is the Fuckwit of the Royal Family.

    The lights are on but there’s fuck all at home!

  5. James Hewitt was proud of Harry when he was shagging birds in hotels , the apple not falling far from the tree and all that. What a disappointment he’s turned out to be.

  6. I can’t wait for his Mrs to dump him , sells her storey and he looses the lot.
    I can see him now flying back economy class , turning up at the Palace with a couple of black bin liners containing all that’s left of his possessions
    It will happen sooner or later.

    • Too right. The slag knows exactly how much dough he’s got tucked away and she intends to get hold of as much of it as she can.
      The prick will end up selling the Big Issue on Windsor High Street if she has her way.
      Spare change for a cup of tea guvnor?

  7. Their popularity is dropping even in the USA. Only the woke obsessed US media feels they are somehow important. But in order to feed the media, Mrs and Mr Sparkletits are going to have to whore themselves to the media even more, who will demand more and more revelations. In the end they will have nothing further to give and that will be that.

    They are starting to realise they’ve made a guilded cage for themselves, hence the approach to the Queen.

    Serves them right.

    • They snookered themselves now they are turning to the referee whom they insinuated was racist and want to… what? Apologise? Rejoin “The Firm”? They live in Yankland now, the Queen doesn’t give a toss what they do now. Different if they live in England, but they can play no role in the game if they live in another culture, which is what California is. Most people in Yankland don’t even know who Harry is. i saw a video of some dude going around a city in America (wasn’t California) with a photo of Hazza the Ginge and NO ONE knew who he was. He just isn’t on the radar of our colonial cousins. He’s over 5,000 miles away surrounded by people who are rollerblading in thongs and smoking weed at the beach hooking up for wild shagging. But he’s got two kids now, so get on with that, you pusillanimous pussy-fart.


      • Oh man, I tried looking for that video of the guy asking Americans “who is this man?” (picture of Harry in normal clothes) but I can’t find it in my YouTube history. It must have had a title not related to “Prince Harry”. It was revealing. I reckon that Americans don’r know who they are, aren’t interested. Most Americans don’t give a shit about people like that. Especially people who want to “change the world” through talking. Talk is cheap, we can all talk and make a YouTube podcast these days. These twats just want to make cash from talking and they inarticulate dummies, so that’s out the door. Go raise your kids, they don’t deserve this circus of spasticity.

      • As a yank I know of Harry through this website more than any other. That said I sense a bit of animosity toward him…

      • Americans don’t like Englishmen who come over and act the way he does. Shitting on your families to Oprah will have made him and Megz look like ungrateful little brats. I’ve never seen people play what were a good hands of cards so badly in my life. They could be loved by Brits and Americans but they are just unlikeable. Like I said, just raise your kids and keep they out of the shitshow you have created, you twats.

  8. No surprises. All this shower of inbred shit are cunts but mostly confined to the cunt farm where they can talk to vegetables or molest peasant girls. This fucker has escaped with his handler.

  9. Theyve lined up Ed Sheeran to play him in the film about his life when he croaks.
    Meagain played by Mel B from the Spice girls.
    Hes toxic now, brand retard.
    Strangely hes the only royal NOT the product of inbreeding.
    And still comes out a head the ball.

  10. My old Dad used to say “ never let the little head tell the big head what to do “
    To my cost i never listened .
    But i didn’t have as much to loose as Harry

  11. The old Harry was much loved by Joe Public. Proud to wear a British uniform, one of the lads, out on the piss frequently, seemed to have a good sense of humour, and also a bona fide fanny magnet.

    Then – just like John Lennon and David Beckham before him – a former national hero becomes a pussywhipped pathetic spineless knackers removed cunt overnight.

    Like the aforementioned Johnny Boy and the dreaded Yoko Fucking Bastard Beatle Crusher Ono, Harry Meets the diabolical Megain Markup and never enjoys himself ever again. He also sells out all his family and his mates, and all for the ‘love’ of a parasitic human leech of a harridan. Quite obvious the man has absolutely no say whatsoever in anything he now does. I bet he goes for a piss only when Megain tells him he is allowed to. What a soft cunt.

  12. I was going to say he should start dressing up as Hitler again .
    Then it dawned on me I couldn’t give a fuck if it was alive or dead.

  13. Harry is that thick ginger gimp at school who everybody silently agrees is fair game for bullying.

    Meghan is the nastiet, cuntiest bitch in your year.

    What a pairing.

  14. The USA getting fed up with them too, so can only see his ratings going down further. Pussy was whipped by the sociopath.

  15. If anything unfortunate happened to Harry (visiting a Parisian tunnel, food poisoning, or accidentally being pushed down a steep flight of stairs by Migraine), will he be buried here in England or his beloved Caliwokia? And will he get a state funeral, and will the Queen laugh her tits off (assuming she’s still around of course)

    I also hope there won’t be any wailing, fawning and faux blubbing over his death compared to his mother!

    An no doubt Migraine will want to know about the will, followed by a book/film tour and lots and lots of “oh woe is me!” TV interviews at $250,000 a time!

  16. So Time magazine class them as “influential”?? The friendly tramp who sleeps in the woods behind my Tesco local has more to say than this pair. Shut The Fuck Up and sort things out behind closed doors, not on Oprah bastard Winfrey….

    • Agreed they are a pair of arseholes, but if your friendly tramp has more to say, then lets hear from him

  17. Hewitt Jr looks like he is appearing in some Islamic State hostage video every time he is allowed to speak his Californian wokery. Sparkle Tits must be standing off camera menacingly squeezing a pair of ginger coloured stress balls.

  18. I will just leave this image with you, unashamedly nicked from the “Harry & Meghan how long will it last thread “on ARRSE which now runs to 900 pages. I am not very good at links so i hope it works.

  19. When you marry Trailer Trash, it actually makes quite a statement about yourself. The knot tugging cunt of a Prince is obviously a runt in the the Family Firm, and I dare say he is busy at this moment in time digging a deeper hole for himself, egged on by the bint with a tint who has the shite of a camels arse for brains. Does she rim good Harry ? Or is it ( as I suspect ) that it is you who does the licking ?

    Thick cunt

  20. Their current line is that they want to be “of service”. What a pair of cunts. She’ll be servicing someone else’s cock soon enough, Harry blaming it on the pressures of systemic whatever. The daft cunt.

    Meghan could possibly be the worlds biggest cunt. She’s fucking horrendous…

  21. Everyone believes the ginger cunt is the result of an adulterous liaison between his yoyo knickered mother and Maj Hewitt, but I have another theory. I’m convinced his real father is none other than the late Duke of Edinburgh! Those two were really close, with her having a thing for men in uniform and he having an eye for the ladies. Join up the dots on the timeline. I reckon the little cunt found out and that’s what’s blown both his brain cells. He married that fucking cheap yacht tramp out of spite and now he’s doing all he can to damage the RF.

    • Not too sad to drop the Royal Marines for hanging out with Bob Iger to get his cunt wife an acting gig.

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