Clive Lewis MP (2)

Oh Gawd!

Just when you think it’s safe to take the earplugs out, along comes some big mouth to give it large once more.

Let’s have a rousing IsAC round of applause then for race-baiting, Brexit-hating Labour gobshite Clive Lewis. In his latest bit of pontificating, the MP for Norwich South is claiming that the Brexit campaign ‘had racism at its core’.

Well well… sore loser Remainer plays the ‘race’ card against Brexiteers. My ‘leave’ vote clearly had nothing to do with my visceral loathing of the suffocating, bloated, corrupt plutocracy that is the EU. No, according to Lewis’s logic, I’m a Brexiteer because at heart, I’m a ‘racist’.

According to this twat, Brexit was in essence ‘a colossal, post-colonial panic attack’ (whatever that’s actually supposed to mean). Etc ad nauseum.

Tell you what. I wouldn’t half enjoy meeting Mr Lewis down the pub one of these days for a pie, a pint, and a relaxing evening of convivial, amusing conversation. I bet he’s a laugh a fucking minute.

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Nominated by: Ron Knee

73 thoughts on “Clive Lewis MP (2)

  1. I honestly believe this half caste with a massive chip on his shoulder is yet another also-ran who is after Dame Keir’s job when the old wanker finally reliazes that Sir Keir Rodney KBC QC is not going to be taken seriously as the working class hero he claims to be.

    I believe Lewis made a tentative attempt at leadership when Steptoe stood down but quickly had to withdraw.

    The more insane you sound the greater your chance of becoming Labour leader.

  2. Didn’t the FT go with a similar opinion piece a few days after the referendum?

    All old shite from saddo remainers and the opposite of what the referendum was actually about.

  3. Excellent cunting, Mr Knee. I hate this cunt almost as much as Hillary Mantlepiece. Without a doubt, the most obnoxious race baiting cunt in Parliament – and that’s saying something when you consider the competition.

  4. EU member states all have predominantly white populations.

    So presumably he thinks we voted Leave because we’re anti white.

    Thick cunt.

  5. Another one-trick pony, jumping on the Brexit-is-bad bandwagon because he’s got fuck all else to say!
    I wonder how many Brexit voters voted for him when he became an MP? Are they all racist thicko cunts?
    MPs need to remove those enormous chips from their limp shoulders and focus on what their constituents want, and not what MPs think they should hear!

    Oh and is that baby white or a Markle?

  6. According to Wikilies – “ Lewis joined the Territorial Army, passing out of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2006 as an infantry officer with 7 Rifles”.

    Very surprising. He’s still a cunt though.

    • You think the Tories are bad until you see what Labour’s got to offer.
      Fackin’ hell; Lewis, Lammy, Flabbott, Butler, Fatty Thornberry, Benn, Harperson…
      Christ on a fucking bike.

      • @Ron

        I’m convinced the Labour Party are the true enemy of the British people.

        Mentally retarded, out of touch, unelectable racist/race obsessed cunts.
        And getting worse.

      • Half of the cunts never seem to move outside of the M25 either; they need to discover the fact that there’s a whole country outside of Lahndan.

  7. Useless remoaner prick. The cunt isn’t even proper black, not even Sparkletits black. That white privileged kid will undoubtedly grow up to be a poof, what with having such a cry baby for a father.
    MP for Norwich…….they’ve all got six fingers and fuck their sisters up there so no wonder they voted for this cunt.

    • Lewis is a Jock name, more specifically an island in the Orkneys. He doesn’t look like a Jock and I’d bet my left nut he doesn’t sound like one either, therefore he is a cunt a placcy Jock, Sassenach fhaighean (pommy cunt).

  8. I have actually developed a curious, seemingly preternatural ability to identify Remainers just by looking at them.
    They invariably look like cunts.

  9. This shit-for-brains moron is confusing control of our own borders for racism and sovereignty for nationalism. If given the chance of an EU referendum, I believe a fair few member states would vote leave, all racists of course.

    • Fucking too right they’d leave given the chance LL.

      Merkel’s “We can do this” which actually translates as “all the fighting age men of every 3rd world shithole, please come to Europe to rape white women and claim lots of benefits” idea back in 2015 was a particularly huge nail in the coffin for the EU.

      What other kind of philosophy would you expect from a childless woman who’s pissed on political power.
      (Jimmy Krankie up in Scotland also springs to mind)

  10. I blame the students and academics of UEA for voting this utter arse in. The constituency is not otherwise greatly afflicted with persons of colour, and it’s been a year or two since the burning cross was raised over Costessey and the dark key corpses blocked the River Wensum.
    But what do I know?

    Norwich is a very tolerant and diverse city, and if you’re experiencing discrimination, Clivey, it’s because you are a cunt, not because you are a mulatto cunt.

  11. All I can say to Mr Lewis (what the fuck is that haircut), I wasn’t racist when I voted leave but I am now 😂
    He obviously married a white girl to dilute the tarbrush in the offspring.

    Just watching GB news, one topic is the tweet that Suckdick put out about ‘Our Emma’, spelt her name wrong and then tried to turn her win into diversity is strength, what a cunt leave the girl alone, she plays tennis not politics. CUNT!

    Thank fuck she isn’t a peaceful 👏

    • More Carole king than Martin Luther king.
      Hes as black as im chinese the bullshitting cunt.
      Anyway hes right.
      Racism was at the heart of why I voted to leave the EU.
      Racism is at the heart of all my decisions!
      White men like me and clive should be self governing not pushed around by greasy frogs and 3rd world arse suckers from the Mediterranean.

      Ps Clive’s hairline?
      Doesnt use a comb, uses a fuckin spirit level.

      • It looks like low grade shed bitumen.

        Anyone every seen him a rain shower, I bet there are streaks running down his face.

      • Mick and his dodgy barnet were very much of its time.. All part of the legend
        Proper bloke was Mick.
        You had to have had some minerals to wear their clobber back in the day.
        Big Daddy and Haystacks probably had to have a weeks notice to fit into their get up.
        Onerr.. Twoerr.. Threerr.
        The old girls on the front rows were always great value.
        Bless em

  12. It looks a bit like the spray on hairline of of certain Mr Steven Seagal, who as coincidence would have it, is also a colossal cunt.

    • I find thespian Stevie Seagull no end of fun!
      Hes changed race at least 3 times!
      Chinaman martial artist
      Red indian fat cunt
      Black blues guitarist.
      And the biggest bullshitter ever to tread the earth.
      A absolute bellend but funny as fuck.

      • He’s best buddies with Putin now to (well, in his own mind at least) and apparently hung around with Bruce Lee in the sixties (and probably taught him the front kick as he did Anderson Silva…)
        Stay tuned for an exclusive next week when our favourite Aikido Sensei will reveal how it was actually none other than himself who inspired Albert Einstein before travelling back in time to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel….

      • In recent years Seagull’s become an absolute joke, with his pathetic attempts to hide his gut and his ludicrous ‘hair’.
        Trading Standards should rule that his straight-to-dvd crap is utterly unfit for purpose, and order the destruction of the lot to stop the gullible shopper being fleeced.

      • Stevie Seagull is like a real life Zap Brannigan from Futurama.

        They did a show Steven Segal:lawman where he was deputised and went out on police raids.
        They were going to raid some bloke suspected of cockfighting.
        Some moron convinced the sheriff itd be a good idea for the cameras if he allowed Steve to drive the armoured tank meant to be used in seiges.
        Segal drove the tank losing control right through the side of the blokes house!!😂
        Killing a puppy and 115 chickens.
        No shit.
        Know what Steve said?
        “I cant abide cruelty to animals!!!

        The puddled twat.

      • There’s always the classic involving the late Judoka, Gene LeBell.
        Seagal was allegedly onset on one of his films bragging (as is a predilection of his apparently) that due to his ‘extensive training’, he was impervious to the effects of all head locks.
        He subsequently challenged Gene to put this to the test which Gene eventually, reluctantly did.
        The result? Not only did Seagal apparently feint like a sack of spuds but he also shit himself.

      • I was toying with the idea of writing up a nom for him.
        He claims to have been born clairvoyant.
        Is a expert on swords
        Trained the CIA
        And fought the Yakuza singlehandedly.
        All bollocks.
        Hes not wired up right.

      • QUOTE.. ‘
        I was toying with the idea of writing up a nom for him.
        He claims to have been born clairvoyant.
        Is a expert on swords
        Trained the CIA
        And fought the Yakuza singlehandedly.
        All bollocks.
        Hes not wired up right.’

        Typical West Ham wanker.. They’ve been undefeated since the stone-age dont’ you know. 😁
        WHU top boy… Mr Seagull

  13. Same old schtick from these limp wristed lefty cunts, refuse to address the complaints being raised beyond saying “I’m alright Jack so live with it” and then label anyone who sticks their head above the parapet a racist/sexist/homophobe/fascist in hopes they are discredited to the point they shut up. On the positive the electorate isn’t a big fan of being labelled racist by some poncey twat, so fingers crossed that Labour our of power a little longer.

  14. He’s the new Chuka Umuna.

    Labour ✔
    Hates Working Class ✔
    Not white, not black, just swarthy ✔
    Second Weferr-wendum ✔
    Fanatically anti-Brexit ✔
    Hasn’t got a fucking clue ✔

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