Employees – and their ungratefulness


Employees are cunts, as a small business owner employing people is very risky and potentially disastrous for the company especially if they are small.

All sorts of factors have to be taken into consideration, I will give you some examples.
Employing anyone who’s not white, as soo as anything they don’t like happens, more often than not out comes the race card and you get sued, weather your right or wrong.
Employing gays, trannies , rug munchers and all the other bollocks these cunts like to go by (See above virtually the same story)..

Employing jobsworths, contract wavers, lazy fuckers, unreliable fuckers and weak arsed cry babies (I have done this to my detriment and now its family only).

Employing people with disabilities, means ramps, lifts, special toilets and parking spaces.
Employing smokers, means these fuckers spend half the time your paying them for huddled in a glorified bus shelter satisfying their fucking disgusting habit, and then flicking fag butts everywhere.

Employing women, and that brings me to the real reason behind this nom, its a fucking nightmare,and I’m trying not to come over in a sexist way, but following is true, you have all the sexism problems, distracting the workforce, no innuendos and no fun, then they get pregnant and you have to pay them for months and keep their job open for them.

Then when they eventually get back its early finishes, late starts , doctors appointments, strops, moods and generally makes your place of work somewhere you don’t want to be, and if all of this isn’t when they cant get their way they take you to the fucking cleaner, see above link, all that cunt has done is make all women of a certain age less of a good prospect from an employers point of view.

I bet her ex boss would like to slap the grin of her silly face….what a cunty twat, i hope her sprog came out sideways and her snatch is now like a wizards sleeve, and her husband will have to put pie lagging around his cock so it can touch the sides.

Being an employer these days is a fucking minefield with cunts like cowpats at every step. I’m sure any possible future employer for this twat will see that news link and go for anyone else rather than that cunt…..

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76 thoughts on “Employees – and their ungratefulness

    • Fucking right.
      Although we do employ 3 Polish birds who are fantastically reliable.
      No darkıes, wokies, young white birds or bumlords is a fine way to keep a small business happy.

      • My employment policy is based entirely on being burnt in the past. Any sane business isnt woke. Its to expensive. Corporations can afford to throw millions down the toilet ( though how their shareholders go along with it is beyond me). Not me.

  1. Youd have to be dumb as fuck to employ any of that flotsam and jetsam.
    My first question when interviewing anyone is

    “What wrong with you?”

    I wouldn’t employ anyone who wasnt White, English, Northern, straight.
    They can fuck off.
    I employ who I want.
    Im often in Rich cunts houses!
    If my helper is caught trying on the customers wifes underwear or chimping out in the fruit bowl, or stealing my reputation is at stake .

  2. There is no way I’d employ a woke cunt nowadays. I’m sure you can easily find out by looking for them on Arsebook. If they’re woke, you’ll see it on there. Then just bin their application.

    Peacefuls can be a fucking nightmare to employ. Wimminz, in many cases
    in my experience, can and do have kids and end up off for ages and then go part time. Not ideal for some businesses.

    In some ways, social media can be a good thing. If they’re all over it being chippy and woke, you can fuck their application off. Peacefuls don’t always use social media but the names are a giveaway.

    Not that I’m condoning any of this, you rotter.

    • Managed a few woke “lads”. Fucking unbelievable, never focussed on the job. Always shit to the side, distractions. They’d all find offence with each other, or with customers. If it was a customer they’d expect you to set it up so that they’d never have to see that customer again. This is fellas, not women getting sleazed onto.

      All needed a few weeks in kitchens or a building site but who’d fucking take them? Maybe a twatting then. Don’t reckon any of them had had a shag, not with a woman anyway.

    • Yes the woke do like to make sure everyone knows what fantastic twats they are. Guaranteed to be on Facebook or twatter.

  3. I have deliberately stayed as a one man band, as I can’t be arsed with all the potential hassle of having employees.
    Ethel occasionally came with me, years ago. But I soon put a stop to that.
    Only the hound is allowed now.
    Fuck people.
    The cunts.

    • Hello Jack,
      I have a full time lad and some casuals.
      The casuals arent allowed out of my sight.
      All employees know that when on the way to a job/ way home,
      They travel in the back of the van.
      Dog rides shotgun upfront.😁
      They don’t like it?
      I’ll drop them off at the busstop.

    • Same here. I’ve had opportunities to expand but I can’t be arsed with the hassle.

      If I was 20 years younger I might be tempted but I’m doing quite nicely on me todd.

      Basil the Cocker Spaniel rides shotgun with me too.

  4. We had a mixed race chippy woman who longer wanted to work full time as part time would give her more money in bennies (she told me this).

    She then took sick leave and we didn’t let her convert her job to part time (as it didn’t work for the company). She then left and tried to sue the company for hurt feelings as none of us asked what was wrong with her. Just fuck off, leads winger.

      • There’s so little work in some cunts it’s better if they stay at home. Useless fucking crybaby twats, benefits sponging dregs, and bong mong wankers who are fucking bone idle.
        Work sets you free, at least it would say that on the fucking camps I’d send them to.

      • Im proud of the fact everything I have ive worked for.
        Work gives a man pride.
        Gives him dignity and a purpose.
        Ive looked after my missus and kids by honest graft.
        Theres no finer thing.
        Ive not had owt for nowt.
        Im working class in action.
        Id be ashamed to live off others.

      • Indeed. If you haven’t earned, how can you understand ownership of anything? Fuck em, let them rot.

      • Been self employed for 35 years. Had a couple of short periods as an employee with other people’s businesses and they were shitty experiences.
        Own boss, means no boss…😁

      • Nice one gutseye lol totally doesn’t make you sound like a hateful self righteous cunt

        Obviously you don’t know the meaning of the word sponger ruff but I’d except that from a smug as shit twatface such as yourself

        Miserable You couldn’t convince me that you work more then 10 hours a week with how much you post here. Seriously you cunts are the most condescending stuck up cunters here so I bid you pricks farewell

        Holy shit unbelievable just the superior then thou attitude of you cunts and the self congratulating reply chain after my comment lol well done

  5. Employing Baby happy young birds is a definite no no.
    We had one where i work , she just kept popping the sprogs out and ended up having 4 years off with pay

    • It’s a fucking Joke FF.

      Sister in law has been off work pretty much for 4 years due to pregnancies/maternity leave etc on full pay.

      How the fuck is that even slightly realistic for a small business which relies heavily on staff being erm… at fucking work?

      Ok if it’s part of the government/civil service gravy train but absolutely unworkable in the real world.

  6. As a degree qualified engineer over 50, I find it surprising that I never get offered anything job wise, although I am reliable and would never give an employer shite about the stuff you mention. I don’t understand it.

    • I sympathise. Took me two years to find work after overqualifying, and even then that was “in spite of” my qualifications, I was told. Just as well I had some other skills.

      Persevere. There’s going to be a backlash against woke.

  7. Wouldn’t employ anyone religious, (want Christmas off)
    Anyone gay (no upper body strength)
    Wimmen (always talking, no spacial awareness)
    Blacks- theives and bit simple
    Gyppos -see above
    Foreigners- just hate em.
    Southerners- Eastenders is hiring, try there
    Scots- pissed on job
    Ive narrowed my labour pool down to about 150 people in the UK.

  8. We made a conscious decision many years ago to never hire anybody who isn’t male and white English.

    Can’t be too careful when it comes to business.

    I worked in a 50/50 male female environment a number of years ago and it taught me a valuable lesson – never hire a woman for a job that a man can do.

    The amount of bitching, cliques and unhelpful attitudes were off the scale.

    As for jobsworths, hypochondriacs and trouble making cunts – I’ve worked with more than one or two over the years and I can smell the bastards a mile away.

  9. I’m self-employed and would never consider taking any cunt on that wasn’t at least over 45, British (proper British and not token-Brit like that Emma bint), and isn’t constantly hooked up on a phone all day long!

    That said, I did read in the Telegraph some time ago that all employers regardless of company size, and who has a workforce of more than 3, then it must consist of at least one BAME and/or someone with a disability.

    Not sure if that’s now a legal requirement, but I think it was introduced so that employers can’t just instantly reject job applicants from certain types of cunts. It’s all down to quota systems now.

    • They can fuck off.
      Never employ more than 3 then.
      Rest can be self employed.
      It should be upto you who you choose to employ.
      I dont want Uncle Ben and Joey Deacon working with me.
      Theyll fuck it up.

    • Diversify or Die.

      I think it maybe started as an American thing that’s infiltrated the UK?

      I believe the NHL was/is under scrutiny for having too many white players.

      Surprisingly enough, I don’t think the NBA has ever been under the same scrutiny.

  10. A lot of these mouthy cunts should try working on a building site. The chavs can’t hack it and give up with back ache, the Dooshkas are usually lazy and bodger most of their jobs, no women at all and no disabled, not many black or asian either.
    One 16 year old went through disciplinary proceedings on site where I worked about 15 years ago because he was a cocky little bastard. He got punched in the face by a biker. A mouthy Mancunian brown-nose was laughed at until he was forced to leave and was turning up later and later. He was also a useless junkie.

  11. I only used to employ dar keys for tobacco harvesting, they were cheap, lived on site and were always grateful to their benevolent master, unfortunately this country has race laws and plenty of “minorities” ready to exploit them, bunch of cunts!!!

  12. The last 2 companies I worked for, I never was late or had a single day off. Made redundant in both, idle lazy cunts with poor time keeping still at both. Good luck to all the lazy tossers.

    • They probably had drinks with the boss, tugged their forelocks and laughed at all of their jokes.

  13. A moment of amusement/levity. With the ensuing recession almost upon us thanks to BlowJob Boris, I can envisage fellow ISAC cunters applying for the following job vacancies:-

    Freddie the Frog – Border Patrol Officer
    Unkle Terry – Corgi Registered Gas fitter
    Sixdog Vomit – Care home worker
    Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler – McDonald’s Customer Services
    Cuntybollocks – Interpreter for Refugees
    Paul Maskinback – Social Services Home Help
    W.C. Boggs – English Teacher for mardy teenagers
    MMCM – School Lollipop Man
    Ron Knee – Toilet Cleaner at Villa Park
    Norman – Football pundit
    Miles Plastic – Jehovah’s Witness Support Officer
    Jack the Cunter – Pub Landlord
    Moggie63 – Bodyguard for Katie Price
    Thomas the Cunt Engine – Marriage Councillor
    DCI Gene Cunt – Health & Well-being Officer for the Underclass (chavs)
    Ruff Tuff Creampuff – National Trust Tour Guide
    MNC – Estate Agent
    Technocunt – Umpire for 6th form girls’ Volleyball/Netball/Tennis/Swimming/Gymnastics teams

    I am of course talking bollocks, but its nice to dream

    • I’d like to formally tender an application for a transfer to race relations please, TC.

    • Dinghy rider: So please can help me with translation. What this paper from government say? Cannot read English what say?

      Me: Well, it says if you don’t get back in your dinghy within 10 minutes, and sail off back to France never to return, we’ll drown you in a bucket of your own piss. I’d set off now, it might get choppy later on.

  14. Although I have to say that there are a few cunt employers out there too, who employ illegals cash in hand, paying under minimum wage. A lot of them moan about Brexit making it so they can’t easily get slave labour from Dooshka land (and beyond) anymore. Then they complain that the natives are ‘too lazy’ to do the work.

    This may be the case in some cases, but in many cases it’s simply that who wants to work with a zero hours contract on minimum wage (if lucky with some of these cunts) doing back breaking work.

    Fuck off and pay and respect people properly and legally. If you can’t operate properly, close your fucking business then.

    This sort of shite encourages the swarm of illegals we have coming here every day and creates housing and social problems (NHS, bennies, school places etc).

    But yes, in summary, everyone is a cunt lol.

  15. It’s only the multinationals who can afford a diverse workforce, tick the boxes and put up with all the shit that comes with, blacks, peacefuls and women.

    I left a job many years ago because it just pissed me off and rather than be unemployed looking for a new position I took a job as a picker in a distribution centre and spent about a year looking for something suitable.
    The picking was a piece of piss but the managers always kept an eye on your output to make sure you weren’t dragging your feet, all except for one cunt, a fucking peaceful who spent the whole shifts fucking hiding, nothing was ever said to this cunt and it pissed everyone else off.

  16. This woman is like a lot of people, everything has to suit them, doesn’t matter what the employer needs. I’ve had a wide variety of jobs and found that 75% of those employed at these places had the same attitude. First of all they didn’t want to turn up, if they had to come in they wanted to sit around all day and chat, and if they were forced to do some work they didn’t care if it was done correctly or not. But they still wanted their money at the end of the week.
    Female staff were always the worst, being ‘delicate’ and having ‘womens problems’. And if nothing else worked they could always get pregnant. Lazy bastards.

  17. It helps small businesses if the owner is harsh, unfeeling brute too…we had a bird get up the duff a couple of years back and the second she left (about 6 months along), we replaced her.
    She came in for a visit about a month later and was horrified to discover her replacement.
    What did she think, silly bitch? We have 25 employees, someone needs to do her job.
    She was on about coming back after a year or so and the owner told her to fuck off and never come back.
    Furthermore, she was advised that if she took legal action, she’d be fucking buried and “evidence” would be found of serious previous misconduct.
    That’s how to handle pregnosauruses…fuck the entitled sluts.

  18. This is the result of 50 years of EU sourced employment jurisprudence. Humans have now become unemployable, such is the extent of the baggage of “yuuman rites” they come with.

    Better to employ robots.

  19. Womens problems are just that.
    There fuckin problem not mine.
    I don’t give a fuck if youve lost 3pints of blood!
    If you cant do the job I’ll dock your wages.
    Say something?
    In one of your moods are you?
    Ok. Your fuckin sacked.
    Off you pop.

  20. I’m thinking about showing up to work wearing a long white shirt , Jerusalem Brogues and a neck beard.
    Say i’ve converted to peacefulness and get every friday off.
    Happy days 👍

  21. I wouldn’t give a job to anyone who was born after 1979 unless they had a mortgage, because they are generally lazy, and at least keeping a roof over your head gives you motivation.
    Gen z can mostly class themselves as disabled, as they are usually an appendage short, as it is constantly holding a fucking mobile phone.
    No fatties either, too fucking slow, and you don’t know if they will last a full shift, either through heart attack or hunger.

    • I don’t know; most of the lazy fuckers i’ve known who can’t save, don’t run a car, have nothing to their name and live itinerant lives with insecure jobs tend to be Gen X’ers. More than a few living on the dole for years on end (when it was Unemployment Benefit rather than JSA or UC). A lot of the (earlier) millennials i’ve known and know are getting on a lot better and earning more than a lot of those born in the seventies. Far too many of them are all too comfortable going to Wetherspoons for lunch.

  22. Don’t forget the cunts who always pull a sticky the day after a big game, or the cunt who apparently goes to 20 funerals a year, these dumb fucks don’t realise they have promoted themselves to the front of the next lay off session, or even the whiney contract waver who used to reguarlly take half a day off to have his fat ugly heffer of a mrs transported to the doctors to top up her mad pills, funilly enough he wasn’t so keen on taking half days when I said from now on I’m taking the out of your fucking holidays you four eyed cunt, now get back to work, god I really hated him in the end, best day was the day I got rid of the whinging cunt….

    • Fugly@
      I didn’t know if I could sack someone when I went into business.
      Didn’t like the idea of depriving a man of his income etc.
      I bought my dad out of the business, and he had a bloke who’d been with him about 12 yrs.
      I upped this blokes wages as one of the first things I did.
      He must of saw it as weakness or something?
      He copped a attitude about what jobs we did,
      And threatened to walk off a big job id landed.
      I sacked the cunt on the spot.
      No guilt, no regrets.
      It was easy!
      No good deed goes unpunished and ive learnt that you cant let anyone get in your way or dictate to you when running a business.

  23. We even had some lazy Syrian greasy cunt working for us, well I say work the cunt was never there unless he graced us with his presence to ask for a payrise, he was the most useless fucker 8 think I have ever me, you name it I’ve had to put up with it, retards, temper tantrums, cry babies….
    Never again, employing cunts is like playing Russian roulette….

  24. Got a load of applicants for an agency post as I need to employ someone quickly to fill a post as our useless HR section won’t be able to advertise for the permanent post for over a month.
    All the CV’s seem to come from carpet kissers eith unpronounceable names.
    Fucking great…..

  25. All the CV’s that even smell of Wokeness go in the bin and never employ a woman unless she has children and the youngest is more than 11 years old, that way I know hubby isn’t getting any and not much chance of getting up the duff.
    And the surname can be a giveaway, double banger, hanging on to her feminist mothers family name and ‘Ms’.
    Never ask the present employer about them they will say anything to get rid or him/her, check the one before that.
    Oh, if they been to Uni in the last 10 years then they also get the bin.
    Because I dislike these cunts so much is that called ‘micro aggression’?

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