“Batters” and Wimminz Cricket

‘Batters’ and forcing women’s cricket onto fans

What do you call Geoff Boycott, Graham Gooch and Joe Root?

If you said ‘batsmen’ you’d be wrong. They’re called ‘batters’ now so as not to offend da wimminz.

No cunt watches wimminz cricket. They had to stop the Kia 20/20 wimminz League on sky as the sponsorship was cancelled. No cunt was interested, despite it being rammed down our throats.

Instead, they now put the wimminz games on before the men’s (in the same ground) for that ‘100’ shite. Basically, forcing everyone to watch the cunts.

Fuck off! Nobody fucking cares!

Stop forcing this shit on people!

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47 thoughts on ““Batters” and Wimminz Cricket

  1. And there’s no “man of the match” in football now, it’s “player of the match.” Language is power, as any wokie will tell you, so they know what I mean by FUCK OFF COMMIE BASTARDS.

  2. Underarm bowling?
    Never catch on .
    Cricket whites show when your on the blob too.
    Crickets a nice boring as fuck game for men.
    Get some ironing done luv.

    • Seeing most of them fully clothed is appalling, in bikinis would be the fat slags do Lord’s!

  3. Cricket no longer has a fielding position known as third man- it is third. However, silly mid on/off etc still exists. I think that Mencap should complain. Wide mid on et al is allowed ; the overweights should be taking up the cudgels. Short and long fielding positions are permitted with no account taken of the anguish of our tall and height restricted persons.
    What really pisses me off is the cunts like Michael Vaughan who take the money and utter this drivel.

  4. What about the twelfth man? Is he the twelfth person now? What if he’s a female to male trannie?……won’t she be offended by such micro aggression? Confusing innit?

  5. I don’t remember playing cricket, but I remember playing rounders in little school. Maybe they should stick to that instead.

  6. Sir Geoffrey knows how to deal with women, a stout right hander is all it takes to make them toe the line.

    • “just make sure your stood up next to the bed, get your whole body off the mattress, do you think i would have hit all those runs for Yorkshire if i was still in bed”

      thank you to Brasseye for that comedy gold!!!

  7. Wimminz cricket? Fuck off.

    Rachael Heyhoe Flint used to be a right laugh. It is a shame she is dead.

  8. I’d watch it with avid interest if they had to catch the ball using only their fannies.

  9. I’ve often wondered; do wimminz wear a ‘protector’, you know, ‘down there’?
    If so, where can I buy one (recently worn) by a fit young filly?

    (a *cough* birthday present for Big Al, my fellow Warwickshire CCC aficionado)

  10. Anyone remember Vic + Bob getting Jarvis Cocker to chuck balls at a massive effigy of Judy Finnegan’s face “in the style of a wimminz”?

    That’s wimminz cricket in a fucking nutshell, right there and then.

  11. Women’s cricket 🏏 women’s football ⚽️ women’s rugby 🏉 are all great. Just don’t take any other it seriously because whilst is good that women play sports, they are ? How can I put this? Wank at it. Cunts.

  12. About 15 years ago I used to work with this bird who was vice captain of the England Wimminz rugby team. Before you ask….yes, she drank from the furry cup, and no…..I wouldn’t like to get in a fight with her.

    • Don’t know about cricket but some years ago now an academic who researched women’s football found that 90% of the players were dykes.

  13. No doubt the cricket clubs will continue to offer incentives to people by coming to the grounds to watch wimminz cricket by means of free tickets or heavily discounted tickets, or even BOGOFs.
    That way from a televisual pov it looks like the ground is well attended even though they club is probably making a huge loss
    They won’t be able to carry on without big subsidies from the crickets boards and/or TV.

    All bogus bullshit

  14. What happened to rounders and hockey, well no fucker was interested so they jump on the MALE bandwagon thinking they will attract a wider audience 😂😂😂

    There is a Spanish bird who plays for Man United women who could play with my balls all day long (sadly I think she is a rug muncher)

  15. Snooker will be on the woke list next

    The idea of a white ball hitting a black ball (ball of colour), a pink ball (LGBT…), brown ball (BAME), yellow ball (Asian), red ball (Commie), green ball (XR and Greta mob) .. will be seen as typical white privilege using violence to put all those other colours in their place (the pockets signify oppression, prison etc)

    Some wokes won’t be happy with the value of the balls either. Surely equality and diversity is everything!

  16. Do they still have the ‘nightwatchman’ in cricket or is that called something else now?

    Forcing women’s sports onto the paying punters whether they like it or not, is a cunts trick.
    (although any cunt who’s daft enough to pay money to watch knee bending wankers deserves all the other shit that comes with it)

    I’ve nowt against women partaking and excelling in sports.
    Raquet sports, gymnastics and athletics, then fair enough because that has (or has if you’re interested) been entertaining over the years.
    Graf, Navratilova and Evert were a good watch at Wimbledon
    The likes of Nadia Comaneci and drug fuelled Flo Jo in the Olympics provided great entertainment an all.

    However, women are fucking shit at football, cricket and rugby. Fact.

    And as for 2 women boxing or partaking in the other sporting abomination – UFC, knocking ten bells out of each other is dreadful.

    • Completely agree, but to their credit, the England cricket team stopped taking the knee for George Floyd not long after they found out BLM is run by racist Marxists. They make some token ‘moment of unity’ gesture before each game – they stand wearing t shirts saying ‘no to racism/sexism/ageism’ or whatever for a few seconds. You can see it’s token shite just to shut woke twats up. The looks on some of the players’ faces seems like ‘what a load of bollocks’ to me when they do it.

      I’m just glad to see them refusing to take the knee. Small mercies.

      Don’t get me wrong, there are still woke twats about, but they’re nothing like as bad or chippy as the footy cunts. It’s fucking SKY and BT in particular pushing this BLM/wimminz shite down your throat bollocks.

  17. Yeah, snooker and darts are horribly working class. Even worse, male and female can compete on an equal level, there’s no physical advantage for men. The wokies have to do something about that…..there must be angle where they can inject their poison they just haven’t discovered it yet.
    We can’t have people just enjoying things for the sake of it.
    There’s always an angle.

  18. ‘Batters’ fuck me.
    The great batter Donald Bradman.
    Tendulker the master batter.
    Brian Lara was an expert batter.
    It just sounds stupid.

  19. Why don’t they just call them “batty men?” Recognising Afro Caribbean culture and gay culture at the same time.
    The umpires could be called BABYLON !!.
    Dem give me out cos i is black fam. Dem raaaaay-sist!!

    • We’ve just had a 20 year war in Afghanistan and we got our arses kicked. The war is ideological and cultural and is here right now, in our fucking faces. We didn’t conquer Africa by shooting every cunt…..we sent in the missionaries to convert the idiots to our ideology. That’s what’s happening right now but we can’t see it.
      Learn the lessons of history? You’re having a fucking laugh. History is what the winners say it is. Another bunch of winners come along and they can re-write it. That’s the way it is. Got any statues you want pulled down?

  20. I’m surprised we still have ‘third man’, ’12th man’ and ‘nightwatchman’.

    Tell those sell out commentator cunts to say ‘third non specific gender’, ”12th human’ and ‘nightwatchperson’ and they’ll do it for their 30 pieces of silver, the sell out cunts (probably just before going on about how great BLM is).

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