Anthony Joshua (4) – Go Woke Get KOd

Anthony Joshua

Got his arse handed to him in some big boxing match last night (25/09/2021) against some Ivan called Usyk (or “Usuck” as Joshua once allegedly said of him before the fight).

For the record, I didn’t watch the fight, and haven’t really bothered with boxing in donkey’s years. But from the news reports on the build up to the fight AJ should have had this in the bag no sweat, according to the expert punters!

Turns out he lost on unanimous points decision, but will still pick up a nice loser’s cheque of around $15m.

From what little I know of him, he could have been a Frank Bruno Mk2, but with a few more tactical braincells a few years back. But he soon jumped on the BLM bandwagon and more or less took a pop at white British culture, suggesting that BAMEs should boycott White businesses.

Now I don’t know if any of that is true, but judging by the comments posted from punters on different sports websites today the allegations do tend to have some meat on them. Subsequently a lot of boxing fans were pleased AJ lost not only because he was tactically outmanoeuvred by Usyk, but because AJ turned his back on Britain and became an insufferable arrogant woke with massive chips on his lumpen shoulders.

I suppose anyone who takes a pop at AJ for his politics and his defeat will be labelled a racist/bigot because that’s how it works these days. The media have already started stirring the shitpan just as they did when England lost out on penalties in the Euro2020 finals because 3 dark key England players fucked up with their spot kicks. The MSM defended them, as they are with AJ, against a torrent of “racist” abuse from the usual suspects.

Anyway, for what its worth I am glad the cocky cunt lost regardless of the politics. He has no class, or charisma. Frank Bruno may have been a bit lumbering and clueless with a glass jaw, but he was down to earth, loved British people, was much loved by the nation, and for some was/is a true British hero.

Compare and contrast him to a vacuous, bandwagon-jumping, one-trick-pony like AJ.

You know what I mean, Harry!

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Anthony “Woke warrior” Joshua and Eddie “Greaseball” Hearn

A left right and a southpaw cross from a Ukrainian cunting for this bodybuilder come average boxer and his wide boy cock end of a manager.

As any boxing fan will know, this cunt lost 2 fights in the 2012 Olympics but still managed to walk away with the gold medal.

Since then, thanks to Sly Sports and conman Eddie Hearn, he has been swept along and spoon fed to the public in a media hype frenzy as the sporting face of woke 21st century Britain.

Cherry picked opponents and massive over exposure culminated in his title win over Charles Martin (possibly the poorest title holder in heavyweight history)

Then he beats a 41 year old Wladimir Klitschko in an entertaining battle (the same Klitschko who was taken to school by Tyson Fury 2 years earlier incidentally)

Travels to the states and duly gets battered on his first outing there by a quick handed tubby Mexican who then carelessly relinquished his belts to Joshua months later in the rematch due to the fact he decided to put on 2 extra stones while Joshua ran away from him for 12 rounds.

Titles back – Media hype bandwagon resumes.

Black Lives Matter statue toppling follows and then here’s Joshua with a clearly anti white hate speech (which he claims he never wrote) The thick cunt.
Interestingly, where were his management or advisors as he spouted that crap while dressed in black surrounded by other racist terrorist scum?)
He alienated huge swathes of the country by being a cunt yet turn on your idiot lantern and you’d think this bum was the second coming with no mention or condemnation for his racist bile.

Hearn and his team simply avoided Fury and they avoided Wilder whilst milking every last drop out of their limited cash cow and now that should be finally over

Which finally brings us to last night’s harsh lesson against a mandatory challenger (not a cherry picked over the hill fighter) who has now practically cleaned up the belts at 2 divisions apart from Fury’s WBC belt.
Joshua was so embarrassingly out of his depth last night, I almost felt sorry for him (almost)
Whether he triggers the rematch clause remains to be seen but surely the result would be the same if not harsher for Joshua.

Sorry for the rant but Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn you are a pair of prize cunts.

55 thoughts on “Anthony Joshua (4) – Go Woke Get KOd

  1. AJ is confident of winning the rematch. Ha, ha, ha. Maybe Usyk will have to take the knee thus levelling things up a bit.

  2. Serves the chip on the shoulder BLM activist right for being on the receiving end of a hiding, instead of concentrating on boxing the prick decided to be a mouthpiece for BLM and I couldn’t be happier he got caned by Usyk 😂

    • That would be a stretch seeing as Coogan probably sweats opening a bag of crisps. Still, I’m sure we’ll see a black Winston Churchill.

      Coogan: Ee, fuckin’ ell duck. Ah’m the world champion like.

      • Ricky Gervais fought Grant Bovey in a charity boxing match, remember that? Funny as fuck. Gervais was an animal, a right bulldog!

  3. Usyk is an excellent fighter. Dominant at cruiser weight hard as granite, undefeated and hungry.

    AJ is a decent fighter but he’s susceptible to being caught and certainly gun shy since getting knocked out by a fat Mexican.

    I don’t agree with some of the total shite he’s spouted but he’s way down the pile of woke cunts in sport I’d like to see battered.

    I don’t think AJ is a terrible person, as a black British heavyweight champion he was dammed if he spoke out on either side of the BLM shite and would have been just as dammed if he hadn’t.

    Boxing is a tough game, strip away all the hype and come fight night it’s just you and another bloke who’s trying to batter you and there’s nowhere to hide.

    If you want to get an idea of what it’s like pop down your local boxing club and ask a decent flyweight to hit you. I promise even the little fellas can hit.

    • I’d never heard of him, but just by his photo and stats it was obvious he would annihilate that jumped-up cunt in the other corner.

  4. Glad the cunt got humped. If all the BLM supporting shit is right, and there appears to be some proof, then even better. Clearly he hasn’t worked out yet that he got a shot at making huge money only because he was raised here. If he lived in the Congo, well work it out. Hey AJ most folk in Britain are WHITE you pillock. Alienating them isn’t the smartest move but then Mr 20 watt isn’t that bright.

      • I’d hazard a guess, that the point in question is Anthony Joshua being a low IQ media puppet.
        Despite making copious amounts of money for himself and his manager, his obvious low IQ has cost him big time in terms of respect, admiration and sporting legacy in the eyes of most of the British public.
        For a supposedly elite athlete, respect and legacy is ultimately more important than any amount of money at the end of the day.

  5. If a white boxer had come out and said “boycott black businesses” we would never had heard the last of it. It probably would have then involved the Police in the new woke socialist/fascist state we now live in. Fuck Joshua, an ex jailbird with a chip on his over sculptured non boxers bodybuilders shoulders. Contrast him to Frank Bruno. My brother had a picture taken with him at an event a couple of years ago. Such a nice down to earth bloke is Frank. Maybe have a look at him AJ you racist loser?

  6. … mouthy MFSOB … got beat by a decent white boxer who actually concentrated on getting the job done.

  7. Joshua has finally been found out. He’s slow and wooden. Like a black Douglas Bader with boxing gloves….

  8. I didn’t watch the fight, I listened to it on the radio, and everyone who’s written about it since has said the same thing – Joshua never went for it. Everyone in the world knows that Usyk is an excellent boxer, undefeated and undisputed light heavyweight champion of the world, so the way Joshua was going to beat him was to take advantage of his size, weight, height and reach. But no, Joshua’s a clever cunt, he decides he can beat Usyk at his own game. After three or four rounds, anyone with any sense would have thought ‘this isn’t working, better switch back to plan A’, but he carried on doing the same thing and got the result he deserved.
    What bothers me far more than Joshua losing his titles is the money that thousands of people paid to see his humiliation, and the fact that before the fight he said there was a rematch clause in case he lost. He should be made to pay all those disappointed fans back out of his own pocket.
    There are things that stink in professional boxing – home town decisions, boxers who avoid opponents, too many governing bodies and too many titles. Another one is boxers with too much money who disrespect their fans.

    • And fuckwitted sports fans in general, especially football.
      Why would anyone care about two teams of multimillionaires kicking a ball around a field.
      With the coming financial apocalypse, perhaps sportsfans won’t be so eager to give their last few quid to some rich prick who can kick a ball or punch better.

  9. The Woke Wobbler (aka Anthony Joshua) and that human slug, Hearn will not want to arrange a fight with Fury. Because they know that Fury will turn Joshua into chocolate pudding.

    Joshua is a wobbly gobbed tosser who talks shit and who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag. Soft cunt.😉

  10. Joshua is a body builder and a poseur not a boxer. There’s a touch of fruitiness about him too. He hasn’t said anything about BLM since last summer, almost certainly on the advice of slagbag Hearns who knows it’s whitey who fills their bank accounts. The bottom line is always money with these cunts.

  11. Boxing jumped the shark when Mike Tyson chomped the ear. It was an amazing sport from Jack Johnson through to the undisputed Heavyweight Champions:

    Just like other sports, there aren’t any real characters in boxing now. They are great fighters, but you just don’t get emotionally invested in them as people, like everyone from kids to old women did with Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Floyd Patterson, Jake LaMotta, Sugar Ray Robinson, Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Roberto Duran, Marvin Hagler, Mike Tyson, Chris Eubank, etc.

  12. I remember all the press last year and accusations AJ was a racist, didn’t really pay much attention, but it is clear this chump has a chip on his shoulder.

    Bet the £15 mill he’s getting ain’t coming from no darky key’s pocket so the cunt needs to shut the fuck up. Glad he lost but then the cunt will earn more in the re-match.

    • My question is why is there going to be a re-match ?
      AJ is so wooden and slow it will be more of the same he will lose 👍
      Tyson Fury has no need to fight this racist just put him on the back burner Tyson has nothing to prove with this looser nothing to offer AJ will only gain 👎
      Whitey pays your wages AJ not Dark Keys just remember that next time when you come out with your racist rubbish don’t buy anything from Whitey. Glad you lost If you fight Tyson you will lose badly He will smash you to bits even worse than he did to Wilder 👍👍

  13. The fight was good fun.
    The dark key had no idea what to do and was almost k.o’d by a fighter not known for his punching power.

    The thick cunt should stick to weight lifting and deodorant commercials.

    Having said that I’d be delighted to see Fury clatter the cunt into retirement.

    Boxing like most lucrative sports is a cesspit and Hearn is a greasy rat.

  14. I couldn’t give a flying fuck about sport so to my mind they should lock the two boxers in a room, with no audience, and open the door again when there’s only one cunt standing.

    • Usyk isnt a journeyman or bum,
      Hes a great fighter.
      Not only that, hes a quiet gentleman type who doesn’t do trash talk.
      He’ll shake their hand then let his hands do the talking.
      Joshuas camp should of been wary as fuck!
      Joshua beleives his own hype.
      To busy admiring himself in the mirror rather than training.
      Im chuffed as fuck hes lost his belts😂
      And it isnt a race thing,
      Its because hes vain, arrogant and precious.
      Like the Stone Roses he wants to be adored.

      The black cunt.😁

  15. Slight change of topic but had to cunt this one..!

    Daughter got some sweeties at the weekend. Over sweet, full of E number Skittles – shite American ‘candy’.

    This particular bag has been introduced to celebrate gay pride. A white bag with the slogan “During pride only one rainbow matters”.

    Fuck me deep in my butt hole, these cunts are now using Gayness to promote their shite sweets. The bag was white, the sweets were white and is some cunty marketing ploy to show their support for batty boys and girls!

    I am surprised they haven’t come out with a brown bag and sweets to celebrate BLM.

    Total cunts jumping on the batty bandwagon.

  16. I was still smiling on Sunday morning😀👍

    Frank Bruno was 10x the boxer Joshua is👎

    I detest those greasy pie-keys the Hearns-overblown cockerney fucking barrow boys, who poison everything they touch.

    Fuck em-shit always sinks, eventually.

    The first thing Hearn came out with, was that it shouldn’t effect the big money (biggest in fight history), contest with Tyson Fury-who is a real boxer👍

  17. What’s happened to Frank Maloney these days, you never hear of the cunt? I suppose OAP trannies with Cock-a-nee accents aren’t very right on these days.

  18. Joshua is a racist cunt (allegedly).

    Someone on his Instagram posted the following to American boxer Eddie Chambers back in 2017;

    “You done to much talking
    u are bum
    disgrace to the superior black race! Fuck u”

    Hearn said that Joshua’s account had been hacked. Subsequent events surrounding the ‘blek businesses’ suggest otherwise.

    Illiterate cunt to boot.

  19. What a fuckin loser, I’ve seen better Gypo boxers having a go on a car park, soon, when his career is over he will be seen at every fight talking like he knows what he’s on about, this wanker must be the most overrated punch bag in the history of British boxing, and we’ve had some Tossers.!!

  20. Very average boxer. The gypsy king would knock his head clean off his shoulders with his first punch.

    By ‘his head’ I mean Fury would knock Joshua’s head off. Not that Fury would knock his own head off as soon as the fight started. Although that would make it a very interesting and somewhat hilarious spectacle.

    In all seriousness, I can’t see the BLM c ocksucking cunt ever agreeing to the ‘fight’ anyway though.

    • Listen up Yeewkay… It’s taaam t show lawkul bizniss som lov!

      Anthony Joshua advertising Nigerian restaurants for Google weeks after his boycott white businesses speech.

      What a fucking tosser the man is .

      • Washing dishes in an umbongo bush meat eatery, would be a fitting position for this BLM, ant-white, racist, ex-drug enforcer, CUNT🌈

  21. Overhyped tosser, only thing going for him is the bodybuilder physique, easier to sell him on promotional posters, probably could have commanded a decent pay day against Fury 2 fights ago, now the cats out of the bag though, he’s dogshit against anyone half capable.

    Also what’s with these fucking rematch clauses? Utterly boring, you lost cunt go win some fights and earn another shot, can’t be arsed with the same fight over and over.

      • Agree on that. Rematches should be banned unless it’s a draw (or if the loser is still the number 1 ranked challenger – which is very unlikely just after a defeat).

        They should definitely ban rematch clauses in contracts.

        And when are they going to have the wimmins experts and wimmin’s commentary on the big PPV title fights? Because I for one can’t fucking wait.

  22. It’s well obvious that Joshua is mentally shot after that oversized taco from Mexico sparked him.

    Usysk is a technical and tactical genius. But, anyone looking at this fight on paper would have and should have favoured AJ to at least use his size and bulk to bully the much smaller Ruskie.

    Chisora did the same thing against Usysk in a previous battle and with some success set a template for AJ. With AJ’s superior height and length he couldn’t closed the distance, kept in Usysks face, roughed him up, kept him on his skates and wore him down by hanging on him. Make it dirty, tie him up and make him pay. Eventually this would’ve opened up Usyk for his power punches.

    Only, AJ is now so gun shy he might as well be Piers Morgan (well done if you get that reference).

    AJ seems like a guy who has too many people without his best interests at heart. He’s not in charge of his own destiny and he doesn’t really love the sport. Maybe it’s the profile, lifestyle and status of a champion he loves – and a pound note (as Eddie Hern says).

    Hell, I’m not sure he loves any of it tbh. The pressure to live up to the expectations of those around him seems to wane on him. And, tbf who would want to when you’ve got a large fortune in the bank and you’re waking up in silk Under Armour pyjamas in the morning?

    Yeah, he’s a Wokie. Who bloody isn’t these days? That’s a whole other pressure he’s had to deal with: anyone with something to lose has had to pay their pizzo to the woke mafia this last two years.

    I personally like him but I see a lost kid with a bunch of leeches around him sucking the udders dry. Hopefully he loses the rematch unscathed, retires and avoids Tyson Fury. That guy would wage holy war on that guys shaking lamb of a psyche. It would be over before they even got in there. The eventual slaughter when they did would look worse than Dresden.

    Best of luck to him, as he laughs at my comment in his mansion.

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