Natural Gas Suppliers

A rather expensive cunting please for the fucking mess that is the U.K. natural gas suppliers.

If we take as a first principle that making money is the reason a business exists and everything else is waffle and bollocks then mapping the demise of many of these greedy bastards is very simple.

Since the great one (Thatcher, for those not so old cunters – Day Admin), sold everything off back in the 80s the key factors that enable our society to function at a much higher level than most of the World have been treated like well any other “thing” to be bled dry, for the mighty moolar.

‘Minimum in Maximum out’ the motto of most of the butchers who fell upon the body of nationalised suppliers of our daily wants. Even China has a hand in Thames Water.

These failing gas suppliers that we must now bail out started their business to make as much money for themselves as possible. Now due to poor planning bad hedging they are fucked, but rest assured the managers will not be sleeping in a box at the back of a car park.

What was wrong with the Gas Boards anyway? Everything now has so many levels of cuntishness but I suppose it supports employment til everything goes arse up.

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The Blonde Bombshell is in the USA telling the world we have to cut Carbon, while back in Blighty the shit is hitting the fan, Gas prices going though the roof and Christmas will cancelled, not Covid this year (well not yet) but No Carbon Dioxide.

Surely that is a good thing, we need to produce less CO2, Greta will be happy but sadly CO2 is a necessity for food processing. What the fuck has Natural gas got to do with CO2, well it appears that Fertiliser companies can’t afford the high gas prices and just happen to be (as a bi product) major producers of CO2.

What a fucking shit show, no gas, no coal, the wind has dropped, days are shortening, energy cowboy companies going bust.

Maybe Arthur Scargill was right, high quality British coal and Carbon capture technology or maybe Nuclear is the way forward.

It’s not too late, fuck this Green bollocks, secure a UK self sufficient energy program, once that is done then we can start reducing CO2, after all until China starts cutting drastically it won’t make a blind bit of difference

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  1. If we had started fracking five years ago we would now be almost self sufficient in low carbon, low price energy. Instead the tory party caved and made it illegal to placate Vivienne fucking Westwood.Boris can stick his carbon neutral up his arse.

    • How can a country that relies on gas, not only for domestic heating but around 40% of electricity generation not have sufficient storage.

      UK production is less than 50% of consumption yet we store around a measly 1.5% for gas reserve. If were to loose our import the lights would be off within 2 weeks.

      • Britain is run by mongs now. Mongs and psychopaths. It actually feels like these cunts are trying to run down society to make us crack. Government gas-lighting.

    • we also have about 300 years worth of coal under our feet. Re-open the mines and get building fucking coal-fired power stations. Earth’s greatest problem will not be “global warming” but the coming ice age.

      • Isn’t there a coal seam that runs from Spain up to Cornwall, then goes under the sea floor all the way to Pennsylvania, USA? I heard Richard Burton talk about that once in an interview when talking about his coal miner father.

      • not sure about that, but there is a huge swathe of coal that extends under germany, through the southern north sea and across the uk coalfields. This is the source of most of the UK’s north sea gas. There is probably also stacks of the stuff under the coal seams. The UK government were doing some research, but probably canned it due to enviro-lunacy.

  2. there is never any blame put on the green lobby for our current lack of energy supplies.I live in a town with an abundance of wind turbines, we are the only place in England to have approved them without a fight, that shows what years of inbreeding can do.The bloody things haven’t turned for about 3 weeks.
    Gordon Brown altered the tax arrangements so that North Sea gas and oil exploration was shut down overnight and then I hear him on Wireless 4 pontificating about energy supplies.
    Bring in tidal power if you want green energy or better still build a few nuclear reactors.

  3. At least I’m not going to blame it on Brexit because energy prices have risen drastically in Europe. The article linked below mentions that increased demand came about because of lockdowns.

    I had to look up which luminaries have held responsibility for energy policy here over the last few years. A quick search revealed a basket of duds: Ed Miliband, Amber Rudd, Ed Davey. Also Chris Hulne, who passed me by completely, and now Kwasi Kwarteng.

  4. Anyone would think that natural monopolies like energy should have remained in public ownership…

    Railways, electricity, gas, water should be renationalised without compensation. This should happen yesterday.

    And as for all the rich fuckers spouting bollocks about climate change then flying across continents in private jets like Markle and Windsor, all I can say is ‘you first.’

      • It would at least be possible to intervene when fuckups do happen, and they do, obviously. Much harder to reach corrupt price fixing deals if you are the only game in town and subject to legal enforcement under clear rules.

        It used to be possible to walk into a station, and buy a ticket to anywhere, departing on the next available train heading in the right direction, for a fixed price, which was considerably more affordable than it is now.

        Water charges were bundled in with local authority rates, and maintenance and repair were not skimped in the interests of hedge fund shareholders.

        Electricity was on the national grid, and the price was the same wherever you lived. There were no more brownouts than there are today, and once again, investment in new capacity and maintenance could be planned independently from the wishes of the cronies the system was then handed to on a plate.

        All were subject to scrutiny and remediation by accountable bodies.

      • Point well made BB. It concerns me that a growing number of people seem to think nationalisation would cure our present problems. Old folks like me lived in a time when all these services were in the public sector and it was NOT utopia, it was in fact closer to fucking dystopia. Still, thinking further, Corbyn advocated this policy and the electorate told the labour party where to stuff it so maybe there’s no need for pessimism.

    • After the security of the nation the priorities of any government should be to guarantee the uninterrupted supply of


      They can shit the rest!

    • Today’s government would make a monumental cunt of running public services. Back in the 1850-1960 Golden Age of railways, it was ran to perfection by men of wisdom, but today’s bumbling bellends wouldn’t be able to oversee something like rail, energy or even a school tuck-shop. Things like this needs to be in the hands of men of experience who have an incentive (money) to provide a great service. What we have needs sorting out pronto, but re-nationalising industries would be a nightmarish cluster-fuck omni-shambles of Biblical proportions!

  5. The solution is both simple and logical; Greta Thunberg is full of hot air so let’s stick an industrial pipe up her arse and utilise her as a free, green energy source.
    Carbon emissions will be a thing of the past and we can simultaneously get her to finally shut the fuck up. Win-win! 👍


      ’In a new study, scientists found the animals can be potty-trained, allowing their waste to be collected and treated.

      This is a most interesting development and one which Greta should thoroughly approve of.

      A few more quotes from it:

      ‘When cows freely relieve themselves as they graze, the accumulation and spread of waste can contaminate soil and waterways.’

      ‘The ammonia, produced by cows, does not directly contribute to climate change, but when it is in soil, microbes convert it into nitrous oxide – which is the third-most important greenhouse gas after methane and carbon dioxide.

      ‘By training them to use a toilet, researchers believe it will lead to their barns being cleaner, a reduction in air pollution and the creation of more open, animal friendly farms’

      This is the answer to a lot of our environmdntal problems. Animal toileting.

  6. Selling off a country’s vital infrastructure for a few fast bucks to waste on things like overseas aid and destroying the countryside for trains nobody needs is madness.

    Can you imagine the Yanks or Frogs letting China or Germany run their vital services for the sake of making the insanely rich a bit richer.

    From what I can see, the UK is pretty much fucked in the ass with a 12 inch black rubber cock.

    • “From what I can see, the UK is pretty much fucked in the ass with a 12 inch black rubber cock.”

      Sadly, Sir, that is the absolute truth of the matter.

    • We should erect a sign at all major ports of entry to the UK :

      Welcome to the UK.
      Recently fucked in the ass with a 12 inch black rubber cock.

  7. But will the rich care?
    Will the Establishment?
    Will the Fourth Estate?
    Will the Politicians?
    Will the Stock Market Cunts?
    Will the Greens?

    Of course they fucking won’t. They won’t care two shits about rising energy prices, petrol shortages, food shortages, turkey shortages, or any other panic headline, primarily because they’re rich, have influence and have contacts to get them what they want!

    OFGEM is another example of a toothless, pointless government quango when it announced the lifting of the price cap in order to give some protection to the vast array of energy suppliers out there. So never mind about free market principles of going it alone sink or swim. OFGEM wants to make sure any so-called private company is bailed out by either tax payers and/or customers.

    All we want now is another winter lockdown, and perhaps even a new type of covid pandemic, and that would bring this country to its knees.

  8. I reckon most of these problems is furlough is ending, they have huge amount of employees and less demand from working at home. Therefore whip up a storm to re capitalise their coffers. Very apt that furlough comes to an end this month and all these problems are occurring.

  9. The UK energy program is a mess. We live on a windy island – why are there not more of those windmill things (the technical phrase escapes me). What about fracking? What about our huge coal reserves – get people in Wales and Lancashire back down the pits, at least to stop them moaning?

    • Oh….and stop selling everything of to Johnny Foreigner and stop buying electricity from Pierre Pumpytrousers.

  10. I recall Emma Thompson doing her anti fracking bit a few years ago by holding a bake off in some farmer’s field up north before what she hoped was the World’s press. Naturally , being important, she didn’t ask the farmer for permission to use his field. The farmer got his muck spreader out and covered the whole lot of them.
    However, HMG took notice of the antics of this cunt and her cronies and the rest is history. Never mind energy security and jobs in areas of high unemployment, the voices of Thompson,Rashford, Lumley et al count for more.
    Of course ,Thompson fucked off back to the USA so she is unaffected by U.K. gas prices.

  11. The ‘Nuclear New Build’ programme should have had a couple of stations up n running by now. But no … loadsa fuckwittery and bureaucracy has that nicely stalled with costs escalating daily. On top of that we’ve managed to create the perfect storm of lack of supply security and storage capacity (actually not wise to store gas on a large scale … costly and not without risk) and to get ourselves high on the shit list of those that produce and distribute the stuff (Russia and the Euro-fuckin-pean fuckin’ Union) who’d rather use it as an economic leverage tool. Cunts!

  12. The sooner Rolls Royce get those small reactors off the drawing board and into production the better.

    Eco bollocks energy supply has been shown to be a complete failure,a pet project at best.

    Commercialising an absolutely essential component of modern life was a cunts trick and as usual when it all starts to go dreadfully wrong the taxpayer rides to the rescue.

    The country is run by gangsters.
    The fucking vermin.

    • Aman to that Unkle.

      I carried out work for UKAEA many years ago and had many a conversation with an eminent nuclear Scientist there. What we have now (turbines) are Victorian technology – a moving copper wire in a magetic field.

      Nuclear power is the only way forward, but please, please don’t forget that the massive cunt Blair held this off for years, so that is why we are now in the shitstorm.

      • Er….turbines aren’t electromagnetic devices, as I am sure you know. You mean alternators, perhaps. But, whatever, even with a nuclear pressure cooker supplying the steam, we’ll still have that Victorian technology for a while. Electric cars are Victorian technology too…we’re still using reluctance motors, albeit with craftier electronics, today.

    • If the steam engine had been subject to the same intense development as the internal combustion engine, we’d probably be paying eight quid a gallon for water now.
      And there’d still be a shortage somehow…

  13. re open the coal mines. Quite frankly i don’t give a shit what emissions it produces . It will also create a lot of employment.

    I love the smell of burning coal in the morning .

  14. Two things I’d like to add.

    The Cambrian explosion or Cambrian radiation was an event approximately 541 million years ago in the Cambrian period when practically all major animal phyla started appearing in the fossil record. It lasted for about 13 – 25 million years and resulted in the divergence of most modern metazoan phyla.

    Carbon dioxide concentrations dropped from 4,000 parts per million during the Cambrian period about 500 million years ago to as low as 180 parts per million during the Quaternary glaciation of the last two million years.

    When flora and flora were at their peak Co2 levels in the atmosphere were many times higher than they are now. If minor differences in Co2 were solely responsible for catastrophic climate change you’d think the planet would have be a lot more like Mars than the wet green planet it still is.

    We are currently at around 400 ppm, and told if we don’t reduce it we have 10 years of life as we know it. Obviously the creature and plants that lived and indeed flourished through the 4000 ppm in prehistoric times didn’t understand the science.

    I’m not convinced that we contribute that much too climate change, our pollution of the planet is a different matter.

    • I do love a simplistic argument without citing sources. Happily, not everyone does.

      Without in any way supporting the notion that everything’s fine with the climate and we should just continue burning stuff, this is at least a little more rigorous about the evidence for its (disputed) conclusions. Interesting discussion of the Ordovician.

      The P-T extinction event is worth a look, too.

      h ttps://

      (Can’t put two links in, so remove space after h in http)

      No, I don’t have much of an axe to grind on this one. I’ll be gone before the really shit era of global warming kicks in ( I hope) so if younger cunts want to keep on whistling, turn up the aircon, and accommodate waves of economic migrants from burnt-out countries, that will be fine by my complacent ghost.

      • Come on the Mr Dragon, tell us all how the world is going to burn in 10 years time if we don’t stop heating outlet homes.

        This site isn’t the place for in depth debate of the science. But as you’re our resident climate change expert maybe you can enlighten me how planet earth survived atmospheric Co2 levels 10 times higher than at present at the same time life exploded on earth.

        Your belief in Co2 driven man made climate change rivals Mile’s belief in the Catholic Church.

      • I don’t claim to be an expert on climate change. Any more than you do, I’m sure….you don’t, do you? Or do you? As you say, this isn’t the place to discuss it, but you are not comparing like with like. We are talking about an extremely rapid and measurable change, in geological terms (I do hold a good qualification in geology) as against imperfectly constrained longer-term changes in a stratigraphic record which is hard to read. The message from the past is that yes, high CO2 levels are associated with warmer conditions, but also that the disposition of the continents, solar flux and weather patterns have changed radically over time.

        The message from the present is that CO2 levels are rising, and that there is no other apparent cause of the observed fact that temperatures are rising. Perhaps this is a conspiracy invented by the alt-energy people? But, hey, as a sceptic, ask yourself in whose interest is it to pretend otherwise?

        Yeah, yeah. I know this is as hopeless as converting Miles to shamanism. I know I’m wasting my time – pity, as we often agree. That’s the terrible thing.

      • There are theories that rapid climate change has taken place in the past. The science isn’t settled is it? The implications for humanity of giving having climate change green communism forced upon us are just as frightening as the predictions of a degree or two temperature rise.

        However I still don’t understand how the climate didn’t spiral into a superheated disaster with Co2 levels 10 times what they are now. That’s not an unreasonable question to ask is it?

        Seems to me that these in my lifetime there’s always a bogeyman to keep us all scared and submissive. The soviet threat, soon replaced by the terrorism threat, then climate change which was briefly replaced by COVID, now C19 is seemingly on the wane suddenly out comes the climate change monster.

        India certainly won’t abandon coal and China isn’t going to be carbon neutral anytime in our lifetimes. Why is it the west that’s going to dismantle its future when the rest of the world doesn’t give a fuck?

        They just stopped the world in a few weeks when faced with a virus that was at worst a threat to a few million, how comes they never took drastic action when faced with a threat to all life on the planet? You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.

        I ain’t buying it.

    • I wonder what the energy bills were like 541 million years ago?

      Earth has been around a long, long time and has been through it all long before us cunts showed up with steel mills, cars and central heating systems. Global warming catastrophism is a bag of shite. We go through catastrophes but it’s not down to carbon emissions. The Chinese know this and that’s why they give no heed to the Western World’s hysterical shrieking led by hypocritical harlequin, Greta Dumberg.

      • The oldest scientific records in the world are in China. They have been keeping records for 5,000 years. Weather, night sky phenomena, natural disasters. They know the score. Still corrupt cunts, but they play the game wiser than the gimpoids who run out end of the Earth.

    • You speak so confidently SV about what happed 541 million years ago. At least with me its only 2000 years ago.

      • It’s all relative isn’t Miles, in your Belief system there was no creation a few thousand years ago. If your beliefs are correct the new religion of science is wrong. If we are to believe the science then the stuff I posted is accepted scientific fact and it’s a valid question in the face of scientific fact.

        Me? I can’t prove or disprove God any more than I can prove or disprove man made climate change. I can and do question the priesthood of science and religion.

        Man made climate change is based on statistical analysis and we all know statistics can be made twisted to suit the narrative.

      • A bit naughty there SV. Caricaturing me as a Bible punching Creationist.
        I did a Nom remember about (Fr) Lemaitre and the Big Bang. That the universe is about 13.7 blbillion years old. Which I accept.

        I think there is someghing to the phrase ‘climate crisis’ simply because the general scientific consensus is that something is up.

        Also my hunch that the rapid industrialisation of the world in the recent centuries MUST have had an effect on the stability of the earth’s biosphere, its atmosphere.

      • Not meaning to to do you a disservice Miles, if the Big Bang isn’t the ultimate creation event I don’t know what is.

  15. I am surprised Boris hasnt brought in St Marcus, OBE, to sort it out. He will if St Marcus’s twitter operator deplores the situation.

  16. I’ve reached the unpleasant conclusion that this country is being deliberately trashed culturally and economically.
    The only alternative is that it’s all due to a mixture of mass incompetence and corruption, in which case surely someone in the public eye with a loud enough voice and a few residual scruples would have said something by now.
    Heads need to roll…

      • Fuel shortages at the same time as police protected motorway shutdowns by the middle classes, while the media and the wealthy wank themselves daft over expensive electric cars?
        Sustained assaults on our heritage culture and history?
        Hordes of cheap labour/potential bombers/labour voters being ferried in daily by the same authorities who are supposed to keep us secure?
        And many, many more.

        Of course, if we went down on our knees and begged the Fourth Reich to have us back, all our problems would miraculously vanish overnight, wouldn’t they Boris?
        That’s his plan, I suspect…

      • Call me cynical, but I’m pretty sure an idealist would simply fuck us over in a different way.
        For our own good, obviously 😞

      • Yeah, Corbyn’s got scruples alright, campaigned for 30 years to leave the EU but when it came to the crunch he cynically switched to Remain.

      • I enjoyed waving a red corbyn at a creampuff. Who was, if I remember right, a remainer originally, and thus in agreement with Corbyn a l’outrance…

    • Natural gas, energy too cheap to meter. Err.., the only thing that has remained consistently too cheap is our political class, apparently.

  17. Geothermal is a serious option, and probably the most viable – if you have the capability to drill deep enough.
    Water pumped in produces steam, steam drives turbines to create electricity. This electricity in turn, is used as it is, or to split water with electrolysis, into oxygen and hydrogen.
    Using hydrogen as a fuel produces water as a waste product.
    Piece of piss, what are they waiting for?

    • They went two miles down into Cornish granite and only managed 100 degrees C, we are not a volcanic nation, at least not yet.

  18. Privatisation of essential services was always immoral in my opinion. British governments can’t do anything for their citizens without it being treated like a business transaction with profit being the ultimate aim. It never enough to simply provide warmth and light and break even. Perish the fucking thought. As for that floppy haired, spineless cretin in number 10. How the fuck can he still waffle on about green issues when many people are wondering how the fuck they are going to stay warm this winter. Prick!

      • Unintended pun there-

        ‘ It never enough to simply provide warmth …’

        ‘Perish the fucking thought.’

    • You imagine state ownership is the answer? Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

      • Ah the 1970s…
        Unburied corpses, uncollected rubbish, power cuts and everyone on strike.
        Most Utopian 😆😆😆

      • Re unburied corpses, etc, I hope you will not object when future cunters look back critically on the millenial years and after, with a meltdown of the banks which the state was graciously permitted to bail out, at enormous cost, massive immigration, export of jobs, queues for toilet rolls and petrol, and whatever steps towards a capitalist version of East Germany are still waiting for us.

  19. A big cunting is due for the folk responsible for BREXSHIT!

    Petty mindedness > Common sense

    We’re fucked because ‘we took back control’.

  20. This CO2 BS has been told long enough now people believe it.
    Here is the real science, At 180 ppm C3 plants (the ones we eat) start to die off, at 1050 ppm C3 plants grow at their optimum, Ask any Green House grower, that use CO2 generators to improve growth, Now we are at 400ppm, so why do the bone heads want to lower it and put the worlds population in real danger, 220ppm away from starvation and famin? Maybe they want rid of a large portion of people while making money out of BS carbon credits.
    You want to help the world, stop cutting down the rain forests which produce clouds that moderate the climate. Ask anybody with solar panels or solar water on a cloudy day ‘hows it going?’. Yeh the climate is changing, so what, people just don’t like change.
    The real reason Al Gore started this shit is well know in some circles, shame he picked on the gas that stays in the lower atmosphere where plant use it as a fertilizer. The truth is coming out and it’s interesting to watch so much Cognitive Dissonance about from the Chicken Little’s.
    Open up the coal mines, pump Gas and work our way towards more efficient forms of energy but stop the BS please.
    Read about why safe Sodium Thorium reactors were not built, because you cant make Nuclear weapons from them, all is done for a reason including perpetuating fear among the general population.

  21. Why not plant trees on the vast areas of moorland we have in this country? OK, it might upset a few Arab princes who own the shooting rights, but it would certainly mop up plenty of Co2 and provide useful wood. Just a thought….

  22. It’s not about mopping up CO2, we need more, it’s about trees growing to create water vapor to produce clouds as the Earths thermostat!

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