Hanna Dillon – Up the Junction Box

Arms folded? Check. Looking upset? check. Posing next to what upsets them? check. 8/10

A Homes and Beauty, Grand Designs cunting please, for would-be Hyacinth Bucket, snooty cutie Ms Dillon, who had a hissy fit, and invited the national press along to witness her ladylike meltdown, because of a junction box, outside her doubtless Buckingham Palace-like abode:

Superfast Junction Box Access Nightmare

She must be a popular lady being rung up at her no doubt, work of national importance, to tell her those nasty workmen were defacing her abode.

Some years ago TfL erected a bus shelter right outside my home – my neighbours were outraged on my behalf (apparently). Would I be challenging TfL? – i.n a word – no.

Public services and utilities need a home for their gubbins and ironmongery, and you could waste years and they would still have to go somewhere, and being large organisations, would probably still end up outside your home. My more snooty neighbours couldn’t understand my reaction, despite their pleas that it might “devalue” the value of the houses. Of course, it didn’t.

As regards Ms. Whatsherface, I wonder how she and her curtain twitching neighbours would like it if they said – all right, you don’t want the junction box, so you will all have to go back to dial-up. No doubt she would be contacting Fleet Street/Docklands again. Self important old tart.

Nominated by – W. C. Boggs


64 thoughts on “Hanna Dillon – Up the Junction Box

  1. I’d happily go and block her back passage as well.
    Obviously has decided her entire front garden is a driveway and expects everything to be moved to cater for this.

  2. The fucking boxes are fucking cunts and attract bastard graffiti and rubbish. A fucking disgrace. Cunts.

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