Hanna Dillon – Up the Junction Box

Arms folded? Check. Looking upset? check. Posing next to what upsets them? check. 8/10

A Homes and Beauty, Grand Designs cunting please, for would-be Hyacinth Bucket, snooty cutie Ms Dillon, who had a hissy fit, and invited the national press along to witness her ladylike meltdown, because of a junction box, outside her doubtless Buckingham Palace-like abode:

Superfast Junction Box Access Nightmare

She must be a popular lady being rung up at her no doubt, work of national importance, to tell her those nasty workmen were defacing her abode.

Some years ago TfL erected a bus shelter right outside my home – my neighbours were outraged on my behalf (apparently). Would I be challenging TfL? – i.n a word – no.

Public services and utilities need a home for their gubbins and ironmongery, and you could waste years and they would still have to go somewhere, and being large organisations, would probably still end up outside your home. My more snooty neighbours couldn’t understand my reaction, despite their pleas that it might “devalue” the value of the houses. Of course, it didn’t.

As regards Ms. Whatsherface, I wonder how she and her curtain twitching neighbours would like it if they said – all right, you don’t want the junction box, so you will all have to go back to dial-up. No doubt she would be contacting Fleet Street/Docklands again. Self important old tart.

Nominated by – W. C. Boggs


64 thoughts on “Hanna Dillon – Up the Junction Box

  1. Think she has a fair point. Could they have not put it in front of the bush dividing the houses? Just saying.

      • Too high maintenance – clearly a fucking whiney cow.
        “They’ll HAVE to move it when I get the kerb dropped”…. good fucking luck with that.

        Have your ‘dropped kerb’ in-line with your other car, then turn the steering wheel in your gas guzzler to get past the box, you arrogant jumped up liitle Bitch.

        (by the way, your 4 wheel drive turd-wagon wouldn’t have cleared the original jnc box anyway, so just fuck off & stop wasting everyones time).
        If she gives Virgin media any shit, they’ll park a van outside her house prtmanently, & tie her up in court for 20 years. Ha ha ha ha

  2. Reading the article, VM are saying they’re replacing an old box with a new one, that has been at the same location for 20 years.

    Now if I’m reading that right, its not has though they’ve dumped a new junction box outside of her drive, but one must have existed there for 2 decades. So what’s the big deal?

    Yes, it would be a pisser if it was a brand new box dumped there blocking her drive, but it isn’t. So she can fuck off!

    • Looking at the link, the issue here is that she has extended her driveway and doesn’t want the VM cabinet there. The fact remains that she may have taken the front hedge down and extended the driveway on her property, but the story reads that she failed to apply to the local authority to extend the dropkerb.

      It is illegal to cross the public highway with a vehicle where there is no dropkerb. There will be fibre optic cables terminating in this cabinet, so it isn’t just a case of ‘moving it over’, a la David Nixon. The procedure that VM has followed is not wrong. Little Miss Prissy Tits should apply to the council for a dropped kerb, they would in-turn apply to VM for a cost for moving the cabinet (a few thousand at least) and the water boundary box so this doesn’t conflict, and then prepare the quotation for her.

      The fact is she doesn’t want to pay to have all this work done because it will likely be the thick end of £20K.

      So instead she wiggles her tits, tarts herself up and whines to the press.

      A fucking non-story if I have ever seen one.

      • Just read it again, VM gave her a quotation for moving the box, which she did not take up. Surprise surprise. Sdaly it would not have been cheap with fibre optic cables involved. You can’t just cut and lengthen these cables with a joiner.

        I really fail to see how she can justify her whining.

      • Exactly this. This cunt didn’t want to pay to do it properly, and got some pikeys in to dig the front garden over, hoping that I’m doing so would ‘add £20k to the house’…

        The reason it adds so much to the house is that’s what it costs to do it legitimately you thunder cunt… another one for the oven please.

  3. I think its more that its right in front of her drive blocking her driving on and off?
    If so opposed why let them do it?
    Park you car over where they’re putting it and tell them to get fucked.
    Why didn’t the workmen see it was clearly blocking the drive and arrange to have it 6ft to the left?
    Because theyre cunts.
    And enjoying winding her up.
    Id knock the fucker down every day till they started to listen.

      • The horror of that just cant be comprehended!!!
        Like sticking a moustache on the Mona Lisa.
        Theyd either move it near the bushes or theyd be finding it under my van every morning.
        Flat as a fuckin pancake CS!!😀

    • MNC@ – Yep 😀👍 – who the fk do these clowns think they are?
      Some years ago BT decided they were installing a telephone pole serving all the street right in front of the end of my drive – I tried explaining it would be a nightmare to get my car in and out but they did it anyway while I was out.
      Then some local ruffian drove a car into it (police were unable to locate the felon who committed this heinous act), and they put the next one to the side as I had originally suggested.

  4. Get a parki or dingy person to back into it for £200 . They are immune to prosecution and above the law. Job done.

  5. She has St George bunting on her home- clearly a fascist racist, far right extremist, that needs to be locked up for a million billion years!

    • Furthermore, and a far greater transgression of etiquette and decency, there is what appears to be one of those hideously tacky conical faux-wicker hanging baskets with plastic flowers by the front door. More likely than not acquired simultaneously with the bunting for the Euros from B&M. I’ll bet she paid with a Diners Club card.

      Shag nasty and no error.

      • Don’t be such a snob CS.
        Shes doing her best,
        Admittedly its a bit tacky,
        Placky flowers etc
        But shes spent most of her saving on that drive and pickup truck.
        We’re not all on your wages!!

      • It isn’t a question of money, MNC. There are some things that you just shouldn’t….

      • CS@
        My personal bugbear is fake grass.
        A abomination.
        Oh and people who put stone eagles on their gateposts.
        Pack it in.
        Your not Herman Goering.

      • I never knew Herman Goering had astro-turf.
        Was it better than real grass for the Luftwaffe to land their Fucke-Wolfs on ?

    • You’ve got her all wrong Techno – she’s obviously showing her support for Wokegate and the England team taking the knee. Marxist scumbag.

  6. If there isnt a dropped kerb in front of the box then she has no right to cross the pavement. If there is then it is wrongly sited. I suspect the former.

  7. It’s not blocking her access anyway, she can easily get her car in and out the moaning old trollop. Anyway she shouldn’t have a car, the bitch is destroying the planet. Get a bike and save the fucking Polar Bears you slag!

  8. Stand up for yourself luv!
    Dont let them push you around!!
    They think they can bully the little man.
    Call the media again and smash the fucker with a pickaxe.
    Tell them its blatant sexism.
    And the workmen wolf whistled you, and leered like Sid James.
    Theyll be in a cell with Levi Bellfield within 24hrs.

  9. I would be pissed off if it were placed in front of our car access, especially as it’s the house was built in 1904 with only a single driveway.

    Even if it replaced an existing box, seems a strange place to put it.

    • I guess that if you had images from several years ago there may have been a wall or fence behind the box (original box)
      Her driveway is clearly where the red car is sitting and access to and from her extended drive is possible.
      I suspect the picture has been specially set up for the media, I reckon they normally park the car at an angle facing toward the exit driveway

      She is a cunt!

  10. Oh shut the fuck up, silly bitch haven’t you got a husband you should be servicing or washing to do, its a first world problem, i have Saharan dust landing on my car, now thats a proper third world problem from the third world, i phoned the Angolan goverment and they dont give a fuck, also they are not sending anyone over to wax my car unless i sponsor him, so as far as getting Virgin to move the box i think im more likely to get sorted out before you do.
    Anyway not to sound sexist, why has she cockgoblin got a great big pick up truck, little blonde tarts usually cant drive, cant park, cant see the mirrors or over the steering wheel, Virgin are probably doing Grimsby a massive favour keeping this spunk trumpet off the roads…..no not sexist at all….i dont know what you mean, sexist me?never

  11. She just needs a good shagging, that’s all.
    Women like her are like hell personified if they aren’t getting any, a well known fact.

  12. Ah i get it now, she has turned her front garden into a parking zone, i bet she has a total bitch fit if someone parks on the road across her garden blocking her drive/garden which they are perfectly entitled to do as its the road, she probably needs the 4×4 to get over the fucking kerb…..she neednt worry about devaluing the property either as she will have to put it back as it was if she wants to sell up….
    Not a single fuck given….

    • When I used to live in Seven Kings from 1962 to around 1983, I can clearly remember many of the neighbours front gardens, the low walls, front paths shrubs, plants and small trees. Very beautiful and great for wildlife.

      Some years later I went back to take a look. The fucking cunts at the council decided to paint yellow lines on both sides of the road, ensuring that the local people suddenly had nowhere to park their cars. A parking permit scheme was not considered and not offered.

      Their only option to park their car was to rip up theirs front gardens and concrete over. This was done the whole length of the road, and the character of the lovely area I remember gone in the blink of an eye.

      • Spot on WS. Round by me it’s exactly the same. All that concrete in the ground and people wonder why we get more flooding.

  13. She should have blacked herself up for the photo. She’d get what she wanted pretty smartish then. She’d maybe even gain some benefits as well.

  14. Those cunts who put ‘No Parking! 24 Hours Access Needed!’ in front of household gates and driveways are priceless. 24 hours access? For fucking what?! There a couple like that near us that have these signs, and fuck all ever happens. The cunts don’t even have a car. Another cunt has had ‘No Parking’ on the front of his garage for about thirty years. Thing is, it’s a communal car park for all residents, but the cunt (again, no car himself) thinks he owns that space. The garage itself is about 100 yards from his house. Uppity fucking cunts.

  15. Anyone who pisses off Virgin Onthedisgusting is probably not all bad. And she gives me the horn.

  16. I’d be more concerned about the colour of the neighbours house (is it country cream ?) than that innocuous box at the front.

  17. Another desperate Karen looking for some support from the media, and probably a few grand compo from either VM or GoFuckMe.

    She needs a superfast fibre cable shoved up her access point!

    • I hate those fucking pickups, my fat little dick neighbour has bought one and it takes up half the street.
      Handy in somewhere like the Australian outback, fucking useless in any British town.

  18. Boggs you are a total cunt. A pointless waste of life reading that shit. I would have gone ballistic if the cretins done that to me.

  19. As someone who works for a local highway authority, this slag is in the wrong. She was illegally crossing the footway and did not have a dropped kerb. The old box was in her Bush, which she trimmed to get her big Rover in.
    Tough shit. You will now have to pay to get this box moved as well.

  20. I’m with her simply because you’d have to be a right cunt to put a box in front of a house, hedge or no hedge, when it was just as easy to put the original box on the border between the two.

    • Metoo Moggie.
      They think they can do whatever they like,
      Well fuck Virgin.
      Rip the cunt out and weigh it in at the scrap yard.
      In fact rip up everyone in a twenty mile distance.
      Soon have enough to afford your dropped kerb.

  21. Make it into a Nazi shrine.
    Big photo of Reinhard Heydrich on the side and a big fuck off eagle perched on top.
    Park a Panzer IV on the road.
    Go to work dressed as a Gestapo enforcer.
    Nah fuck it just ignore the fucking box or just get a decent hobby like daily fellatio.

  22. To my mind she’s a Grade A cuntess for having a fucking great 4×4 thing parked there. Pointless in a town.

    And I bet she can’t reverse it.

    Her, the vehicle and the box in the oven please. I’m sick of reading about twats like this. It was ok before the hedge was ripped out.

    • I bet my bollocks that this daft bitch takes her entitled offspring to school five minutes away in a big fuck off 4×4. All these selfish thoughtless daft tarts in these suburban areas have these massive vehicles that are for rural purposes. They are fucking cunts.

      • Is that some England flag bunting on the front of her house ?

        A racist too.

      • I dare say the England bunting was a woke gloryhunting gesture by this daft slag, as Southgate’s inept imbeciles fucked up as their black power plan backfired, as the Temptations missed their penalties.

        The dizzy cow probably has no interest in football whatsoever, apart from scoring woke points.

  23. They need to paint it with High Viz orange so it doesn’t get run over. Also need cement-filled pipe barrier around it painted in black and yellow. As a bonus we would get to witness the top of her head blowing off.

  24. Bang in the middle of the FORD grill badge. My OCD has been wanked off tonight!!!

    • Actually it’s a bit off now I have put on my glasses. Fuck sake. Evening ruined.

  25. I’d be up her junction box like a rat up a drainpipe.
    Bet she’s got no knickers on.
    The filthy tart.
    Good evening, all.

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