Laurel Hubbard

In light of the big fat bloke being knocked out of the women’s weightlifting, i’d like to nominate the trans debate.

To anyone with a basic understanding of biology, there isnt one.

If you produce eggs, you are female.
(What if you’ve had a hysterectomy? – NA)

If you produce sperm.
You’re a male.

That’s it.

If you’re a worm you produce both, but we aren’t worried about the rights of worms here. (Worms Lives Matter – NA)

Link to story.

(Just read the first paragraph for the wording alone. You couldn’t make it up – NA)

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

67 thoughts on “Laurel Hubbard

  1. All that as happened is a middle aged as been kept a 20 something WOMAN out of the team. Virtual signalling thanks to the commie dictator of New Zealand

  2. Hasn’t L Ron Hubbard done enough with his crazy sciencetology cult Now one of his long lost sons is entering womans weightlifting with a adams apple what a cunt

    Why not just have a separate trans division and cut the bullshit?! Oh right that would make too much sense silly me Just fucking bonkers

  3. There was some silly cow on the radio this am going on that those who didn’t want the lovely Laurel to compete were ‘complete transphobes’. As the person in the other corner of the debate put it, it’s got nowt to do with transphobia, and everything to do with a sense of fair play.
    I agree. I couldn’t give a fuck if this individual’s a trans, but it seems inappropriate that they should be competing as a woman.
    Mind you, the fairness argument never stopped the Eastern Eurpoeans back in the day. Some of their ‘women’ looked more like the Hulk.

    • ‘complete transphobes/homophone/racists etc’. – are the default replies by Wokes to anyone trying to reverse their myopic narrative.

      They can’t find a reasoned answer because to do so would mean they’re no longer part of the woke gang, but part of the “enemy”

      Therefore they resort to the usual boring tropes in order to close the conversation and move on.

    • “(..first paragraph for the wording alone.. – NA)”

      That sure was some wording!

      “never stopped the Eastern Eurpoeans”

      and reading that Laurel was out-performed on the day by yummy Li Wenwen, how could I not do a quick image search for Li Wenwen? I won’t include an image here, very easy to pick out your favourite [they’re all good] and she’s definitely running on full voltage. I admire anyone thinking, “oh yeah buddy” [or words to that effect] “I’ll soon see off this pillock,” in a general sense. Not necessarily related to women’s athletics but up against the Kiwi, telepathy is not called for here.

  4. His head alone must weigh fifty pounds!
    magine the size of the fuckers balls?
    Imagine getting into a fight with the fucker?

    ‘Jeff Woad’
    Withnail & I

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